What to Look For in a Moisturizing Shampoo

What To Look For In A Moisturizing Shampoo

Why Our Hair Becomes Dry, Brittle & Damaged Looking

Moisturizing shampoo should always maintain your hair’s pH level naturally. A normal pH level would be around 5.0. Hair with high pH level is subjected to brittleness and dryness as the cuticles open, therefore making it alkaline. Hair with low pH level is usually hard and quite embarrassing.

In that case, a good shampoo should moisturize your hair for easy management and maintain cuticles in an ideal size.


Sulfates: Are They Good Or Bad?

To get shampoo that will replenish lost oils in your hair, check for sulfates. Sulfates will help in removing gunk from hair especially when they are in plenty. Some sulfates in shampoos include ammonium laureth sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Though sulfates are good in hair cleaning, the more they add up, the lower the moisturizing power. Multiple sulfates in your shampoo will clean your hair good but rip out the oils, leaving your hair with a poor moisture balance.

To be on the safe side with shampoo for hair moisturizing, pick one with a “laureth” base rather than “lauryl.” Hair shampoo with laureth provide more than a substantial amount for moisturizing. Gentler sulfates to look out for would include tricedeth sulfates and Sodium myreth if they are present in the ingredients. Here are the best shampoos without sulfates!


The Kind Of Fatty Acid You Want In Your Hair

Choosing shampoos with essential oils is better than those filled with cleansers and water. It would therefore be better to go for salon shampoos with moisturizing effects than the general drug store shampoos. Salon versions are likely going to soften and smooth your hair from their fatty acids and conditioners compared to drugstore shampoos that contain high percentages of water. What is important to note about both versions is their ingredient list. What the product label states might not work. Again, don’t be lured by the cute look of the bottle!


3 Fabulous Moisturizing Shampoos!


1. Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

There are quite a number of shampoos with moisturizing effects which you can try using, but Fekkia is pretty wonderful and is full of shea butter!

The Fekkai shampoo is rich in shea butter. The shampoo is really creamy and gently removes build-up and oil in hair which leaves hair with a moisturized feeling. The shampoo also restores replenished moisture leaving hair frizz free, smooth and shiny.


2. Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo 8 Fl Oz

This is yet another shampoo you can buy for your hair. This shampoo contains shea butter in its purest form. The shampoo is also scented with exotic florals and jasmine. The shampoos reduces frizz, coarseness and dryness. The Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo gives you a good cleansing experience that will leave your hair moisturized and silk smooth. The shea butter shampoo is recommended for daily use. For an invigorating experience, it is recommended that you use your fingers to massage hair when using this shampoo.


3. Mane n Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

This Mane ‘n Tail shampoo has gentle conditioning and cleansing effects. The shampoo gives hair a shiny look and also softens it for easy management. Other essential ingredients in the shampoo include Pro- Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. This shampoo is ideal for damaged hair and can be used on color treated hair. Moisturizing shampoo as per good ingredient formula works great for dry hair.


You can find other great shampoos who rock at moisturizing by clicking here!


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