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Woody’s Mold It Paste Review

Is Woody’s Mold It Paste For Men Worth It?

Woody’s Mold It Paste is the best product Woody’s has ever released! We first found the product at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California. The team at Get Good Head attends each year and finds the latest and greatest products and hair trends! We meet with dozens of companies who have new products. Some are amazing. Some are not. The Woody’s Mold It hair paste for men was one of the new products that made us say, “yasss!”

Does Woody’s Mold It Paste Work?

Yes, of course! The Woody’s Mold It Paste is perfect for guys who want a light to medium hold, but are happy to let the wind shake up their hair a bit. Unlike Woody’s Clay, their paste is light to the touch, washes off your hands easily, and lasts all day.

Wood's Hair Product Review
Woody’s Mold It Paste provides a medium hold and washes off your hands easily!

Another great feature is that throughout the day you can zhoosh your hair just by running your hands through it. It’s almost like the paste gets reactivated when you run your hands through your hair. This is perfect when you’ve been working all day and need to go straight to happy hour but don’t have time to re-do your hair. Just zhoosh your hair in your Uber on the way to the bar and you are good to go!

At the time of writing, this product had 5 stars on Amazon. While it doesn’t have a ton of reviews, all of the reviews gave the hair product five stars. We rate it five stars for the price and 4 stars overall. Sure, you can buy more expensive hair products, but only for a marginal return. This is a great men’s hair paste to at least try! At less than $15, if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost much.

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Appropriate For All Hair Lengths

The Woody’s Mold It Paste is appropriate for all hair lengths. If you have super short hair and just need it to sit right, this is for you. If you have medium hair and want more control over your style, great! If you have long hair (you’re awesome by the way), and just need to keep those strays in place, this paste will be your best friend.

If you want a men’s hair paste that can provide a light or medium hold and lasts all day, try Woody’s Mold It Paste.

If you want a stronger hold, just add more paste. Also, consider finishing with a light holding spray.

Woody’s Mold It Paste Scent

There isn’t really a scent to this paste. We like that. This leaves room for you to change up your scent, whether it be from a hairspray, sea salt spray, moisturizer, or cologne.

Some pastes actually smell bad, but this one does not. However, if you need a paste with a strong scent, this is not the hair paste for you. Hair paste shouldn’t smell great, it should work great and this one definitely works great.

How to Apply Woody’s Hair Paste For Men

When first trying out Woody’s new paste, make sure you follow the advice from BluMaan. Read his tips directly from his lips. Anyone with hair like this deserves to be listened to. Thanks, BlueMaan!


1. When trying a new product, try it first on completely clean hair! This will make sure your hairstyle is a direct result of the product you’re using, not other products that may be still in your hair. Try one of our suggested clarifying shampoos to get fully cleansed follicles!

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2. Rub the product in your hand first, before applying it to your hair. [One tip we will add to this; if you vigorously rub your hands together, sometimes the heat you create in your hands will aide in the application process. ;)]

3. Apply the hair products evenly throughout your hair and pay special attention to your roots! If you focus on the roots, it will give you fuller looking hair with more volume. You can also try using one of these volumizing shampoos to add even more oomph to your hair style.

4. Start with a small amount of hair product and add more as necessary. Specifically for the Woody’s Mold It Paste, we suggest starting with a dime size for super short hair, a nickel size for medium, and a quarter for lots of hair. Adjust as necessary. Experiement and have fun!

5. Give the product time to set before passing judgment. BluMaan says that most products need about 15-30 minutes before they are truly “set.” We found that the Woody’s Mold It Paste took about 15 minutes to fully set.

6. Use a blowdryer! We can’t agree more. Blowdryers change everything. This is our favorite blowdryer. If you aren’t using a blowdryer, you aren’t a real man.

For Wet or Dry Hair?

You can use Woody’s Mold It Paste on wet or dry hair. However, after experimenting, we prefer using it on dry hair. You can also try applying a little bit of the product on damp hair, blow drying your hair dry, and then applying additional product while styling.

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If you want a “wet-slick” look, then this paste is not for you. In fact, you are better off going with a gel, rather than a paste if you want a tight hold that looks slick and wet.

However, if you like that “controlled messy” look, then this is a great product!

Is This Review Biased?

Hell no! We are not compensated by Woody’s in any way. The didn’t even ask us to write this review. If we thought this product sucked, we would either not write about it or tell you point blank. Our goal is to provide honest, unbiased hair reviews. We actually love this product and think it is a great hair product for men who want that light-to-medium hold. Plus, at way under $20, it won’t break your bank.

Have you tried Woody’s Mold It Paste? What do you think? Please leave your comments and reviews in the comment section of this article. We read all the comments and love to hear from our amazing readers.

Additionally, if you have any other products you would like us to review, please contact us!

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