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An Insider’s Guide to Wigs and Hair Extensions

There are many types of wigs and hair extensions on the market.

This article gives you an overview of the types of wigs and hair extensions out there and what they actually do. While they are similar, they both serve different purposes.

Wigs are generally used to improve conditions like hair loss, pattern balding and thin or damaged hair. Hair extensions are used more cosmetically to improve the length and volume of a person’s hair.

It’s natural to lose around 100 hairs a day from our heads! But, many people in the UK experience more severe hair loss symptoms.

According to the NHSaround 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss (alopecia) and half of all men experience male pattern baldness by the age of 50.

Because of these figures, many turn to hair loss solutions and treatments to restore what they’ve lost.

Let’s dive into more detail on wigs and hair extensions, so you can decide which is right for you.

First Time Buyers Guide to the Best Wigs

A wig is a head covering used by those wanting to conceal baldness. Wigs are generally made from either human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibre. Many people turn to wigs as a less expensive option to the medical restoration of hair.

Some pros of wearing a wig are;

  • A huge range of styles and options to choose from
  • Long-lasting and affordable
  • A will cover up bald patches and damaged areas while also giving damaged areas time to recover

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Different Types of Wigs to Choose From

wigs and hair extensions

Wigs are available for short, mid-length and long lengths. You can also choose a wig in various styles like straight, curly, wavy and various colours. Another choice to make is the material you want your wig to be made from. The material and quality of the wig will affect the cost and its longevity.

Lace Wigs

These types of wig are extremely popular due to their natural appearance. Ideal for people experiencing moderate to severe hair loss, lace wigs are made from a fine poly-silk mesh base which are tied to a thin breathable fabric.

Lace wigs are lightweight and softer to the touch than some other wigs. They have great styling versatility and virtually undetectable, meaning many people will not even know you have a lace wig on.

Lace Front Wig

The lace front wig is different in the way it has lace that well covers the hairline. The lace front wig is generally fuller at the back of the wig and costs a little less than the full lace wig. If you’re looking for a better hairline, the lace front wig is a great option and will look natural, be breathable and last well.

European Wigs

European wigs are a beautiful choice being made from fine, natural hair. The hair on European wigs looks natural and feels soft. These wigs are great if you love versatility and can be styled straight, wavy or curly. Quality will vary depending on the price you pay and because they are made from human hair, they will need looking after.

Human hair wigs will not have the same nutrients a normal head of hair has. This means the sheen can deplete so it’s advised to take your European wig to a stylist, for help with its upkeep.

African American Wigs

African American wigs are made from a man-made fibre that is usually indistinguishable to natural hair. Obviously, the quality will vary depending on how much you pay. African American wigs usually come pre-styled with either curls or a straight look which is locked into the memory of the fibre. Because of this, African American wigs usually have a long life if proper care is taken.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic material but are natural-looking and a cheaper option than a real hair wig. Some benefits of synthetic wigs are; they will not frizz no matter what the weather does, easy to maintain with a long styling memory and cost-effective. Synthetic wigs also have amazing vibrant colour hues, that will not fade over time.

¾ Headband Wigs

Headband wigs are great for those wanting to add a little volume or length to their hair, without the trouble of maintaining a full wig. They are fast to attach in under 10 seconds and easy to attach with either a soft or hard headband. To wear your ¾ wig (headband wig) just place it two inches back from your hairline and blend in your own hair with the wig by teasing with a brush.

Men’s Hair Pieces or Toupee

A hair piece or toupee is used by men to cover a totally bald or partially bald scalp. They vary in quality and can be made from human hair or synthetic fibres. They are a convenient and versatile way to improve the effects of balding. Toupees can be glued or taped onto the head and cut into any style you want. Check out some men pieces curation here.

First Time Buyers Guide to the Best Hair Extensions

wigs and hair extensions

Hair extensions are an easy way for anyone to add volume and thickness to your hair. They can be store-bought and easily attached to your own hair or put in by professionals in a salon. Price varies depending on the type of hair extensions you get and what they are made of.

Different Types of Hair Extensions to Choose From

Hair extensions were created to add fullness and length to hair. They are usually glued, clipped or sewn onto natural hair and can be made from natural hair or synthetic fibre. Hair extensions are popular due to their ease of use, low maintenance and because they are a fast way to get a new or more voluminous look.

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Some pros of hair extensions are;

  • Add volume, length and thickness to thin hair
  • Get a new style fast
  • Easy to experiment with
  • Low maintenance and non-invasive

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are made from either human hair or synthetic hair. They are a popular choice being affordable, lightweight and easy to use by just clipping into your hair. Make your hair longer, thicker or create more texture with clip-in hair extensions. If positioned well, they blend in naturally and will not damage your hair.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are easy to apply and give you thicker hair with a natural look. The extensions are secured by attaching the tape between the strands of your natural hair. They are safe to use, not damaging your own hair and generally last six to eight weeks.

Glue-In Hair Extensions

Glue-in extensions are physically bonded to your own strands of hair. Because of this, there is some risk of damage to your own hair if pulled out so its recommended to have them applied by a professional. Glue-in extensions give length and volume to hair, are highly customizable and generally low maintenance if applied well.

Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions

The best use for micro loop ring hair extensions is for people with extremely fine hair. Micro rings are small metal rings that are threaded into place with the hair extension and some of your own hair. They need to be applied by a professional but when done, they are virtually undetectable giving a beautiful look.

Micro loop ring hair extensions are one of the longest-lasting hair extension methods, sometimes lasting for years if regularly maintained.

Wigs and Hair Extensions — Final Thoughts

Only you can decide whether a wig or hair extensions are right for you.

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It’s a good idea to try out both, to see which feels the most comfortable and gives you the look you desire.

If you have a little thinning or hair that is just thin, hair extensions are usually the most popular choice. Talk with your hairstylist to see what they think.

Wigs are the better choice when you experience pattern baldness or complete baldness with little of your own hair left.

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