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What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo and You!

At the most basic level, dry shampoo is a silica or starch based mixture that can be sprayed from an aerosol can or sprinkled in the form of a powder. You can also find it, although less commonly, in the form of a liquid.

But then is it really dry shampoo? We’re going with no.

Therefore, we like to focus on the powder and aerosol spray. Once it is applied to the hair, dry shampoo users experience longer lasting hair styles and fresher feeling hair without stripping essential oils.

Once you go dry shampoo, you never go back.

It is important to note that dry shampoo does not remove the oil from your scalp (which is good)! It simply removes the excess oil that has built up on your hair. When your hair has too much oil, it looks greasy and lays flat. That’s gross. Removing that oil allows your hair to regain volume and also makes styling much easier. Don’t be gross.

GetGoodHead.com Tip: Some users say that dry shampoo causes a white residue on your hair. To mitigate this, find a dry shampoo that most closely matches your hair color.

You can usually find dry shampoo priced between $5-$100 per bottle.


When To Use Dry Shampoo

There are two times to use dry shampoo:

1. Daily, in between regular washes to give your hair a renewed look.

2. In place of regular washes, every 2-5 days.

What’s great about dry shampoo is that you can use it anywhere and don’t have to rely on a water source.

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Busy folks carry it with them during the day. After work, they can hop into a bathroom (or walk…most people walk), sprinkle some dry shampoo in their hair, style, and they’re all set!

Of course, dry shampoo cannot replace your traditional and more thorough shampooing regiments. Eventually, you will need to completely wash your hair to make sure it stays clean and smells great. Active people and those who sweat more, will find it more difficult to go long periods of time between full washes.

Think of dry shampoo as a convenient drive-through car wash for your hair. It gets the job done, but eventually, you’ll want to get your car cleaned inside and out.

how to apply dry shampoo

Why Use Dry Shampoo

By now you know that dry shampoo only removes the oils and grime from your hair and leaves your hair looking refreshed. It does not act as a deep cleaning shampoo.

The reason you want to use dry shampoo is to keep you from deeply washing your hair every day! If you haven’t heard, washing your hair daily strips your hair of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that your hair needs to be fabulous! But you still need clean hair – and that’s where dry shampoo comes in! By utilizing a dry shampoo you are able to rid your hair of gross oils, keep it looking styled and fresh, while at the same time retaining the oils your scalp needs.

Healthy scalp = healthy hair.


How To Use Dry Shampoo

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While it does work best, you do not have to use a blow dryer with your dry shampoo. If you are using a powder, it is even less necessary to use a blow dryer. It is highly recommended that you brush your hair after using your dry shampoo. This will make styling much easier.

Click the link for more tips on using dry shampoo. 


Powder vs Spray

Is powder or spray better? It is tough to say. From our research, we found that it really just comes down to preference.

Some people like the spray because it is less messy. Other prefer powder because they don’t feel like carrying around a pressurized bottle with them. Our suggestion it that you try both at some point.

If it is your first time trying dry shampoo, choose one of our top picks to start you off. From there, experiment and have fun with it! People love dry shampoo, and you should be one of them!


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