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Wella T14 vs T18 | Difference, and Results

Want to know which one’s better, Wella T14 vs T18? Well, check out here the difference between the two Wella toners that will help your hair to get the best results. Read further to know more about it. 

Blonde hair is always super trendy and you’ll find so many people who get them on purposely for fashion or other reasons.

Blonde hair is not just a particular shade these days but rather a series of different shades ranging from undertones of yellow, orange as well as occur. 

Blonde hair with curly hair is another awesome thing but how hard it is to tame them right? Well, everything is possible with the help of Wella Toners. I’m sure if you have blonde hair, you must have heard about them and you’re confused about which one to choose which is what got you here. 

You’re right. I have been using Wella T14 for quite some time now for my otherwise brassy hair. You won’t believe me when I say this but my hair has completely changed. It’s got a nice silver-ashy look that I love and get complimented for.

So without further ado, let’s find out the difference between Wella T14 vs T18 and other things like how to use them properly to get the best results. 

Wella T14 vs T18

Before learning the difference between Wella T14 and Wella 18, let’s first know what these products are actually. 

Wella T14

Wella T14 is an ammonia-free peroxide for pale ash blonde is a  liquid toner that neutralizes orange and golden tones and gives a beautiful silvery ash blonde colour.

Wella T14 vs T18

It can only be used on pre-lightened hair. If your hair isn’t lightened before then this toner won’t work out for you and you’ll need to look for a different one.

wella t14 vs t18 results

The toner has a base of blue and violet that should be mixed in 10 or 20 developer volumes and should be kept for about 30 minutes for it to show results on your orangish or yellow undertone hair. 

wella t14 vs t18 toner

The Wella T14 toner helps in counteracting the brassy bleached hair and bring out a natural silver ash blonde hair. This T14 toner brings out a much cooler tone in your hair. 

Wella T18

Wella T18 is perfect for people who would love their brassy hair to look the lightest ash blonde colour with a much more defined look. This T14 toner is used to render permanent results. It has a violet base that helps in countacting the brassy hair appearance of bleached hair.  

should i use wella t14 or t18

Even this toner should be used after only on pre-lightened hair otherwise, the toner won’t show effective results.

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Mix the volume developer in 10 or 20 and apply it on your hair. Keep it for 30 as per instructions and you’ll get the results you’ve been looking forward to. 

wella toner t14 vs t18
wella t18 vs t14 for orange hair

Now that you know about both the toners Wella T14 and Wella T18, let’s find out how they’re different from one another. 

Wella T14 vs T18: Differences

  • Wella T14 is suitable for orang-ish blonde hair undertones while Wella T18 is better for yellow-ish blonde undertones
  • Wella T14 renders a pale ash-blonde result whereas Wella T18 gives out light ash-blonde hair results 
  • In T14, the after-effect is lighter than what you can get from Wella T18 and the former has silver-tone effect that will not be rendered in Wella T18. 
  • You’ll get a slightly violet undertone in T18 toner as the base is of that colour whereas T14 will render a slightly grey/silver tone. 
  • T14 brings a cool tone effect on hair while T18 toner is warmer tone effect
  • The Wella T14 toner used to be called “Silver Lady” while “White Lady” was the name of Wella T18 toner because of their toner effects. 

How to choose the right Wella toner? 

Choosing the right Wella toner is extremely important as it will determine the colour of your hair. If you don’t choose the right one, the toner might not work out for you and will definitely be a waste of your money as well as the time you invested using the toner (although it’s not a lot). 

So basically, Wella toners work best on three undertones of blonde hair: yellow, orange as well as red. 

If you have an orange undertone, go for a toner with blue undertones – Wella T14 is the perfect one as it’s a mix of blue and violet base. If you have a yellow undertone, go for a toner with violet base – Wella T18 is perfect as it has a blue base.

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Red undertones should go for green base toners – Wella T35 is perfect to cancel red undertones to get a blonde beige look. 

How to Use Wella T14 & T18 Toner?

It’s extremely easy to use Wella T14 or Wella T18 toners. Some stuff that you require are any of the toner that’s suitable for your undertone- Wella T14 or Wella T18 toner, gloves, 10 or 20 volume developer, applicator brush, foil paper, and a mixing bowl. 

Step 1: Mix all the components: the volume developer and the Wella toner in 1:21 ratio to become into a gel form. 

wella t14 and t18 mixed

Step 2: Set the timer according to the instructions given and divide your hair into sections. 

Step 3: Apply the Wella toner into the sections of your hair and wrap it with the foil paper. 

wella t18

Step 4: Let the toner sit in your in your hair for the given time period and once the time is done remove the foil paper from your hair. 

Step 5: After removing the foil, use a nice shampoo to wash away all the toner from your hair. Make sure your hair is clear after shampooing as there are a lot of chemicals in the toners that might not suit your hair if it stays for too long. 

wella t14 before and after

Step 6: Use a good quality conditioner or oil to protect your hair. 

Wella T14 vs T18: FAQs 

Will Wella toners damage the Hair?

It’s advisable to use Wella toners too much on your hair as the mixture becomes way to powerful that can harm your hair.
The entire mixture will be about 30 volumes that’ll really damage your hair beyond limits.
In some cases, you’ll also need to bleach before applying the toner that can also dry out your hair and damage it. 

Which is better Wella T18 or T14?

Wella T18 is better for yellow undertones whereas the T14 toner is good for orangeish undertone. Both of it can’t be compared to each other as they render different results on different blonde hair undertones. 

Does Wella toner work on non-bleach hair? 

It’s impossible for Wella toners to work on non-lighthered hair so either they should be bleached before or should be blonde naturally to show it’s effectiveness. 

Can we mix the Wella T14 & T18 toners? 

It’s fine to use both Wella T14 and T18 toners together to achieve a medium hair tone, somewhere between grey and platinium hair colour.
Mix a proportion of 10-15 with volume developer. Don’t go beyond the 10-15 proportion as that might cause damage to your hair. 

Will Wella T14 work on yellow hair?

Wella T14 is not the ideal choice if you have yellow hair undertones. It’s better to go for Wella T18 toner as yellow undertones can be neutralised well with blue base. 

What Wella toner cancels orange?

If you have an orange undertone then Wella T14 is a perfect toner to go for in order to achieve ash-blonde results as this toner has a violet and blue bases that perfectly cancels orange undertones. 

How long should you leave Wella T14 toner in your hair?

Read the instructions before applying the Wella toner in your hair as different toners have different cure time.
The Wella T14 toner can be left on your hair for about 30 minutes. Make sure to rinse it out as soon as the cure time is over for best results. 

How do I choose Wella toner?

Choose a wella toner that is opposite to your hair undertone as it’ll help in cancelling out the hair undertone. For example, if you have orange undertones, go for violet base because that stands opposite of the colour wheel and helps in cancelling the hair undertone to achieve a beautiful colour. 

Can Wella t18 work with 10 volume developer?

Wella T18 will work best with either 10 or 20 developer. Don’t go beyond that as it might damage your hair. 

Do you put the Wella toner on wet or dry hair?

Wella toners works best on damp hair. Don’t apply the wella toner if your hair isn’t 70% dried. Darmp hair is better as it is porous that allows the toner to diffuse in hair and produce beautiful results. 

Hope you’ve understood the basic differences between Wella T14 and Wella T18 toner and how to use them. Do tell us which Wella toner is suitable for your hair undertone in the comments section. Hope you’re loving your ash toned hair, cheers!

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