WASH For Men

WASH For Men

In this one-on-one interview, we sat down with WASH For Men creator and owner, Lindsay Bayuk, to ask the serious tough questions. Guys, if you are looking for a manly shampoo that works, this is it! You can learn more about WASH at www.washformen.com.

WASH-for-menGGH: Why did you start WASH?
LB: One of our good friends bet us to take something as simple and boring as soap and make it better. Mostly because we’re super competitive, we took the bet. We accepted the challenge. Took the plunge.

This journey began only with the drive to challenge the way you view the most mundane products and the most routine habits. We know that by making the smallest change to the products you use everyday and how you spend your money, you can have a big impact on the world. The consumer is boss.


GGH: What makes WASH better than the other brands?
LB: We’re not only all natural, we’re all American. We take great pride in sourcing our materials and manufacturing our body wash right here in the USA. We also believe that everyone should demand quality, environmentally-conscious products. Our 16 oz. bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic. Our bottle labels are screen-printed which has less impact than plastic or paper labels. And we hand-pack every bottle in recyclable packaging.


GGH: Describe the typical “WASH” man.
LB: A WASH man an everyman. He is a young, healthy, no-bullshit kind-of-guy. He’s independent, progressive and practical. He spends his time working, working out and enjoying good food with good friends.


GGH: If a bottle of WASH was stuck on a desert island, what three items would he have to have?
LB: A desalinator. Swiss Army knife. Whiskey.


Yes, please.

GGH: Now, we hear that WASH is in a committed relationship. But even people in the best relationships get a free pass for a few, select, celebrities. Who would be on the list for Mr. WASH?
LB: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


GGH: What can WASH customers expect from your growing company in the coming years?
LB: In addition to world domination, we’re working to expand our line to include other grooming products.


GGH: Did we miss anything?
LB: We’re headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. We love coffee, bacon and beer.


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