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The HAIRRYs: Local Newswomen With The Best Hair (Nebraska-Wyoming)

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The HAIRRYs continued…


Winner – Serese Cole

serese-cole-Best-HairNebraska’s state motto is “Equality before the law,” and though we may all be equal in the eyes of the government, no one can really hold a candle to Serese Cole and her fantastic hair. That’s why we’re projecting, based on the votes tallied thus far, that Serese is our winner for best female newscaster hair in the Cornhusker State. Sorry, Ralph Nader – better luck next year.

Winner of numerous journalism awards, Cole is a highly educated, exceptionally talented mom of two who spends her time doing her best to better the world around her…when she’s not doing her hair, of course. Let’s keep the important things in perspective here.

An anchor on Daybreak, WOWT’s morning news show, Serese’s stylish short black hairdo makes that cold Nebraska winter mornings a little better. For that, but mostly her fantastic hair, we’re happy to award Serese Cole top billing!

See more of Serese on her official Twitter account!

Twitter: @seresecole


Runner Up – Kristyna Engdahl

Kristyna-Engdahl-Best-HairHold up, wait a minute, let us put some Engdahl in it!

In addition to those pearly whites, Nebraska runner-up Kristyna Engdahl owes her parents a debt of gratitude for the fantastic set of genes that led to her featured follicles. Spanning many shades of blonde and brown, her shoulder-length hair screams, “I have it all,” and boy does she ever! Including a Shih-Tzu named Lucy.

Does it get any cuter than that? Awwww…..

We don’t know what they’re putting in the water in Nebraska, but we’ll have to get us some. Maybe she’ll share some of her hair secrets on Twitter!

Twitter: @kristynaengdahl



Winner – Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore Best Female HairSome people prefer the Strip. Some people prefer downtown; if it were up to us, we’d just tell you to watch the evening news. That’s right, gamblers. Fold your hands, take your player’s card out of the machine, and tune into KSNV 3 at 5, 6, and to see our pick for best female newscaster hair in Nevada: Jessica Moore.

We swear we don’t have a gambling problem; we’re just willing to bet it all on Jessica’s ‘do because it’s voluminous, perfectly colored, and makes us feel better after losing it all at the Roulette table (damn you, Red 23). Plus, she’s an Emmy winner, which, come to think of it, we may be able to pawn for some extra playing money. OKAY, WE’LL GET SOME HELP! Geez!

Just like the unfortunate folks eating at the casino buffet, we’re definitely ready for Moore. Jessica Moore, that is, our pick for best female newscaster hair in the State of Nevada. Congratulations, Jessica!

Get Moore hair on her official Twitter page!

Twitter: @jessicanews3lv


Co-Runner Up – Demetria Obilor

Demetria Obilor Best HairIf they grow ‘em big in Texas, they must grow them beautiful in Nevada because our co-runner up, Demetria Obilor, is a real stunner.


Rumor has it her hair used to be straight until she started reporting on the Vegas traffic, then suddenly the frizzy frustration took over, giving us the masterpiece you see here today. Luckily for us, the curly ‘do is anything but a bottleneck and makes it much easier to take the news that our commute to work is delayed by three hours.

When traffic cones don’t surround her, Demetria spends her time playing with her Bossi-Poo Mikey. No, that doesn’t mean she’s trying to creatively work her way to a promotion; Mikey is her 13-year-old Boston Terrier/Poodle mix.

As if!

When asked what products she uses, Kalodimos tells us, “Shampoo…whatever’s on the shelf. But I use Kenra hairspray.”

Kalodimos thanked her stylists Lloyd Smith, Robyn Gilliam, and most recently, Kep Leander. Finally, she offers this piece of advice, saying, “I believe it is crazy to chase the salt in my pepper…so I am allowing the gray to sparkle thru. It may not be to everyone’s liking…but it’s carefree for me!”

Follow her wonderful curls on Twitter!

Twitter: @demetriaobilor


Co-Runner Up – Patranya Bhoolsuwan

Patranya BhoolsuwanFluent in Thai, an obsessive NPR listener, a yoga enthusiast, and outstanding hair – have we just found our dream woman? Luckily for news viewers in Vegas, this dream woman is a reality every weekend morning on KLAS 8. We’re talking, of course, about Patranya Bhoolsuwan, our co-runner up for best female newscaster hair in Nevada.

Like the Vegas mob’s best hitmen, her hair is breathtaking and has helped her win three Emmy Awards (along with her superb reporting, of course). In her own words, she may have been made in Asia, but she’s taken the U.S. by storm, working in California and D.C. before settling in Vegas. Hopefully, like the money we brought with us on our Sin City vacation, she’ll be staying in Vegas for a long time to come.

Connect with Patranya on Twitter!

Twitter: @patranya


New Hampshire

Winner – Suzanne Roantree

Suzanne-Roantree-Short-HairWhat’s short, blonde, and one of our favorite things on television? No, it isn’t Barney Rubble. It’s the fantastic pixie cut of WMUR news reporter Suzanne Roantree – our pick for the best newscaster hair in New Hampshire.

Not everyone can pull off a pixie cut, but Suzanne gets the #1 nod for showing us the way to do it right. Her hair perfectly accentuates her lively facial features, creating an overall look that is refreshingly eye-catching and a true pleasure to see on TV, even when she’s telling us about hour-long traffic delays.

Her previous work credits include stops in Baltimore, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, but viewers across the Manchester area thrilled this bombshell has finally made New Hampshire her home. Congratulations, Suzanne, keep doing what you ‘do!

Suzanne’s on Twitter!

Twitter: @suzanneroantree


Runner Up – Hayley LaPoint

Hayley LaPoint Best HairWhen you have to hear the bad news that your niece’s graduation party is canceled because of a one-of-a-kind unprecedented apocalyptic hail storm, it’s best to hear it from a friendly face with great hair. Thankfully for viewers in the WMUR 9 broadcast range, the stunning Hayley LaPoint is on the air and ready to change your weekend plans when the weather goes south.

We’ll be honest: we know many eyes will be precipitating when they find out that Hayley didn’t top our list for New Hampshire, but let us assure you it was a tough decision – just like trying to decide whether or not to BBQ with a 50% chance of rain.

Fun fact: Hayley’s husband is also a meteorologist, and the couple has a dog named Doppler. Talk about obsess…we mean dedication to your craft.

Aw, come on. We only tease because we’re so jealous of her exceptional shoulder-length brown hair.

To sum it up: keep that hair looking great, Hay! This is a well-deserved honor.

See more of Hayley LaPoint on Twitter!

Twitter: @hayleywmur


New Jersey

We’re not able to declare a winner for this state because there are not enough on-air personalities.


New Mexico

Winner – Nicole Brady

Nicole-brady-best-female-hair“Here’s the story of a girl name Brady….”

Crap! We already did that earlier in the list. I guess we’ll just have to talk about KOB Albuquerque Nicole Brady’s glorious hair instead.

Morning anchor Nicole tops our list because her hair is, quite simply, the envy of all-female newscasters in the great State of New Mexico. Shoulder-length and beautifully layered, Nicole’s hair is the color of milk chocolate, but not the gross stuff you buy at the gas station, the good stuff you get in a high-end gift basket. Thanks, Grandma!

When she isn’t appearing on TV in the anchor’s chair, she’s sitting in front of the boob tube watching her favorite show: Seinfeld. Fantastic hair, great sense of humor, and a distant relative who was shot and killed by Billy the Kid? Does it get any better than Nicole Brady?

Not in New Mexico, it doesn’t! That’s why HAIRRY recipient for best hair in the local news biz.

Not only is she on TV, but she’s also on Twitter, too!

Twitter: @nicolebradykob


Runner Up – Marissa Maez

Marrisa-Maez-News-AnchorWho’s that lady? Whoooo’s that laaaady?

Beautiful lady! Whoooo’s that laaaady?

Newscaster laydahhhhh. Whoooo’s that laaaady?

It’s Marissa Maez! The gorgeous native New Mexican who’s got us in full swoon every time she appears on the small screen. Her picture clearly shows why her hair brings her in at a solid #2, but the picture doesn’t tell us the whole story. Along with her journalistic credentials, Maez is also a mother of three, a licensed practical nurse, and an advocate for families all across New Mexico – a true renaissance woman.

How does she do it all and keep her hair looking so good? We guess that she’s got a secret army of stylists who do her hair during the two hours a night she sleeps. Or, more likely, she’s just really great at keeping her follicles fantastic and being Marissa Maez.

According to Maez, “It’s all smoke and mirrors for my hair.  I’m in Albuquerque.  Maybe you’ve only heard of it in movies…meaning, we aren’t a huge market.  No hair people to make us look great.

I wear my hair differently daily.  It’s actually very fine and thin.  I tease it, spray it, and have become a master at blowdrying.  No extensions.  No time for that.  I have five kids!

I wash daily with… I can’t remember.  Whatever’s in the shower that my teenage daughter is using at the moment.

It’s dry in New Mexico, so I have to put oil back into my hair to prevent it from “peeling”  I use coconut oil from Trader Joe’s.

I have an awesome hairdresser.  She works out of her home. When I’m not at work, my hair is in a silly bun on top of my head.”

She’s not on Twitter, so you should probably delete your Twitter account.


New York

Winner – Sibila Vargas

Sibila Vargas Best Newswomen Hair

Sibila Vargas co-anchors the evening news for NBC 4 in New York.

She has worked for CNN and was a co-host candidate for ABC’s “The View.” Are the people at ABC blind? Hello?! Your perfect choice was right in front of you! Well, New York, you can just keep all that gorgeous hair viewing for yourself now. The Big Apple wins again!

Her thick, luscious, brown hair has all of us in a tizzy. It is as cute as can be! It frames her face beautifully and has some cool layering stuff going on. Overall, Vargas is doing it right!

Follow the New York HAIRRY recipient on Twitter.

Twitter: @Sibila4NY


Runner Up – Alison Morris

Alison Morris Best Hair

Alison Morris is the Business reporter for Fox 5 in New York.

Her career in journalism began in Paris, France, where she reported on the French stock market.

Her hair is everything. Super cute, bold, and platinum blonde!

It is highly recommended that you go to her Twitter page, print out her profile picture on poster-size paper, hang a copy of it in every room of your house, and watch what magic and wonder enters your life. The picture is ah-mah-zing!

She is very versatile with her hair, styling it up, down, and all around. For people who say, “short hair, don’t care…” you are wrong. Short hair totally cares and also gets awards.

Follow this avid runner, wife, and mother to a dog named Riley.

Twitter: @alisonmfox5


North Carolina

Winner – Brigida Mack

Brigida MackBrigida Mack is an award-winning reporter for WBTV news and our pick for the top female newscaster hair in all of North Carolina.

Is North Carolina necessarily famous for its hair prowess? Probably not. It’s better known for golf and great universities. However, thanks to the great ‘dos of women like Brigida Mack, that narrative is quickly changing. In fact, we’re proud to announce here our plans to change the official state name to North Hairolina by election season 2020. Doable? Absolutely.

Back to the hair: One look at the tight brown curls on top of Brigida Mack’s head, and you know, no matter what the new day may bring, that you’re in good hands. Pair that with her unbeatable smile and dedication to her craft, and you’ve got a newswoman juggernaut that belongs nowhere but #1.

Congratulate Brigida Mack for earning the top spot on her Twitter!

Twitter: @brigidamack


Co-Runner Up – Lynda Loveland

Lynda LovelandWith a last name like Loveland, our co-runner up is perfectly suited for anchorship in North Carolina because we love this land!

…Okay, let us start over.

If you’ve ever heard the morning news on WRAL Raleigh-Durham, you know that Lynda Loveland is a professional and talented reporter of the news. If you’ve ever seen the broadcast, you have no idea what’s going on in the world because you’re completely distracted by her luxurious locks. Don’t feel bad – we’re still unsure what happened in the last election for this exact reason.

Lynda’s dreamy shoulder-length brunette style makes her a shoo-in for one of the top spots on our list, and her impressive Emmy winning credentials don’t hurt, either. We’re disappointed that she met her current husband at WRAL, but we can always hold out hope that she’ll come to her senses and take us up on our offer of matrimony.

Loveland told us, “I use a combo of shampoos, but I love Bedhead products for styling.  I’m trying to get away from curling irons, so my new best friend is my set of hot rollers.  I posted a before and after pic on my Facebook page.  I have to thank my sister, Lisa Parker, for my hair.  She’s been my stylist for years!”

Compliment Lynda on her style via her Twitter page!

Twitter: @lloveland


Co-Runner Up – Liz Horton

Liz Horton Best Female News Anchor HairIf you’re like us, when you imagine a former Miss North Carolina, you imagine nearly perfect hair on a timeless beauty. Thanks to our co-runner up Liz Horton’s beautiful locks, we know that this isn’t just another one of our crazy delusions that the doctor said were supposed to go away in time.

As a meteorologist for ABC-11 in Raleigh, Horton keeps us informed of the weather patterns hitting the area. As a style icon, she shows us how perfectly toned shoulder-length hair can make the news of a coming hurricane a little more tolerable.

Yes, beauty and brains, you get it all with Liz Horton. The only thing you don’t get is an invitation to her wedding no matter how many times you promise not to make a scene. It’s not our fault, Liz! Your hair is just so enticing! …..Call us?

Personal vendettas aside, we can’t think of a more deserving hairdo to make the list than Liz’s gorgeous dirty blonde stand-out.

We were so excited to get a response from Lauren! Here is what she told us:

“I use Kenra Volumizing Shampoo and Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo.  I blow dry immediately after getting out of the shower and put hot rollers in.  Southern girls have to have big hair, right?!?

Then I use Chi Iron Guard to spray each strand before using a 1” curling iron to touch up the ends.  Tired yet? I am… but there’s one more step.  I use Kenra Hairspray and a teasing comb to make sure my locks stay in place!

I want to thank all of my friends in the Miss America Pageant for showing me how to coif my ‘do perfectly! (Yes, I’m a former Miss North Carolina ).

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I’ve had blonde hair for half of my life and brown hair for the other half, but I totally agree. Blondes have more fun!”

Follow the former pageant winner on Twitter!

Twitter: @lizhortonabc11


North Dakota

Winner – Andrea Larson

Andrea LarsonThough her bio page on the Valley News Live website is blank, it really only increases the intrigue that surrounds our top pick for best hair in North Dakota: Andrea Larson. Maybe she doesn’t want the secret of her hair success to get out to the masses. Maybe she’s really a manikin, which would explain why her hair is always so perfect. Why all the secrets, Andrea?!

What we do know about Andrea, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, is that she knows how to report the news, is a big fan of the selfie stick, and, most importantly, knows how to rock a pretty fantastic hairdo. Her gorgeous brown hair with blonde highlights always steals the show, regardless of if she’s in the studio or out on assignment. That’s why we’ve chosen her as our top hair heroine for the State of North Dakota! Congratulations, Andrea!

Want to learn more about this mysterious miss? Follow her on Twitter!

Twitter: @andrealarsonvnl


Runner Up – Bianca Buono

Bianca-BuonoWhat is a native Californian doing on a broadcast news station in North Dakota, you ask? Killin’ it in the hair department, that’s what she’s doing!

Fresh from an outstanding college career as a sports broadcaster, Bianca has taken The Mount Rushmore State by storm as part of the weekend news team on KVRR Fargo. An accomplished athlete herself, Bianca’s hair deserves MVP status for its perfect length and radiant glow. We don’t know what position she played on the softball field, but we know that when it comes to the best hair in North Dakota, she’s hitting a solid #2.

Follow the self-proclaimed burrito enthusiast on Twitter!

Twitter: @biancabuono



Winner – Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan Best Female HairWith two Emmys (and now a HAIRRY) to her credit, you don’t need us to tell you that Jennifer Jordan is a great reporter. What we will tell you, however, is how much fun it is to say her alliterative name: Jennifer Jordan. Jennifer Jordan. It just kind of rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?

Let’s get down to brass tacks: JJ is on our list because her hair is the perfect extension of her personality: fun, professional, and always ready to deliver. Perfectly intertwined highlights make for a unique look that is nothing if not completely stunning.

Sometimes an anchor, sometimes a reporter, Jennifer Jordan makes even the boring news look good!

Follow Ohio’s top hair on Twitter!

Twitter: @iamjenniferj


Co-Runner Up – Tracy Townsend

Tracy Townsend Best HairThe Buckeye State must be flush with a unique demographic: talented newscasters with alliterative names and outstanding hair because here we go again.

Joining Jennifer Jordan on the podium is Tracy Townsend, 10TV’s noon news anchor. Compared to some of the other standout hairstyles we’ve seen, Townsend takes a more minimalist approach. We’ve seen her with both a short brown ‘do that looks gorgeous every time she lights up the TV screen and a longer look with her natural stunning black locks. Either way, she makes what she does look good, and for that, we salute her.

Apart from being a talented and accomplished journalist, Tracy is a mother of one. Plus, she’s married to a man named Murvin Elders – it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Tracy Takes on Twitter!

Twitter: @tracyt10tv


Co-Runner Up – Monica Day

Monica Day Best Female HairFormer Miss Ohio USA winner and current traffic/entertainment reporter Monica Day rounds out the list of outstanding hair from the great State of Ohio. Her shoulder-length brown locks are no stranger to the bright lights of showbiz and have settled in quite nicely in front of the cameras at NBC4.

Glamorous as the day is long, Monica shows viewers across the Columbus area not only how to do a job well but how to look good doing it. Always impeccably styled, her hair is always there to comfort the fanbase every time the Bluejackets blow it in overtime – a job with an importance that cannot be overstated.

Here is what Monica Day said about winning this prestigious award and title:

“How exciting! I definitely have a love-hate relationship with my hair. It is a process!

I use a lot of products. Shampoo and conditioners from Kenneth’s Salon line, It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner, and my secret weapon…Dawn dish detergent. Once every couple of months, I wash it with dish soap to get all the hairspray and gunk off, then I use a deep conditioner or hair mask.

I would like to thank my hairstylist Suzanne Garcia, my family for having tons of hair, and Conan O’Brien. He is my hair inspiration and shared with me in an interview his secret…he blow-dries upside down. It is now the key to my coiffe.

I’d like to add a secret about my long locks. It is all-natural (no weave), but it is actually naturally curly. Wearing my hair curly on the weekends gives me the perfect disguise if I want to be incognito.

Thanks for appreciating my big hair. If it’s true that the higher the hair, the closer to God, I’m knocking on heaven’s door.”

You can find Monica’s thoughts on her Twitter page.

Twitter: @nbcmonica



Winner – Bobbie Miller

Bobbie Miller Best HairBobbie Miller isn’t rocking a bob haircut, but one look at the beauty from KWTV, and there’s is no mistaking her place at the top of Oklahoma’s hair elite. That’s why we’re naming her the best female newscaster hair in all of Oklahoma.

Like Ali with his fists or Zorro with his sword, it’s obvious that Bobbie can handle a straightener like no one’s business. The result of her dedication to her ‘do is a gorgeously thick straight waterfall of deep cocoa brown hair that is nothing if not completely intoxicating.

Bobbie says she loves to do anything where she can rock a ponytail as a mother of three and an avid outdoorswoman. Though the idea of her restricting those beautiful locks sends shivers down our spines, let’s be honest: she probably makes it look great.

Miller said the following when she found out she could be winning a HAIRRY:

“I like Pantene’s clarifying shampoo & SexyHair Big dry shampoo (which I use shamelessly & often as I work an early morning schedule & have three children.) #truth

My Raven-haired parents & Anthony David hair salon. Those people tease my hair like nobody’s business. Plus, I love curly & wavy hair. My hair is board-straight, but they make it happen.

When not at work, my favorite style is a ponytail with a visor. Yes, I’m a bit of a tomboy.”

Learn more about Bobbie on Twitter!

Twitter: @BobbieMiller


Runner Up – Breanne Palmerini

Breanne Palmerini Best Hair

(Instead of write up, we received this short letter)

Dear Breanne,

Everyone here in Tulsa would like to personally thank you for the excellent work you do as a weekend morning anchor on KJRH. You’re always very informative and professional.

What we would like though, is for more shots of your hair on air. We always see you from the front, which is fine,, but what about the back or the sides? Oooooh, or even the top! Yeah, that would be great!

If you could talk to the director about showing off more of your dirty blonde locks, we would be forever grateful, because that’s what we really want to see. Not all this news nonsense.

Until then, keep doing what you do best.


The People of Tulsa


Follow Breanne on Twitter.

Twitter: @breannekjrh



Winner – Brenda Braxton

Brenda Braxton Best HairJust look at her picture – doesn’t she just look like her name would be Brenda Braxton?

Who is a Brenda Braxton, you ask? Well, it’s someone with great hair, of course! That’s why we’ve named her to the top of our best female newscaster hair list for 2015!

As a sunrise and noon anchor for KGW Portland, Ms. Braxton keeps us abreast of everything we need to know in the world of news. As a hair icon for women everywhere, she also keeps us on our toes about how to rock short hair like a true champion. She informs, and she inspires – the perfect combo! We’re proud to put her at the top of our list.

Since Brenda’s all about style, let’s go out in style with a little Outkast because who doesn’t love Outkast?

“I’m sorry Ms. Braxton (oooo!), but I am fo’ reaaaaaal! Nevah meant to make your colleagues cry, you deserve 1st place a thousands times.” 

Rap with Brenda on her Twitter account.

Twitter: @BrendaBraxton8


Runner Up – Jenn Hoff

Jennifer Hoff Best HairWhen it comes to the best hair in the Beaver State, we just can’t seem to get Jenn Hoff our minds!

Okay, we’ll admit it. That was lame. It’s not like we have a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota like Jenn does. This is the best we can do! Get Hoff our backs!

Jenn’s appointment to this list isn’t all about her great name – heavens no! She makes our list as runner-up because she’s got to-die-for hair that she proudly shows off all over the KOIN broadcast day. Have you ever seen a blonde bob that makes your heart melt just so? Have you ever wanted to pull a Pleasantville and jump through your screen just to touch someone’s gorgeous locks?

Well, if you’re anything like us, Jenn Hoff’s wonderful ‘do allows you to cross both of those stalkerish achievements Hoff of your life’s to-do list.

Hoff gave us more information than we could handle! Maybe you can, though!

Here is what she wrote to us:

“My husband makes a homemade shampoo that he massages into my scalp every day. Kidding! I don’t use much, but I love Pantene Pro-V’s nature fusion shampoo/conditioner with avocado oil and then a spritz of some TRESemme hairspray.

I have always had talented hairstylists who happen to become great friends. I have gotten an array of compliments from viewers in every city I’ve worked in, and I’m lucky enough to give back to my stylists by recommending them to my viewers as new clients. They are:

A. Lisa, Bellezza Salon, Portland, OR

B. Cindy, City Looks Salon in Rochester, MN

C. Tiffany, Bei Capelli Salon, Lexington, KY

D. Stacy, AniU Salon, Madison, WI

Short hair has always been easy for me. Sometimes I miss throwing it into a ponytail. I’ve had short hair since I was 15. However, hair isn’t everything – in fact, if I could shave it, I might. It doesn’t define a woman. But ease and simplicity are what makes my style work because it makes me feel more comfortable and confident.”

Keep up the good work, Jenn!

Follow her on Twitter.

Twitter: @JennHoffKOIN6



Winner – Karen Hepp

Karen Hepp Blonde hairNow, this is a story all about how Karen Hepp’s hair flips, turns upside-down… Okay, never mind. We shouldn’t have even attempted that classic TV reference because Karen’s hair would never turn upside-down. But it IS fresh! Just look at it! The tonality of her shades of brown and blonde radiate through the TV screen brighter than a sunrise… and how appropriate! Karen Hepp (and her hair) help Philadelphians wake up on FOX 29.

Apparently, Karen lives in the suburbs of Philly with her family. Would it be the WEST Philadelphia suburbs? Sorry, sorry… No more Fresh Prince references. Plus, whether Prince or Princess — a crown should never be placed on Hepp’s head. That would just detract from our ability to admire her stunning locks. We love how it has the perfect amount of volume with just a touch of sass.

Pennsylvania, you may have lost the Fresh Prince to Bel Air, but we sure hope you realize how lucky you are to still have Karen Hepp’s hair.

Follow Hepp on Twitter! Hepp! Hepp! Hooray!

Twitter: @KarenFox29


Co-Runner Up – Denise Nakano

Denise NakanoSometimes, simple is better. Think about peanut butter and jelly. It’s two ingredients, between two pieces of bread, and it’s delicious! Right? Who doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? No one! That’s how we feel about Denise Nakano’s hair.

Denise anchors weekends for NBC 10 in Philadelphia, and she clearly knows how to strike a balance. Her hair isn’t too short, isn’t too long. It also appears she also holds to her natural color — which we love! She keeps it sleek, sophisticated, and just a little sexy — but nothing to detract from the accomplishment of her work. We know Denise works hard in the newsroom (and on her hair) because this HAIRRY runner-up started her TV career off-air. That didn’t last long because some smart manager saw what we see — hair that needs to be seen!

Follow Denise Nakano on Twitter.

Twitter: @DeniseNakanoTV


Co-Runner Up – Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson#GreatHair. We could stop there, but we’ll write more… #ReallyGreatHair. What’s with all the hashtags? It’s because Lauren Johnson anchors #Fox29Weekend! Who knew they put Twitter hashtags right in the name of newscasts? We never got that memo, but the memo we did get was titled: “Look at Lauren Johnson’s hair!” We did look, and we loved it.

The team at has two theories about Lauren and her hair: 1) She wakes up 19 hours before work to make it so perfect, or 2) she just wakes up like that. We’re placing our bets on the 2nd theory. Lauren’s hair starts straight and sophisticated near the top, and then it brings in some curls with a sassy little flip toward the bottom. Talk about technique! Or should we call it #technique? However you would describe Lauren’s hair, please use a hashtag. Because, after all, Lauren’s hair invented the hashtag. #TrueStory

Lauren Johnson e-mailed us the following:

“To answer your questions, products, I have no clue what they are…because I go to the salon once a week and let her work her magic!  And, I hope the magic lasts till the next week.  I don’t even know what she uses on my hair; that’s how much I trust her.  And the one who makes it all happen is Camike Walters.  Found her through a friend of a friend of a friend on Instagram when I first moved to Philly last summer, and it’s been a love affair since August.  She is the best!  This mane is hard to tame, but she keeps me looking fly!  I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do in a month when she goes on maternity leave! I still don’t have a clue!

Thanks again for the hair honors…fun fun fun bragging rights!”

Follow her on Twitter!

Twitter: @laurendawnfox29


Rhode Island

Winner – Kerri Corrado

Kerri Corrado Best HairWhen we began researching potential HAIRRY winners, we weren’t sure there were even enough people in Rhode Island to pick a winner and runner up for best newscaster hair – but boy were we wrong! Coming in at a strong #1 is NBC 10’s Kerri Corrado, who sports a gorgeous shoulder-length dark brown ‘do that has put Rhode Island back on the map.

When she’s not reporting on a variety of topics around Providence, she loves to play sports and try new restaurants….which is perfect because we were planning on taking her out to a really nice meal, taking a stroll along the Providence River, and then, when the moment is perfect, getting down on one knee and asking her the question we’ve been dying to ask: “Girl, how you get that hair so good!?”

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Our horrible broken English aside, Kerri Corrado’s hair is a true vision every time the camera turns on, and for that, we award her this great honor. Congrats Kerri!

Keep the party going on her Twitter!

Twitter: @nbc10_kerri


Runner Up – Alexandra Cowley

Alexandra Cowley Best Female HairHold on – we need a minute after looking at Alexandra Cowley’s picture.


Okay, I think we’re good.

It’s not often that a head of hair stops us completely in our tracks, but Alexandra Cowley’s exceptional burnt sienna mane has done just that. Wow!

Look at how gorgeously it flows down to her shoulders. Look at how the colors beautifully flow together. Look at the rest of her – wow, Mr. Cowley is a lucky man!

The shallow stuff aside, Alex (yeah, we’re on nickname terms, so what? JEALOUS?) is an accomplished anchor who you can see holding down the broadcast fort every night at 6 and 11 on ABC6. If you’re looking for a reason to make an emergency appointment with your stylist, be sure to tune in.

Until then, we proudly award her runner-up status in the State of Rhode Island for her incredible ‘do.

When informed that she was on our shortlist for best hair, Cowley had this to tell us,

“I don’t use any fancy-schmancy products…just Tresemme for dry, frizzy hair! I get the gallon size because I have so much hair. It’s naturally curly, and out of control, so I use an anti-frizz, smoothing serum before blow drying, straightening, and using a curling iron. Of course, hair spray to keep it all in check…I use Tresemme for that too.

I would like to thank my parents for passing on their big hair genes. My mother, for her coarse, thick hair. My father, for his curly, luscious locks.

I’m almost unrecognizable on the weekends because it’s my time to let my hair breathe. I love that I can wear it naturally and let it be wild when I want…but tame it when I’m on air. Make no mistake… it’s a lot of work!

Thanks for this hair-mazing honor!”

Congratulate her via her Twitter account.

Twitter: @alexandracowley


South Carolina

Winner – Darci Strickland

Darci StricklandWe were tempted to combine both North and South Carolina into one area (The Harolinas). Still, Darci Strickland got all of us so excited that we simply couldn’t resist awarding her the queen of South Carolina – and it’s extremely well deserved.

Take a look at her gorgeous hair and tell us that it’s not worthy of the top spot. We dare you.

Her hair is perfectly shaped, exceptionally styled, and an all-around stunner. A ‘do like that shouldn’t be confined to a news studio, and luckily for us, Darci spends her downtime volunteering in the community, speaking to groups, and showing us personally how we can also have a head-turning head of hair.

…Okay, that last part isn’t true, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for the future!

Darci, whether or not you respond to our numerous requests for follicle guidance, we want you to know we love you, love your hair, and love that you’re #1 on our list of the best in South Carolina. Congratulations!

Darci’s active on Twitter, so you should probably follow her right now.

Twitter: @darciwltx


Runner Up – Lisa Weismann

Lisa WeismannOur runner-up for the State of South Carolina, Lisa Weismann, has three sisters, and we’re going to bet they hold a grudge against their sis for winning the hair gene jackpot. And now she’s won recognition on our list, too? Thanksgiving is going to be AWK-WARD.

Despite the sibling rivalry, it isn’t hard to see why Lisa makes our list: her beautiful blonde shoulder-length masterpiece is the perfect platform to show off her glamorous features. It’s got volume, it’s got style, it’s got our attention, and that’s why we’re proud to list her as having some of the best hair in the Palmetto State. You go, girl!

Stay on top of all things Lisa Weismann by following her on Twitter.

Twitter: @lisalive5


South Dakota

Winner – Hailey Higgins

Hailey Higgins Best HairThe perfect headline: KELO Weekend Morning Anchor, Hailey Higgins, Wins Best Hair in South Dakota!

Born and raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, she must have gotten the perfect amount of sunlight to grow such incredible locks of hair. Her award-winning ‘do is the perfect shade of deep and beautiful brown and flows down to her shoulders like the waters of the Big Sioux River. Plus, it’s always perfectly styled and ready to report the news  – how about that for pretty and professional?

Higgins says that she feels lucky to be living her dream, and thanks to her near-perfect hair, she’s living our dream too.

When asked to comment about her HAIRRY Award, Higgins had the following to say,

“Ahhh! What an honor! One of my favorite people – Brady Mallory – was awarded the best hair in SD last month. Of course, that came as a surprise to absolutely no one. What a terrific list!

I get asked often what I use on my hair, and it changes. My absolute favorite shampoo is Wen (can someone say volume??), but I also switch washings with the cheap stuff at the drug store for extra shine. And ladies, if you’re washing every day, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t be afraid to be “that girl” driving to work in hot rollers or pin curls.

I give all of the credit to my mom and late grandma. Those beautiful ladies passed on some great genes. Also, I borrow KELOs Brady Mallory’s styling products when he leaves them in the makeup room. (shhh)

Any other tips? If you run out of hairspray, it’s okay to call off the show. Also, “big hair, don’t care” is my motto.

Thanks for the consideration! I hope you’re having a wonderful “hair” day!”

Congratulations, Hailey, keep it lookin’ great!


Runner Up – Rachel Skytta

Rachel-Skytta-best-hairSure, runner-up Rachel Skytta spent her formative years taking part in an undercover sting against fake IDs, but there is nothing fake about her HAIRRY Award! We’re awarding her second-place status on our list of best female newscaster hair in all of South Dakota – congrats, Rach!

Although she is a Vikings fan, Skytta still manages to avoid helmet hair with a stunning shoulder-length hairdo that makes even the worst news a little more tolerable. Thanks for always making it look great, Rachel. You’re doing God’s work.

Can we have our IDs back now?

Tease Rachel when the Vikings lose on her Twitter account.

Twitter: @rachel_skytta



Winner – Amanda Hara

Amanda-Hara-Best-Newswomen-HairWait a minute. You’re telling us that she loves Michael Bolton and Yanni, lists her hero as “the American Bald Eagle,” and says her hidden talent is hiding old milk in Ted’s desk? My goodness – I think we’ve found our favorite newscaster: Amanda Hara from WVLT Knoxville.

Despite all of the angry letters we got from Ted, we’re proud to award Amanda Hara the distinct honor of having the top female newscaster hair in all of Tennessee. She’s got such gorgeous shoulder-length brown locks; she makes even the notoriously hard-headed Bald Eagle curse his genetic anomaly.

We’re pretty sure Amanda was inspired to propel to such hair heights by her musical heroes, as both Michael Bolton and Yanni have pretty spectacular hair of their own. Maybe if we ask really nicely, we can get the three of them to go on tour as some kind of new-age three tenors. We’ll take two tickets, please!

When informed that she was on our shortlist of HAIRRY recipients, Hara said,

“I don’t know what’s more exciting, winning Emmy and Murrow awards, or this.  Okay, yes, I do.  THIS!

My locks are treated with whatever my Hairy Godmother at Salon Visage tells me to use. Yes, my Hairy Godmother.

I would like to thank the universe for bestowing upon me the magic of weave.

It might look brown, but under all that dye, it’s really gray.”

Follow Amanda on Twitter!

Twitter: @amandahara


Co-Runner Up – Demetria Kalodimos

Demetria Kalodimos Best HairWe heard your clamors loud and clear, and we’re happy to announce fan-favorite Demetria Kalodimos as one of our co-runners up for best newscaster hair in the State of Tennessee. Always ranked highly in local polls and the longest-tenured anchor in WSMV history, Demetria’s success is most assuredly the result of her journalistic talent and hard work – but also her fantastic hair!

Demetria plays it cool with a dark pixie-length cut that perfectly frames her face. Plus, she’s literally got a cat named Coolio – it really doesn’t get much cooler than that. So, in honor of that gorgeous hairdo, Demetria’s spot on our list is secure. Congrats, girlfriend!

Here are some hair tips from Demetria herself!

“Moisture, moisture, moisture is key to maintain my curly tresses. I use Shea Moisture, Mixed Chicks, DevaCurl, and Pravana products.  As long as the majority of the ingredients are natural and it smells good, nothing is off-limits.  I never leave the house without a leave-in moisturizer/curl definer. Kinky-Curly makes a great leave-in, as does DevaCurl.

All praise goes to my mother.  She took great care of my hair when I was younger, drenching it in Nexxus’ Humectress.  Also, a big thanks to all of the natural curlistas and their helpful blogs!  I owe my tubs of moisture-dense coconut oil and shea butter to them!”

She’s not active on Twitter, so it’s best just to admire her from your television set.


Co-Runner Up – Mearl Purvis

Mearl Purvis Best HairIf there were an award for best newscaster name, our co-runner up Mearl Purvis would undoubtedly be the recipient. Luckily for us, she also lands a spot on our list for her perfect shimmery, shiny, thick gorgeous black hairdo. Do you think those were enough adjectives to describe her incredible hair?

An anchor on FOX13 news, Mearl has won more awards than we can count. So here’s one more: Runner Up HAIRRY for best female newscaster hair in Tennessee!

Follow this professional winner on Twitter!

Twitter: @mearlonfox13



Winner – Jacqueline Crea

Jacqueline Crea Best Hair Female news anchorWe promised ourselves that we wouldn’t get attached to any particular state throughout this process of picking each state’s best female newscaster hair. We wanted to be equal opportunity. We wanted to be fair. But, like all great plans, ours failed miserably the minute our emotions got involved. And we blame you, Texas! Too many great hair options!

It was very hard to choose, but we’re confident in our choice of KHOU’s Jacqueline Crea as the leader of the pack. We’d take our hats off to her, but our hair just doesn’t compare.

Though she’s only been on the air in Houston for a year and a half, her hair has impressed all the right people, including us. It’s a picture of perfection with gorgeous coloring, perfect length, and body that would intimidate even a late 70s Bo Derek.

So, congratulations to you, Jackie. It’s not always easy to stand out from such stiff competition, but you and your hair did just that.

Follow the LA native via her Twitter account!

Twitter: @KHOUJackie


Co-Runner Up – Lauren Petrowski

Lauren Petrowski Best Female HairHickory Dickory Dock

Petrowski’s on at 10 o’clock

With hair blonde and bright

She does anchorship right

Hickory Dickory Dock


Hickory Dickory Dock

This may come as a shock

She lands at #2

For her outstanding ‘do

Hickory Dickory Dock


Hickory Dickory Ditter

We hope she won’t be bitter

If you’d like to stare

at more of her hair

Check out L.P. on her Twitter!

Twitter: @laurenonfox7


Co-Runner Up – Carla Wade

Carla Wade Best HairAre you wondering why Carla Wade wasn’t at the top of our list? So are we. Look at that hair: it’s brown, bold, beautiful – surely that’s the stuff of winners.

Damn you, Texas! Why must you make things so difficult?

Carla’s outstanding dark brown ‘do makes our hearts aflutter and, more importantly, make our list as the co-runner up for Texas’ best female newscaster hair. Congratulations to you, Carla. You’ll always be our mane girl.

Wade told us, “My stylist switches it up a lot, but mostly she uses Paul Mitchell, Bed Head, & Biolage shampoos and conditioners. Another favorite product is It’s a 10 Leave-In conditioner, and she often finishes with a minimal amount of Chi Silk Infusion.

I would definitely want to thank a former stylist, Tonya in Kentucky, who convinced me to give up chemical relaxers almost 10 years ago and grow out my hair, which had become terribly damaged due to trying to please TV consultants and dealing with incompetent stylists during my many moves in broadcasting. Then, I would have to thank my most recent stylists Cherriese Fisher and Lori Alexander, who are the two best “natural hair” stylists on the planet!

Finally, I’d have to thank my parents for genes that gave me thick hair that naturally has a lot of body and grows fast! Throughout my career, people had always assumed my hair was a weave, wig, or extensions–even when it was relatively short. I get more emails about that than most stories I do. And I have never had or worn any of the above. It used to offend me, but one of my stylists told me I should see it as the ultimate compliment,  that some people are paying tons of money for what I have naturally.”

Her reporting continues off-screen on her Twitter account.

Twitter: @CarlaNWade



Winner – Kim Fischer

Kim Fischer Best Newswomen HairMove over, Mitt Romney. The best hair in Utah belongs to none other than ABC4’s Kim Fischer. While anchoring the 5, 6, and 11 p.m. newscasts, Fischer rocks the ultimate Kate Gosselin ‘do without all the drama, baggage, and tabloid rumors. It’s short, blonde, and impossibly gorgeous, thanks to a mix of great genes and a great beauty routine.

A true professional, Kim’s journey has taken her all across the Southwest and landed her smack-dab at the top of our best hair list. Now in her forever home in Utah, Kim promises to keep rockin’ an outstanding ‘do as long as there’s news to report.

Fischer uses the Perfect Hair Day line of shampoo and conditioners and SexyHair Big Spray. When asked who she would like to thank, she said, “Tim Muir, my stylist. And my hair vitamins!”

Great work, Fischer!

She’s on TV and Twitter, too!

Twitter: @ABC4Kim


Runner Up – Allison Croghan

Allison Croghan Best HairRelease the Croghan!

When weather/social media reporter Allison Croghan first debuted her gorgeous locks on Fox 13’s Good Day Utah, we could swear we heard the angels singing Hallelujah!

Oh, wait… we’re in Utah. Do you think that was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Can we get Mack Wilberg’s autograph?!?

There must be some sort of daily divine intervention when Croghan does her hair; there’s just no way a mere mortal could get it looking that good. Whatever connection she has with the divine, we salute it! Great job, Allison! Put in a good word for us.

The Croghan’s on Twitter. YES!

Twitter: @allisoncroghan



Winner – Alison Carey

Alison Carey Best Female News HairIn the land of Ben and Jerry, we’ve thrilled to announce the 2015 HAIRRY going to WPTZ standout Alison Carey. A cute blonde ‘do that looks like something a magazine model might sport, Carney’s outstanding style puts her firmly at #1 atop our list.


Before becoming a featured reporter on Vermont’s NBC affiliate, Alison spent time as a nationally competitive ice dancer. She was able to rise all the way up to the 14th ranking in the United States. Now, she’s left the skates behind and picked up the cue cards, delivering breaking stories to the people of the Green Mountain State.

Maybe, with this new honor, we can convince the famous Vermont master ice cream makers to create a flavor just for her. Hairy Garcia, maybe? Mousse tracks? We’ll be taste testers!

The platinum blonde is also on Twitter.

Twitter: @alisoncareywptz


Runner up – Erin Cofiell

Erin Cofiell Best Newswomen hairOh, Erin. How do you do it? How do you take your God-given good looks and entrance us so? Your hair, so perfect, so black, so wonderfully matching of your perfectly shaped eyebrows. Your features, so lovely, so trustworthy they almost make us care about Soccer and Jai Alai.

We don’t know how she does it while still completing her duties as the sports director at WFFF, but somehow she keeps sporting a ‘do that’s intoxicatingly beautiful every time she’s on-screen. We could sum this all up with a tortured sports metaphor, but we wouldn’t want to say anything that’ll take Erin’s eyes off the ball.

Crap! We did it anyway. Screw it: swing for the fences, Erin!

Follow this stunner on Twitter.

Twitter: @erincofiell



Winner – Beverly Kidd

Beverly Kidd Best HairGrowing up in Virginia Beach and spending a childhood in and around the water, it wouldn’t surprise us a bit if our top pick for best female newscaster hair in Virginia, Beverly Kidd, was actually part mermaid. Think about it: she’s got stunning flowing hair, incredible diction, and a talking crab who follows her around singing comical songs about sea life. What are the chances?

When it comes to hair, Beverly is in a league all of her own. Her gorgeous brown locks are like a classic work of art: timeless, stunning, and even more impressive in person.

Beverly can be found sailing, gardening, and researching home remedies for anything that ails you when she’s not delivering the news. We wonder if she has anything that can turn our scraggly locks into gorgeous hair like hers. No? Okay, we’ll just take the talking crab then.

Need a remedy for your Beverly Kidd addiction? Follow her on Twitter!

Twitter: @beverlykidd


Co-Runner Up – Antoinette Essa

Antoinette Essa Best Hair female newscasterLet them eat cake!… celebrate Antoinette Essa’s runner-up status for 2015’s HAIRRY-Awards!

Sure, she rocks it shorter than most, but the results are an impressive display of style and substance. She doesn’t need length as a crutch to feel confident and beautiful; she’s got everything she needs in a few short inches. Bigger isn’t always better.

Antoinette is also a social media maven, and paying attention to her Twitter will help you learn more about the impressive career that has taken her all around the world. Now that’s she’s settled in at CBS6, this multi-award-winning journalist can continuing thrilling audiences across Old Dominion with her spectacular talents and one-of-a-kind ‘do.

Follow her on Twitter. Now!

Twitter: @antoinetteessa


Co-Runner Up – Chrystina Head

Chrystina Head Best Female News HairSome conspiracy theorists might put forward that we only included Chrystina Head on our list because her last name and our last name happen to be the same. Shame on you! Her glorious hair speaks for itself. Now go back to your grassy knoll.

Chrystina is a feature on our list for the right reason: her gorgeous shoulder-length hair that steals the show every time she lights up the WWBT screen. When she’s not reporting the early morning news, Chrystina can be found spending time with family and friends, no doubt educating them on the proper way to use a blowdryer.

Congrats, Ms. Head! See you at the family reunion.

Heads up! You can find our pal Chrystina on Twitter.

Twitter: @chrysheadnbc12



Winner – Kelly Koopmans

kelly-koopmans-Best-HairMan, we love alliteration almost as much as we love great hair, and our top pick from Washington State, Kelly Koopmans, fulfills all of our wildest fantasies.

A co-anchor of KOMO4’s weekday morning newscast, Kelly delivers the stories of the day with a shoulder-length blonde ‘do that’s as exquisite as they come. She’s spent part of her career working in China, then Vietnam, and thanks to Sen. Joseph McCarthy no longer being around to give her a hard time, she’s returned to her home state to work for the station she grew up watching.

A graduate of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communications at Washington State University (another person Sen. McCarthy had issues with), we’d love to wish Kelly “Goodnight and Good Luck.” Still, we don’t think she’s going to need it. What she does need, however, is a giant sash that declares her status as Washington State’s best news anchor hair. Congrats, Kelly!

Hey! Koop’s on Twitter!

Twitter: @KellyKOMO4


Runner Up – Siemny Kim

Siemny KIRO 7 Best HairWhy do we love Siemny Kim? Is it because she launched her own news segment called Inventures? Is it because she’s won an Edward R. Murrow Award? Is it because she has incredible, beautiful, exceptional hair? The answer, of course, is yes!

We’d love to talk about just how stunning her hairdo is, but we find ourselves at a loss for words. How do you describe a sunrise? What does the wind actually look like? How does Siemny Kim get such a perfect ‘do? The world may never know.

What we do know is that Siemny Kim’s hair is the envy of all of us at the Get Good Head offices, and we’re happy to show our appreciation but putting her at #2 with a bullet on our list of outstanding newscaster follicles.

Siemny had this to say about receiving her first HAIRRY Award:

“Thanks so much for even considering me for this! I rotate between a bunch of products ranging from Bumble and Bumble to Head & Shoulders for hair care. As for my hair, I got it from my mama! And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank this baby growing in my belly, too! Yay for prenatals!”

Want more hair in your spare time? Follow her on Twitter.

Twitter: @SiemnyKIRO7


West Virginia

Winner – Hattie Cheek

Hattie Cheek newswomen hairWe don’t know much about what goes on in West Virginia, but if anchor Hattie Cheek is any kind of clue, the Mountain State instantly tops our list of must-visit places. She tops our list of West Virginia’s best because her hair is like the famous Appalachians: a unique natural beauty that’s virtually impossible to top.

We don’t just respect her happenin’ hair; we’re also impressed with her dedication to her craft. Case in point: Hattie’s Facebook cover photo is a picture of her reporting in freezing weather, wearing a beanie, with a house on fire. Fire! And, she still looks great! All those flames were no match for Hattie’s frosty flowin’ hair.

When she’s not unintentionally upstaging a house fire with her good looks, Hattie is the morning reporter and midday co-anchor for WSAZ. Thanks to her incredible blonde locks, she can also add the title HAIRRY-Award Winner in West Virginia to her long list of accomplishments.

Cheek says, “Dove is my favorite! As for the hairspray – it depends on how I’m feeling. If I’m going big, I go for the SexyHair Big Spray. If I’m in a hurry, it’s Herbal Essences.”

She continued by thanking “Meteorologist Drew Tuma – for always encouraging me that I had great news hair & Amanda Miller for teaching me how to use a curling iron.”

Rain, sleet, ice, or fire be damned, Hattie’s always spreading the news via her Twitter!

Twitter: @wsazhattiecheek


Runner Up – Whitney Wetzel

Whitney Wetzel Great Female Hair

Whitney Wetzel is our pick for West Virginia’s second place.

Just take a look at how well all her blonde locks just frame her face.

She an anchor on TV both afternoon and night.

And when it comes to hairy matters, girl, she always gets it right!

She’s a die-hard Mountaineer and loves to exercise

She’s a well-deserving #2. Come, Whitney, grab your prize!

Okay, full disclosure, we don’t have a prize to give her. But what we can give her is a boatload of more Twitter followers. Link below.

From Wetzel:

“Hello, HAIRRYs Committee,

I’m so honored to make this list!

Typically, I use Tresemme Naturals shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray, but I’ll use Biolage shampoo and conditioner when I’m looking to splurge. I also use a mixture of Paul Mitchell and Bumble & Bumble products for extra conditioning, thickening, color protection, and heat protection.

I’d like to thank my hairstylist, Lindsay Bramel, at Planet Salon in Lexington, Kentucky. She does an amazing job with my color and cut. She’s also taught me some new ways to style my hair, as I’ve grown it longer, and she helps me choose products that will help keep my hair as healthy as possible through all of the teasing and hairspray abuse it takes before newscasts. Lindsay has been doing my hair for a little more than 2 years now, and I still go to her every 6 weeks, even though now that I live in Charleston, WV, she’s almost 3 hours away! I’m too scared to switch.

The only other thing I can think of is taking biotin daily to help keep my hair strong and healthy. I only wash my hair every other day, and longer if I’m able to on weekends, to keep it healthy. The individual strands of my hair aren’t that thick, I just have a ton of hair on my head! I get highlights and a cut about every 6 weeks, lowlights every 12 weeks, to keep my blonde a natural shade.

Thanks so much!”

No, thank you, Whitney!

Twitter: @WhitneyWCHS



Winner – Toya Washington

Toya Washington Best Female HairWe promise not to Toya with you by delaying the announcement any longer: the winner of best newscaster hair in the Dairy State is WISN’s Toya Washington. Whew! That came down to the wire.

However, if you have been following Toya’s career from the beginning, you would have long ago predicted this prestigious award. You see, several years ago, Toya was chosen to emcee an event for the NAACP at which the Queen of TV, Oprah Winfrey, was the keynote speaker. At the dinner, O commented that Toya was “a person who was going places,” and it was official: she was going places.

With Oprah’s endorsement, the sky’s the limit on what she can achieve. But today, let’s stick to honoring the great Toya Washington for her incredible brown locks and incomparable ‘do. Congrats Toya, keep up the great work, or Oprah will sick Stedman on you.

She’s on Twitter too!

Twitter: @toya_washington


Co-Runner Up – Stephanie Grady

Stephanie Grady Best HairLet’s play two truths and lie:

  1. Co-runner up Stephanie Grady has incredible hair.
  2. Co-runner up Stephanie Grady has incredible hair and an Emmy Award.
  3. The staff at Get Good Head have better hair than Stephanie Grady

We won’t waste your time with the specifics of what is true and what is false; we’ll just let you know that while you’re deciding, we’ll still be oogling and ogling her gorgeous shoulder-length ‘do.

Way to go, Steph. The Badger State is proud to call you their own.

Follow Steph on Twitter!

Twitter: @stephgradytv


Co-Runner Up – Melinda Davenport

Melinda Davenport Best HairShe’s written for The New York Times. She’s taken Tokyo by storm. She’s hosted her own newscast – is there anything co-runner up Melinda Davenport can’t do?

I bet we can think of one thing: have a bad hair day. That’s why we’re proud to have her on our list of the best newscaster hair in Wisconsin.

We don’t mean to show off our inner green-eyed monsters, but we have to admit we’re jealous of all the TV viewers who get to start their mornings with Melinda’s gorgeous hair on WISN 12 News This Morning. Sorry coffee, the only thing we want that’s hot and black in the morning is Melinda’s awesome hair.

Davenport tells us that she uses Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo, Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and Conditioning Styling Butter, Chi Flat Iron 1”, and SexyHair Big Spray regularly.

She continued by thanking “The Floor Directors I work with, Devon Tucek and Dewayne Walls, for putting up with my constant hair maintenance during commercial breaks and also giving me a countdown before the morning show begins because I’m always late to the anchor desk because I’m working on my ‘do!”

Follow this gorgeous shot of caffeine on Twitter!

Twitter: @wisn_melinda



Winner – Alexandra Lehnert

Alexandra Lehnert

Our word of the day calendar has landed on loquacious, and that’s exactly how we want to describe winner Alexandra Lehnert’s hair – it says it all!

Alexandra’s hair mastery started in Colorado, where she majored in editorial journalism before bringing that knowledge with her here to the Equality State. Now, we get the pleasure of seeing her (ahem, award-winning) gorgeous brown hair on TV every weekend when she’s helping us navigate the sometimes crazy Wyoming weather.

When she’s not working in front of the camera, she’s indulging in her love of cooking, traveling, and finding new ways to make her already to-die-for hair that much more lovely. For her dedication to her craft and impressive ‘do, we award her the honor of being known as the best hair in Wyoming news. Good on ‘ya, girl!

Keep in touch with Alexandra on her Twitter feed, or just creep it as we do for more great hair shots!

Twitter: @alexandrak_l


Runner Up – Wendi Lane


Hey now! Is that Cinderella we see with those gorgeous golden locks? Nope, that’s Wyoming runner-up for best hair Wendi Lane. How silly of us!

Though she’s currently a blonde bombshell weekend anchor, things for Wendi weren’t always so magical. In fact, before her happily, ever after with KCWY 13, Wendi had her own wicked stepmonster in the form of a boring desk job. (Oh, the horror!) After seven years in that cubicle prison, she got in her carriage and returned to school to study broadcast journalism at the New York Film Academy. The rest, as they say, is history. Or, in our case, hairstory.

Now she’s got all the classic fairytale princess qualities: gorgeous hair, dazzling looks, a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa, a love for animals, and recognition for some of the best hair in the biz. Walt Disney couldn’t have written it better himself.


Washington D.C.

Sometimes hair is so good that no amount of words can accurately describe it. Sometimes hair is so stunning that even though a picture is worth a thousand words, there are not enough pictures to express how amazing the hair is. However, there are gifs. So we’re going to use those because gifs are worth, like, a quadrillion words or something.

Winner – Angie Goff

Angie Goff Best Hair






hair gif






Follow Angie on Twitter!

Twitter: @ohmygoff


Runner Up – Melissa Mollet

Melissa Mollet Best hair






hair gif







Follow her on Twitter. Obv.

Twitter: @melissamollet


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