The HAIRRYs - Local Newswomen With The Best Hair
The Hairrys

The HAIRRYs: Local Newswomen With The Best Hair By State

The 2015 HAIRRYs

Best Hair: Local Newswomen

The HAIRRYs - Local Newswomen With The Best Hair

In May of 2015, we awarded the local newsmen with the best hair from every state. Then, we got bombarded with requests to give the ladies a turn. So, here we are!

What are The HAIRRYs?

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it. There are no nominations, no voting, and no turning back. As hair experts, we scour multiple images and videos from all of our potential winners. Then we consult with other stylists and creatives in the field to eventually narrow it down to one HAIRRY Winner and up to two HAIRRY Runner Ups.

Our Criteria For Great Hair

When choosing our recipients, we look for the following characteristics:

  • Full hair, no signs of thinning
  • Current/Trendy Styling
  • Natural Colors
  • Complimentary to the overall look and facial features

We do not consider whether or not it is dyed, ironed, real or fake, grey or blonde, long or short. We also do not take into consideration the level of attractiveness of the recipient. We only look at the hair’s overall hair quality.

How We Chose The HAIRRY Recipients

First, we listed all of the local TV stations in the state.

Then, we pulled the headshots of all the on-air talent from each station. (It all starts with a good headshot).

Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four factors mentioned above. We looked at social media profiles (and reels, when available) to get a more accurate assessment of the hair.

Finally, through much deliberation and comparison, we picked our winner (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up(s).

We repeated that process for each state.

This process took us about 200 hours of combined labor. We even hired an intern to assist with the process. The women took longer than the men because there are just more women in the local news, and pretty much all of them have great hair! There are fewer male on-air talent, and many of them are bald or obvious non-winners. Ladies, you made this a very trying task. Great job!

Some Fun Statistics

  • 38 recipients have brunette/brown hair.
  • 36 recipients have blonde hair.
  • 33 recipients have black hair.
  • 4 recipients have a hair color that is somewhere in between.
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree was the most popular suggested shampoo.
  • SexyHair Big Spray was the most popular suggested hairspray.
  • Texas had the highest number of women with good hair on-air.

Congratulations and Thank You!

Congratulations to everyone who is taking home a 2015 HAIRRY Award. A special thanks to those journalists who e-mailed us comments on their win. We have more HAIRRY Awards in a variety of industries coming up, so stay tuned!


The 2015 HAIRRYs go to…


Best Hair – Sarah Verser

Best Female HairSarah Verser is the morning anchor for FOX6 in Birmingham, Alabama.

A true Southern Belle, Verser is looking all sorts of fabulous. Besides her perfectly styled hair, Verser rocks a reddish/orange power suit and gives us eyes for days! Yes, she is more professional than a Hillary pantsuit, but her right-sweeping hair covers just a smidgen of her eye, telling us that Verser is more than capable of partying with the best of them.

Souther humidity won’t bring this girl down. With the appropriate volume and a classic, put-together look, Sarah Verser is taking home the gold!

Follow this future President of These United States on Twitter!

Twitter: @FOX6Sarah


Runner Up – Avery Cotton

Avery Cotton Blonde HairRapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, girl! If Cotton is the fabric of our lives, then Avery Cotton is the anchor with hair that will make you want to live your life! There is a glaring error on her station bio. Her bio reads, “Avery Cotton is an anchor and reporter who you can see alongside Bill Riales and John Nodar on News 5 This Morning.” It should ready, “Avery Cotton is THE anchor and reporter who you can see alongside Bill Riales and John Nodar on News 5 This Morning.” Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s talk about her beautiful blonde hair.

Her hair is consistent, y’all! When you tune in, you know exactly what you’re getting – sweeping blonde hair with golden waves of glory! Glory to the highest! When asked to comment about this amazing honor, Avery said, “I’d like to thank my parents for good hair genes – thanks dad for the color and mom for the volume! I’d also like to thank my hairdresser Kimberly Faulk for always working her magic. And I have to thank my husband who lets me spend way too much money on products and whatnot!”

Avery let us in on some of her favorite products, “I use J. Beverly Hills products…shampoo, conditioner, and a serum). I also use Alterna’s hair mask once a month, and I gotta give SexyHair props for amazing hair spray. Thanks to a great smelling dry shampoo by Batiste, I usually don’t wash it every day.”

Follow the lady that Disney uses to model Princess Hair after on Twitter!

Twitter: @wkrg_avery



Best Hair – Megan Mazurek

best hair in AlaskaThis Alaska native is the DayBreak Anchor for KTVA in Alaska. She is also the recipient of the 2015 HAIRRY for Best Hair: Alaska Local Newswomen. Get it! She says that she enjoys “…yoga, hiking, and gardening…” Gardening? In Alaska? We’re pretty sure “gardening” means “hair care” in Alaskan.

Her brunette hair glimmers with streaks of blonde falling perfectly to her shoulders while framing her beautiful face. While we can’t prove it, we imagine her hair being soft to the touch and smelling of lavender and hope. Is that creepy? Okay, let’s wrap this up.

Megan, congratulations on this incredible honor. Hopefully, KTVA bumps your salary up next year. To see a cute picture of a golden retriever puppy, follow Megan on Twitter!

Twitter: @meganmazurek


Runner Up – Beth O’Donnell

best hair runner upIf you are a heterosexual male who lives in Alaska and likes hot blondes and sports, you are definitely a fan of Beth O’Donnell. She is a sports reporter and multimedia journalist for KTUU and is winning our Runner-Up HAIRRY for Best Hair in Alaska among local newswomen.

This southern California girl with a passion for marathons is also the mother of a black lab named Kona. She’s also a surfer. She’s basically that perfect girl you’ve been looking for, guys.

Beth’s hair is lovely, and it has the bounce and swing so many women lust after. So let’s recap: men want her, women want to be her. Keep it up, Beth!

When informed of her potential HAIRRY win, O’Donnell said, “I would like to thank my mom and dad, my long golden locks wouldn’t have been possible without their genes.”

She continued, saying, “I use John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner and Tresemme hairspray, but that’s about it. Sometimes I use sea salt spray. I always let it dry naturally, and I’ve only cut it short once to donate. It’s always been long!”

Follow the amazing Beth O’Donnell on Twitter!

Twitter: @beth__odonnell



Winner – Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas Best Hair ABC

This section is best enjoyed while listening to Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet.

Laura Thomas is a Meteorologist and Multi-Media Journalist at ABC15 in Phoenix. Her hair is out-of-this-world perfect and proves that blondes do have more fun!

Yes, she is beautiful, but try to ignore her overall beauty and look only at her hair. It’s lush, like a tropical rainforest. It’s wavy, like the tides of the sea. And it evokes jealously and admiration to all that view this lovely mane.

It’s kind of like Laura Thomas is a Goddess – a deity that must be worshipped and idolized. Plus, her header photo on Twitter has her in the sky, so there’s that. Follow this pilates enthusiast, animal lover, and native Texan on Twitter!

Twitter: @laurathomastv


Runner Up – Iris Hermosillo

Iris Hermosillo ABC 15 Best Hair

Oh-EM-GEE, you guys! The runner-up is from the same station as Laura Thomas, AND she is also a meteorologist! DRAH-MAH! Call Andy Cohen because this is going to be like the best episode of The Real Housewives! Meteorologist vs. Meteorologist! Blonde vs. Brunette! Amazing Hair vs. Amazing Hair! Who. Will. Win?

Okay, calm down. It isn’t like that. I am sure these lovely ladies will just laugh about all of this… and then work really hard to win next year.

Iris Hermosillo is a veteran in journalism and has hosted a variety of shows in Arizona, Missouri, and Kansas. Her hair is absolutely stunning and glimmers in the light. The mixture of brown and black gives her that sultry yet professional look. Her hair is ready to “kill it” all day at work and then meet the girls out for a martini afterward—functional hair at its best.

Follow Iris Hermosillo on Twitter!

Twitter: @IrisABC15



Winner – Erin Hawley

Erin Hawley Best HairErin Hawley is a former Florida girl who is now the co-anchor of LIVE at 5 and MidDay Arkansas on ABC 7. More notably, she is the recipient of the 2015 HAIRRY Award for Best Hair among Local Newswomen. When her contract is up, she will have incredible negotiating power.

Guys, if you were on the fence about whether or not this woman is perfect, consider this: she won an EMMY… for a “series on Arkansans helping widows and orphans in Africa.” Now, what have you done with your life?

Her hair does something that most blondes have trouble with – conveying beauty with supreme intelligence. One look at this all-star journalist, and you know you are messing with one smart cookie! Every strand is in place and is ready for primetime news. Also, note how her hair gently frames her face, opening up as her hair sweeps to the back.

Homegirl isn’t super big on Twitter, so help her out and give her a follow!

Twitter: @KATVErin


Runner Up – Leah Uko

Leah Uko Best Female HairThe only thing that might be better than Leah Uko’s hair is her infectious smile. Leah Uko is a General Assignment Reporter for KARK in Little Rock. Her Twitter bio gives you a great idea about what she’s all about, “I pray, cover news, eat protein, lift heavy objects…and watch Friends, Sex & The City, and Everybody Love Raymond all…the…time.” Well, it appears that Everybody Loves Leah, as well, and that amazing hair!

In Little Rock, Leah rocks (see what we did there?) some impressive shoulder-length hair. Mostly straight, with some whispy curls to the side, this hair says, “Hey! I take this job seriously, but you know I am down for a good laugh too.” It also says, “Yeah, come over at 7 pm. I should be finished with my workout by then, and we can watch Friends. But you better bring some wine because Mama is off from work tomorrow!” Correct. Uko’s hair refers to itself in the third person.

Follow this Renaissance woman on Twitter!

Twitter: @LeahUko


Co-Runner Up – Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson Female hairIf Kelly Johnson looks familiar to you, that’s because she used to portray a popular storybook character at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. If that’s not where you recognize her from then, you’ve probably seen her anchoring and reporting for KHBS/KHOG-TV in Arkansas. We couldn’t decide between Leah and Kelly, so they share their runner-up HAIRRY for Best Hair!

Kelly’s hair has major volume! Like, our ears are hurting, y’all, from all this volume… and we love it! Additionally, Johnson is serving us brunette professionalism with some hints of a blonde bombshell – a perfect mix if we’ve ever seen one.

Follow Miss Co-Runner Up on Twitter!

Twitter: @4029kelly



Oh, California, you saucy lady. Thanks a lot for making this a seemingly impossible task. Your women are already too beautiful, and now they all have hair that is too flawless!? You know what, California? We’re blaming the drought on your local newswomen. They clearly need a lot of water to keep their perfect do’s looking West Coast fabulous. And you know what else, California? The drought is sooooo worth it.

Winner – Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel Best Hair“I thought I was the most beautiful. But I found out today, I was wrong.” That is an excerpt from Barbie’s diary, the popular Mattel doll after seeing a picture of Courtney Friel.

Courtney Friel is a news anchor and reporter from KTLA in Los Angeles, California. She has also hosted, like, a billion other shows and was on Fox News for a while. If this is your first time hearing of Courtney Friel – then leave this website! You’re not welcome here.

You know how the Supreme Court just legalized gay marriage across all 50 states? That’s because of Courtney’s hair.

You know how sunsets over the ocean are super beautiful and make you believe in God? Those are made possible only by Courtney’s hair.

You know how you were estranged from your father only until recently when you reconnected at a family event, and now you two are incredibly close. He’s finally cementing a positive relationship with your children, his grandchildren? Yep, you can thank Courtney’s hair for that.

In short, Courtney’s hair is the reason for all good things, all beautiful things, and all the things that love is made of.

Thank this wonderful woman on Twitter for giving us the moon and the stars.

Twitter: @courtneyfriel


Runner Up – Heather Myers

Heather Meyers Best Female HairSan Diego may be America’s Finest City, and that’s mostly because of Heather Myers, the morning anchor for San Diego 6. She is an 8-time EMMY Award winner, mother of 2, and a first-time HAIRRY recipient!

Her smizing game is on point, and so is that gorgeous mane!

Texture, volume, styling, and color are all working for this working mom. Choosing Heather was an obvious choice, but choosing which picture to feature was stressful and gave us anxiety. Every picture on her Facebook and Twitter was to die for. Way to be consistent, girl!

Follow this blonde bombshell on Twitter!

Twitter: @HeatherMyersSD6


Co-Runner Up – Janelle Wang

Janelle Wang Best Female HairJanelle Wang interviewed Oprah. Let us repeat that – Oprah, arguably the world’s most famous interviewer, was interviewed by Janelle Wang. Now that’s good hair.

Janelle Wang is the 5 pm news anchor for NBC in San Francisco and has hair that bounces swings, and continues to look fabulous year after year.

We liked most about Janelle’s hair because it varied in looks, each maintaining her own personal style and identity. Whether it’s wavy or straight, slick or voluminous, it’s always looking Wang-tastic!

Follow this ambidextrous golfer and avid hiker on Twitter!

Twitter: @janellewang



Winner – Christine Noël

Christine Noel Best Female Hair

Christine Noël takes home Colorado’s nod for the best for best hair in the biz. One look at that gorgeous brunette hairdo, and it certainly isn’t hard to see why. A broadcaster out of the mile-high city (now in more ways than one) of Denver, Colorado’s “heir to the hair” skillfully co-anchors the weekend newscasts on the popular KUSA 9News, and she always does it in style.

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She may be thousands of miles from her Western Michigan roots, but that doesn’t mean her actual roots are showing. And just like a movie from the Criterion Collection, her hair is a vision of even color, exceptional volume, and timeless style.

In her off time, Christine is an avid outdoorswoman, who competes, hikes, swims, and runs on the regular… and no doubt wins most of her triathlons by distracting her competition with her outlandishly good looks. So, congratulations Christine! We salute you for having some of the best locks on the small screen.

For her own personal breaking news, follow her on Twitter!

Twitter: @cnoelkusa


Runner Up – Aristea Brady

Aristea Brady Best Hair









(Sung to the tune of the Brady Bunch)

Here’s a story, of a lovely Brady,
who came in second place for her great hair.
She has pretty locks of gold, like no other,
we’ll try not to stare!

She’s the co-host, of the Nightside newscast,
and reports the evening news at 5 and 6.
Fox 31, is her home station,
she’s one of our top picks!

We’re committed, to finishing these lyrics,
so we’ll tell you that she’s Greek and from CO.
She’s won Emmys, and loves the mountains,
just one more verse to go…

Congratulations, to Aristea Brady,
we hope that second place won’t leave you bitter.
If you want to know more, ‘bout this hair icon,
the best way is to follow her on twitter!

When asked to comment on her hair-complishments, Brady said, “Well, it most certainly is an honor! I love Davines shampoo and conditioner, especially the Renaissance Circle deep conditioner. It is all about a good, thorough blow dry. I have naturally curly hair but fake it well with a good blow-dry.” She also suggests you use a round brush.

She finished by thanking her stylist. “I would especially like to thank my hairstylist, Kali, for whispering sweet nothing to my hair and making it feel like a million bucks! Great hair starts with confidence!”

We couldn’t agree more.

Twitter: @AristeaBrady



Winner – AJ Walker

AJ Walker Best Hair Female News AnchorsWhile some women might wonder “can I?” or “can’t I?” when it comes to short hair, our winning journalist from Connecticut, AJ Walker, just does it – and boy, does she do it well. Giving Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry a run for their pixie-cut money, her exceptional dark ‘do perfectly accentuates her gorgeous features – be still our beating hearts!

When asked to share some of her haircare secrets, Walker told us, “I use Motions Shampoo and Sebastian Shaper hairspray. I also use a few drops of our olive oil to keep it moist and prevent breakage.” She continued by thanking those who made her amazing hair possible. “I would like to thank my mother for this honor. She taught me how to style hair growing up, so I can keep my hair looking good daily.”

Before taking on Hartford’s most heinous as part of the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters, Walker interned at the Obama White House, where her stunning hair no-doubt thwarted various national security issues that we couldn’t even begin to discuss here (sorry NSA!). In her off time from saving the world, you can find her lost in a good book or using her talents to sew something beautiful (just as long as it’s not a bonnet to cover up that beautiful hair). The news is best when it’s short and sweet, and in the case of AJ Walker’s winning hairdo, the same goes.

Follow the Connecticut winner on Twitter!

Twitter: @AJWalkerNews


Runner Up – Denise D’Ascenzo

Denise D'Ascenzo Best newswomen hairIt’s a good thing that Connecticut’s runner-up, Denise D’Ascenzo, has a passion for medical reporting because this newscaster’s blonde bob is certainly a heartstopper. With Emmys, multiple degrees, a prestigious Gabriel Award all on her resume, Denise can now also cross “HAIRRY recipient” off the top of her life’s to-do list. Hooray!

A veteran of several stations in the Midwest, Denise D’Ascenzo now uses her hair….we mean talents, tantalize her Hartford-area audience, reporting the events of the day while always sporting that just-styled look. Congrats to you, Denise. Keep doin’ it right!

Can’t get enough of her on the news? Follow her on Twitter!

Twitter: @denisedascenzo


Co-Runner Up – Teresa Dufour

Teresa Dufour Best News Hair FemaleIt isn’t often that we can’t narrow our choices down to just two, but Connecticut proved to have too many hair heroines for us to pass up. If you watch NEWS8 WTNH in the morning, you’re moved to tears by Teresa Dufour’s elegant hairdo. Elegant and flowing, her cocoa locks remind us of a delicious chocolate waterfall in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – watch out, Augustus!

When she’s not helping drivers arrive to work safely with the morning traffic reports, Teresa hosts something called Connecticut Style, which we’re guessing is just a two-hour closeup of her hair. Either way, we’ll tune in. Keep it stylish, girl!

Learn all about Teresa’s Connecticut Style on her Twitter feed!

Twitter: @teresalabarbera



We’re not able to declare a winner for this state because there are not enough on-air personalities.



Winner – Belkys Nerey

Belkys Nerey Best Hair

Oh, so you thought only women with long hair could when a HAIRRY, huh? The length has nothing to do with winning! It’s all about the overall look and confidence the ‘do exudes! Nerey is killing it with her slick cut.

Belkys Nerey is the evening co-anchor for 7 News in Miami/Fort Lauderdale. In our opinion, she’s the cooler, nicer, more outgoing, personable, and friendly version of Claire Underwood on House of Cards.

Nerey’s hair is so good that she always gets the lowest lease rate for a new car, and she never has to wait in line. Although Nerey did not respond to our request for comment, we were able to dig up some of her awesome haircare tips!

Belkys Nerey uses Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Gel for her hair and Cetaphil Moisturizer for the skin.

Follow this bilingual winner on Twitter!

Twitter: @belkysnerey


Co-Runner Up – Sonni Abatta

Sonni Abatta best hair

Sonni Abatta is the co-host of the evening news on Fox35 in Orlando. She is also the perfect candidate to show the word “Sunny” in the title. “Sunny Days with Sonni!” “Sunny Sonni!” or “Sunny Sunday with Sonni!”

Fox, can we get a show like that in the works? Thanks.

In addition to being an incredibly talented journalist, she is also an inspiring philanthropist – participating in the American Cancer Society and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Her hair is like, whoa. With lots of light browns and blondes throughout, she straddles the border of a blonde bombshell and beaming brunette. This silky smooth ‘do deserves all the recognition in the world. Well done, Sunny Sonni!

Follow this superstar on Twitter.

Twitter: @sonniabatta


Co-Runner Up – Danielle Knox

Danielle Knox Best Hair

Channel 7 in Miami is producing lots of hot hair! Sharing the spotlight is Danielle Knox from WSVN-TV, who anchors the morning show, Today in Florida.

You’ve heard of people being raised in “The School of Hard Knocks?” Well, people need to start getting schooled by the Locks from this Knox! (You have no idea how long we worked on that pun…)

Her hair is CB (Certified Beyoncé). As in, if Beyoncé saw that hair, she would exclaim, “Yes, girl!” and then invite Knox to get on Jay’s plane and take a weekend excursion to Turks and Caicos. That’s what CB hair is.

Follow Ms. Knox on Twitter!

Twitter: @imdanielleknox



Winner – Karen Graham

Karen Graham Best HairMove over, Rosemary, and take that baby with you. We’ve got a new pixie-cut icon to worship: Karen Graham, best female newscaster hair winner for the great State of Georgia.

It’s obvious to see why Karen Graham beat out the competition: those gradient highlights are bewitching and the perfect complement to her dazzling smile. When she’s not perfecting her hairdo, Karen is the co-anchor of Fox 5’s morning newscast and has won 3 Emmys and a Monica Kaufman Media Award for her great work. She’s also the host of Fox 5’s “Wednesday’s Child,” a weekly piece that focuses on children in foster care awaiting adoption.

This Atlanta native loves exploring her hometown trails while hiking and camping, and with hair like that, she can go from outdoor explorer straight to her second love of dancing, all without missing a beat.

Talent, heart, and pixie style – Keren, you’ve put a spell on us!

Don’t live in Atlanta? Don’t panic! You can put a little Karen Graham in your life with her Twitter feed.

Twitter: @karengfox5


Runner Up – Cynné Simpson

Cynne Simpson Best HairIt takes a certain kind of hair to make it into Hotlanta’s elite, and Georgia’s runner-up for best newscaster hair, Cynné Simpson, has everything in the hair department firmly on lockdown. Her incredible locks have secured her interviews with some of the country’s elite, including Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Maya Angelou, and Abraham Lincoln.

Okay, maybe not Lincoln, but if anyone could get exclusive, it’d be Cynné.

When she isn’t traveling the world, volunteering within the community, or keeping her Spanish skills fresh, she’s on Fox 5’s weeknight news sporting her one-of-a-kind ‘do. That’s why she’s our runner-up for best newscaster hair in the big GA.

Get more hairspiration from Cynné Simpson’s Twitter.

Twitter: @cynnefox5



Winner – Marisa Yamane

marisa-yamane-best-hairAlo-hot! KHON 2’s Marisa Yamane is, without question, the best hair in Hawaiian news. Congratulations Marisa!

This graduate of the University of California always reports the news to her audience the same way she wears her hair: straight, stylish, and always at the right volume. Her gorgeous brunette style is a thing to behold, like a 40-foot wave, or a gold-plated ukulele, or….whatever else Hawaii is famous for? Spam, maybe? Anyway, moving on…

Aside from rocking a heck of a handle on her straighter, Yamane is also a highly accomplished bowler, a world traveler, and the winner of multiple awards for her reporting, including an Emmy, two Edward R. Murrow Awards, five Associated Press Mark Twain Awards, and now, without question the most meaningful: a HAIRRY for best newscaster hair in all of the Hawaiian Islands. How’s that for a resume highlight?

So, Marisa, in honor of this prestigious victory, we say Aloha! Aloha! Which is Hawaiian for “Congratulations on your Award!”…..or something like that.

Want the secret to such perfect hair? Maybe she’ll let it slip on her official Twitter account!

Twitter: @marisayamane


Runner Up – Lei Kaholokula

Lei-Kaholokula-best-female-hairDid you know that Hawaii has one of the worst traffic problems in the United States? Well, through hundreds of hours of research and peer-reviewed studies, the experts here at Get Good Head have finally figured out the root cause: Hawaii’s runner-up Lei Kaholokula.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Lei Kaholokula is a fantastic traffic reporter, but research shows that her hair is so gorgeous that people purposely drive like garbage so that she’ll have to appear on the morning newscast more often. But then, she’s so good at her job that traffic again quickly gets moving. It’s a classic Catch-22, but so much more attractive.

Also a musician, there are rumors that Kaholokula is slated to star in her own one-woman show, a revival of the Broadway classic: Hair! How appropriate! Obviously, we make some of this stuff up. However, what is for certain is that this hair is deserving of a HAIRRY!

Need something to do while fighting traffic? Follow Lei Kaholokula on Twitter!

Twitter: @leikaholokula



Winner – Andrea Lutz

Andrea Lutz Best Female Anchor HairOh, Boise! Finding the best hair in the State of Idaho was easy with the likes of Andrea Lutz on the air. Andrea’s head rocks a classic ‘do: gorgeous brown shoulder-length hair with highlights that simply ravished the competition. Congrats, Andrea!

An avid outdoorswoman and native Montanan, Andrea counts among her career highlights meeting newly elected President Barack Obama in 2008 and inspiring POTUS to compose his famous ObamaHair legislation. When she’s not rubbing shoulders with dignitaries or winning broadcasting awards, Andrea and her incredible hair can be found on KTVB, reading the day’s news highlights, and keeping you informed of the goings-on in the world.

Follow Idaho’s winning hair on Twitter!

Twitter: @ktvbandrealutz


Runner Up – Karen Lehr

Karen Lehr Best Female HairThe Old Bard Shakespeare may have written about King Lear, but today we’re writing about Queen Lehr, Idaho’s runner up for best female newscaster hair. And just like Shakespeare’s titular king, Lehr’s delicious highlighted hairdo has caused us to lose our minds – in the best way possible, of course!

Aside from her normal gig as part of the On Your Side Team on KIVI, Karen can often be found filling in on Good Morning Idaho – and what a good morning it is when she does. So, let us say, brava Karen! To paraphrase the Bard: Although the last (second), not the least!

Doth thou follow Queen Lehr on Twitter?

Twitter: @KarenLehr



Winner – Micah Materre

Micah Materre Best Hair

You betta work, mama! This, ladies and gentlemen, is Micah Materre. She is an anchor on WGN in Chicago, a mother, and our 2015 HAIRRY-Award Winner!

Her face is saying, “You think you’re cute showing off your new car, huh? That’s funny because I own that Tesla dealership you got your new car from. You just paid for my house in the Hamptons, dear. Thank you.”

Now, she doesn’t really own a Tesla dealership (that we know of), but she does own a great head of hair and has a surplus of confidence!

One time, Micah was in line at the hottest club in Chicago and some idiot cut in front of her! Micah’s hair immediately pushed him into the curb, and he crawled away like a baby. Okay, obviously, that’s not true. Micah would never be waiting in a line. Girl, please.

When you have hair like Micah, you do what you want, when you want, and every morning when you walk to the mailbox, there are stacks of hundred dollar bills wrapped in gold plated rubber bands. She doesn’t know how they get there or what she’s done to deserve them, but this is the way her life has been ever since she was a child. Unexplained cash in the mailbox every morning.

Now, that’s great hair.

Follow her right now on Twitter if you want your life to have any value.

Twitter: @mmaterre


Runner Up – Zoraida Sambolin


Zoraida Smabolin is not only the Weekday Edition co-anchor of NBC5 News Today but is also the host for a variety of other shows, including; “Un Buen Doctor,” a Spanish language series focusing on medicine. She’s also worked at CNN. So, she’s basically done as much as most people would do in three lifetimes. Obviously, her hair deserves the credit.

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Silky smooth and styled to perfection, Sambolin’s hair appears healthy and exudes professionalism. Plus, she is killing that left-sided swoop in almost every picture we found.

Follow this bilingual mamma on Twitter, if not for her, for the baby tiger in her header photo.

Twitter: @zoraidasambolin



Winner – Nicole Pence

Nicole Pence Best HairSince both her first and last name sound like different types of coins, it’s only appropriate that Fox 59’s Nicole Pence’s million-dollar hair be crowned as Indiana’s best. Her flowing shoulder-length masterpiece certainly puts the “oooooh” in brunette and gives us all yet another reason to be news junkies.

Is it product? Is it genetics? We may never know. What we do know, however, is that, as a true professional, Pence is always ready to take on whatever challenges come her way. Frizz and flatness be damned – when that little right light goes on above the camera, Nicole Pence’s hair will simply be stunning, and the news will be delivered promptly, professionally, and, now thanks to DVR, washed, rinsed, and repeated as many times as you’d like.

Congratulations Nicole. Keep those locks looking great!

You can wish Nicole your own congratulations by contacting her on her official Twitter page.

Twitter: @nicolepence


Runner Up – Andrea Morehead

Andrea Morehead Best HairEveryone who visits our site definitely wants to “Get Good Head,” but the real question is: who wants to get Morehead? We know we do! And when you look for the second-best hair in all of Indiana news, that’s exactly what you get: Andrea Morehead. One of the co-anchors of WTHR 13’s Eyewitness News at 5 and 11, Andrea and her deep dark fantastic hair knows how to deliver the news just the right way, and that’s exactly what she’s spent her professional career doing – and doing it well.

A hardworking mom of one, Andrea’s passionate volunteer and advocacy work show that she’s really a model human being – and her gorgeous hair shows she might secretly be a model, too. But don’t worry, Morehead, we’ll never tell…as long as you promise to keep that hairdo for years to come. Congrats!

Stay up-to-date on the news by following Andrea on Twitter! @AndreaWTHR

Twitter: @AndreaWTHR



Winner – Sabrina Ahmed

Sabrina Ahmed Best female anchor hairMove over Audrey Hepburn, take a hike Melissa Joan Hart; there’s only one Sabrina who deserves our attention on screen, and that’s Sabrina Ahmed, news anchor, and purveyor of the best hair in the State of Iowa. With a stunning vision of brown shoulder-length hair, Sabrina has come full circle back to the city of her birth as part of the Local 5 News Team and shows off her beautiful locks daily during the news.

She may not be a teenage witch, but her hair does put a spell on her audiences every time the news desk goes live – and she has a talking cat!

Okay, she doesn’t have a talking cat, but she does have the distinct honor of winning a HAIRRY for best newswoman hair in the state of Iowa. And let’s be honest: that’s so much better.

Congratulations Sabrina! Need more of her hair in your life? Follow her on Twitter!

Twitter: @sabrinaatiya


Runner Up – Denise Hnytka

Denise Hnytka

H is for hair, obviously, and this reddish-brown shoulder-length hairdo is as good as it gets.

N is for news, obviously, (this is so much easier than we thought it was going to be), as Denise is one of the standout anchors at WQAD.

Y is for yay! This is what Denise Hnytka undoubtedly shouted after receiving her Emmy nomination and her HAIRRY Award for best newswoman hair – runner-up.

T is totally amazing, which is the way we feel about her glowing locks. Just look at that burnt sienna masterpiece. Mmmmmmm.

K is for Kansas, where her beautiful hair used to be on display (which conveniently starts with the letter we needed).

A is for announcements, which she often makes on her personal Twitter account. Follow here there!

Twitter: @denisewqad



Winner – Melissa Scheffler

Melissa-Scheffler-blonde-hairOh. My. God. Becky. Look. At. Her. Blonde.

The great state of Kansas is known for three main things: sunflowers, wheat, and one of the best heads of hair in the newscaster biz: Melissa “The Blonde Bomber” Scheffler (a nickname we totally just made up). What do all of those things have in common? They’re all blonde, of course! Luckily for Melissa, neither crop will give her a run for her job at KWCH12 – back to you, barley!

All agriculture aside, Melissa’s impressive shoulder-length locks take the phrase “beautifully blonde” to a whole new level, and she’s always rockin’ that fantastic ‘do on a station near you (if you live in Kansas, that is). So to Melissa, we say: keep up the great work!

You news watchers in Wichita sure are a lucky bunch!

Follow the cream of the crop’s Twitter page for all things Melissa Scheffler!

Twitter: @KWCHMelissa


Runner Up – Carolyn Long

Carolyn Long Best Hair Blonde BobA dedicated unicycler, a tireless volunteer, and a gorgeous blonde bob – what more could you want? Our runner-up for best female newscaster hair in Kansas, Carolyn Long, has it all, as well as a seat at the anchor desk on KCTV 5’s afternoon and early evening news.

Long first came on our radar when she discussed her co-workers’ win last month on-air! (Thanks for the shoutout, Carolyn!)

Someone knows her style; that dirty blonde bob is the perfect way to accent her piercing blue eyes, delicate features, and gorgeous smile….Whew! Is it getting hot in here? We know it’s just not us.

Long responded to our request for comment, saying, “ColorProof Baobab is my new favorite shampoo and conditioner. Oh, of course! Lindsey at Encounters Salon and Spa in Overland Park is the method behind my madness. The secret to some of the highlights is a little grey — naturally coming in with age! Shhh…”

Sorry, the secret is out!

Despite the second-place finish, we want to shout out a big CONGRATS to Ms. Long and let her know that the great work she does (on her hair) doesn’t go unnoticed!  Oh, and that charity work is important too.

Follow Carolyn and her hot locks on Twitter!

Twitter: @carolynkctv5



Winner – Kelsey Starks

Kelsey Starks Best HairA great hairdo is like a great side dish: it may not be the thing that gets you in the restaurant door, but no meal would be complete without it.

….Wait a minute. Who are we kidding? It’s all about the hair! That’s why we’re proud to give the HAIRRY for best female newscaster hair in the State of Kentucky to… Kelsey Starks!

Kelsey’s diverse work history on Court TV and MSNBC has taken her both in front of and behind the camera. Now (lucky you), she’s settled into her role at WHAS 11 in Louisville, where she shows off her picturesque highlighted brown locks daily via the morning show. It’s clear by her hair’s exceptional volume and perfect shape that Kelsey is doing it right, so we say to her (in true Kentucky fashion) keep on keepin’ on, Kels! Congratulations on your first HAIRRY!

Starks gave us some insight into what it is like to be a HAIRRY Award Winner!

“I like to change things up with my products fairly often, but right now, I am using a lot of Bed Head products, including the shampoo, conditioner, straightening gel, and finishing paste. I use Aveda Air Control hairspray.

I must thank my longtime hairdresser, Tiffany Hampton Cecil, and the fabulous staff at Joseph’s Salon and Spa in Louisville, KY.

I’ve done a lot of experimenting over the years. I think I’ve had my hair blonde, dark brown, light brown, red, highlighted, lowlighted, permed, straightened, curly, etc., at some point!”

Follow Starks on Twitter!

Twitter: @whas11kelsey


Runner Up – Nancy Cox

Nancy Cox Best HairShe’s won Emmys, best anchor awards, Miss Kentucky – does she really need to be recognized for her fantastic hair? Of course, she does! So, doing what we do, we’re proud to recognize Nancy’s gorgeous brown bob as one of the best looking ‘dos in all of broadcast television.

In her off time from delivering the news on LEX18, Nancy enjoys singing, especially gospel music, which is such a coincidence because we’ve been praising the Lord for her gorgeous ‘do since we started compiling this list. No matter your religious persuasion, we can all agree that the viewing public who gets to watch Nancy and her spectacular hair anchor the news every day at 5, 6, 7, and 11 p.m. are truly the blessed ones. Congrats Nancy!

Cox is a loyal lady, telling us, “I’ve been with the same stylist for more than 20 years, except for a brief time he spent in L.A.  Mickey Binion is the only one I trust with my hair, which as all newswomen know, might be the number one thing viewers criticize. He’s the owner of Voce Salon in Lexington, KY.”

She continues, telling us, “I use only Kerastase Products: shampoo, conditioner, and volumizer. It keeps my hair shiny and smooth under studio lights.”

Apparently, Cox isn’t on Twitter, so you can just follow us instead.

Twitter: @GetGoodHead



Winner – Adrianna Hopkins

Adrianna-HopkinsThe competition was fierce in the great State of Louisiana, but we’re proud to award the best newswoman hair in Louisiana to WDSU co-anchor Adrianna Hopkins – and it isn’t hard to see why. We’ve nicknamed her The Eye of the Hurricane because not only has she reported in both Florida and now Louisiana, but she’s always a picture of calm and cool even in the most stressful situations. Plus, we love lame nicknames! (How’s that for shameless?)

Adrianna is a beautiful woman, there’s no question about that, but her looks play second fiddle to a hairdo that’s deep brown and always perfectly styled. How does she get it to look so perfect? Sources say she’s made a deal with the devil. More reliable sources say she goes out of her way to take care of her hair and keep it looking great. Either way, Ms. Hopkins is a very worthy recipient of a HAIRRY, and we wish her nothing but great things for her hair going forward. Congratulations, Adrianna!

Follow the Emmy-award Winner on Twitter:

Twitter: @adriannahopkins


Runner Up – Sally-Ann Roberts

Sally Ann RobertsIs it any coincidence that the largest beauty supplier in the world is Sally Beauty Supply, and our runner-up for best newscaster hair in The Pelican State is also named Sally? Is our worst nightmare coming true, and all of the good-looking people in the world are working together to conspire against us normal folk? Dammit, Jim!

Let’s face it: If we could rock the short locks like Sally-Ann, we too would partner with our charming cohorts and try to take over the world. Luckily for us, Sally-Ann is much less sinister and keeps her focus on doing a great job delivering the daily news, and for that, we normal hair-havers are forever grateful.

Outside of her anchorship at WWL, Sally-Ann has written three books, and surprisingly, none of them are about her passion for hair care. Come on, Sally! With hair like that, we know that you could write the definitive text – outside of, of course!

Wish Sally-Ann a hearty congratulations on Twitter!

Twitter: @sallyannwwl



Winner – Katie Bavoso

Katie Bavoso Best Female HairThat gorgeous brownish blonde hair, those piercing brown eyes, does it get any better than Katie Bavoso? Of course it doesn’t! That’s why we chose her as having the top hair in the great State of Maine.

It’s certainly a well-deserved honor, as Ms. Bavoso always looks camera-ready no matter where her work with the News Center Team takes her. Sure, she’s spent some time on the Jersey Shore, but we promise we won’t hold that against her.

Besides being a talented journalist, Bavoso is also a huge fan of graphic novels, so we’ll take this opportunity to plug our new idea for one shamelessly. Picture this: a beautiful news anchor with incredible hair takes us out for dinner and drinks as a thank you for naming her #1. Think of the licensing opportunities! No? Okay, well, congratulations anyway.

Want to know her haircare secrets? Straight from the winner’s mouth…

“I normally shampoo and condition my hair with Pantene Pro-V Radiant Color (I’m a natural blonde, but I get lots of highlights to make it pop). That shampoo/conditioner is, in my opinion, the best “drug store” salon brand out there, and it’s affordable (on a young journalist’s budget).

I splurge on hair protection and use Kenra blow dry spray because I curl my hair just about every day now that I anchor. I also try to wash my hair every two to three days not to dry it out, so I use Kenra dry shampoo in between. I find Kenra to be the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used, it just works, and it smells like coconuts!

For the best bang for my buck, I usually go with SexyHair Big Spray – it doesn’t have a wet, heavy feel, and it makes my hair big, and it stays in place without being stiff. I love that. I also use Hot Tools curling irons to get the best and quickest curls.

I’d like to thank Bob at Bella Salon in Bangor for always knowing how to make my hair look fabulous and my station’s stylist, Patty Shyne, for getting me the right help in showing me how to curl my hair lightning fast, which is necessary for this business.

When it comes to hair, play with it, have fun with it, try new things. It’s only hair, but it can make you look and feel stunning and successful so embrace it!”

Follow the next chapter in Katie’s exciting life by following her on Twitter!

Twitter: @KatieBavoso


Runner Up – Amanda Jellig

Amanda JelligMeteorologists like Amanda Jellig may be busy studying weather patterns, but we’re busy studying important things, like hairstyles and EUREKA! We’ve made an amazing discovery: Amanda Jellig has the second-best hair out of all of Maine’s female newscasters.

Our vital research shows that Amanda’s light brown shoulder-length hair is such a stunner that it could turn a simple thunderstorm into a category five hurricane. Then she’d get to report on it – it’s a win-win!

We see what you’re doing, Amanda, and we approve!

Get the latest weather updates on Amanda’s Twitter.

Twitter: @amandawgme



Winner – Mindy Basara

Mindy-Basara-best-hairSure, we love everyone on this list, but when it comes to WBAL anchor Mindy Basara, we love her. We luff her. We luv her. Look at us – we’re crazy in love!

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Why do we love her, you ask? Simple! Take one look at that fantastic blonde hairdo, and your heart will melt. Perfectly shaped, perfectly styled, and just a whisper of dark roots – it doesn’t get any better than that. Pair that with her infectious smile and professionalism, and boy howdy, we may just have found our soulmate.

Hey, we’re not too crazy. We’re just saying: if The Mindy Project were about our choice for best female newscaster hair in Maryland, maybe FOX wouldn’t have canceled it. Are you listening, FOX? Congrats on the great hair, Mindy. See you at the wedding.

Find more Mindy on Twitter!

Twitter: @mindywbal


Runner Up – Lynette Charles

Lynette Charles Great HairIn the case of outstanding newscaster hair in Maryland, Charles is most definitely in charge. Lynette Charles, that is, and her fashionable ‘do placed second in our list of The Old Line State’s most highly touted on-air hair. Look at that volume. Look at that presence; it’s like being in the audience at an incredible concert without the over-priced concessions or limited access to bathrooms. It’s perfect!

A veteran of The Weather Channel, WDEF in Chattanooga, and WPMT in Pennsylvania, Charles and her scrumptious style have settled in at WMAR in Baltimore, where, among other things, she keeps Orioles fans informed about the possibilities of a rainout. Great job, Lynette. Keep that hair looking great!

Keep track of all things Lynette on her Twitter account.

Twitter: @lynettefromabc2



Winner – Sarah French

Sarah French news anchor hair

Some things in life we know for sure. In-N-Out is the best fast-food chain in the universe. Pooka shell necklaces should have never happened. And, Sarah French’s hair is the reason for sunshine.

French is the morning anchor for 7NEWS Today in New England and the winner of the 2015 HAIRRY for Best Hair.

Her swooping follicles, beautiful styling, and gorgeous blonde locks make her an obvious pick. Whether she is winning an EMMY, giving you baby tips on her baby blog, or delivering the morning news, her hair is on point!

Show her some love on Twitter!

Twitter: @sarahsfrench


Runner Up – Cindy Fitzgibbon


If you ever want to get frustrated, try deciding who has better hair between Cindy Fitzgibbon or Sarah French! Fitzgibbon’s ‘do is thick, voluminous, hot, and gorgeous!

She is the morning and afternoon Meteorologist for WCVB in Boston. She cannot be the Meteorologist during the evening because hair like that requires an insane amount of beauty sleep. You wouldn’t understand.

However, it is unfortunate that because her hair is so gorgeous, viewers don’t actually hear the forecast. They just sit there – mesmerized by her beautiful brown hair. A few minutes later, they snap out of it only to realize they are now late for work and have spilled Lucky Charms on their pants. However, it’s worth being late for work to see Fitzgibbon’s follicles.

Follow this mother of two on Twitter.

Twitter: @Met_CindyFitz



Winner – Rhonda Walker

Rhonda-Walker“Help us, Rhonda! Help us get your hair out of our hearts!”

In her time on WDIV Detroit, Rhonda Walker has become somewhat of a Detroit Institution, which is exactly where they’ll have to put us if her hair gets any better. It’s a style all its own, somewhere between a pixie cut and beehive, and the results are an outstanding style that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

How does she do it? This confessed morning person starts her day at 2 a.m., which must give her plenty of time to wash, straighten, and style. The sacrifice is definitely worth it, though, as her wonderfully dark black ‘do makes us want to move to the Motor City just to tune in to see her read the day’s headlines. Maybe if we visit the studio, she’ll even let us run our fingers through it….

Was that too creepy? Okay, moving on.

There aren’t many who could successfully pull off such a delightful hairdo, but Rhonda can, and that’s why she wins the top hair spot for female newscasters in Michigan.

Follow this Motor City maven on Twitter!

Twitter: @rhondawalker


Co-Runner Up – Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews Best HairThe hair “pickins” in Michigan were so good that we just couldn’t narrow it down to two, so, without further ado, we present to you the first of two co-runners up: Amy Andrews.

Amy has everything you want in a dirty blonde: substance, style, body – whoa! We’re talking about her hair here. Get your mind out of the gutter.

A co-anchor on both “Live at Eleven” and “The Nine” on Detroit’s FOX 2 News, Amy’s skills as a fantastic reporter and tireless community advocate are only overshadowed by her ability to grow the perfect head of hair. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline (can we have our money now?), or maybe the news gods have simply blessed her with the ultimate ‘do for her duties. Either way, we’re thankful to have Amy Adams on the small screen every day.

Amy told us, “I use Kerastase products and go to 6 Salon in Birmingham, MI. My mom used to highlight my long hair in our kitchen by pulling it through a cap when I was 17!  I’m so glad I can finally go to a professional now!”

See what she’s up to next on her Twitter account.

Twitter: @AmyAndrewsFOX2


Co-Runner Up – Anqunette Jamison

Anqunette JamisonThe offices at FOX 2 WJBK must have some sort of special air conditioning system because Anqunette Jamison is yet another newscaster from the station who makes our list. A morning anchor whose looks delights the early risers in the Detroit area, Anqunette’s hair is everything you love about your favorite song: the perfect style, the perfect volume, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Speaking of music, Anqunette counts Stevie Wonder among her favorite artists, and in his honor: we just called to say we love ‘do. Your ‘do, Anqunette! Signed, sealed, delivered – the honor of being a runner-up for best hair in Michigan is yours.

Isn’t she lovely? We think so. Find out more about her on Twitter.

Twitter: @qfox2detroit



Winner – Dawn Stevens

Dawn Stevens Best HairMinnesota may be known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but thanks to Dawn Stevens’ outstanding ‘do, the Land of 10,000 Locks may be a more accurate slogan. An anchor and reporter for Fox 9 Morning News and Fox 9 Buzz, the flowing beauty of Stevens’ lakes, er… locks, sent her competition out with the tide (okay, we killed that metaphor) and rightfully secured her the top spot among Minnesota’s newswomen hair elite.

Whether it’s outstanding genetics, exceptional product selection, or a mix of both, Stevens’ silky voluminous hair is all the comfort we need when hearing about the horrors of the day’s news. So, we say bring on the next scandal! Ramp up the election coverage (though it’s still over a year away!) We don’t mind, as long as that means we get to stare at that golden brown highlighted masterpiece just a little bit longer.

You can follow Minnesota’s HAIRRY Winner on Twitter.

Twitter: @dawnstevensfox9


Runner Up – Julie Nelson

Julie Nelson Best Hair News AnchorThe competition in Minnesota was certainly close, and in the end, Julie Nelson’s well-deserving golden locks will have to settle for second place. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less enchanting; in fact, all you have to do is take one look at those luxurious dark roots and you.. can.. almost….get……lost…….

Sorry! We’re still here. Just need to focus. Whew!

Though she makes her living as a co-anchor for KARE 11’s evening news, we hear there are rumblings of a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for showing the world how a perfectly shaped two-tone hairdo can literally change the world. And if there isn’t, there should be. How can we set that up? Someone call the Norwegians!

Twitter loves Julie Nelson. You should love her too.

Twitter: @julienelsonkare



Winner – Megan West

Megan West Best Female HairEarly Americans dreamed of the West (Manifest Destiny, anyone?), and in the case of best female newscaster hair in Mississippi, we have a little something in common with them. We, too, dream of the West, Megan West, anchor for WAPT’s 5, 6, and 10 p.m. news. She makes our list not just because she’s a beautiful and talented reporter but because she sports one of the finest heads of shoulder-length blonde hair in the biz.

See? We’re not that superficial. We also mentioned her talent!

Just like watching a sunrise, Megan’s hair beautifully mixes many shades of dark and light, creating a gorgeous blonde hairdo that simply couldn’t go anywhere except to the top of our list. Plus, as if she didn’t steal our cultured hearts already, she’s also a board member of the Mississippi Opera. Maybe now we’ll finally get to live our dream of staging our very own Get Good Head production of our favorite opera: The Barber of Seville.

Get it? Barber. Hair. Get Good Head. No?

Anyway, congratulations to Megan West for doing hair right.

Megan’s on Twitter, you guys! Follow her!

Twitter: @meganwestwapt


Runner Up – Melissa Faith Payne

Melissa Faith Payne Best HairDid you know that our runner-up for best hair, Melissa Faith Payne, once appeared on the TV series Touched By An Angel? What a coincidence! Those are the exact words we were going to use to describe her simply sublime hairdo. Hark! The Hair-eld Angels Sing!

Whether it be thanks to divine intervention or a rigorous beauty routine, Melissa’s hair is most certainly deserving of the highest of praise, and that’s why we salute her for her second-place finish in the state of Mississippi. Keep the faith, Melissa!

Here are some hair care tips from Payne!

“I use Mizani hair products! I also love products with Argan oil!

I’d like to give the hugest shout-out ever… To Ebonie Glass at The Glass House Hair for keeping my hair awesome, stylish, and stress-free!

I keep my hair short because as a busy mom, wife, and journalist… I barely have time to brush my teeth, much less fool with my hair!! It also makes it easier to handle when I hit the gym (which many black women face!). Plus… Long hair makes me look old! Short hair makes me feel SASSY!!!”

Follow Melissa’s fantastic hair on her Twitter account!

Twitter: @melissafpayne



Winner – Rhiannon Ally


Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night,

and wouldn’t you love to love her?

Takes to the sky like a bird in flight,

and who will be her lover?

Most of the time, we don’t know what Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks is talking about, but in this case, we’re almost positive the subject of her affections (just like ours) is KSHB 41’s, Rhiannon Ally. Along with being a fantastic reporter, Rhiannon is the declared winner of best female newscaster hair for the State of Missouri, and one look at her picture will make you understand why.

Go ahead, take a good look at her picture. We’ll wait.

Now, as you can imagine, there are many things we’d like to say about Rhiannon, but we’ll keep it all PG as husband Mike Marusarz is her co-anchor on Action News. And by PG, we, of course, meant, Please God let her leave her husband and marry us.

While that may be farfetched, what isn’t is her being named at the top of our best hair list – a well-deserved honor.

When asked to comment about this honor, Ally had this to say;

“I am always on the lookout for new products. I love Moroccanoil Light. The original is too heavy for my hair. And I am trying a brand new line right now by Davines because my hairdresser swears by it.
I want to thank my mother, who also has AH-MAZING hair! Also, my two favorite stylists, Trae Smith, the owner of Paul Smith Salon in Downtown KCMO, who colors & cuts my hair & Lauren Wahlen from Bolero, who gives fantastic blow-outs. They are both so talented! I’m crazy excited about this because my hair can be a pain in the you-know-what. It’s SUPER straight & I basically wrestle it daily.”

Follow this HAIRRY Award Winner on Twitter!

Twitter: @RhiannonAlly


Runner Up – Alexis Zotos

Alexis Zotos Best HairHmmm…something seems suspicious here. Our Missouri runner-up, Alexis Zotos, shares a last name with one of the biggest beauty companies in the world: Zotos International. Could we have a mole in our midst? Probably not. But hey, it would make us feel better about how incredible her hair looks daily.

Much like the famous Missouri River, Alexis’ hair is beautiful, flowing, and clean (at least we’re assuming that last part), and the shoulder-length perfectly highlights her face shape to create an overall look that can only be described as, in a word, fantastic!

Whether she’s in the studio or out on the streets, Alexis knows how to make hair look good, and for that, mole or not, we salute you!

Follow the self-proclaimed social media addict on Twitter!

Twitter: @alexiszotos



Winner – Jamie Leary

Jamie Leary Best HairHaving great hair isn’t all about doing something new or innovative. Sometimes it’s about rockin’ a classic look better than anyone else. That’s why we’re naming Jamie Leary from KXLF Butte as our choice for top female newscaster hair in Montana. Congrats, Jamie!

Jamie’s shoulder-length dark locks are as scenic as the Montana countryside and, we’re assuming, a lot easier to manage in the morning. She’s an avid outdoorswoman but doesn’t use that as an excuse for scary hair. When the camera goes on, her hair is always exceptional, and for that reason, we’re proud to have her atop our list.

You can get the latest in Montana news 24/7 from Jamie’s Twitter!

Twitter: @jamiealeary


Runner Up – Lindsay Brauner

Lindsay BraunerHey Lindsay! You’re so fine. You’re so fine, you blow our minds. Hey Lindsay!

Sorry for the song; we’re just so excited to talk about one of our favorite dirty blondes on the list: Lindsay Brauner. A native Californian who now calls the great State of Montana her full-time home, Lindsay has taken her talent for all things sports and translated it into an impressive career in print and television news.

But just because she’s passionate about sports doesn’t mean she walks around with nasty hat hair. In fact, Lindsay sports one of the finest shoulder-length ‘dos in all of television news, and for that, we’re proud to have her as a HAIRRY recipient.

Tweet Lindsay your congratulations on her official Twitter!

Twitter: @LindsayABCFOXMT


To see HAIRRY recipients from Nebraska – Wyoming,

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