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The Cardinal Brand

It’s the hair product made for men…for women.

The Cardinal Brand is the newest men’s hair product to hit the market. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, The Cardinal Brand offers 4 distinct hair products made exclusively for the modern man.

However, that doesn’t mean The Cardinal Brand isn’t thinking about the ladies.

The Scent Women Love

When creating the product’s signature scent, founder Chris Werme, took his top 25 scents to a bar.

Werme approached tables of women and asked, “If you had to choose your next boyfriend or one night stand based on one of these smells – which smell would you choose?”

Overwhelmingly, the groups of women chose the same four scents again and again.

Werme explains:

“We know that straight men use hair products that do two things:

  1. Makes their hair look great.
  2. Has a scent appealing to women.

We knew our products worked incredibly well. Now we wanted something women loved too. Every time a woman smells our product, she lights up. We know we have something special here.”

What do we think?

Yeah, we’d have to agree on all accounts.

(Note from GetGoodHead.com: We are sent product from companies who want us to review their product. We do not accept payment to write these reviews and just because someone sends us product doesn’t mean we will write a review, or write a good review. If the product is really bad, we’ll likely write about it. If the product is really good, we’ll likely write about it. If the product is somewhere in the middle – we’ll just throw the product away and never put it on our site. Our goal is to give our readers information so they can purchase amazing hair product and avoid anything that is less than stellar. Okay, now back to these guys…)

Not only do their products give men a variety of styling options and holds for their hair, but yes, the smell is absolutely delightful. Since some of our guys started wearing The Cardinal Brand they have reported women and men commenting, “man, you smell good!”, after going in for a hug.

We’re fans of The Cardinal Brand.

Best men's hair product
When a men’s hair product finally delivers quality!

The Cardinal Brand | Men’s Hair Products

This brand new company has four signature men’s hair products;

  1. ICARUS: a high shine pomade (hold level: 5)
  2. ATTICUS: a semi-matte putty (hold level: 7) <— This one is our favorite!
  3. ATLAS: a matte texture clay (hold level: 7)
  4. MAXIMUS: a high shine wax (hold level: 10)

Each can contains 3.4oz of product and retails for $25.

Many men’s hair products stick to your hands after application. However, The Cardinal Brand products can be easily washed off your hands and your hair for that matter. No more sticky residue on your hands or hair.


ICARUS: High Shine Pomade

The Cardinal Brand Icarus Men's Pomade

According to Greek mythology, “Icarus ignored his father’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun; when the wax in his wings melted he tumbled out of the sky and fell into the sea where he drowned.” Yikes.

According to The Cardinal Brand, “Icarus is a light to medium hold weightless water-soluble pomade product with exceptional shine.”

And according to us, the ICARUS pomade offers a light hold and medium shine for your hair.

The Cardinal Brand claims a high shine for this product. There are definitely products out there who give a higher shine – but we think that this is a good thing.

Many pomades can make you look like some shady used car dealer. However, this medium shine keeps your hair looking trendy, modern, manly, and chic. A little goes a long way and be worked into either dry or semi-wet hair.

If your desired look is “controlled-messy” – then rub ICARUS pomade into your hands and apply to dry hair. Style with fingers and call your Uber.

If your desired look is “slick stockbroker” – then style using ICARUS pomade with wet or semi-wet hair. Style with a brush or comb and repeat until your desired shine and look is achieved…and tell your house manager you would like to take the purple Maserati tonight.

You can also experiment by placing product into a towel vigorously massaging into your hair. This can enhance curls and waves in no time.

The Scent of ICARUS

Yum! We know these scents were formulated based on the feedback of women – but honestly, all genders will enjoy these scents.

ICARUS has a combination scent of black pepper and pipe tobacco. Don’t let the mention of “tobacco” scare you away. It’s a sexy, elegant, scent that anyone would love.


ATTICUS: Semi-Matte Putty (Our Favorite Cardinal Product)

The Cardinal Brand Mens Hair Products ATTICUSAh, the wise, kind, and pioneering man that is Atticus Finch.



That’s not probably who they are referencing.

Atticus was an ancient Greek philosopher, providing inspiration for naming our favorite product from The Cardinal Brand.

This semi-matte putty is super versatile. If your hairstyles change from day to night or from weekday to weekend, this is the product for you.

Plus, this smell is our absolute favorite. (More on that in just a bit).

Although The Cardinal Brand explains that this product can be used on either wet or dry hair, we absolutely suggest using this on dry hair or slightly, slightly, wet hair.

The product is “malleable” enough that damp hair is not necessary to get your desired style. In fact, moisture in your hair can make styling with this product a tad difficult – causing an uneven spread of the product. Because this product rinses easily with water, the water from your hair will strip the product from your hands immediately leaving the rest of your hair without product. Yes, you can add additional product at that point, but you will be better-served styling with ATTICUS on dry hair.

The Cardinal Brand says it best, “This product will exceed all expectations.”

We agree.

The Scent of ATTICUS

Who knew an ancient Greek man could smell so good.

The scent of the ATTICUS product is the same as ICARUS – a mix of black pepper and pipe tobacco.


ATLAS: Matte Texture Clay

The Cardinal Brand ATLAS Mens hair productWe have a love-hate relationship with clay hair products. They can work very well, but they can also be clumpy and almost impossible to wash off your hands and hair.

However, because ATLAS hair product has a matte finish to it, this is a clay product we can get behind.

This product is perfect for the “surfer” types, the “hipster” types, and the “it-looks-like-I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-my-hair-looks-this-good-without-me-even-trying” types.

This is perhaps the most versatile product from The Cardinal Brand. If you are looking to start somewhere with this company but not sure where to begin, ATLAS is a great choice.

It seems to be a favorite among hair stylist influencers, as well.

Take a look at these two dudes and how they use ATLAS to get two very distinct looks:

  • Hair guru, Collin Anthony uses the ATLAS matte texture clay to take flat hair to “YES” hair! After wetting his hair, Collin applies a small amount of product and styles just using fingers and hands. The result is way too spikey – like something from 1995. To fix that, he finishes with a quick blow-dry that gives him a much more voluminous, sexy look. He’s ready to go.

  • Stylist and co-founder of The Cardinal Brand, Steven Lightfoot, has quite the mop on his head. In this video, it initially appears unmanageable and looks like it could use a good clarifying shampoo. However, by taking just a small amount of ATLAS hair product to his dry hair, he quickly goes from “out of control” to “ready for whatever!” (Plus, how cute does his kid sound in the background?)

It’s easy to see that ATLAS can be used in a variety of different ways to achieve a variety of different styles. Plus, a little bit of this product goes a long way.

The Cardinal Brand says, “The lightweight formula helps keep and build volume in all hair types while creating separation and texture.”

You got that right.

The Scent of ATLAS

The ATLAS hair product has a much “lighter” smell to it. Something that reminds you of Summer or nights out on the pontoon boat.

The scent is a combination of vanilla and bourbon. Subtle, sweet, and appealing.


MAXIMUS: High Shine Wax

The Cardinal Brand Maximus Review

If you need a hair product that will hold your hair through thick and think – then MAXIMUS is the product for you.

One of our writers used this product before a night out on the town. He stumbled into bed at 2am, woke up the next morning (thank God), and his hair was exactly how he styled it the night before.

This hold is serious, guys. 

What is really great is that even with this extreme hold, the hair product can still be easily washed out. Not major washing necessary.

The Cardinal Brand claims this is a high shine product, and while it does give your hair shine – calling it “high” shine may be a stretch. If you are looking for more shine – go with the pomade mentioned above.

However, if you want a strong holding, good smelling, and easy to use hair product – then give MAXIMUS a try.

A Classic Product

This is probably the most “classic” hair product from The Cardinal Brand. For traditional barber cuts, pompadours, etc, this is going to be your best bet.

You can’t really go wrong with a wax. There’s a reason wax has been around for ages.

You can use this on dry or damp hair – depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want a messier look, go with dry hair.

If you want a more manicured style, then apply to damp hair.

The Scent of MAXIMUS

MAXIMUS smells just like ATLAS – vanilla bourbon. It’s truly a perfect blend of those two scents.


Guys, what do you think?

If you have tried the product, let us know what you think! This is a brand new company and we are super excited to see what the response is from the public in 2018 and beyond! As always, you can contact us here or just leave a comment in the comment section below.

Way to go, The Cardinal Brand! We wish you the best of luck!

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