Hair Spotlight Sonia Carroll
Hair Spotlight

Hair Spotlight: Sonia Carroll

Sonia Carroll

The Traveling Blonde Bombshell

March marks the coming of Spring, and nothing says springtime than the bubbly blond bombshell that is Sonia Carroll. We are so honored to have her as part of our Hair Spotlight series. Her ambition, personality, and yes, her hair, will inspire you!

Sonia Carroll came on our radar after we discovered her amazing Instagram account where she details her travel expeditions across the world.

Plus: she’s Australian!

Is there anything better than an Australian accent?

Nope. The answer is no.

Enjoy our conversation with Sonia Carroll. If you have someone that you think we should spotlight, let us know!

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Hair Spotlight: Sonia Carroll

GGH: Hi, Sonia! Thank you for being our March Hair Spotlight!

Sonia: Hi and thank you! Its always a pleasure to talk about fabulous things and good hair is one of them!

GGH: Okay, so before we get to hair let’s start with you! You are an international blond bombshell with an appetite for travel, adventure, and sun! Does that sound accurate?

Sonia: That’s very sweet and I’m definitely going to own that description. Yes, I absolutely love traveling and really embracing so much of what we can experience by leaving our own front door. Anywhere that has sunshine will always call my name.

GGH: Why do you love to travel so much?

Sonia: I was born with adventure in my heart. I have always been an explorer type of person in all facets of life and I truly believe that we can learn so much and grow as a person by opening ourselves up to absorbing what is out in the world. There are so many different environments alone on our planet, that I truly find it incredibly spectacular that we can actually go and visit those destinations. Why would there be so many beautiful things on our planet, if we weren’t meant to see them? Just think back in the day air travel was so expensive and people weren’t able to embrace the gift of travel as easily as we can today. We are very lucky to have those opportunities. I love to travel for all the visually spectacular destinations you see, the amazing types of food you get to taste, and the incredible types of people that we get to share this amazing planet with. There is so much to take in, that one must travel before they get to a point where they cannot.

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GGH: Where have you been?

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Sonia: I’ve been lucky to explore Tokyo Japan, Phuket, and KoSamui Thailand, Qamea Island FIJI, Queenstown NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Paris, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Athens, Crete in the Greek Islands. Aiya Napa Cyprus, London and many other cities in the UK, Dublin and Southern Ireland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco USA, the Great Barrier Reef islands, all of the major cities and a lot of the country towns in Australia and a few more that I have probable missed out.

GGH: Where is your favorite place?

Sonia: My all-time favorite place outside of Australia, is a luxurious grown-ups-only boutique resort hidden away on a private island in Fiji, Qamea Resort. Qamea Resort is truly the most beautiful place I have ever visited and you truly feel like you have been whisked out of society and dropped into paradise in the middle of the Pacific ocean. It’s an amazing place for couples to fall in love, have a honeymoon, or reconnect.

I love it [Qamea Resort] because it is visually so spectacular and the staff truly treat you like family. It’s a feeling you hold on to and it changes the love in your heart. Qamea Resort is so hidden away that you have to fly by plane, take a jeep ride, and then a boat to get there, and it’s worth every minute. And your welcoming to the island… well that’s heart-touching right there. Think of the most romantic island setting you can imagine, with palm trees, private beach houses, the soft sounds of the ocean lapping at the sand as you laze in a hammock in the sun with your mind drifting out and getting lost in the magic of blue waters and green gardens. At home, I absolutely love the Great Barrier Reef and any island amongst them. So, yes, your sunshine description of me seems very fitting haha.

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GGH: And even when you are traveling all over the world, you keep your hair looking fabulous! What is your secret?

Sonia: Keeping your hair fabulous definitely involves some love and a good diet. I eat lots and lots of protein. It’s the building bricks of our body and really makes a difference to your hair. I also let my hair dry naturally around 80% of the time or soft dry it on a lower speed so it still has a lot of natural shape and movement. I rarely put hot tongs and straighteners on it. I also have it cut with a lot of layers from midway to the ends. That creates the natural movement and you don’t need to style it as much. I love long layers!

Sonia Carroll
Sonia Carroll, TV Host, Traveler, Adventurer

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

Sonia: My favorite products…ooh I do have those! I have always used Redken All Soft – it’s amazing for blonde hair and keeps it in amazing condition. Moving to the USA however, I discovered and now absolutely love Pureology Nano Works shampoo and conditioner, it breathes a new life into your hair. It truly does! I then use a moisturizing foam called RevitaFoam by Vivant ( I have been using that for 15+years), and truly, it’s all you really need. After drying my hair I then run a small amount of Bedhead by Tigi over it and ta-da… finished!

GGH: Do you have any hair crushes?

Sonia: What girl doesn’t? I love Kate Hudson’s hair, it’s full of bonce and life and reflects who she is as a person. I love her vibe and her hair often embraces that. I think your hair should embrace your personality. It’s an extension of you, so shine brightly!

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GGH: And you host and act too, correct?

Sonia: I do indeed and that is what brought me to Los Angeles actually.

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GGH: Okay, now you are living in Los Angeles, what do you think?

Sonia: I love this city! It is one of my homes away from home (after Qamea) I love that there is so much going on all the time and so much to offer that people don’t realize! There is hiking in the canyons (which we don’t have in Australia), extensive art galleries, incredible venues to take in music, amazing festivals and events on weekends to explore, you have beaches and mountains within minutes of each other. LA truly is a mix of so many different vibes, foods, and experiences that you feel very fulfilled being able to explore it all.

GGH: What projects do you have coming up?

Sonia: I am currently wrapping up on a feature film ‘The Trouble’ starring Billy McNamara, Billy Baldwin and Tom Sizemore where I get to play a very funny character. I also have a lifestyle hosting project coming up later this year which you will be able to watch on Amazon Prime and am being swept off my feet this week with auditions for new TV hosting and acting jobs, so who knows where I might end up next. It is def the start of my new adventure.

GGH: Sounds exciting! Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. Where can people find you?

Sonia: I love to hang out on Instagram the most @SoniaCarroll and also live streaming on Periscope @SoniaCarroll, you can also keep up with my travel videos on YouTube @SoniaCarroll and all my posts and upcoming travels plans over on my new upcoming website

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