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SOMA Hair Products

3 Reasons We Love SOMA Hair Technology Products

At the 2014 International Salon and Spa Expo, we could chat with some representatives from SOMA Hair Technology. We learned a lot about what makes their products unique and beneficial to their users. We wanted to share some of the things we learned about hair care and also 3 reasons why we love SOMA products.

(We are never paid to review products and companies. SOMA has not paid us for this review.)


1. Use of Keratin Protein

By now, you should know that your hair is, more or less, made out of keratin protein. Keratin protein is what makes your hair strong and healthy. That being said, you will see tons of companies out there promoting their new shampoo with keratin! However, most shampoos don’t have keratin in them. They have a “version” of keratin in them. Keratin protein is not inexpensive, so companies take shortcuts that leave you with wanna-be proteins. Make sure you are reading the ingredients on the bottle before you buy!

Luckily, SOMA uses actual keratin and wheat proteins! You seem like a smart cookie, so you’ve probably figured out that because they actually use expensive keratin protein, their products are more expensive. A 16oz bottle of keratin protein SOMA shampoo costs around $18. Not too bad when you consider you are getting true keratin protein!


2. Low pH

In one of our first articles, we talked about what to look for when picking a shampoo. One thing we missed – a low pH! Most hair has a pH between 4.5 – 5.5. Guess where SOMA keeps their shampoo? Between 4.5 and 5.5! This helps you maintain moisture and keep that color you rock so well!

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Look at the pH of the shampoo you are currently using. What is it? If it isn’t between 4.5 – 5.5, you should consider using a shampoo with a pH around those levels.


3. Alcohol

Too bad that when you buy a bottle of SOMA shampoo, it doesn’t come with a bottle of red wine. Alas. However, SOMA doesn’t believe in using alcohol in their products…and that’s a good thing. The only time they use alcohol is finishing products (and only at a minimal level).

What’s so bad about alcohol? Nothing (if you’re 21+). But if you’re using it in your shampoo, then that’s no bueno.

Alcohol takes away your hair’s shine, color, and moisture! Don’t get robbed by alcohol. Use a shampoo like SOMA that is alcohol-free or only uses alcohol at minimum levels. You can always check the bottle’s ingredients to see how much (if) any alcohol is used.

Check out this alcohol explanation:


According to SOMA, their products are “sulfate-free, optimal pH levels (4.5-5.5), made with keratin and wheat protein, hypoallergenic, 100% Biodegradeable, *100% Alcohol-Free and 100% Vegan.” We love SOMA products because they actually are what they say they are! Plus, you won’t break the bank when buying their products.

Depending on what kind of shampoo you want, SOMA probably has it! Make sure you click on our links and then find the SOMA products right for you!


*except minimal levels in Voluminize & Finishing Sprays


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