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The Best of RuPaul’s Hair

“Bring Back My Curls!”

Since 2009, we’ve been absolutely gagged by the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent that the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race bring to us each season.

From fashion, comedy, parodies, and not even close to enough death drops, RuPaul’s Drag Race has pushed the incredible art form of drag into the limelight.

And you can’t discuss drag without discussing hair.

Dolly Parton The Bigger the Hair

Big hair, blonde hair, short hair, no hair – the queens have served us every combination of what we consider the most important component of drag – hair!

While many of the queens depend on wigs to give them that Amazon Goddess lewk, one of our favorite queens only relies on taking her vitamins. Super big shout out to hair-larious Alaska Thunderfuck, for always using her real hair and never, EVER, using a wig. She is a true pro.

But this article isn’t about those queens, it is about the Queen – the original Amazon-Panther-On-The-Runway, hunty! We are celebrating the Queen of Drag by giving you our Top 10 favorite hairstyles from the one and only RuPaul! Yes, mam!

We scoured more than 100 of her latest episodes to find our favorite ten hairstyles that made us gag, gasp, and gallop with excitement! So, without further Ru-do, let us present, the Best of RuPaul’s Hair!

Suggestion: Review our list while this beat pumps in the background.

RuPaul’s Hair: The 10 Best Looks

#10: Grunge Hippie Princess Ru

RuPauls Drag Race Hair

Do you have some hair that needs some clarifying? Use one of the best clarifying shampoos available and get that hair clean, cleansed, and ready for your next look.

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#9: Put a Bow On It Ru

RuPaul's Drag Race Hair

The same face we made every time Phi Phi O’Hara took it too far.


#8: Galaxy Ruler of the Universe Ru

drag wigs

 Oh, honey! Are you wanting to blow away your competition with this fan-inspired look from RuPaul? Well, you’ll need some hairspray and the best hair dryer on the market! (And don’t even worry about washing this beautiful behemoth – instead use a dry shampoo.)


#7: Orphan Annie Inherits Daddy Warbucks’ Estate Ru

rupaul drag race best hair

Not a fan of curly hair? Well, then get out! Just kidding. We got you covered with these products perfect for fighting curls.


#6: Tina Turner Wishes Ru

RuPaul Wigs

RuPaul: The Original “Smizer.”


#5: Rhianna and Sia Have a Geisha Daughter Ru

rupauls best hair

When somebody is about to come for you, but little do they know you’re about to read them to filth.


#4: Windy With a Chance of Pink Ru

rupaul's drage race best hair

Hair Tip: If you color your hair, make sure you use a quality shampoo specifically for color-treated hair.


#3: Ru-dusa

RuPaul's Drag Race on VH1

All hail The Queen!


#2: Like, Totally, Literally, Living Ru

Best Pink Hair

Obviously, RuPaul has the ability to change her hair color just by focusing really hard. All of these pictures are of Ru’s natural hair – not wigs. But in case you don’t have this ability and would like to try different hair colors – try one of these ammonia-free hair dyes.


#1: Fight The Power Ru

RuPaul's Best Hair

Yes, mam! Our top look is everything. Literally everything. That hair is where the term cloud 9 came from. We. Are. Obsessed! Work, Mama Ru!

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Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below. Or, better yet, grab some diet popcorn and savor those salty kernels while you absorb some of the most astonishing Runway Looks by RuPaul on the famous mainstage! And make sure you catch RuPaul’s Drag Race Fridays on VH1!

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