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Pura D’or Anti-Thinning Shampoo Review

Looking for Pura D’or anti-thinning shampoo review? Check out the honest review, before and after usage, ingredients and a lot more below.  Like Fleabag told the world, ‘Hair is everything’. And indeed it is. It determines and affects our mood, routine, what we eat, how we feel, and of course, how we look. Unsurprisingly, a host …

Folexin hair growth review
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Does Folexin Really Work For Hair Loss?

Wondering if Folexin can solve your hair loss problems? Here’s a detailed Folexin review for you! I’m sure there are so many people out there who suffer from hair loss and what’s worse is that you hear about various hair growth oils, hair growth serums, and hair growth products that claim to help regrow hair and honestly …

Caboki Hair Fibre Reviewed
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Caboki Hair Fibre – Is it Really Good?

Scroll down to our Caboki Hair Fibre Review and learn more about how this product do wonders on your hair. With increasing stress and lack of time for self-care, hair loss has become an extremely common issue among people all over the world. Over the decades, there have been multiple solutions and technologies that have attempted to …

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Why Shower Comb Will Change Your Hair

If you’re not using a shower comb, you should! Here’s why shower comb will change your hair! No one likes getting out of the shower and having a tangled mess of hair. This guide will tell you why shower comb will change your hair. We have all already been told by our moms and grandmothers …

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Best Shampoo For Tape in Extensions 2023

Looking for the best shampoo for tape extensions? Well, check out some of the top tape extension shampoo brands that will help you keep your extensions soft, smooth and fluffy. Read further to know more about it.  People with hair fall issues or less hair have always been insecure about their hair but tape extensions …