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Nioxin Review: Does Nioxin Work?

Nioxin Review: Does Nioxin Work? Let’s be honest for a second: big beauty equals big business. In fact, in 2013, the Salon and Hair Care Industry took in a whopping 64.8 billion dollars alone, according to a study from Professional Consultants and Resources (that’s more than the Gross Domestic Product of many small-to-medium-sized industrialized nations)! …

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5 Best Leave-In Conditioners for Natural Hair

The 5 Best Leave-In Conditioners For Natural Hair (And you’ve probably never heard of them) By: Ashley Renee Ashley Renee is a natural hair enthusiast and writer from Chicago, living in Los Angeles. Ashley has hosted numerous natural hair forums educating women on the importance of natural hair care. Ashley is also a staff writer …

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What is Keratin?

What is Keratin? Scientifically, keratin is a “family of fibrous structural proteins.” Simply put, they are the materials that make up the outer late of skin and act as building blocks of nails and hair. There are lots of shampoos with keratin, but why does a shampoo with keratin matter to you? We asked Alex …

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Hair Stylist Review: Garnier Fructis “Surf Hair”

What’s The Best Styling Product For Men? By: Justin Tyme We asked stylist to the stars, Justin Tyme, to give us the 411 on affordable, yet quality, men’s styling products. You don’t have to break the bank to have great hair. Best Men’s styling product under $20: Garnier Fructis Surfer Hair Power Putty Often on …