Does Nioxin Work - Nioxin Reviews?
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Nioxin Review: Does Nioxin Work?

Nioxin Review: Does Nioxin Work?

Does Nioxin Work - Nioxin Reviews?

Let’s be honest for a second: big beauty equals big business. In fact, in 2013, the Salon and Hair Care Industry took in a whopping 64.8 billion dollars alone, according to a study from Professional Consultants and Resources (that’s more than the Gross Domestic Product of many small-to-medium-sized industrialized nations)!

While most of that, no doubt, is likely spent by the finer of the sexes, men, too, are chipping in their share with the male grooming market – expected to top 26 billion dollars by 2020. And outside of keeping hair shiny and clean, one hot-button issue remains a top priority for every possible gender: the perils of thinning hair, the horrors of hair loss, and the bastardization of baldness.

But fear not: ads on television, magazines, and billboards across the country promise solutions for men and women with thinning hair, an emerging bald spot, and a receding hairline – with instant results and three easy payments.

However, the problem is there is never really any clear answer as to what works, what doesn’t, and what’s actually worth the cost. With shampoo options, treatment centers, surgery choices, pills to pop, and others available on the market, how is the average concerned consumer to know what will help him or her keep their hairline in check?

Though many shampoo treatment options for thinning hair are currently on the market, no brand has consistent across-the-board praise like the Nioxin Treatment System.

Founded in 1987 by Eva Graham to combat her own thinning hair after the birth of her first child, Nioxin is based on the idea that the scalp can be nourished and treated with time-tested skincare methods, thus creating an ideal environment for hair follicles to thrive. Unlike other products that serve the same market, the claims that Nioxin makes aren’t outrageous, and focus solely on giving each user thicker, denser-looking hair in 30 days – and hey, who doesn’t want that?

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That’s Great, But Does It Work?

Before we dive any deeper into what makes Nioxin a treatment many consider for their issues with thinning hair, let’s get to the question that’s on everybody’s mind: does the Nioxin Treatment System actually work? Can you use a shampoo to improve your scalp health really translate into thicker, fuller, and healthier hair – or is it simply a waste of money? For answers, we turn to women’s hairstyle expert Kendra Aarhus for some clarification:

“With decades of research and a solid reputation for understanding the biology behind hair loss, Nioxin is a product you can trust. There is no hype, miracle promises, or unattainable claims with Nioxin.” –Kendra Aarhus, Hair Care Expert.

Additionally, the creator of this website, Kyle Franklin, has tried Nioxin and says that there was a “notable difference in hair thickness” after using the Nioxin products. In fact, Franklin’s previous job involved him spending all day in the sun and saltwater. Those conditions absolutely destroyed his hair. However, after using Nixion, he noticed thicker, fuller, and MORE hair! Franklin said that he would “…highly recommend Nioxin for anyone who is looking for thicker and fuller hair!”

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So Nioxin Works, But Why?

The question now isn’t just if Nioxin works but why it works. Nioxin works in a few ways. As you already know, Nioxin works by stopping hair loss. It also produces thicker and fuller-looking hair. Nioxin’s company website states that their product “uses advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair.” But how does it achieve that outcome? Let’s get nerdy together and define what Nioxin means by “advanced technologies:”

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BioAmp: Cystine amino acids and the lightweight conditioning treatment ingredients increase the fullness of each hair strand reducing hair loss by strengthening against damage and breakage.

SmoothPlex: Silk amino acids, kukui nut oil, and protective conditioning agents help provide moisture balance and smoothing control, reducing loss by strengthening against damage and breakage.

Glyco-Color Shield: White tea extract, humectants, peppermint oil, and protective condition agents help provide protection and moisture balance to treat color-treated hair and leave this scalp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The peppermint oil gives Nioxin a pleasant smell and part of the reason Nixion gives you that tingling feeling during and after use.

Transactive Delivery System: Antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins, and purifying agents help clean away follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residues from the scalp skin, giving a clean and refreshed feeling.

Scalp Access: Vitamins, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen, and purifying agents help clean away follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residues from the scalp skin while providing sun scalp protection.

Cleanse: Nioxin cleansers help remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids, and environmental residues from the scalp, skin, and hair.

Sounds pretty advanced, yes, but possibly a bit scary, too. With all of that sciencey jargon, some consumers may worry about possible side effects of use. But unlike many other treatments on the market today, most reviews of Nioxin list no long-lasting or awful side effects, with most consumers experiencing none at all. For the select few who did seem to have adverse reactions to the treatment, most reported an itchy or flakey scalp, dry, brittle hair, and other minor discomforts – nothing more. And while Nioxin may be responsible for these discomforts, these reported reactions could also be related to a consumer’s allergy to the product and not to the effects of the product itself.

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Does It Work For Men And Women?

While most of the products that reach the market to treat thinning or dissipating hair are geared towards men only, Nioxin has the unique distinction of treating both genders with the same effectiveness. Perhaps the unique aspect of Nioxin is that both men and women can use it. In fact, the product was designed for use by both sexes. So, ladies – feel free to dig in!

As with any product, not every consumer review paints Nioxin as the miracle answer to all of their prayers. Several consumers point out that the shampoo system isn’t as effective as they’d hoped, and some consumers don’t enjoy the way it smells – but I would be happy to tolerate some smell to have great hair! The majority of reviews agree that while Nioxin doesn’t make extraordinary claims about what it can do for your hair, it does deliver great results across the board. So, if you’re looking for a product that will help give your scalp the rejuvenating treatment it needs to make your hair appear thicker, fuller, and healthier, a Noxin treatment may be just what the doctor, or hairstylist, ordered.

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  1. […] (December 2014): You may also be interested in reading our review of Nioxin. Men and women can use this hair care system to experience fuller, thicker, and better […]

  2. Barbara Potter says:

    Have used Nioxin since 2004 and immediately saw that my hair looked thicker and more full. I was sold! About three years ago after getting a new bottle of Nioxin, I noticed that I did not have the same results and my hair looked different. I could have sworn that something changed. I then noticed that I had much more hair on my comb after shampooing. After an illness about 18 months ago I had a major hair loss with large bald spots and began using Minoxidil. My hair began to grow back within two months and is still continuing to grow back. The problem I had was that my hair looked terrible. I had colored it to give it some body and the color faded out into a terrible shade of orange. The new hair was now about 4 to 5 inches long and stood almost straight up giving me a most frazzled look. I made an appointment with the salon to see what could be done and the first thing I was told was to NEVER use Nioxin; it strips the color from hair (even the colored hair formula which I was using). Evidently when P&G purchased Nioxin 3 or 4 years ago they moved the factory to Mexico and changed the formula eliminating some of the beneficial ingredients; interesting, since that is when I noticed a definite change in the product.
    It’s sad that something helpful is bought by a big company and they use the name of the product to sell sub standard garbage. P&G strikes again!

    1. Kimberly Novotny says:

      What do you use I stead?…. I noticed a difference too.

  3. Pebbs says:

    I’ve been using Nioxin #3 for over a year now, and this product has literally saved my hair. I have very long, fine hair, and it’s highlighted. I started losing my hair in the shower roughly 2-3 years ago. It was so bad, my drain clogged frequently from the hair being trapped. I tired everything, even stopped with color treatments. I tried expensive shampoos, natural treatments, and even massaging my scalp. Nothing worked. Being in my 30s, this was devastating to have this issue.

    It took me about 3 months to really see results. The hair loss stopped at about 2 months. Now after a year and a half, my hair is shiny, without the frizz of broken hair on the top of my head. I can now go back for highlights. Also, I haven’t cleaned out my drain since – there’s very little loss of hair in the shower other than the normal shedding.

    I do not use this product with any other hair growth treatments. I use the shampoo and conditioner. I love this product and cannot imagine it neing discontinued. Also I order mine from Amazon, from the same dealer ‘all about hair-care.’

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  5. Debbie Padilla says:

    I started using the Nioxin 3 & wondered if I could just use the shampoo & conditioner.. I’m nervous about using the treatment..I don’t know why but after reading all I can about it & my own lifestyle I don’t know if I can keep up putting it on every day & night. So would it matter if I didn’t use it ? Thank you

    1. First time user says:

      So the being “mint” feeling is normal? And how long before that feeling goes away?

  6. Dani Duran says:

    Can my hair be permed while using Nioxin?

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