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Top 25 Male Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair 2018 | The HAIRRY-Awards

2018 HAIRRYs for Male Real Estate Agents

This is a HAIRRYs first. We have scoured the country to find the top 25 male real estate agents with the absolute best hair. This was a tough one.

The HAIRRY-Awards are expanding.

You know we’ve ranked the top newsmen and the top newswomen. We’ve even ranked the top college football players with the best hair. Now was the time to expand.


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What Are The HAIRRYs?

In case you didn’t know,

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it. There are no nominations, no voting, and no turning back. As hair experts, we scour multiple images and video from all of our potential winners. Then, we consult with other stylists and creatives in the field to narrow it down to our top winners.

How We Found Our Agents

We did a mix of Google searching and social media stalking. Instagram and Facebook were our top two sources to find our list of male (and female) real estate agents who had great hair. Google searches gave us nice indexes and lists of agents and agencies across the country. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are 1,236,544 members as of April 2017. That is a lot of people to find and go through. We also utilized Trulia, Zillow, and other real estate websites to find our picks.

We had a list of 100s of finalists and slowly but surely narrowed it down to our final 25. Social media images were key in determining the quality of hair.

Criteria For Award Winning Hair

For the men, we followed the same criteria for the HAIRRY-Awards for Local Newsmen.

  • hair thickness
  • hair volume
  • hair styling (does it fit their age, their head shape, their face, etc.)
  • little to no receding hairline

We did not consider the color of hair, number of homes sold, volume of homes sold, “celebrity” status of the agent, or overall attractiveness. We only looked at the hair.

Some Fun Statistics

  • Brown was the most popular hair color among our winners.
  • There were no blonde or red-headed winners.
  • There were 2 “Collins” (although spelled differently) and 2 “Chris’.”
  • California had the highest number of male real estate agents with great hair.

Jake Roth | Denver, Colorado

Jake Roth Best Hair


Jake Roth has got the coiff! Ooooh, lawd! Look at that comb-back.

Jake Roth is part of the Pink Realty team. (We love the name!). Serving Denver, Colorado, Roth started his career flipping houses with his family. We can only hope he was flipping his hair at the same time. He then joined Pink Realty as an administrative assistant before becoming a licensed real estate agent in 2015.

Thick, shiny, and styled to perfection, Roth seems to have the hair dreams are made of. Our biggest goal for the rest of the year is to run our hands through his amazing locks.



Ross Blaising | Birmingham, Alabama

Ross Blaising Best Hair in Real Estate

Fabio wishes.

Ross Blaising is a Realtor in Birmingham, Alabama, with ARC Realty. More importantly, Ross Blaising has long, flowy hair that makes us feel like we’re in a dream.

Imagine laying in a meadow, alone…or so you think.  Then, you see a man with hair bustling in the wind holding a single sunflower. As he approaches, his smile brightens. He hands you the flower and whispers, “But, did you see my hair?” And then you gently say, “that’s all I’ve ever seen.”

That’s deep.

Ross Blaising is the man.


Cameron Martz | Scottsdale, Arizona

Cameron Martz Best Hair


Smolder, baby, smolder.

Cameron Martz is a luxury real estate agent in Scottsdale, Arizona. From rentals to home sales, Cameron does it all when it comes to residential real estate. Now, let’s talk about that hair.

Cameron’s hair is perfectly in place. There is not one strand that hasn’t been told exactly what to do. If hair is the window to the soul, Martz’s soul is prepared, poised, and ready for work. (Also, can we talk about the pierced lips? “Mrs. Priestly will see you now.”)



Juan Jose Rodriguez Juarez | Miami, Florida

realtor juan rodriguez

Ay, dios mio! Si, papi! Dame!

His hair perfectly frames his face and is trendy and chic. Thick and luscious, his manicured hair makes us want to not only list our house but list the reasons he’s a winner!

If he didn’t win “Best Hair,” he would’ve won “Best Face!” Juan Jose Rodriguez Juarez has it all…and the name to match. JJRJ, bay-bay! This Miami-based real estate agent does rentals, foreclosures, new construction, and more.

Follow this stallion on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed.



Paul Przybyla | Los Angeles, California

Paul Przybyla HAIRRY Awards


This is Paul. Paul does real estate. Paul also does good hair. Be like Paul.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Paul Przybyla is a residential real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. Now, we have no idea if he’s any good at selling houses, but we know he’s a-lot-a good at having great hair. The texture at the top gives his hair an organized chaos look – like a surfer who came off the beach, ran his fingers through his hair minutes before his big meeting. His hair is business casual meets beers by the bay. We give it an A+!

Follow this California stud on Instagram. (Also, call me!)


Marijuana in Your Shampoo?

James DeMarco | Chicago, Illinois


We must say the hair of James DeMarco was a heated topic here at His hair was polarizing. When we released that, however, we knew he had to be on our list. Anyone with hair this…controversial had to claim a spot on our top 25!

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Perhaps a little too gel’d, DeMarco’s hair is still manicured and styled well. The buzzed sides frame his face nicely, and the facial hair ties it all together. We’d probably suggest a men’s clay hair product or a volumizing shampoo to take his hair to the next level. But that’s just our expert opinion.

DeMarco is a real estate agent in Chicago and the founder of Smash Properties. He also, apparently, only hangs out with other handsome guys – as we found through his Instagram.

You can follow this hunk and HAIRRY-Award Winner on Instagram.


Jeremy Norman | Alamaba & Georgia

Jeremy Norman The HAIRRY Awards

And the winner for no receding hairline, amazing beard, and body like a brick house? Mr. Jeremy Norman.

Now, this is a real real estate agent. Licensed in both Alabama and Georgia, Jeremy Norman is the CEO of Norman & Associates. Their list of services is substantial – buying, selling, rentals, property management, relocation, maintenance, and most recent…commercial. Check out this announcement on Instagram!




After real estate, we think Norman is best known for his hair.

Trimmed and ready to win, Norman is an obvious choice for our list of HAIRRY-Winners. His sexy hair is always ready for viewing and, of course, is the reason for all his success. Keep it up, Jeremy!


Collin Wasiak | Chicago, Illinois

Collin Wasiak

Doesn’t “Collin Wasiak” sound like the name of a real estate agent?

Well, this real hunk is selling real estate left and right. Helping clients sell and purchase property across the great city of Chicago, Wasiak was also in the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), which eventually lead him into bodybuilding as a professional. In our opinion, he really missed the mark. He should have entered competitive hair modeling (yes, that’s a thing). But alas, he’ll just have to settle for a HAIRRY-Award.

Wasiak’s hair is sexy AF! It shapes his face perfectly and brings out his other dark features.

And yes, you can find a shirtless picture of him on Instagram if you scroll far enough.


Tony Giamberduca | Chicago, Illinois

Tony Giamberduca

Apparently, you have to have great hair and be good-looking to be an agent in Chicago. We’re cool with it.

Tony Giamberduca (pronounced “dis-guy-iz-hawt”) is perhaps the most attractive guy on our list. While his physical appearance had no bearing on becoming a HAIRRY-Award winner…it didn’t hurt. This residential real estate expert can help you sell or buy your next Chicago residence. He can also help you find your next travel destination. He’s an avid traveler.

If you needed another reason to like this guy, watch this video…



A post shared by Tony Giamberduca (@giam_onit) on

We’ll give you a minute to recover.

Ready to continue?


Here’s his Instagram.


Santiago Arana | Los Angeles, California

Santiago Arana Best Hair

Santiago Arana, we have one question…where did you get that suit? Stud.

Santiago Arana is one of the most well-known and distinguished real estate agents in Los Angeles. Along with the prestigious (and now famous), The Agency Real Estate Brokerage, Arana is consistently named one of the top real estate agents in the country.

His hair is strong. A cut this short tells us one thing – this guy has no time to waste. He needs a quick morning and evening routine and can’t be bothered with even an extra minute to deal with long hair. He’s busy. He’s got houses to sell, photos to take, ladies to impress, and talks to give. Like this one:

Motivated yet? He wins in real estate, and now he wins in the hair game. This guy is a winner – for sure.

Follow this winner on Instagram and get daily boosts of inspiration and all the real estate porn you can handle.


Chris Cortazzo | Malibu, California

Chris Cortazzo Best Hair

The name Chris Cortazzo sounds like he should own a pizza joint, but he doesn’t. And that is literally the only disappointing fact about Chris Cortazzo.

If you have millions of dollars and a taste for the luxury lifestyle of Malibu, then Cortazzo is your guy. This Malibu, California-based real estate agent helps buyers and sellers of mega-luxury homes up and down the prestigious PCH coastline of Malibu. The slideshow on the homepage of his website showcases just some of his listings. Incredible.

His hair has been groomed by the sea, as evident by the picture above. (For the rest of us, try using a sea salt spray to get that “Cortazzo look.”) His hair is something you want to run your hands through and tug at the same time. There’s no question that at a listing meeting, he would get our business. And he wouldn’t even have to get us asking price (but knowing Cortazzo…he would. duh.)

To see more Malibu real estate and a little bit more Chris Cortazzo, check out his Instagram.

— — —

Editor’s Note: Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand are two HAIRRYs recipients that brought quite the controversy among our staff. Including these two in The HAIRRY-Awards was heavily debated due to their celebrity status thanks to Bravo’s hit show, Million Dollar Listing. We feared that certain readers would assume they were on the list because they were famous and not because of their great hair. However, they both have great hair at the end of the day and deserve to be on the list – regardless of any participation in reality TV.

— — —

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Josh Flagg | Los Angeles, California

Josh Flagg Best Hair

I mean, look at Flagg’s hair. It’s #%!&^!$# incredible!

Flagg has sold a few houses in his time. In 2016, he sold $303,000,000 worth of real estate. That’s like, a ton of houses. Maybe it’s because of his notoriety, maybe it’s because of his marketing, maybe it’s because of his network, or maybe, just maybe… it’s because of his hair.

Flagg’s hair looks good no matter what. Messy, styled, wet…it always looks stunning. He has the volume up top, the close cut on the sides, and the facial hair of a Viking!

Imagine being the agent telling Flagg (with his perfect hair) that he needs to come up on price. Flagg would just run his fingers through his hair, smirk, take a drink of water, and then mutter (with intense eye contact, of course), “no.” You would call back your clients, come back to Flagg and then say, “we have a deal.” Flagg would then smirk, run his fingers through his hair, drink some water, and with that same intense eye contact, say, “good.” He would then get up and walk away. No handshake.

His hair is that good.


Madison Hildebrand | Malibu, California

Madison Hildebrand Best Hair

Madison Hildebran chooses to rock the wavy, longer, more relaxed look. However, don’t let that beachy vibe fool you. This guy sells real estate. His brokerage constantly ranks in the top in the country and is the #1 independent real estate company in California…mostly thanks to his hair.

Healthy and vibrant, the Hildebrand Haircut (as it has been called around the office) offers top-floor views of the Pacific Coast Highway and a first-class seat to the mind of Madison. Women LOVE this hair. I mean, men do too. But the women go crazy for the Hildebrand Hairdo. For that life-is-a-vacation vibe Madison puts out, his hair is a perfect fit.

Follow this luxury real estate agent and owner of luscious hair on Instagram.


Juan Pablo | Dallas, Texas

Juan Pablo HAIRRYs-Award

You can bring this guy home to mom…and he’ll even list her home for sale.

Juan Pablo’s smile is the reason we are experiencing global warming, scientists explain. He’s just so charming it’s heating us! His hair is thick, luscious, groomed, and gorgeous. There is nothing not to love. This dark and handsome hunk has hair that will last a lifetime. And please, Mr. Pablo…keep the stubble.

The real estate guru is consistently ranked as one of the top agents in Dallas, Texas. Specializing in representing buyers, sellers, or general relocation, his hair (and charm) will handle all your real estate needs.

Become friends with Juan Pablo on Facebook.

Purple Shampoo (Every Question – ANSWERED!)

Brian Pearl | Boca Raton, Florida

Brian Pearl

Did you know that the average oyster produces only 1-2 pearls during nucleation? Well, did you also know that during the average HAIRRY-Awards for Male Real Estate Agents, the winners only produce 1 Pearl? One Brian Pearl, to be more specific. (Also, wtf is nucleation?)

This hunk-o-man rocks stunning hair – thick and gorgeous. He is consistently ranked one of the top agents in the country, and surely his hair must be the root cause. (Puns!)

Legend has it that if you are fortunate enough to see Pearl’s hair with your own eyes, you will have all the riches you’ve ever dreamed of, and your home will sell in record time at a record price. That’s the legend, anyway.

You can get more glimpses of this iconic man on his Instagram.



Sean Frank | Orlando, Florida

Sean Frank Real Estate Agent

Do you remember Lisa Frank from the 90s? Well, guess what?! This is her younger brother! Also, that was a lie.

One thing we won’t lie about is the quality of Sean Frank’s hair.

Owner and broker of Main Frame Real Estate in Orlando, Florida, Sean Frank’s hair is the city’s biggest attraction, with Disney and SeaWorld following closely. People worldwide save their money and wait in long lines just for a chance to see Frank’s fantastically fabulous follicles. They do not disappoint.

The stress of running a brokerage doesn’t show on this guy. He looks calm, cool, and confident with a coiff that can withstand the insane weather Florida has to offer. Great job, Frank. The Mouse has nothing on you!


Chris Ryder | Los Angeles, California

Chris Ryder Best Hair

Ride or die, as they say. Well, Chris is a rider – for sure! Chris Ryder that is.

Chris Ryder calls himself “equal parts therapist and businessman.” Well, we need some therapy after gagging over his heroic hair. This residential real estate agent has made quite the name for himself in the greater Los Angeles area and helps both buyers and sellers experience the dream.

His hair looks equally amazing, slicked back or falling down each side of his head. Healthy, vivacious, and clearly no dandruff insight, it’s obvious why Ryder is a winner!



Roh Habibi | San Francisco, California

Roh Habibi Best Hair

What’s better? Roh Habibi’s suit or Roh Habibi’s hair? Neither. It’s his name…Roh Habibi. Best. Name. Ever. But we’re a hair website, so we have to talk about hair.

Roh Habibi (ah, so good!) is the founder of The Habibi Group in San Francisco, California, and ranks in the top 3% of agents in the area. Not only is he a successful real estate agent, but he also has hair deserving of envy – both on his head on his chinny, chin, chin.

What is the secret to his hair success? He says, “I don’t use any product. If I do, it will be a leave-in cream by Bumble and Bumble just to keep it looking a little more “together” and clean. I only shampoo and condition both my hair and beard once, maybe twice a week. The natural oils are the mojo.”


He’s been in real estate for 6 years and says, “I suppose I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for the genetics before I go bald.”

See more great hair and great real estate on Roh Habibi’s (YES!) Instagram.

Dapperman Hair Products and Beard Oil Review

Danny Lewis | Chicago, Illinois

Danny Lewis HAIRRY-Awards

Danny Lewis, y’all!

One of Chicago’s top agents, Danny Lewis, is the Senior Broker of The Lewis Real Estate Group. No question that his success is due in part to that awesome head of hair.

Messy yet professional, Danny Lewis’s hair is thick and gorgeous. After his passion for real estate is his passion for dogs. He is living his best pug life on Instagram, where you can sneak a peek at more of these luscious locks. Whether it has a wet look or a dry look, it’s always an awesome look to Danny Lewis’s hair.

Follow Danny Lewis and his brokerage on Facebook.


Mike Schude | Phoenix, Arizona

Mike Shude

This shrewd dude is known as Mike Schude and, from what we understand, has never appeared on Family Feud. (Sorry, I just had to finish out the rhyme.)

His parted hair and thick fibers give us volume and texture while highlighting his extraordinary facial features.

Team Leader of The Shude Group in Phoenix, Arizona, Mike Schude, is helping Arizonian buyers and sellers through the often complex real estate process. His trustworthy hair makes him an obvious choice for anyone wanting a real estate expert to help them with their next transaction.

Make sure you follow them on Facebook.


Colin Benward | Los Angeles, California

Colin Benward Best Hair

Be cool, be cool. Here comes Colin Benward.

Ladies and gentlemen gather round, for we have a tale. A tale of a man with great hair, a great mustache, great real estate agent skills, and a voice that will cure your mild to severe depression. Yes, we’re talking about Colin with one-L Benward, real estate agent to the stars! Or at least…to his clients!

This agent at PLG Estates offers unparalleled customer service and hair for dayssssss.

His hair gives us that perfect mix of the cool guitarist who skateboards to the beach mixed with the powerful businessman who doesn’t have time for your 15-minute phone call this Thursday. Yeah, his hair is like that. Plus, if you hate good hair and hate great real estate service, you may like his music.


Kyle Ryan | Los Angeles, California

Kyle Ryan Best Hair among real estate agents

Kyle Ryan. Two first names. One great head of hair.

Ryan’s hair appears moisturized, voluminous, and ready for work or play. Now, he may not look excited in this picture above about voting, but when we voted for Kyle Ryan to win a HAIRRY-Award – we were grinning from ear to ear!

This Pacific Union agent helps buyers and sellers move property at top dollar while rocking hair fit for an unimpressed Greek God. With sexy subtle to match, it’s obvious why Kyle Ryan has made this year’s Best Hair among male real estate agents.

You can catch more of Kyle Ryan’s real estate listing and impassive smirks on his Instagram account.


Jeremiah Vancans | Los Angeles, California


Sexy swoops and wishful waves of hair cover the head of Jeremiah Vancans.

A little dark brown, a little light brown, a whole lot of YES, PLEASE! See that receding hairline? Exactly – you don’t. There is literally no receding hairline. He will have this hair forever—lucky us.

As a Los Angeles-based real estate agent, Vancans represents buyers and sellers while utilizing a comprehensive marketing plan for his lucky clients.

We reached out to Vancans, who explained that he has been in the real estate game for 5 years. He uses Kevin Murray’s Night Rider hair product and would like to thank his wife Renee Dondanville for this prestigious award as she is the one who cuts his hair.

You can follow Jeremiah Vancans on Facebook.

5 Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

Louis Evans | Beverly Hills, California

Louis Evans Realtor

Louis Evans has learned from one of Aaron Kirman’s best, with Pacific Union in Los Angeles. And now that the boring stuff is out of the way – let’s talk about this guy’s hair!

Evans requires a steel comb, as any other material will surely be unable to move through this incredibly thick-looking hair. With some slight curl and natural texture, Evans’ hair is every guy’s dream and every girl’s desire. A little product likely goes a long way with this guy – he doesn’t need much. How do you improve what’s already perfect?




Kevin Smith | Seattle, Washington

Kevin Smith Best Hair

An ordinary name, extraordinary hair. That’s Kevin Smith.

With a business degree from the University of Washington and acting as the managing broker for Team Simpson Real Estate of Keller Williams in downtown Seattle, Kevin Smith sold more than $40,000,000 in 2017. From investments to your first home purchase, Smith and his team have you covered. Not to mention…hair that’ll leave you feeling warm inside.

On any other man, hair similar to Smith’s would come off as goofy and nerdy. However, on Smith, it only comes off as sexy – and actually, his hair doesn’t come off at all. This thick, rooted hair is giving all of us LIFE! This hair is a gift from the God of your choosing. We love it. Any men’s hair products would work well with his hair.


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