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Local Newswomen With The Best Hair 2019 I The HAIRRY-Awards

Local Newswomen With The Best Hair | 2019

Last year we brought you the Local Newsmen with the Best Hair!

This year, we are proud to present the women of local news with the recognition they deserve – Local Newswomen With The Best Hair. The HAIRRY-Awards are the most prestigious awards in local news. Yes, Emmys are nice to have, but you haven’t made it until you’ve received a HAIRRY.

This year, we also brought you the ugliest header image ever created! When we told our designer that he needed to make us a new header image for this article he asked, “do you want it to be better than the last one I did?” We sarcastically said, “No, Devin, make it worse. In fact, make it the worst thing you could ever imagine. Devon.”

Well, Devon did. And besides the gorgeous woman, the whole thing is hard to look at. But, hey! Maybe it’ll get new people interested in The HAIRRYs?

This brings us to our next topic…

What Are The HAIRRYs?

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who grow it. According to this statistic we just made up, 98% of a person’s success and accomplishments are due to the quality of follicles they are able to sprout from their head. This natural-born talent, mixed with using the right product and styling ability, creates heads of hair worth recognizing.

And so we do. We recognize their hair as hard as we can.

HAIRRY-Award winners are the cream of the crop. They not only excel in their field but look good while they break barriers and set records.

Mothers across the country pray quietly to themselves each night, “please let my child grow up and become a HAIRRY-Award winner, or at the very least, marry someone who is.”

There are few bigger honors than receiving a HAIRRY. Don’t let the upcoming jokes and puns fool you, this is serious business.

It’s so serious in fact, we needed some extra manpower this year.

The HAIRRY-Award Winning Criteria

When choosing our 2019 HAIRRY recipients, we looked for the following:

  • hair thickness
  • hair volume
  • hair styling (does it fit their age, the shape of their head, their face, etc.)
    little to no receding hairline
  • We did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the woman. (However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall “hotness.”)

How We Chose The HAIRRY Winners and Runner-Ups

First, we found every local news station in each state.

Second, we pulled the headshots of all the female on-air talent from each station. It all starts with a good headshot: this cannot be overemphasized. If your headshot does not properly showcase the beauty of your hair, we move on. Headshots that have not been updated in years (we’ve been doing this a while) were compared to recent social media photos to ensure they were deserving.

Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four criteria mentioned above. We looked at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts, and reels, when available, to get a more accurate assessment of the hair. Does she style it the same way every day? Does she keep up with trends? Is she ever sloppy with his cut?

Finally, through much deliberation, comparison, and arguing, we picked our winners (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up(s). Some states had multiple winners.

We repeated that process for each state.

This year the process took us about 125 hours of combined labor. This year, we brought in new hair experts to help ensure the right man(e) won and deliver “coverage you can count on.”

2019  Local Newswomen HAIRRY Statistics:

  • CBS had the most winners with 36.
  • ABC had 34 winners.
  • NBC had 24 winners (this was a noticeable decline for NBC in past years).
  • FOX had 14 winners.
  • The remaining winners came from other networks and independent stations.
  • California and Texas had the highest number of local newswomen with exceptional hair.
  • Dark hair outperformed all other hair colors.


Best Hair: Jaysha Patel

Jaysha PatelWe’re kicking this thing off with our Alabama winner, Jaysha Patel, who reports the morning news with NBC 15. If you’ve never seen Jaysha’s beautiful face and gorgeously highlighted mane before, then you must live under a rock, because she started her life in the spotlight as a child actor in Los Angeles. I think it’s safe to assume that she’s had her luscious locks since before Pre-K.

Her Instagram leaves little to the imagination for how epic her life has been since her days of acting. Dressed in high fashion and perfect beachy waves, she’s traveled all around the world, though Jaysha isn’t just about a perfectly curated Instagram. She genuinely has a passion for storytelling and journalism and it can be felt through her reporting presence.

Don’t be fooled by her perfect hair and pretty face, because she’s even gone undercover for some of her stories! Who else can say they’ve been undercover and walked out with curls still intact?

Follow her hair, I mean storytelling journey, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You won’t be disappointed!


Runner-Up: Amber Grigley

Amber GrigleyAmber Grigley, our Alabama runner-up, has “Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!” in her Instagram bio. I’d like to believe that’s what she says to her hair every morning to get it to look so picture-perfect. Wouldn’t that be great, if that’s all it took?

Amber currently reports for WKRG News 5 in the evenings, but actually started her career in radio. And let’s be honest, her hair is too good for radio anyway. Whether she’s rocking a low bun with a middle part or highlighted curls, her hair is always camera-ready.

Want more good hair days and football updates? Follow Amber on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.



Best Hair: Daniella Rivera

Daniella RiveraDaniella Rivera’s hair is so big, it MUST be full of secrets! Secrets like, how she gets it so voluminous in a state that’s covered in snow longer than it’s not. Daniella, please do share!

Maybe she’s born with it? No seriously, she’s from Texas y’all! I’ve never met a Texan with flat hair, so it totally makes sense that hers can stand the weather.

Daniella, our Alaska winner, reports for KTVA 11 in Alaska and if you scroll through her Twitter, you’ll see just how passionate she is about her job. She shares the most important and breaking stories happening in Alaska and if we’re lucky, she’ll share a photo of her corgi.

We reached out to Daniella Rivera for comment and asked her to discuss her tips and tricks to award-winning hair.

“I have very thick and voluminous hair (thank you parents) but it’s been tough to learn how to control! My hairdresser Shana at Regis Salon deserves all the credit – I showed up in Alaska four years ago with some wild Texas hair and she’s worked with me to figure out the right combination of products + styling tools.

I keep my hair healthy by limiting heat exposure and I have never dyed it, this is my natural color! I wash it every 2-3 days with Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner (this product was a game-changer). Moroccan oil goes in right after the shower, then a blend of Regis products goes in when it’s damp. I use the silk drops and either straightening or curl cream, depending on how I plan to style it.

I typically air dry-it but for station photos, events, and special reports I’ll either go to Shana for a blowout or do one at home myself. Shana taught me to use a round brush with a *metal core and switch the blow dryer to the “cool” setting at the end to lock in the curl at the bottom. I finish the look with a Regis spray and use dry shampoo between washes to keep it looking fresh!”

Follow her voluptuous hair and Alaskan Journey on Twitter and Facebook and please ask her why she doesn’t have an Instagram.

Runner-Up: Taylar Perez

Taylor PerezJournalist and producer: our runner-up Taylar Perez does it all! Her superb color and length are what natural hair dreams are made of. If her Facebook photos can tell us anything, Alaska is doing her hair, real good! Like, she’s hiking to snowy mountain tops and her hair still looks just like this picture.

Taylar is the weekend anchor, and producer, for KTUU 2 telling stories of Alaskans like a true journalist. She’s new to Alaska, but not to snowy weather calling Wyoming her home state. We have a feeling she’s going to fit in just fine.

Want to know what Taylar Perez uses to keep this hair looking 5 stars? We asked and here’s what she said!

“I use Paul Mitchel Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner in Lavender Mint. I would like to thank my station for letting me keep my hair long and my hairstylist, Heather, at BeYoutiful Salon in Eagle River. My hair care tips are using heat as little as possible, deep conditioning once a month, and using natural products.”

This runner-up doesn’t have an Instagram or a Twitter (what’s the deal, Taylar?), but we did find her on Facebook, so you can follow along there for epic photos of Alaska.


Best Hair: Chelsey Davis

Chelsey DavisChelsey Davis, our Arizona winner, has the hair of a modern-day Meg Ryan. It’s an impeccable blonde, radiates the perfect flare, and quite iconic.

She’s no stranger to being iconic either, she’s been an NFL and Pro Bowl Cheerleader for the Cardinals! She’s an Arizona native, so breaking important news, traffic updates, and where you can get the best deal to her community is her passion. That and the sun literally shines through her skin and hair.

Want to keep track of what’s happening on the roads in Arizona, but also be amazed by some really perfect hair? Follow Chelsey on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Runner-Up: Syleste Rodriguez

Syleste RodriguezThe first thing you’ll notice about our Arizona runner-up, Syleste Rodriguez, is her marvelous hair. The second thing you’ll notice is her infectious and kind persona.

Syleste is the morning anchor for Fox 10 Phoenix, sharing all different types of stories like cool houses, local success stories, and even interviewed Bob Saget about his stand-up show in Phoenix.

Her kind heart and love for Arizona shines through her reporting, and lucky for Phoenix locals, they get to start their day with hair inspo! Another cool thing about Syleste: her family is in the Tempe Historical Museum for being one of the first five families of Tempe.

Syleste has perfected the selfie and is major hair inspo, so you should definitely follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll also get some great recipes, so it’s a win-win.


Best Hair: Elicia Dover

Elicia DoverOur Arkansas winner, Elicia Dover, can be seen every weekday at 3 hosting Good Afternoon Arkansas. You don’t want to miss it either, because her champagne-colored hair is tamed expertly into a long wave.

You should also tune in because she reports about true crime, sports, and how to stay organized in your life or prepare your lawn for winter. She’s essentially your very own Google search!

She was born and raised in Arkansas, so she has a deep appreciation for the state and a true passion for what she does. She also has a cat named Prince Harry, so, there’s that.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and you’ll never run a Google search again.

Runner-Up: Hilary Hunt

Hilary HuntSomeone call her hairdresser and have them give us a tutorial on Hilary’s balayage! It’s truly an impeccable blend and looks so unbelievably natural.

Hilary hunt is our Arkansas Runner-Up and the weekend anchor for KARK 4 News. She reports on important and breaking news stories for her community and is heavily involved in helping dogs get adopted! She even started #Hilaryshounds where you can see adoptable dogs across all social media platforms.

Hilary, I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU. Thank you for using your platform to help dogs in need. And yeah, also for gracing us with your goddess hair.

We got some answers regarding Hunt’s how-bout-them-apples Hair!

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Hunt: I use all things Kerastase! I love the discipline line, especially the anti-frizz spray. I also love using texture spray in my hair after I blow dry it to make it easier to work with and stay in place.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Hunt: My awesome hairstylist in Little Rock, Robin Powell.

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Hunt: Make sure you use a heat protectant. If you dye your hair a lot make sure you are deep conditioning to keep your ends from splitting!

Follow Hilary on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see photos of dogs and her perfectly curated hair.

Co-Runner Up: Melissa Hall

Melissa HallMelissa Hall is our co-runner-up, but a true winner in my books! Seriously, have you ever seen red hair be so beautiful? I’ve never owned a wig before, but I think it’s time to purchase one and to have it look just like Melissa’s fiery red hair.

Melissa rocks her foxy bob as a meteorologist for Northwest Arkansas and several other areas. Her social media pages are filled with funny memes about the weather and if you ask me, or any other millennial, we live for that shit. So basically, Melissa is the coolest person to ever exist.

For all things weather, jokes, and fiery red hair, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Best Hair: Ashley Brewer

Ashley BrewerI know what you’re thinking, a blonde named Ashley that lives in California, shocking! But there’s more than meets the eye with this one. Ashley Brewer is an ABC Los Angeles sportscaster and entertainment host, and our California winner for Best Hair.

Her hair is what California dreams are made of. It’s the kind of blonde that’s unreachable for 99% of the population, long enough to make other blondes cry, and it somehow is always cascading in the perfect wave.

So what more does she have to offer you may ask? It’s no big deal, but Ashley gets to report on professional LA sports teams giving her extra cool points. It only makes sense as she grew up in a sports family. She and her siblings were athletes growing up and she even competed in the 2012 Olympic Trials for swimming!

I know you want to see more of this gal, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I can bet money that you won’t be disappointed!

Runner-Up: Annette Arreola

Annette ArreolaYou know when you see a girl run her fingers through her hair and throw it into a different part and it still looks absolutely beautiful? And then you wonder why you even try cause that could never happen to you. I’d like to believe that’s what happens when Annette Arreola is in anyone’s presence.

Our California runner-up reports for KNBC 4 Today in LA, starting at 4 AM, and STILL has gorgeous hair. Her eloquent persona is unmatched too, while she reports on the tough stories like Michael Jackson’s death and some of the largest wildfires of 2007.

She’s not very active on her social media accounts, but I say you should still follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, just in case she ever posts good hair day pics.

Co-Runner-Up: Hetty Chang

Hetty ChangCalifornia was a tough state to pick for, so we had to have a co-runner-up! Hetty Chang is our co-runner-up for hair, but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to reporting.

Hetty is an Emmy Award-Winning reporter for NBC4, but travels if the story calls for it. She traveled to South Korea to report from the 2018 Olympics and to Las Vegas for coverage of the tragic mass shooting. She also interviewed former President Barack Obama. Need we say more?

I guess we should probably get to why we’re here! During her travels and award-winning storytelling, Hetty is strutting across our screens with a unique off-middle part and a charming dark balayage. It rests softly on her shoulders and frames her face beautifully.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get to know her more, because I promise you, you need to.


Best Hair: Amelia Earhart

Amelia EarhartIf we were giving out a “coolest person to ever exist” award, Amelia Earhart would certainly win first place. She’s new to the reporting world, but no stranger to public speaking or flying a plane. I repeat, SHE CAN FLY A PLANE! Not just normal flights either, she flew around the world.

To add to the list of her awesomeness, she’s also a keynote speaker and recently landed a spot on an Emmy award-winning local sales magazine show in Colorado.

Okay, back to what we’re really here for! While Amelia is doing it all, she’s rocking the fly-est hair. It’s long, it’s blonde, it’s full of air, and it’s nothing short of beautiful.

Follow her hair, flying, speaking, and soon-to-be reporting journey on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Kristin Haubrich

Kristin HaubrichHer bio says “award-winning journalist,” but what it’s missing is, “award-winning hair!” Our Colorado runner-up, Kristin Haubrich, reports in some seriously cold weather, yet still has volume and curls. How does she do it? We may never know.

But what we do know is that Kristin loves what she does and where she lives. She reports on the breaking news kind of stuff and once was involved in reporting during 130 hours of continuous coverage bit. When she’s not reporting, she’s spending time outside running, skiing, or hiking with her mini-husky.

She doesn’t have an Instagram but she frequently posts some great content to her Twitter and Facebook. Follow along for her adventures and some serious hair envy.


Best Hair: Erika Arias

Erika AriasOur Connecticut winner, Erika Arias, has J-Lo-esque hair, and We. Are. Here. For. IT!

Erika’s golden highlights and cascading layers got her here. It probably smells like J-Lo’s perfume, Glow, circa 2002.

Like J-Lo, she’s a Mom, but unlike J-Lo she anchors for FOX 61 every weekday in the morning for six hours straight, telling Connecticut locals all of the important and breaking news stories. She’s won an Emmy for journalism and even played a few roles on the big screen, one of them being a news anchor.

There’s not much more to say to convince you that she’s pretty marvelous, so what you should do next, is follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Alyssa Rae Taglia

Alyssa Rae TagliaTraffic Anchors are usually one of the most important people to look out for on the news, especially before you hit the road for work or travel. When Connecticut locals tune in to News 8 they get the pleasant experience of seeing Alyssa Rae Taglia, our runner-up.

She may have some bad news, like a crash on your route, but when the shine of her hair hits your eyes, suddenly it’s not so bad. Seriously though, she looks like she does a hair mask every night. I mean, how else could she possibly get that much shine?

Alyssa and her shiny hair also won Miss Connecticut 2016 AND at the age of twelve, she founded, “Smiles for Seniors,” a program created to enrich the lives of the elderly.

For traffic updates and sporadic photos of dogs, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Co-Runner-Up: Taylor Kinzier

Taylor KinzierReady to fall in love with someone you’ve never met? Not only is Taylor cute as a button, with the most golden of locks, but she really gets involved in the stories she reports. Our Connecticut co-runner-up, Taylor Kinzier, is CT LIVE’s host where she dishes everything home, beauty, travel, food, and fashion.

If you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll see just how involved she gets. All for the story, she rides roller coasters, eats all the food, gets down and dirty riding tractors or playing hockey, and dresses in the cutest outfits. And yes, you guessed it, all the while keeping her blonde locks in pristine condition.

Need some laughs? Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You will not regret it!


Best Hair: Laura Rodriguez

Laura RodriguezOur Florida winner, Laura Rodriguez,  is one of a few anchors that’s reporting in the place they were born and raised. Before she landed back in her hometown and on NBC 6 South Florida, she traveled all over America following her passion for reporting.  She’s also a true bilingual gem for NBC because she often contributes reports to their sister station, Telemundo 51.

I know, I know, you’re distracted by her photo and her shiny dark hair. I know what you’re thinking, “It must be so soft! Is it natural? But like, how?”

Believe me, I feel the same. Even when she’s wearing a hat or a ponytail, her soft locks shine like it’s freshly clean at all times.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get serious hair envy at all times and up-to-date news from South Florida.

Runner-Up: Michelle Imperato

Michelle ImperatoThis Emmy Award-winning news anchor and our runner-up for best hair needs no introduction.

What if I told you that she once flew on a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird to Los Angeles for a story? It’s true! She’s also covered stories like Dancing With The Stars and the search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. She is the stuff of legends, and her ability to keep her hair flawless during it all is why we love her.

She wins awards in New York and flies with the military to LA. She can do it all, with style, and we should tune in, forever.

When told she would be honored with this award, this is what she had to say:

“I’m so honored! I always wash and deep condition with Oribe products, and use Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Hair Serum to tame my frizz and curls before every blowout. I could not look pulled together on TV if I didn’t have my Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray (firm hold of course!) I’d like to thank my parents and my fabulous hairstylist Jeffery at Leal Marston Salon in Orlando. I have no tips for great hair, it’s truly a miracle any time my hair looks good.”

(Try) to keep up with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Co-Runner-Up: Jazmin Bailey

Jazmin Bailey“How can she be real?!” is what you’re thinking, right? I know… that’s what I thought when I first saw her too. Our Co-Runner-Up, Jazmin Bailey, is an Emmy-Winning news anchor, a best-selling author, and a sunrise reporter for WESH 2. Clearly, she’s more than just beauty!

Whether her hair is set in tight curls, in loose waves, or straightened, her locks are perfected and camera-ready. How she does it in a humid place like Florida is impressive and we are here for it!

She’s not active on Instagram, but she frequently posts stories she’s reporting, behind-the-scenes stuff, epic selfies, and information about her book to her Twitter and Facebook. Follow her, seriously, you’ll want to get lost in her beautiful life!


Best Hair: Francesca Amiker

Francesca AmikerCan we all just take a moment to breathe in Francesca’s beauty?

Francesca has won Best Hair for Georgia, but she should probably also win, People’s Magazine, Sexiest Woman Alive. If that’s not a thing, it needs to be created for our Georgia winner, Francesca Amiker, who is the entertainment anchor of Morning Rush on 11Alive in Atlanta.

If Beyonce was hair, Francesca has Beyonce on her head. So basically there’s nothing else that needs to be said about that.

It can be difficult to look past Francesca’s beauty, but as we learn more about her, things just keep getting more and more impressive. She’s won THREE Emmy Awards for journalism, interviewed Oprah Winfrey, and graced the red carpet for movie premieres across the Country.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to be entertained, inspired, motivated, and jealous.

Runner-Up: Alicia Robers

Alicia Roberts

CBS46 sure is lucky to have Alicia Robers, our Georgia runner-up, as their anchor and reporter numerous times a day. A scroll through her social media pages proves just how much she loves her job.

What you’ll also see is that in every image she’s in, her Kristen Bell blonde hair stands out! It’s the perfect length for framing her face and for mixing up styles: she’ll have a voluminous blowout in one photo and curling iron curls in another.

From breaking stories to sports reports, from weather to animals up for adoption, Alicia has the story and the perfect hair.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see what I’m talking about. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Best Hair: Tesia Worley

Tesia WorleyOur Hawaii winner, Tesia Worley, can be seen every weekday morning on Good Morning Hawaii. With a smile like that and hair to have serious envy over, you’d be a fool not to tune in.

I know it’s common for Hawaiian women to have long hair (is it?), but there’s truly something different about Teasia’s. It has a glow about it and seems unattainable by literally anyone else, who’s not Tesia.

I wish I could tell you more about her, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have much online to find about her, except a really old Twitter account and a short bio on KITV 4’s website. I think we will just have to appreciate her from afar, but honestly, aren’t we all down with a little mystery?

Tesia doesn’t have much of a social media presence either, so you’ll have to tune into Good Morning Hawaii to see her sunshine.

Runner-Up: Brigette Namata

Brigette NamataBrigette Namata, our Hawaii runner-up, anchors the KHON2 News during the evening news times and tells the stories of Hawaiian locals and breaking stories.

She grew up in D.C., so I think since she’s moved to the islands the Hawaii sunshine has done her hair good and we’re all here for it! Her highlights, waves, and length give her this stunning Goddess look.

We sat down with the Goddess herself to get some answers regarding her fabulous hair!

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Brigette Namata: Ouai hair oil for blowdrying and frizz, Amika hairspray to seal in place, and Bumble & Bumble texturizing spray for added lift.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Brigette Namata: Every single stylist I’ve cried to about making my hair look TV-worthy. Their tips helped tremendously.

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Brigette Namata: As someone who applies heat to my hair on a daily basis for work (blowdrying, curling irons), I would say stay as low maintenance as possible! Heat styling really messes with your hair. Natural is beautiful. Enjoy it and do what makes you feel your absolute best! Don’t get me wrong, I love neat hair on-air, but off the air, it’s naturally wavy and messy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Best Hair: Natalie Hurst

Natalie HurstNatalie Hurst is KBOI 2 News anchor in the evenings and has been with the team since 2005! Meaning Idaho locals have probably seen her with many different types of styled hair, but the one she’s rocking now is what got her here as our Idaho winner.

Her hair has volume, highlights, layers – what more could you want in a winner? With her marvelous hair, she reports on breaking and hard-hitting stories. With her years of experience, I’m sure they come a bit easier to tell now.

To stay up-to-date on important stories and her stunning hair, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Runner-Up: Mellisa Paul

Mellisa PaulA lifestyle host at KTVB, Mellisa Paul, has lived so much in her life so far and landed as our Idaho runner-up. Her hair is a radiant brunette and cut in the cutest bob, to which she often pairs with a bright red lip. Think a modern-day Snow White.

In the 20 years that she’s been within the news family she has been a news anchor, meteorologist, reporter, and television manager. In her lifetime, she studied Shakespeare, sang jazz,  interviewed incredible people, became a mother, and even gave cough drops to the Goo Goo Dolls.

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Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I promise you won’t regret it! There you’ll see important news stories, cute pics of her kids, and her beautiful self. She’s mastered the selfie and you don’t want to miss it.


Best Hair: Trish Christakes

Trish ChristakesThe jewel of the windy city is this stunning sports director that carries the cool of the cold in her hair. From a small suburb outside of Chicago, Trish Christakes, our Illinois winner for best hair, has a big personality and the stunning locks to match it.

She reports for ABC and embodies the spirit of Chicago: sports, care, and hair with flair. But there’s so much more to her and I can’t get enough!

Trish recently adopted two adorable kitties, Phoebe and Mushu. One of her favorite songs is “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer, the live version, of course. There’s nothing like live music and kittens, amiright? Her favorite book is Harry Potter and we can only assume she’s a Gryffindor!

There’s plenty more of Trish on social media, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Gabrielle Franklin

Gabrielle FranklinOur Illinois runner-up, Gabrielle Franklin, is a state capital and political reporter for Illinois. She’s basically the person you’d go to when you’re curious about what the heck it takes to pass a bill and who the state legislature is.

Oh, and you most definitely can turn to her for hair inspo! She rocks it beautifully, whether it’s straight or curled, or long or short. Her middle part makes every style frame her face perfectly.

When asked about winning a HAIRRY-Award, here is what this winner had to say:

“I try to keep it simple with products I use in my hair. I like to use OGX Beauty shampoo, conditioner, and weightless spray oil to help my hair retain its luster.

I would like to thank the folks over at Get Good Head for this nomination as well as my Mom and sister for always giving me great hair advice.

I recommend that readers explore different looks until they figure out what’s right for them. My advice would be to set aside time for your hair daily and keep working on it until you achieve the mane you want.”

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for incredible political reporting and all things Gabrielle!


Best Hair: Star Derry

Star DerryStar Derry, our Indiana winner, is basically Claire Danes in Stardust. She’s named Star because she is made of STAR. Kidding, but honestly, after reading more about her, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Star is CBS 4 Indiana’s Weather Authority and brings all things weather to the table, specializing in severe weather coverage and climatology. If Star can report on “severe weather” and still maintain her highlights and volume, there’s no way she’s human.

When she’s not reporting, she’s posting videos of her horses frolicking through her snowy acres. She thrives in cold weather and on tv talking about her passion, so seriously, she’s a star.

We reached out to the Star herself to get comments on this award and learn more about her haircare strategies and tools:

“I use Matrix HydraSource S&C, Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Presses and Super Skinny, and Big Sexy hairspray. I would like to thank the Tinley Park, IL Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School for teaching me everything I know. ???? My tip is always to use a comb with a hot iron. Touching warm hair with your fingers creates frizz. And always go to a professional when you want to mess with hair color!”

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see these beautiful horse videos I’m talking about and to try to wrap your head around how she maintains her hair in freezing weather.

Runner-Up: Rachel Bogle

Rachel BogleThis head of hair, with highlights and envy-worthy length, belongs to Rachel Bogle, our runner-up for Indiana. She’s native to Indiana and knows how important traffic reporting is to the locals, so that’s why she became the morning traffic reporter for CBS4.

Her wit and humor keep everyone in a great mood, even if she’s reporting something that totally sucks. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear bad traffic news from anyone else.

We sat down with the one and only Rachel Bogle, and here is what she had to say.

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Rachel “The Queen” Bogle: When it comes to shampoo/conditioner, I’m a big fan of Pureology, particularly their “Hydrate” shampoo and conditioner. Lately, I’ve been trying out the Drybar “Southern Belle” shampoo and conditioner for a volume boost, but it’s definitely a product line that you will either love or hate, so I highly suggest trying the samples first. When it comes to styling, I absolutely always use some sort of oil. My favorite is the Aquage silkening oil treatment. And a heat styling spray is vital with all of the blow-drying, curling, and straightening we do in this industry, so I use Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray or Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant. When it comes to hairspray, Big Sexy Hair “Spray and Play Harder” is my go-to Holy Grail of hairsprays. For dry shampoos, I reach for Batiste or Living Proof.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Rachel “The Great” Bogle: Without a doubt, my stylist, Kelly Normal (@kellstylz) at MDG Salon. I wear extensions, so she’s spent countless hours installing thousands of individually bonded extensions over the years and also helped me experiment with different shades and color depths while keeping my hair healthy. I’d also like to thank my years of show choir and pageants which taught me the fine art of pageant hair and teasing. I’ve never met an issue that couldn’t be solved with a large-barrel curling iron, hairspray, and a teasing comb.

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Rachel “The Legendary” Bogle: Some advice that has always stuck with me was when a stylist told me that I should “treat [my] hair like fine silk” when it comes to washing and rinse the hair with cool water (at least as cool as you can stand). The cool water helps close the cuticle, smooth the hair, and lock in shine. It’s the same sort of concept with blow-drying: I always use the cool blast feature after I finish drying my hair for the same reason. I also highly suggest sleeping on a silk (or other soft material) pillowcase. Silk helps reduce friction on your hair, which in turn causes damage. Also, in the news business, we all know dry shampoo is our best friend. I try to prolong washing as long as possible and will go three days between washes if possible. Also, to give my hair a boost in the morning, I always hit my hair with the blow dryer and a round brush in the morning to bring it back to life, pop in some volume, and smooth out any kinks that formed while I slept.

Follow Rachel on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Best Hair: Denise Hnytka

Denise HnytkaDenise does so much, it will make you feel lazy! She has her own podcast, is the co-anchor of News 8 in the evenings, is a Mother, and does her hair well enough DAILY to earn her spot as our Iowa winner. Tired yet? I know I am.

Her stunning, deep red hair always seems to be curled to perfection and has a shine that sparkles. So what we all truly want to know, is how the heck do you do it all, Denise?

I do think, though, that her adorable dog needs an honorable mention. Her German Sheperd, Mackey, just turned 7 and is the cutest puppy around.

To see more pics of Mackey, her cute kid, and her fairytale hair, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Sabrina Ahmed

Sabrina AhmedIowa sure knows how to hire their news anchors, because our runner-up Sabrina Ahmed, is painstakingly gorgeous. Her dark tresses are healthy, shiny, and of great length.

Her smile lights Iowa locals’ livings rooms up while she reports for We Are Iowa in the mornings and afternoons. She was born and raised in Iowa, so being able to stay close to family and follow her dreams makes her feel like she’s truly made it.

We can’t help but fall in love with her, and neither could the Academy, because she was presented with a 2018 Upper Midwest Emmy Award. When she’s not reporting, she’s running, spending time with her loving family, or celebrating her new baby bump.

To see more of her beauty, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Best Hair: Lily Wu

Lily WuLily Wu, a crime reporter for KTEN, is our winner for Best Hair in Kansas and a true winner in my heart. As a true-crime podcast enthusiast, I must say, It’s nice to see the face of a crime reporter. Especially, Lily Wu’s, because her hair is definitely something to see.

In numerous photos she can be seen with different parts (lucky!), straight hair framing her face to her chin, and huge barrel curls below that. It must be her experience in pageantry, placing 4th runner-up at Miss Global in 2017!

So basically, she’s used to having all eyes on her and it shows. Lily is a great crime reporter and spends much of her off time on several different boards.

Follow her on Twitter because we couldn’t find her on any other social media platforms.

Runner-Up: Tiffany Lane

Tiffany LaneOur Kansas runner-up, Tiffany Lane, has the type of layers that you scour Pinterest for to show your hairstylist. She’s also a reporter for KSN! Tiffany is a Californian native, so I’d like to think the cold weather is doing her hair good. I’d also like to think that her hair smells like a cool Kansas breeze and some foliage. Not a thing? OKay…

In California, she had the pretty cool job of reporting for red carpet events, television shows, movies, and the like. It said she was a social media coordinator there, so maybe she got burnt out and deleted all her pages.

Since we couldn’t find her on any social media platforms, it was difficult to tell a whole lot about her (the crazy time we live in, right?) so, if you want to see this beautiful soul again, you should definitely tune into KSN.


Best Hair: Hayley Minogue

Hayley MinogueHayley Minogue is our winner for Kentucky and boy, does she win in literally everything. WHAS11 sure is lucky to have her their general assignment anchor.

Seriously, not only is her hair out of this world beautiful, gracefully cut and colored, but she’s hilarious. If you take one quick scroll through her social media pages, all you’ll do is laugh and smile. She seems to have a GIF for every post and not to mention, every post of herself is a mix of Fergie and Jesus.

Here is what Hayley Minogue had to say about receiving the most important award in local news.

“Most of my hair care products are drug store products, which is so important to me! I hate spending a ton of money on my hair, so I won’t get any products over $15 bucks! I use OGX Shampoo and Conditioner, argan oil from Target, but I really think I owe all the hair credit to my hairdresser, Kaitlyn Webb. She’s been involved in my hair cut and color process in some way for about a decade now, and it makes taking care of your hair and styling it so much easier when you have a good connection with the people helping you out!

For this award, I would like to thank my parents for the genes, my child for deciding to rip out so much of my hair that it’s more manageable to style now, and my desk mate Dennis Ting for constantly gassing me up and saying nice things about my hair.

My tips for styling and hair care are to go as long as possible between washes, avoid heat tools when you can, and never be afraid to do something different or over the top!”

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Amber Freeman

Amber FreemanWowzers. Talk about Pinterest hair! Ladies, if you ever want the most perfect golden blonde or face-framing layers, you need to search for photos of our Kentucky runner-up and show them to your stylist.

Amber Freeman graces the screen as a news anchor for ABC 36 News and if you’re not in Kentucky, you should be jealous. Not only does she exuberate beauty, but she’s confident and funny. “Always armed with hot sauce, candy, and random animal facts… and pickles. Priorities.” Her Twitter Bio, ladies and gentleman.

You will not regret it if you follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, promise!


Best Hair: Kweilyn Murphy

Kweilyn MurphyKweilyn Murphey is a Meteorologist for WDSU and our best hair winner for Louisiana. We are SO living for Kweilyn’s sassy pixie. I usually ask Alexa for the weather every morning, but if I lived in Louisiana, I’d be sure to tune in instead.

Not just the hair is amazing either, when she’s not reporting the weather, she enjoys teaching public speaking and professional development to high school students. Her love for her community shines bright and we truly love her for it!

We had some questions for Kewilyn Murphy, and here’s what we got!

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Kweilyn Murphy: I wash and condition daily with Tresemme’s Moisture Rich collection (my short, naturally curly hair doesn’t survive during workouts). Depending on how my hair is behaving, I choose between any Framesi products (Blow it Big, Love Primer), Nairobi Wrapp-it Shine Foaming Lotion, or Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade. For finishing touches, I use Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum and Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wax.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Kweilyn Murphy: I’d like to thank Anthony Jefferson, owner of Mark Anthony’s-Pittsburgh, PA, and Mindy Hobley, owner of Ringletts-New Orleans, for keeping me funky and healthy. I’d also like to thank Mary at Carmen and Santos-Metairie for color touch-ups.

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Kweilyn Murphy: Listen to your hair. It will signal the good and the bad. Also, maintain consistent trims – the split ends must go.

For weather updates in Louisiana, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Runner-Up: Charisse Gibson

Charisse GibsonCharisse Gibson is our runner-up and an Emmy-nominated journalist and anchor for 4WWL. Her volume-filled, shoulder-length hair got her here with us today and we’re all loving it!

Aside from her exquisite hair, she’s an incredible reporter. She’s incredibly talented and her team can’t stop praising her.  Being a native to the area and following her passions for journalism, she’s the perfect fit for them.

She’s smart, she’s confident, she reports important stuff, and she’s beautiful, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to see it all for yourself.


Best Hair: Amanda Jellig

Amanda JelligAmanda Jellig is on the weather team for WGME and our winner for best hair in Maine! When I picture Maine, I think of a beautiful beachy but cold town, with gray skies, fisherman shouts, and the smell of fresh-caught lobster. With this scene in mind, I’d like to believe that that’s how Amanda has such beautiful hair.

Her soft and shiny hair looks like it was curated by a cool breeze. Out of anyone, she would know best too. She fell in love with weather and spent her life studying it and now reporting about it.

Lucky for Portland, Maine locals, they get to hear the weather happenings from someone as joyful and funny as Amanda. Just to put that in perspective, as summer ended she mowed her lawn in a t-rex blowup costume and posted it on the internet. Even if she has bad news of 10-degree weather, she will do it with a smile on her face.

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook, especially if you don’t live in the northeast, so you can finally be grateful for your state’s weather.

Runner-Up: Joy Hollowell

Joy HollowellJoy Hollowell is an OG to the TV5 Morning News team, joining them in 2000, but a new contestant for us, as our runner-up for Maine. A New York native, she’s used to the cold weather, but genuinely loves her job, reporting for Bangor, Maine locals.

She reports on all types of stories, from missing people, to sports reports, to sharing news about weather, to politics. Her seasoned skills make watching her report a true treat. And yeas, you guessed, so does her gracious hair!

Joy, PLEASE share your color trick. It’s a mix between red and brown and it’s it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. The cut is a lovely cut for her face too, so her mane truly has it all.

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook for all things Maine news!


Best Hair: Meg McNamara

Meg McNamaraOkay, confession time! Before this, I didn’t really feel the need to ever visit Maryland or learn anything about the state. BUT, seeing this beauty changed everything.

Our Maryland winner, Meg McNamara, has the most delightful red colored hair that cascades past her shoulders in large barrel curls and it’s truly something of fairy tales.

Meg isn’t just the most beautiful human to exist either, she’s also a Meteorologist for WJZ and she loves doing it because she feels like it helps people plan out their lives. How nice is that?

She’s loving the 4 seasons that Maryland offers and feels like it’s a perfect fit for her, after traveling and reporting all over. Can you just take a moment to think about her fiery red hair in the snow? What contrast!

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see her beautiful soul more often and to get weather updates!

Runner-Up: Luz Peña

Luz PenaOkay, am I missing something here? Maryland has some beautiful women reporting on the news channels! Our runner-up, Luz Peña, has similar hair to our winner, only in an enticing black shade.

Her long layers frame her face beautifully and those shiny curls are envy-inducing. She was born and raised until she was 12, in Columbia, and I’d like to think that’s where she gets her tresses from.

After moving to the states she learned English and fell in love with storytelling. Staying true to her roots though, she was able to report in both English and Spanish for different channels and even won several awards for it.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for life and hair inspo.


Best Hair: Erika Tarantal

Erika TarantalEmmy Award winning journalist, Erika Tarantal, is on the WCVB Channel 5 team as an anchor and our winner for Massachusetts. If it were up to me, she’d be https://amzn.to/3xYTdMmthe winner of everything. Like the winner of life as a whole.

She used to report for NBC’s flagship station in New York and covered major stories like the death of Pope John Paul II and the Superstorm Sandy.

All the while, strutting across our screens with the most elegant cut and highlights. How does she keep it kept during Massachusetts freezing temps? We may never know! Erika, please do share!

Stay up-to-date on her life and stories and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Paula Ebben

Paula EbbenPaula Ebben co-anchors WBZ-TV News in the evenings and has made it here as our runner-up for Massachusetts. Even though she lives on the East Coast, her beachy-vibes locks has me thinking she belongs on the beach in southern California.

Funny thing is, she’s a Boston native! Maybe it’s the wind? Kidding…

You can see her gorgeous hair grace the screens, while her Emmy Award-winning-journalist-self reports on important and breaking stories for Bostonians.

Also! She’s a Mom of four and is still capable of great hari and even greater reporting. How do you do it, Paula?

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on Boston news!


Best Hair: Jamie Sherrod

Jamie SherrodJamie Sherrod is an enthusiastic lover of life and our Michigan winner. A fitting award for a beautiful soul. Her hair warms the heart and in the Mid-West cold, we need all the heat we can get.

Jamie’s love for broadcasting stems from a journalism class that she took in high school and we are all about chasing the dream and achieving your goals. In her own words, “if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

A little scroll through her Instagram reveals a lovely vibrant life. She is modern, classy, and filled with all kinds of passions. One being, having the most beautiful hair in all of Michigan.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more of Jamie, it certainly wouldn’t be a mistake.

Runner-Up: Megan Viecelli

Megan ViecelliMegan Viecelli is a goddess with goddess hair and our Michigan runner-up. The hair matches the persona: young, vibrant, and a little sassy. She also has a compassionate soul, while telling stories of Michigan athletes with the 9&10 News.

You can occasionally find Megan arguing with Ohio State fans – and we have her back. Go blue! When she was in college, she traveled to different states to meet coaches and players from the Big Ten. Fitting, because her hair gets a Big 10 out of 10.

Follow this beauty on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and keep an eye out for her on College football Saturdays.


Best Hair: Wren Clair

Wren ClairEven though we’ve made it to Minnesota, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that these women can have impeccable hair in freezing weather temps.

Wren Clair, our Minnesota Winner, and Meteorologist for KSTP, is no stranger to cold weather. She lived and reported in Wisconsin and Boston, covering many snowstorms. Again! How do you all do it?

Her hair is the complete opposite of a snowstorm, instead it has a golden sunshine blonde hue and wavy, flowy curls. I think we all can agree, that ABC 5 viewers are pretty lucky to have her as their weather reporter. She genuinely loves science and weather, so much so, that she enjoys going to local schools to chat with students about it. And, so much so, that she lives in places with wild climates, by choice.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to be incredibly impressed, every day.

Runner-Up: Courtney Godfrey

Courtney Godfrey

Are you ready for some serious life inspo? Courtney Godfrey is  currently a reporter on Fox 9 KMSP and our runner-up for Minnesota. Not only does she have the most perfect just-past-the-shoulders cut and shiny, soft hair, but she has turned her life around after a traumatic boating accident that made her an amputee.

Her accident and prosthetic leg doesn’t define her, but it certainly fuels her into the driven and badass woman that she is today. She has a true passion for breaking important news stories, long form investigative work, and speaking to schoolchildren about her story to promote the necessary tools for adapting to change.

Yes, she does this ALL. Feel motivated to get up and follow your passion? Not yet? Then, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for some serious fun, inspiration, and cute baby pics. You truly can’t go wrong with our Minnesota runner-up!


Best Hair: Taylor Rubach

Taylor RubachTaylor Rubach is our Mississippi winner and reports for WXXV 25, who said it best when describing her: “born as a Georgia Peach, raised as a southern belle in Louisiana, Taylor Rubach wouldn’t think twice of moving away from where her heart belongs, in the south.”

It all makes perfect sense when looking at her, because her hair is sure is pageant material. She’s got the highlights, she’s got the curls, she’s got the volume and that’s why she’s made it as our Mississippi winner.

She’ll be a winner in your heart too, for how much she loves animals and her community. She has a big heart, probably as big as her air, and she’s a true gem to watch report.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to see more of her Southern hair and her cute dogs.

Runner-Up: Megan West

Megan WestOur Mississippi runner-up, Megan West, is a co-anchor for WAPT evening newscasts and according to her, it’s the best position she’s had yet. She would definitely have a lot to choose from, because she’s been a producer, a reporter, and anchored during the weekend and morning newscasts.

I think she just knew that the evening news viewers needed a chance to see her magical hair. I say magical because I’m not quite sure how she’s able to get her marvelous blonde hair styled the way she does.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and maybe she’ll open up about her morning hair routine!


Best Hair: Raquel Harrington

Raquel HarringtonKY3’s very own, Raquel Harrington, is our Missouri best hair winner. Raquel not only has a true gift in reporting, but she also has the gift of being able to wear her hair in tons of different ways and still look beautiful. She wears her hair down and straight, down and curly, up in a bun, and even adorns her hair styles with a chunky braid.

No matter how she has her hair, her infectious smile and persona light up the room. She reports on the hard-hitting stories while also highlighting community locals for their accomplishments.

Growing up in Michigan, she’s no stranger to snow and actually loves it. She also grew up knowing exactly what she wanted to do and continued to chase the dream just like she followed the snow around. Missouri locals should be grateful she did because she must be a true joy to watch every day.

If you’re not a Missouri local, you should absolutely follow her on Twitter and Facebook so you can see that big, bright smile while scrolling through your feeds.

Runner-Up: Deborah Kendrick

Deborah KendrickA Morning news anchor and investigative reporter for ABC 17, Deborah Kendrick, is also our runner-up for Missouri. She has the richest brunette color with a dimension that seems impossible to attain. We’re loving the length and style too!

Not only is her hair good on camera, but so is her personality! She always seems to match her persona to the story she’s telling, allowing people to feel comfortable through the good and bad.

Also, I feel like it’s worth mentioning she’s a native to California. Missouri started to have wind chills below zero at the beginning of November. Let’s just say she’s KILLIN’ IT.

Deborah Kendrick uses Dove Dry Shampoo and would like to thank her hairstylists; Freddy, Haley, Judith & my mom for teaching me how to tease my hair. She also adds: “ladies, don’t wash your hair every day! Second and third-day hair is the best to style!”

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Best Hair: Stella Sun

Stella SunMontana sure is lucky to have cute-as-a-button Stella Sun as their reporter and weather forecaster on ABC Missoula. Our Montana winner shows off her shoulder-length and highlighted curls as one of the newest members on the ABC team.

She’s a recent college graduate, so a lot of her reporting milestones consist of internships and organizations she was apart of. She’s just starting her career, but after scouring her social media accounts, it looks like she’s going to do amazing things.

A huge milestone for her, aside from winning best hair for Montana, is traveling to 5 out of 7 continents, which is a goal of hers to reach by 2025. I bet she will be successful and will take many super cute pics with her super cute, award-winning hair.

Follow her hair, reporting, and traveling journey on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Lauren Chauvin

Lauren ChauvinLauren Chavin is our Montana runner-up and KTVM’s Sports Anchor. Like Montana winner Stella, she’s a recent college graduate and new to the reporting world.

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Lauren has the fun job of traveling to sports events and keeping up with scores, then reporting about them. Her Twitter is filled with Montana sports info and a one stop shop for all athletics.

Most importantly, she made it here because of her winning hair! Her stellar cut, with long layers in the front, frames her beautiful face perfectly. Her blonde is definitely the blonde she wanted to begin with, but it likely took her several appointments to get it here. Meaning she was patient and it was worth it!

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to follow her new reporting journey, to get up-to-date Montana sports news, and please ask her to post more photos of her beautiful self!


Best Hair: Lauren Taylor

Lauren TaylorLauren Taylor is funny, has the cutest Frenchie names Louie, is the middle child in her fam, and our winner for best hair in Nebraska! She is also the co-anchor for the evening WOWT 6 News, where she reports on just about everything for her Nebraska locals.

It goes without saying that she can be seen in every video and photo with marvelous hair. She rocks a deep side part and curls faced away from her face, giving her the look of movie stars. Not to mention her brunette color has so much dimension, it’s like a prism.

In her career as a reporter, she’s covered national stories such as the Dauphin Island Regatta and the North East Blizzard of 2016. She genuinely enjoys reporting on stories that help people and her local communities, and we genuinely enjoy watching her do it!

To laugh and to see more of Louie, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Colleen Williams

Colleen WilliamsCan our runner up, Colleen Williams, rock a red lip of what?! You don’t see it in this pic, but she’s also rocked some heavy bangs before and looked flawlessly, like a sister in Practical Magic. Since her bangs have grown out, her face-framing layers give her a whole new look. What has stayed the same is her gorgeous color, which we are absolutely loving!

Colleen co-anchors NTV News, giving Nebraska locals all the important and breaking stories in the community. She gives all the details to stories such as missing people, high crime stories, traffic incidents, heart warming local stories, and so much more. I think we can all agree that Nebraska is pretty lucky to have Colleen on their screens.

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to keep up on Nebraska news and to see more of her classy red lip!


Best Hair: Latoya Silmon

Latoya SilmonLatoya has seen it all and covered it all, but currently calls CBS 3 News home. She has reported some key moments in American History like the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas and Super Bowl 52. She’s even received an Emmy nomination for her storytelling.

And now she’s here with us as our Best Hair winner for Nevada! Her hair is graceful as ever, healthy, shiny, and full of stories. How does one simply keep their hair as exquisite as Latoya? We may never know, so Latoya, please do share!

When she isn’t travelling the Country, covering groundbreaking stories, she enjoys running and reading. Follow along with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Denise Wong

Denise WongDenise Wong is the weeknight Anchor for KOLO 8 and our runner-up for Nevada. She made this list for her stunning long mane: natural, soft, and shiny. She can part it in different places and dress it up with curls or just leave it straight, either way the true winning part is her gorgeous dark dolor.

Denise has had nearly 20 years of experience in TV news and has traveled around the country doing so. She feels most at home where she is now and is happy to raise her family in Northern Nevada.

We had some questions for Denise Wong. Here’s what she had to say:

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Denise Wong: TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray and Frizz Ease John Frieda Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hair Spray

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Denise Wong: I would like to thank my parents for their super dark hair.

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Denise Wong: Never underestimate the power of velcro rollers when trying to build body.

To see more of her, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Co-Runner-Up: Alicia Pattillo

Alicia PattilloNevada has so many beautiful-haired women and it was really hard to choose, so we had a co-runner-up for the state. Our Nevada co-runner up, Alicia Pattillo, has the hair, and smile, of someone that could only being created in your dreams. It’s all a beautiful, rich color and when it’s in loose wavy, curls, it’s truly show-stopping.

Alicia is a reporter for the 13 Action News Team, where she gets to report about local happenings and accomplishments, as well as, breaking news stories. She also co-produced a WGN Investigation piece, where she earned an Emmy- nomination for “Outstanding Achievement for News Speciality report/series in crime.”

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date with Alicia’s life and to get a glimpse into her beautiful. If you’re lucky she’ll post a photo of herself!

New Hampshire

Best Hair: Hayley LaPoint

Hayley LaPointHayley LePoint is WMUR 9 News’ Meteorologist and our winner for best hair in New Hampshire! She got this prestigious award, because every time she makes it in front of a camera, her hair is curled just like you see in this photo. Consistency and we’re HERE for it! Not to mention it’s a beautiful brown with subtle highlights, which gives her curls all the right dimension.

Hayley is on the American Meteorological Society Board of Broadcast Meteorologists and gets to review and select meteorologists from around the nation to receive the prestigious AMS CBM seal. So, basically, she is like us, except I suppose, way cooler!

She’s also a mom of two kids and a dog mom, so Hayley, how do you do it?! How do you get the time to curl your hair so precisely every day?!

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for weather updates, shared news articles, and cute photos of her kids and dog. Oh! and those perfect curls- you don’t want to miss it.

Runner-Up: Cherise Leclerc

Cherise LeclercBoth our winners report for WMUR 9 News! You can see Cherise Leclerc anchoring the weekend newscasts during the evenings, where she gives New Hampshire locals all the important and breaking stories.

It’s difficult to say which beautiful trait you see first in Cherise, her hair or her huge smile, but since we’re here, we’ll say it’s her hair. Her subtle highlights in her rich dark brown hair give every style she rocks some gorgeous dimension. She can be seen with loose curls or pin-straight hair. We are all about it because either style shows off her infectious smile.

Don’t let the smile fool you though, she has covered some pretty dark stories! She was the first to break the story that a gun linked to Aaron Hernandez was found in a car during a traffic stop and even covered a deadly hospital standoff.

Cherise Leclerc uses Bumble & Bumble thickening spray and WOW coconut cocktail bionic tonic. She would like to thank her awesome stylist at Luxe Salon and Spa in Bedford!

You know you want to see more of this pretty lady, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

New Jersey

Best Hair: Roxanna Evans

Roxanne EvansThere’s only room for one winner in New Jersey and that winner is Roxanna Evans, Emmy award-winning reporter for news 12.

When I think about New Jersey, I think of Snooki and honestly, that’s the kind of hair I expected from our New Jersey winner. Roxanna’s hair beats all expectations though. It’s bouncy, it’s blonde, it’s breathtaking and it’s the reason why she’s our only winner!

What’s also pretty great about her is that she’s not just any ol’ reporter. She’s actually helped police locate and prosecute criminals and even investigated corrupt business owners getting money back into the pockets of their victims. She’s a mom, she’s amazing, and she does it all with marvelous hair.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram– promise you won’t be disappointed!

New Mexico

Best Hair: Courtney Allen

Courtney AllenOkay, you know those photos you see of beautiful blonde women that have that kind of horse tail hair, that’s thick, long, and… beautifully blonde? And you think to yourself, That can’t be real! Well, Courtney Allen, our New Mexico winner IS ONE OF THOSE WOMEN! And yes, it’s real!

It’s difficult to look past her heavenly hair, but there is so much more to this incredible woman! She is a multimedia journalist for KRQE, where she covers important and breaking stories for her New Mexico locals. In her career she has covered some incredible stories, including a special report called “The R-Word,” which made her an award-winning journalist.

So yes, award-winning hair, award-winning journalism, she does it all and we are SO here for it!

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to bask in all that is Courtney’s hair!

Runner-Up: Brittany Bade

Brittany BadeKRQE has another winner up here, y’all, and this time it’s Brittany Bade as our runner-up! She also has tons of volume and a beautiful blonde shade! She styles it with a side part and curls pushed away from her face, showing off her adorable smile.

There’s so much more than meets the eye with this babe too! She reports for several different stations at different times, so she gets to report and a ton of stories! Most important though? Once she got to bring her dog to work and report with him!! Sign me up!

To see more of her gorgeous self and of her dog, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

New York

Best Hair: Dana Arschin

Dana ArschinUmm, so she’s also a flying trapeze and juggling instructor. In New York, I might add (Like where does something like that exist in the city?). I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Our New York winner for best hair, Dana Arschin, reports for FOX 5. She’s won awards for reporting and actually found her passion for journalism when she was chosen to report for her elementary school’s first-ever news station.

Okay, back to the reason why we’re here. You know when you regret dying your hair lighter and you wonder what it would have looked like if you never added bleach to it? Dana’s hair is it. Her healthy hair has a true shine to it that can only mean she’s never damaged it. So next time you’re thinking of going lighter, do yourself a favor and find Dana’s photo to talk you out of it.

We had a quick interview with Dana Arschin’s to learn about her hair tips and tricks!

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Dana Arschin: I switched to all-natural products last year. It’s a bit pricey, but my shampoo and conditioner are from Rocky Mountain Soup Company. They’re toxin-free and made from all-natural ingredients. I love how they smell. At the moment I’m using the Rosemary Minflt Stimulating Shampoo & Wild Kindness Conditioner (with Abyssinian & coconut oil)

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Dana Arschin: My dad for his crazy thick hair and my mom for her stick-straight non-frizzy hair. I got the lucky combo!

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Dana Arschin: I try to let my hair air-dry as much as possible. Avoiding heat will keep your hair stronger, healthier, and shinier.

For New York news and cute pictures of her new baby, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Mary Calvi

Mary CalviOur New York runner-up, Mary Calvi, is the morning and noon anchor for CBS 2. Her stunning highlights and Farrah Fawcett-esque style make it hard to believe she’s not a hair model. Wait, is that a thing?

Mary doesn’t need another job though. She’s won SIX Emmy Awards, reported UNDERWATER (you read that right), found a missing person, and even provided coverage during the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center.

Impressed? I’m not done: she also wrote a novel about the first president’s love, titled Dear George, Dear Mary: A Novel of George Washington’s First Love. I wonder when she has time to replicate Farrah Fawcett’s do, but I’d like to think she has a hairdresser by her side at all times.

Wondering what could possibly be next? Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to witness her greatness.

North Carolina

Best Hair: Alyssa Rae

Alyssa RaeAlyssa Rae is our North Carolina winner and CBS 17’s Sports Anchor and Reporter. Have you ever seen a sports-loving lady more beautiful than Alyssa? I think not!

Her color? Out of this world! Her layers? Gimme all of them! Her length? I wish! Her shine? Yes, please! Like, how is it even possible to have it all? I’m not sure, but Alyssa does!

She fell in love with sports at a young age and has since spent her life and career involved with them. She specifically loves football the most and mostly reports on it. Dedicating her career to it paid off because she’s won several awards such as “most outstanding sports coverage” and “best sportscast.”

And now, she can add Best Hair to her awards list! Can we give an award out for dog posts too? Because if so, she’s got that one on lock!

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all things sports, hair, and dog!

Runner-Up: Elaina Athans

Elaina AthansElaina Athans is our North Carolina runner-up, but no runner-up in life! She is a proud first-generation American and reporter for ABC 11 as a general assignment reporter. She provides extensive coverage of important stories to her locals and looks great doing it!

Her gracefully layered style frames her face beautifully and the rich dark brown color is truly envy-inducing. What’s her secret you may ask? Let’s find out!

When asked about her hair care routine and receiving this award, this is what Athans had to say:

“I don’t use anything crazy or expensive – just good old fashion drug store available products! I’m loyal to Tresemme. I use their shampoo and Moroccanoil smoothing conditioner, which I find has the right about of oil to tame away the frizz. I also refrain from using hairspray (shocker, I know…especially for news folks), but I don’t want the chemicals to strip away oils in my hair and cause damage. My hair is naturally curly, so I let it air-dry every morning and then hit it with a one-inch barrel to clean up unruly curls. And lastly, I’d like to thank my mom and grandmother, who were BOTH hairdressers and had me in the salon at an early age teaching me random tricks of the trade.”

For incredible foodie pics and important stories, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Co-Runner-Up: Morgan Norwood

Morgan NorwoodNorth Carolina has so much great hair, it was hard to pick just two! That’s why we have our co-runner-up Morgan Norwood. We just couldn’t resist her subtle balayage and long layers. Her deep side part and large barrel curls got her here and she’s here to stay.

Morgan is an award-winning reporter for ABC 11 and a native to the area, so you know she has a passion for her storytelling to her community. She shares meaningful and impactful stories, all the while gracing us with her beauty.

When she’s not reporting, she’s singing at her beloved church or running around with her Nikon camera taking beautiful photos of her home State.

To see more storytelling and beautiful photos, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

North Dakota

Best Hair: Hope Sisk

Hope SiskI’ve always had a thing for women named Hope, and this Hope doesn’t let me down! Our North Dakota winner has hair of the goddesses, giving us all hope for ourselves. Her whimsical curls and perfectly curated highlights are what she’s here for!

Hope is is an early bird, anchoring Country Morning Today for KFYR and can also be found reporting during the afternoon AND on her very own weekly segment, Homegrown with Hope- how fitting.

You already think she does it all? Just wait, she’s also a new mother to a baby girl and is a dog Mom. How can one do everything and have magical hair?

Hope. Hope is how and Hope is killin’ it one blowout at a time.

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to see more of our North Dakota Winner!

Runner-Up: Raya Quttaineh

Raya QuttainehRaya Quttaineh is our runner-up for North Dakota, but I promise you, not a runner-up in life. She is worldly and so is her luscious hair. Her rich-colored and thick hair traveled with Raya from where she was born, in Jordan, to the States and beyond. She even spent some time writing for a newspaper in London.

She’s currently sharing stories as a news reporter for KVRR and we all are rooting for you, girl!

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and cheer her on as she embarks in a new city and with a new job!


Best Hair: Homa Bash

Homa BashHoma Bash is a Reporter and Anchor for WEWS and our winner for Best Hair in Ohio. Her hair is thick, healthy, and natural enough to make everyone else jealous!

She’s way more than just her envy-inducing hair though. She reports early in the mornings on Saturdays and Sundays- which is enough of an award itself- and tells important and breaking news stories to her locals.

Imagine this: You wake up groggy on a slow Sunday morning and your coffee pot is working its magic to bring you life. You turn your TV on and flip through channels to find something to watch and BAM there’s Homa, with her big smile and silky smooth hair. Suddenly you don’t need your coffee anymore and your whole day is made.

In a brief interview, this is what Homa Bash had to say:

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Homa Bash: Big Sexy Hairspray.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Homa Bash: Mom & Dad, & Indian Genes.

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Homa Bash: Take it easy, less is more. 😉

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, seriously, I promise you, it will be the best decision of your Sunday morning!

Runner-Up: Remeisha Shade

Remeisha ShadeOur runner-up, Remeisha Shade, is a broadcast meteorologist and a figure skater, so she’s basically way cooler than any of us. You can see her doing weather forecasts for the weekend evening shows for ABC 5 Cleveland and doing really cool tricks on ice skates on her Instagram page.

Okay, okay, the reason she made it here though, is her good-looking hair! While on-screen or skating through life, she’s embracing her long, wavy, unique-red-colored hair. It’s definitely another reason to envy her. She also competed in the Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant, so there’s that.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll get weather updates, but also witness her greatness on ice.

Co-Runner-Up: Darlene Hill

Darlene HillYou may be asking yourself, “What’s in Ohio?” but if you learn anything about the State, it’s that there are so many beautiful anchorwomen that we had to add a co-runner up. Meet Darlene Hill, NBC 4’s evening anchor and someone who can rock a pixie cut so eloquently, you suddenly want to cut all your hair off.

She doesn’t just have award-winning hair either, our co-runner up has won several awards for journalism too. In her career, she’s covered stories like the 2008 Presidential Inauguration and the Democratic National Convention. Both her kids are in college currently, so I think it’s safe to say she’s an award-winning mom too.

For award-winning stories and hair, follow Darlene on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Best Hair: Jasmine Anderson

Jasmine AndersonIt’s difficult to say what’s most beautiful about Jasmine: her hair or her smile. Or could it be her cute dog? Or possibly her infectious presence. No matter what we say, her hair won her the spot as our winner for Oklahoma.

Jasmine Anderson anchors Good Day Oklahoma in the mornings, so if you’re in Oklahoma and lucky enough to start your day with her, just know that the entire world is jealous of you.

Outside of her big smile and hair, Jasmine is incredibly talented and driven. She once learned how to solo anchor, enterprise, shoot, write, edit, and produce an entire newscast. When she’s not following her passions, she’s hanging out with her little sister and posting pics of her dog, so to get your Jasmine fix, be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Robin Marsh

Robin MarshRobin Marsh is the News Anchor for KWTV, an Inspirational Speaker, an Author, a Mom, AND our runner-up for best hair in Oklahoma. I’m not quite sure where to even begin, but what I can say, is she’s definitely deserving of this award.

Her side bangs, highlights, and layers give her the perfect look to rock while doing literally EVERYTHING. How does she have time to have the most beautiful hair and be a modern-day Superwoman? We may never know!

Throughout her career, which started in 1983, she has reported top national stories, won awards, given incredible speeches, and rocked just about every popular hairstyle. Robin, we appreciate you and thank you for your service!

She recently got a new puppy, so you should definitely follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She may even switch up her hair again, so you won’t want to miss that!


Best Hair: Elizabeth Dinh

Elizabeth DinhElizabeth Dinh calls Portland home but before she could be seen reporting on Fox 12, she reported for news channels in Texas, Florida, and Seattle. We’re not quite sure how her hair made it through all different types of climates, but her thick and beautiful mane brought her to be our Oregon winner!

What did we like most about Elizabeth’s hair? Short, long, dark, light, you name it, she’s done it, and she’s rocked every style! She’s also no stranger to winning and having perfect curls because she won the 2003-2004 Miss Teen Asian American Texas Pageant.

We can’t say it was her 7 brothers that brought her all the way to the top, or the fact that she is a proud pug mom, but what we can say is that she obviously knows what she’s doing with her beachy strands.

Follow her hair and journalism journey on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and please, for everyone’s sake, ask her to post more pictures of her dog.

Runner-Up: Velena Jones

Velena JonesVelena Jones is our runner-up for Oregon and a news reporter for KOIN 6. Her show-stopping hair is thick, luscious, long, and looks good regardless of its style. She can be seen wearing it straight with loose curls or down in its natural curly state. Either way, we are LIVING for it!

Velena is an award-winning reporter and covered some really incredible stories! She was even the first reporter to get an exclusive jail interview with Joseph Jakubowski.

She believes in the power of journalism to inspire, impact, and be the voice for those most in need. And Velena, we feel the same way about your hair. It inspires us, impacts us, and is the hair for women who need it most.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for some pretty epic photos of her and her hair.


Best Hair: Brittany Garzillo

Brittany GarzilloSomeone call Disney right now! Brittany Garzillo liiiiterally looks like she came straight out of her own Disney Princess movie. Not a flyaway can be found from our Pennsylvania winner’s perfect head of hair. Her balayage gives her hair color in ALL the right places.

Her locks have graced the stations of PBS 39, NBC 10, WFMZ, documentary production rooms, and is now the traffic reporter for WGAL 8. Not just her hair is award-winning either, she’s won an Emmy Award and a Woman of Style Award. And honestly, we can’t say we’re surprised.

We also need to take a moment to thank her husband for being the BEST Instagram husband around. He captures photos of Brittany for everyone lucky enough to follow her on Instagram and has proven to us all, that her hair can look good even when she’s working out.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Instagram. You won’t regret it, promise!

Runner-Up: Kelly Sasso

Kelly SassoKelly Sasso, our runner-up and Pittsburgh’s morning traffic and breaking news anchor. She may just be the most important person in the City! She dishes on record-breaking temperature lows and traffic tips for morning commuters.

While she’s reporting the real important stuff, she’s also rocking the most perfect face-framing bob. Now, I’m not usually one for a bob, but Kelly rocks it so well, that I think I’d actually be down to cut my hair short!

All jokes aside, Kelly seems to have lived many lifetimes! While living in Orlando during an internship, her job on the side was portraying a Disney Princess at Disney World. She’s also won several awards for special projects and even produced and reported her very own 30-minute special chronicle.

When asked what she uses to style this jaw-dropping good hair, here’s what Kelly had to say:

“I use all Wella Brilliance products for washing, conditioning, and leave-in smoothing. I use Not Your Mother’s Girl powder for extra poof (which all newswomen need). I use Kenra texture spray and hairspray for styling products. I use the Voloom and Tyme Iron for styling tools.”

She continued with who she would like to thank and her other hair styling secrets:

“I would like to thank the awesome all-female morning news team at WTAE for being my partners-in-crime for beauty tips and for their being strong female role models personally and professionally. I’m positive I’m 25 years late to the game on this one, but my discovery of texture spray this year has been a game-changer! It picks up where hairspray leaves off as far hold and style. Go for the Kenra!

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-t0-date on her reports and to fall in love with a bob.

Co-Runner-Up: Nydia Han

 Nydia HanHere we have a modern-day Mulan! This Mulan’s name is Nydia Han and our co-runner-up. We’re saying she’s a modern-day Mulan because she is fighting against hate, ignorance, and discrimination. She and her jet-black mane empower the world around her.

Her epic hair and determination lead her to the Tedx stage, a woman empowerment series, and her most influential work yet, #thisisamerica, a docuseries she created that dives into the issues of race, discrimination, and bias.

Her hair can usually be found on ABC 6 as a consumer investigative reporter, so you KNOW she does her proper research on which hair products to use and if they are good companies to support. Someone tell her to do a story on THAT.

Her hair shines so much, it’s like a superhero power that blinds any and every villain.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram just so you can be in the presence of a real hero.

Rhode Island

Best Hair: Shiina LoSciuto

Shiina LoSciutoShiina LoSciuto is rocking her natural hair color that deserves mad respect! Her hair doesn’t need any extra color or volume to be just PERFECT. Get this, she was born in Alaska, went to college in Hawaii, and now calls New England her home. That means her hair was able to adapt amazingly well to different altitudes and temperatures.

Our Rhode Island winner currently reports for WPRI, where she and her gorgeous hair are at the scene of the crime at all hours of the day. How is it possible that every time she gets on camera, her hair is perfect? We may never be lucky enough to know.

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What we do know though, is that she’s loved telling stories ever since she was a kid and that Rhode Island locals are truly lucky to have her.

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook so you can be as lucky as the people she locally reports to.

Runner Up: Alison Bologna

Alison BolognaMornings in Rhode Island and best started off with a hair flip from NBC’s very own, Alison Bologna. Our runner-up has been voted best morning female net anchor. Every. Single. Year. Since 2016.

Her shiny-healthy-face-framing hair’s closest neighbor is her brain, which got her on the Dean’s list at Harvard. She’s quite a scholastic woman and also owns a yoga studio and a non-profit.

Alison has brains, beauty, and Betty. Betty is her super cute dog that can be found being posted just about every other post on social media.

To see more of Betty, and our runner-up, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


South Carolina

Best Hair: Alexis Frazier

Alexis FrazierWe got Alexis Fabulous Frazier taking the #1 spot for best hair in South Carolinaaa! She struts in front of the camera with her hair straightened, in loose curls, in braids, and everything in between, and she serves IT!

She is the weekend anchor for ABC Columbia and absolutely kills it. She genuinely loves telling stories that are important to her viewers.

She is a boss babe that also loves reporting about pop culture and politics. Alexis is all about sharing her successes and failures and being as vulnerable as possible in hopes of inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook to be completely inspired by her.

Runner-Up: Carrie Weimer

Carrie WeimerCarrie Weimer is a multi-media journalist for FOX Carolina and is our South Carolina runner-up! In her about section on Facebook, she wrote, “Everybody has a story. I want to tell yours.” Lucky for Carrie, she’s truly living that dream.

Her good soul and passion will keep her in our minds, but what got her here? Her epic hair! You can’t see it in this pic, but she’s rocking a mohawk. I’m not sure what’s more epic, her mohawk or her icy blonde color.  It’s the type of color we usually go to Pinterest for to look for inspo to give our stylist.

Want to get this short and trendy look? We asked the expert herself.

GGH: What products do you use in your hair?

Carrie Weimer: Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner. Purple Shampoo for when my blonde gets brassy. Kevin Murphy Freehold Styling Paste, and Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Carrie Weimer: My father who definitely passed down his wild hair to me. Also, the 2 stylists who work around my crazy schedule to keep me fresh.

GGH: What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?

Carrie Weimer: Be kind to your hair! If you color, be sure to moisture it, don’t overuse straighteners. Give your head a day off! When you style almost every day, take a day to let it go wild. Last but not least – don’t be afraid to break the mold! People with the same hairdos are boring!!

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

South Dakota

Best Hair: Sophie Heinemann

Sophie HeinemannSophie Heinemann is a native to Keloland, where she is the co-anchor of CBS KELOLAND, This Morning in South Dakota, and our winner for Best Hair. Her beautiful blonde tresses styled in waves cascading away from her face got her noticed for this award.

Being a native, she remembers watching the show with her mom every day before school and now she gets to host on it! If she’s as funny on the show as she is on her social media pages, then Keloland locals have a true treat. Funny and gorgeous, win-win.

When we asked Sophie Heinemann what her go-to hair product was, who she would like to thank for this incredible award, and her best hair tip. This is what she had to say:

Pureology hydration shampoo and conditioner. Being a blonde is exhausting and my hair can always use a drink! I’d like to thank my mom, who has a gorgeous head of thick, shiny, long locks in her 50’s, for passing her good genes down. Shower every day— but do NOT wash your hair every day. Try new things, you might be surprised. If all else fails, they made hats for a reason.”

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a good laugh and important stories.

Runner-Up: Vanessa Gomez

We love a good sleek look and Vanessa Gomez, a reporter for ABC in Sioux Falls, has truly mastered it. Her medium-length hair is the shade of brown, that everyone wishes they could attain. Also, Vanessa, how do you get such straight beautiful hair with no split ends??

Our runner-up is no runner-up in life. She’s originally from Central California and moved to the all-seasons, MidWest and STILL runs outside. I repeat, she still runs outside in the MidWest, as long as it’s about 30 degrees.

Wait… maybe she’s onto something. Maybe that’s her secret for straight and shiny hair?

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and maybe she’ll give us a hair tutorial one day.


Best Hair: Hayley Wielgus

Hayley WielgusA native to Texas, our Tennessee winner Hayley Wielgus, can now be found anchoring for ABC News 2 in Nashville. She could totally pass as a Country Music Star, so it’s no wonder she’s reporting in Music City.

Her caramel locks shine in all the right places and have just enough volume without overdoing it. Her deep side part allows for the other side of her hair to graciously swoop over her forehead, without detracting from her gorgeous facial features.

When she’s not reporting, she’s sporting her winning hair as a member of the Board of Directors for the Special Olympics in Tennessee. It’s meaningful to her, as she previously coached swimming and was a swimmer herself.

Hayley recently found out she’s having a baby girl, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to watch this special journey unfold.

Runner-Up: Nikki Burdine

Nikki BurdineRaven-haired beauty Nikki Burdine is the co-anchor for Good Morning Nashville and our Tennessee runner-up. Her light eyes pop against her rich hair color, and I think we all can agree that we’ve never been more jealous in our lives. Thin hair is no worry to this one either, her luscious locks are super thick.

She’s covered major stories all over America, but the stories of Tennessee locals are her favorite to report on. This love stems from being a Tennessee native and truly loves reporting for her home State. She has an award-winning passion for journalism and love for animals, volunteering for the Humane Society.

For cute photos of rescued animals and Nikki’s piercing eyes, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Best Hair: Julie Hays

Julie Hays Alright y’all, we made it to Texas where they say the hair is BIG, and so is everything else? Our winner for best hair, Julie Hays, is just that: big hair, big heart, and big personality!

KWTX sure is lucky to call her their very own Evening Anchor and Reporter for the past 16 years! She uses her platform to make a positive difference in the lives of Central Texans, doing a ton of philanthropic work in her community.

She’s used to winning awards too, like an Emmy Award and multiple Edward R. Murrow awards for her journalism. What brought her here today though, is her stunning golden blonde hair. Volume. Check. Layers. Check. Looks great curled, straight, or up. Check, check, check!

She’s a mom, a voice for her community and she still has the most Texas hair. She does it all and we are sooooo here for it!

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for great storytelling, great hair, and cute photos of her and her family.

Runner-Up: Allie Spillyards

Allie SpillyardsTexas is a huge state with several news channels, but it was easy to pick Allie Spillyards as our runner-up for best hair! She’s a Texas native with the big hair to prove it.

Allie is a general assignment reporter for NBC 5 during the week at 10 pm. She has traveled all around the nation reporting national stories, all the while keeping true to her Texas hair.

She has the most beautiful golden balayage and face-framing layers that cascade in curls just past her shoulders. In every photo you see, her hair is perfectly curated and definitely pageant material.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see more photos of her cute self and to know more about important happenings in Texas.


Best Hair: Ali Monsen

Ali Monsen Ali Monsen is a journalist, reporter, and tv show host at ABC 4 Utah and our Utah winner for best hair.

This girl wore a braid and killed it! She clearly has long, thick braid-worthy hair. Not to mention, her profile pic on her social media accounts is of her rocking a messy bun. Might I just add, not any ol’ messy bun either, the ones you go to Pinterest for and can’t manage to do yourself.

Outside of her luscious locks, she’s a true gem! She was born and raised in Utah and she is following her passion of reporting in her home state. She’s received multiple awards from The Society of Professional Journalists and stays busy doing freelance work.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for some good laughs and serious hair envy! I can’t promise that she’ll teach us her ways with that braid and messy bun, but it’s a good place to go for those pictures you show your hairdresser for inspo.

Runner0Up: Heidi Hatch

Heidi HatchOur Utah runner-up is the Anchor of KUTV 2 News in the evenings and in her own words, a “fashionista, vegan and gluten-free, and a mom of 2 cute kids.” And ya know what, I believe it all!

A quick scroll through her social media page supports the above flawlessly. Throughout you will see photos of her loving, and cute, family, her thin frame in the highest fashion of outfits, and of course, her blonde bob stands out in them all.

Seriously though Heidi, how do you get your hair to be such a beautiful shade of blonde? Please do share your secrets or your hairdresser’s number!

Aside from her award-winning hair, she is an award-winning reporter and truly loves what she does.  Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram I promise you, you won’t regret it one bit!


Best Hair: Erin Brown

Erin BrownErin’s Twitter bio says, “Domestic violence advocate. Cat Mom, Sushi enthusiast.” If that’s not enough to be a winner in our hearts, I don’t what else would be!

Erin Brown is a reporter for WCAX and the winner for best hair in Vermont. Her rich dark-colored hair has the volume and shine of champions and is the perfect length for her beautiful face. Erin, how do you do it?!

She can be seen on the screen both reporting from behind the desk and reporting on-site where the stories are unfolding. And yes, you’re right. Her hair looks put together in all types of weather.

She’s passionate about journalism and it definitely shows. She spent time learning from behind the camera and even reported stories that made national news. Any State that has gotten the chance to witness Erin’s reporting, and of course her hair, sure is lucky.

To get to know this amazing person more, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Runner-Up: Alexandra Montgomery

Alexandra Montgomery Vermont’s WCAX is at it again, this time with Alexandra Montgomery, their morning Anchor and our runner-up. Alexandra shares her passions with her Vermont locals while anchoring important local stories and reporting on environmental issues in the area.

Lucky for them, they get to wake up every morning to Alexandra’s shiny, wavy hair! Her curls hug her face beautifully, making her smile pop. You know who else gets to benefit from her hair and smile? Her cute baby boy who just celebrated his first snowstorm. Imagine looking up at Alexandra’s face every time you wake up from a nap?!

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the weather and Vermont stories, AND to watch her cute baby boy grow up.


Best Hair: Cheryl Nelson

Cheryl NelsonYOU GUYS! Our winner for best hair in Virginia has her holding an umbrella as her profile picture on all of her social media pages and I CANNOT EVEN handle it! She’s absolutely adorable and it goes without saying, has the most beautiful blonde hair.

Are you guys ready to be blown away? Cheryl Nelson is a TV Host for News 3, a certified broadcast meteorologist, and a public speaker about national disaster preparedness. So put that in your coffee and drink it!

She does it all and it’s difficult to even fit an appropriate amount of words in this paragraph about how amazing she is, so we will just leave it at this. Well, and it should be mentioned that she has cats. She couldn’t get any better.

We went right to the source to learn more about Cheryl Nelson and her award-winning hair! Here is what she had to say:

“I live by Davines and Unite hair products. I love Unite’s leave-in conditioning spray “7 seconds” and their purple shampoo and conditioner (purple is a must for keeping my blonde highlights bright). I also love Davines Oi conditioning mask, Oi Oil and Alchemic (silver) conditioner. I finish everything off with Davines medium-hold hairspray.

AOC Hair Salon in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA introduced me to these game-changing hair products and always keep my hair looking healthy, and my color looking fresh.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but the less I wash my hair, the healthier it is and better it looks! Per the recommendation of AOC Salon, I only wash my hair 1-2 times per week. Since I rely on my hair straightener and curling iron, the less often I need to put heat on my hair, the better. Additionally, and although this was a struggle at first, I’ve now accepted the fact that it’s better for my hair to get blonde highlights every other appointment (every ten weeks instead of every five weeks). After going through years of hair breakage, my hair is now healthier and fuller than ever.”

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: April Woodward

April WoodardNews 3 knows exactly what they’re doing! Our runner-up April Woodward is back in Virginia and joining their team as the host of Coast Live. Viewers sure are lucky to see her standout cut and highlights when they tune in. Whether it’s straight in a fohawk or curled, her hair is epic and matches her personality perfectly.

If you’re wondering where you could have possibly seen her before, it’s likely on your screens hosting for national channels like Inside Edition and BET. She’s a Pop culture expert with very fitting hair and we’re all just living in April’s world.

Want to know more about pop culture or just want to stare in amazement at her hair? Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Co-Runner-Up: Megan Woods

Megan WoodsVirginia just had too much to offer us, so we had to add Megan Woods as our co-runner-up! Megan reports for WSLS 10 News and you can find her both behind the desk and on-site sharing the more important local stories.

In the most appropriate fashion, to this competition at least, her hair always looks dressed to the 9, regardless of the weather outside. Megan, your cut, color, and style is always on point and I think everyone could agree with me when I say, we will definitely tune in for it.

It’s not just the hair that we’ll be tuning in for though, her reporting drips with passion and eloquence. Follow her on Facebook to stay up-to-date and to see more of her marvelous self.


Best Hair: Ali Bradley

Ali BradleyOur Washington State Winner, Ali Bradley, is a true hair goddess. I’m feeling all kinds of Daenerys here, amirite?! Her long, wavy, and icy blonde hair is the kind of stuff that fairy tales are written from.

I know it’s hard to talk about anything other than her hair, but let’s chat real quick about how awesome of a person she is, too. She’s a Washington native, so nothing makes her happier than being in her home State reporting as the morning anchor for Q13 Fox.

Ready to die a little? She shared, “They [her family] are an always have been a priority for me, and the fact that my pop-pop can watch me on his favorite news station from the comfort of his home fills my heart.” Ummmm, yeah, Ali, YOU fill our hearts with your loving heart.

Keep up with her life and really get to know her because let’s face it, you need a little Ali in your life, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her beauty and goddess-like hair is just a bonus!

Runner-Up: Amy Clancy

Amy ClancyAmy Clancy is our Washington runner-up, but truly, not a runner-up in life. Amy is a reporter and anchor for KIRO 7, where she actually started as an intern in 1988! Her first five years with KIRO were spent behind the camera as a producer, before growing into the position she has now and has held for over 10 years.

It’s no shock that she received worldwide attention and a regional Emmy Award for her investigation into overheating iPods. It’s also no shock that she made it here with us, just look at her picture! There are not many people that can rock her hairstyle, but she does it with such ease. There are probably many people out there that have tried but failed.

Amy rocks her unattainable hairstyle across our screens, but she and her hair can also be found golfing, skiing, and reading around Seattle.

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Washington, D.C.

Best Hair: Lauryn Froneberger

Lauryn FronebergerLauryn Froneberger is a digital editor for WUSA9 and our winner for Best Hair in Washington, D.C. Lauryn is astoundingly beautiful and her hair only makes her even more so. It’s long, it’s shiny, and it looks beautiful in any style she puts it in.

Dressing her hair in perfect fashion isn’t her only talent either. Apparently, she knows everything about what’s happening in the entertainment world and has a keen eye for trending memes and GIFS.

“Lauryn also hopes to someday use her journalism experience and her leadership capabilities to highlight and raise awareness to the economic and racial disparities faces by people of color.” which I directly took from her bio on WUSA9, because it was just too good not to share.

Not only do we need to see Lauryn in all her hair glory, but we need her in our world because she has a big heart and big dreams and is going to make it happen!

To watch her epicness unfold, follow her on Facebook.

Runner-Up: Eun Yang

Eun YangEun Yang is our runner-up for Washington D.C., but no runner-up in life. She anchors News 4 Today, for which she won an Emmy Award! Since 2010, she has reported breaking news, severe weather, and major D.C. stories.

Even though she was born in Seoul, Korea, she is a native to the D.C. area after moving there when she was 3. He’s living her dreams and passions out and serving stories to her Hometown.

Let’s not forget that her hair is a dream itself. It’s shiny, healthy. the purest black color, and seriously looks good in any style she puts it in. Eun, please do share what your secret is- we’re all dying to know.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for more award-winning journalism and to hopefully catch her hair secrets. Also! If you do, you’ll see photos of her adorable dog. He has jet black hair like her!

West Virginia

Best Hair: Anna Tarullo

Anna TarulloYes, I know you need a second to take in all her beauty. Here you go.

If we were to compare Anna Tarullo, our West Virginia winner, and Megan Fox, I think we all could agree that Megan Fox would take second place. Her hair is dark and shiny and totally brings out her eyes. Anna, just do us all a favor, if your hair is natural, just don’t tell us cause that’d be a good reason to just give up on our looks.

Okay, so Anna isn’t just beautiful, she’s incredibly smart and is the sports reporter for WOWK 13 News. She dishes on all things sports-related and has done so throughout her career.

When she’s tweeting about sports, you can find her listening to Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, and anything Motown. So yes, it is possible for her to get even cooler!

I know you want to see more of her, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Jennifer Abney

Jennifer AbneyWOWK 13 News brought us another beauty! News Anchor, Jennifer Abney, is our West Virginia runner-up. Her gorgeously highlighted hair with that deep side part and curled ends is something we can definitely stand behind. It’s giving me the infamous Jennifer Aniston look and I am SO here for it!

Not only does he have award-winning hair, but the amount of awards she’s won for anchoring is astounding! Only to mention a few, she’s won “Best Anchor,” “Best Series,” and “Best Feature.” Her anchoring is incomparable and West Virginia locals should be grateful that they get to tune into her for important news stories.

Outside of reporting with her fabulous hair, she once raised more than $10,000 for the Salvation Army. At home, you can find her with her kids, a dog named Hula, and a cat named Bella.

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with her award-winning storytelling and hopefully, she’ll share more photos of her kids.


Best Hair: Eden Checkol

Eden CheckolI know what you’re thinking… “Is she real?” I thought the same thing when I first came upon Eden Checkol, our Wisconsin winner for best hair. Her fairytale looks are unmatched and her head of hair is only something that could be written about, IN a fairytale. I read in her bio that she loves to sing, which further supports the idea that she needs to be her very own Disney Princess.

Another thing that I read in her bio is that her Dad was a journalism professor and growing up, they’d discuss current events and watch the news together. Obviously, that had something to do with her career path. It also makes me question my conversations with my Dad- we always talked about airplanes and watched Family Guy. To each their own I suppose.

Eden followed her passion for journalism and is currently anchoring the early morning news for WISN. I know you want to see more of her, so be sure to tune in, if you can manage waking up at 4:30 am, OR just follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Runner-Up: Megan Wolfe

Morgan WolfeOur Wisconsin runner-up, Megan Wolfe, is the weekend morning anchor and weekday night anchor for NBC15, so she’s busy and a true hero to us all. She has a busy schedule and still manages to have some gorgeous hair. Megan, we’d love a tutorial for the curls. Please and thank you!

With her stylish hair, Megan has covered plenty of national stories. Her favorite broadcast memory was reporting live from her home state of Minnesota for Super Bowl 52. Megan is passionate about ending hunger in the U.S. and posting adorable photos of her dog Ralph.

She also posts some really great content, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You will not regret hitting those follow buttons!

Co-Runner-Up: Suzanne Spencer

Suzanne SpencerWisconsin gives us the Packers, the snow, and too many beautiful women with beautiful hair! We had to make a co-runner-up spot for Suzanne Spencer. I mean, seriously, look at this picture. Would you deny that volume and color a spot in our Best Hair competition? I think not!

Suzanne is a Reporter and Anchor for FOX6 with an unending passion for journalism. Her Twitter bio says, “In pursuit of capturing moments and getting to the truth.” I think we can all agree, we’re all here trying to get to the truth behind her hair regime. Amiright?!

FOX6 viewers sure are lucky to have her. She’s got the passion and the hair to be the most perfect reporter and anchor. For epic storytelling and to keep up with Suzanne’s journey, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If we’re lucky, maybe she’ll report on what she does to keep her hair so camera-ready!


Best Hair: Kerjan Bianca

Kerjan BiancaKerjan Bianca is the Morning News Anchor for KGWN TV and our winner for best Hair for Wyoming. Her balayage is outside of the norm and we are so living for it! I hope my hairdresser is able to replicate it when I bring this photo to her this weekend! Let’s not forget to mention her cut and style! Absolutely beautiful and so fitting for her beautiful face.

Kerjan, with her cool name and envy-inducing hair, struts across Wyoming locals’ screens and straight into their hearts, and now ours. She fell in love with journalism at a young age and spent much of her childhood and adolescence learning everything she possibly could. She’s new to the KGWN team and we’re all rooting for her success!

Want to learn more about Kerjan Bianca and her hair secrets? Here is what she had to say:

“I use L’Oréal Professionals shampoo and Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydra Source conditioner (obsessed!). A few times a month, I’ll add a little Agadir Argan oil for some extra shine.

For this hair award, I’d like to thank my dad. He’s got the best hair in the game and still rocks it to this day. Also, I’d like to thank avocados (lol, but seriously). Avocados are super high in nutrients like Vitamin E and I think they’re one of the best-kept hair secrets.

Lately, I’m obsessed with this new Ghd Platinum+ Straightener. It makes this little beep when it turns on, and I know some good styling is about to go down and it just gives the silkiest finish. Also, can’t live without my purple Hot Tools curler (1 1/4 inch barrel).

For styling, I think it looks great to straighten the top part of your hair and add some nice natural waves with your curler at the ends to frame your face! ????”

Follow her on Facebook to watch her soar in her career!

Runner-Up: Bobbee Russel

Bobbee RusselBobbee Russel may be our Wyoming runner-up for her hair, but she’s a winner in my eyes for having the coolest name and the funniest tweets.

She graduated from college this year and just recently joined KCWY News 13, so she has very little information about herself online. As previously mentioned though, we love a good mystery!

Something we do know about her is that her hair is a beautiful blonde and in the only photos we could find, she has the most perfect curls. If it’s from a curling iron, Bobbee, please share with us which size you used!

Bobbee, we look forward to watching your growth in reporting and wish you the absolute best!

When we asked Bobbee Russel what her go-to hair products were, she said, “I use Kristen Ess shampoo and conditioner, Paul Mitchell neon sugar twist tousling cream, and Tresemme heat protectant.” She continued, “I would like to thank my parents and all of my friends that convinced me to start coloring my hair. I truly owe this to them.”

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook and cheer her on as she continues on her journey!

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