2017 HAIRRYs Local Newswomen
The Hairrys

Local Newswomen With The Best Hair 2017 | The HAIRRY-Awards

2017 HAIRRYs | Local Newswomen

It has been more than two years since the last Local Newswomen HAIRRY-Awards. That is not acceptable.

The HAIRRYs, after all, are the most important indicator of journalistic success. It is the only award that matters. It defines careers. It defines an entire lifetime.

Earlier this year, we celebrated the hunks of local news and their fabulous heads of hair.

And now that they are out of the way, it is time to get to the ladies.

Let us tell you…

The competition. Was. Fierce!

There are SO MANY women in local news with fabulous, oh-em-gee-I-can’t-even-handle-it, hair!

But first…

What are The HAIRRYs?

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it.

There are no nominations, no voting, and no turning back.

As hair experts, we scour multiple images and videos from all of our potential winners. Then we consult with other stylists and creatives in the field to eventually narrow it down to one HAIRRY Winner and one HAIRRY Runner-Up.

Our Criteria For Great Hair

When choosing our recipients, we look for the following characteristics:

  • Full hair, no signs of thinning
  • Current/Trendy Styling
  • Natural Colors (girl, you may look good in blue, but this is journalism. Natural colors, please!)
  • Complimentary to the overall look and facial features

We do not consider whether or not it is dyed, ironed, real or fake, grey or blonde, long or short. We also do not take into consideration the level of facial attractiveness of the recipient. We only look at the hair’s overall hair quality.

How We Chose The HAIRRY Recipients

First, we listed all of the local TV stations in the state. (Y’all – you should see the number of spreadsheets and Google docs we use for this thing. INSANE!)

Then, we pulled the headshots of all the on-air talent from each station. (It all starts with a good headshot. This cannot be overstated. If your headshot sucks, we move on. With thousands of women to go through – we can’t put on our investigative journalist hats and find your Match.com profile for a good headshot.)

Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four factors mentioned above. When available, we looked at social media profiles (and reels) to get a more accurate assessment of the hair.

Finally, through much deliberation and comparison, we picked our winner (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up(s).

We repeated that process for each state.

This process took us about 200 hours of combined labor. The women take longer than the men because there are just more women in the local news, and pretty much all of them have great hair! There are fewer male on-air talent, and many of them are bald or obvious non-winners. Ladies, you made this a very trying task…per usual.

Some Fun Statistics

  • NBC was the most nominated network with 29 HAIRRY-Award recipients.
  • CBS was close behind with 28 recipients.
  • ABC had 25 recipients.
  • FOX had 10 recipients.
  • CW had 3
  • The remaining recipients came from independent stations.
  • California, Texas, Illinois, and Florida had the highest number of newswomen with exceptional hair.

The 2017 HAIRRYs go to…


Wow! We are starting strong with a ton of great contenders in Alabama. Special shoutout to Jordyn Elston from WSFA. Rock that natural hair, girl!  Also, NBC meteorologist, Stephanie Walker, has hair worth mentioning. Work it out, Y’all!

Best Hair: Kierra Powell

best-hair-kierra-powellKierra Powell’s hair, like her, is full of personality. There’s a liveliness in her curly locks that are clearly lovingly nurtured and gracefully styled. As a reporter for WVTM 13 in Birmingham, she covers stories ranging from heartwarming to heart-wrenching, and regardless of whether she’s wearing her hair straight or natural, she gets the job done with style. When she’s not posting about more serious local stories, Kierra loves to shine a spotlight on dogs and puppies in need of loving homes. Something about Kierra and her gorgeous curls tells us she’s a woman who has both the stomach for the tough stuff and a big heart for the soft stuff. There was absolutely no doubt that Kierra and her beautiful bouncy locks deserved first place for the Alabama HAIRRY! (We would give you her Twitter – but according to the station’s website at the time of writing, it has been “suspended.” Kierra, do tell! We love some drama!)


Runner-up: Sarah Cantey


Sarah Cantey, a reporter for the CBS42 News Team, has always been passionate about reporting the weather. Having long pursued a path in meteorology at Mississippi State University, she’s now a valuable member of the CBS42 Storm Track Weather team. With a background like that, it’s little wonder why Sarah’s hair has that effortlessly windswept look; perhaps it’s all that time spent chasing storms. More likely, this ‘do takes quite a bit of time tending to. Her caramel locks and blonde highlights seem to shine in all the right places, accentuating her seemingly sun-kissed waves. Is it any wonder how Sarah landed runner-up for the Alabama HAIRRY? When she’s not reporting on the weather, Sarah likes to spend time with her rescued chihuahuas. Check out her Twitter for both timely weather updates and nerd-outs over storms.

What did Cantey have to say about winning the award and creating award-winning hair?

“I use Bumble and Bumble products when I wash my hair. That’s sparingly…I live on dry shampoo (Batiste is my go-to).

I guess I would thank my dad for the natural wave/curl and my mom and grandma for great genes. They don’t have a single gray hair, so I can only hope to be so lucky.

I don’t know if this is a tip, but my hair holds so much better when it isn’t freshly washed! Big Sexy Hairspray and Powder Play are also my two best friends.”



Best Hair: Liz Raines

Liz Raines Best HairThere’s a lot about Liz Raines that is almost too perfect, and her immaculate hair is clearly on the top of the list. A beautiful brunette rocking long, spiraling locks, Liz reports on politics for KTVA. She’s had a well-traveled upbringing. Being a self-confessed ‘military brat,’ she has lived all over the world. Born in Tokyo, studying journalism in Spain, and spending time in France and Belgium, Liz is a jetsetter (and she’s trilingual to boot!) Liz says she’s more than happy to have settled down in Juneau, where she loves to get outdoors and work on side projects, such as the Alaska Immigration for Justice project, as an interpreter and translator. We’re dying to ask Liz about the products she uses to perfect such effortless waves and shine. If you’re reading this, Liz, congrats on your first place HAIRRY! Please tell us your secret!


Runner-up: Caslon Hatch

Caslon-Hatch-red-headCaslon’s seemingly natural red hair (if it’s not, we’re even more astonished) and adorable, melt-worthy smile have won her second place for the Alaskan HAIRRY! Whatever conditioner Caslon is using, we’d like to order it in bulk. Her smooth red locks look like CGI’d hair straight out of a Pantene commercial – but Caslon’s ‘do is the real deal. As co-anchor, and reporter, for the Late Edition at Channel 2 News, Caslon is as versatile as her hair, covering stories ranging from the cute to the deadly serious. Originally from Iowa, Caslon is settling well into Anchorage life, biking around its trails, and eating out at some of its tastiest restaurants.

When asked about receiving this award, Hatch said she uses “basic shampoo and conditioner ” and would like to thank her mom and dad for her “red hair genes.” Her advice to other aspiring HAIRRY-Award winners? “Keep it simple. Too much product looks greasy and expensive hair products are overrated.”

Fun Fact: Andy Nitchman, Hatch’s boyfriend, took home a HAIRRY Runner-Up a few years back! Congrats to this power couple!



Best Hair: Tess Rafols

Tess RafolsWe’re sure that there are plenty of people out there who regularly dream of having hair as voluminous and luxurious as Tess Rafols’. Sitting high on her head like a crown fit for a queen, Tess’s black hair is perfectly highlighted and effortlessly thick. One look at Tess’ mane, is it any wonder she won the first place HAIRRY for Arizona? As a journalist with the Good Morning Arizona team on 3TV, Tess has plenty of experience covering various stories. Still, her favorite type of stories to cover are the human ones, those that touch us personally and help those in need. When she’s not covering important news, you can find Tess raving about her super-dad of a husband and geeking out over good food and coffee. Her other interests include her family, animals, and… sleep. We wonder how she keeps that volume when she hits the hay. Maybe she’s just born with it!

We reached out to Tess for comment, and here’s what she told us:

What products do you use in your hair?
Rafols: Love Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Prime Heat Blowout Primer, Tigi Bed Head After Party, and Sebastian Shaper Hairspray!

Who would you like to thank for this award?
Rafols: Thanks to my parents for good genes and for giving me a thick head of hair! And thanks to Sandy at Cosmos Salon, who styled my hair for 12 years! She recently retired, and her daughter is now my stylist!

What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?
Rafols: I always use a heat protectant before drying my hair. This helps for a smoother blowout and also protects the hair when using a hair straightener. I also believe in starting with a good shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried more economical brands to save money but can quickly tell the difference. I really like the Neuro line from Paul Mitchell.


Runner-up: Andrea Robinson

Andrea RobinsonAndrea Robinson, traffic reporter and feature reporter with the FOX 10 Arizona Morning team, rocks a blonde power bob that almost audibly screams, “I’m the boss!”

We love Andrea’s powerful hair and just had to award her the second place HAIRRY for Arizona. Andrea enjoys a bit of play, being a lover of the finer things in life: great food, good coffee, and delicious wine. Follow her on Instagram for pics of her enviable fitness journey, wine and coffee porn, and her super adorable family.







Best Hair: Donna Terrell

Donna Terrell Best HairEmmy award-winning anchor for FOX16 news, Donna Terrell, has a hairdo that emanates an ethereal glow. With locks that softly cascade over her shoulders like some fairytale waterfall, Donna was a clear winner for the Arkansas HAIRRY. When we’re not fawning over her luscious locks, we’re cheering Donna on for her work on the screen and off. She’s won more awards for her reporting than we care to list here, and she’s done undeniably important work with her nonprofit organization, ‘Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer,’ where she raises money for cancer patients, survivors, and carers who want to take up the therapeutic act of yoga. Donna is as nuanced and layered as her perfect, voluminous ‘do, and not only reports on important stories but writes and emcees! Donna often spotlights the issues that most need it, so she’s well worth following on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Donna Terrell

Erin Hawley Best Hair HAIRRYErin’s impossibly immaculate blonde hair is so well styled, you’d be hard-pressed ever to spot her with a flyaway. Such perfect styling could be the work of the MidDay Arkansas behind-the-scenes team, but even Erin’s more candid family photos show her sporting locks that are impossibly smooth and flowing. We could wax lyrical about Erin’s perfect hair, so it was obvious we had to recognize her ‘do with a second-place HAIRRY for Arkansas. An Emmy-award-winning anchor, Erin stays humble, prioritizing helping her community of Little Rock above much else. She’s also a mother of some seriously adorable babies, and if you love to melt over cute baby photos, then don’t shy away from following her Twitter feed.





Best Hair: Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel Best Hair in CaliforniaThis is Courtney’s second HAIRRY-Award!

Courtney Friel’s casually chic, blindingly blonde, gorgeous waves made her a clear winner for the California HAIRRY. With hair this playful and lustrous, Courtney’s a walking-talking example of blondes having more fun. As a news reporter and anchor with KTLA, Courtney reports on the hard-hitting news, as well as the uplifting stuff. Courtney and her platinum beachy waves are major advocates for sobriety – being 8 years sober herself. She’s recently held a fundraising event called Sexy Sober Sunday, where she held a ballroom brunch, with proceeds going towards those who struggle with addiction. Courtney’s chic hairstyle also fits right into that Hollywood lifestyle after spending time in the past in entertainment reporting. It looks like Courtney is still regularly invited to some of the hottest events in pop culture. If you want to experience serious #FOMO over Courtney’s lavish vacations around the world, and constant meet and greets with the rich and famous, then simply take a scroll through her Instagram.


Runner-Up: Alysha Del Valle

Alysha Del ValleThe runner-up HAIRRY for California goes to Alysha Del Valle, whose big, beautiful, dark mane makes her a total stand out in the crowd. Traffic Anchor and Reporter for NBC4 Southern California’s ‘Today in LA,’ Alysha keeps you up to date with LA’s notorious traffic while simultaneously stealing the show with her knock-out hair and style. Whilst her enviable hair volume is something we could talk about endlessly, it’s important to point out Alysha’s work in giving back to the community. Alysha devotes her energy to where it’s most needed and appreciated, from beach cleanups to working with at-risk youth. A native southern Californian, you can find Alysha spending time with her big extended family or trying to pat every dog she comes across. A big kid at heart, with even bigger hair, Alysha deserves this HAIRRY and more!



Best Hair: Britt Moreno

britt-morenoWhen it comes to rocking that casual, just got out of the surf, beach-wave ‘do, Britt Moreno takes the cake – and in this case, the first place HAIRRY for Colorado! With chocolatey, thick locks, Britt is effortlessly gorgeous as she starts the day anchoring for CBS4 ‘This Morning’ newscast. A total natural beauty, Britt uses her reporting talent to shed light on kids in the foster system who need loving families during her weekly segment, ‘Wednesday’s Child Reporter.’ Britt enjoys going on what she calls ‘lax’ runs, reading plenty of books, and eating all the peanut butter in her downtime. A Broncos fan, Britt cheers her team on even when they’re losing – a total loyal follower. She uses her Twitter to highlight the kids she meets on her weekly segment and draws attention to other important health and human rights issues. Check out Britt’s gorgeously thick hair and her important work by scrolling through her tweets.

Some of Moren’s favorite products include Kerastase shampoo and conditioner and R and Co hairspray.


Runner-up: Amelia Earhart

Amelia-EarhartAmelia Earheart has got that long, gently tousled mermaid look going on with her enviable lengthy waves. Such mythical hair deserves recognition, and that’s why we’ve awarded Amelia with the runner-up up HAIRRY for Colorado. Amelia reports on breaking news, and the traffic, early in the morning for 9NEWS. And no, we haven’t made a mistake – that really is her name! Amelia’s proud to be named after such a kick-ass woman of history. In 2014 Amelia herself completed a flight around the globe in honor of her namesake, so she doesn’t just look phenomenal. She’s the real deal. We like to imagine Amelia’s flowing golden tresses sweeping behind her as she soars through the skies sporting an old-school aviation cap! With a name like hers, Amelia was always going to relish in the turbulence (and look amazing while doing so). You can catch her updates on breaking news and traffic on her Twitter – or simply catch her on 9NEWS.



Best Hair: Noelle Gardner

The first Noelle. 

The Angels did say. 

Her hair was so perfect everyone was like, “hayyyyyyyy.”

Noelle GardnerThis girl has it down, everybody! Noelle Gardner is an investigative reporter for New 8 in Connecticut. Her cut is taking home a HAIRRY, y’all! This blonde superstar has thick, luscious hair that would make anyone jealous. In fact, it’s probably making you jealous right now, isn’t it? Isn’t it?! Don’t worry – you’re still beautiful.

This fill-in anchor, wife, and dog mom is also a world traveler. Check out the latest in Connecticut news and maybe get a few pics of her travels over on her Twitter. Congratulations, Gardner!


Runner-up: Denise D’Ascenzo

denise dascenzoDenise has more Emmys than you. More specifically, she has 10 times the amount of Emmys you have. She has 10 Emmys. 10! What?! How is that even possible? Way to go, girl! Now she can add HAIRRY-Award winner to her list (her long list) of accomplishments.

Denise D’Ascenzo is the anchor for WFSB. She also is the longest-serving news anchor at a single tv station in the state. She’s interviewed the likes of Bob Hope, Tony Bennett, and this lady named Oprah? Have you heard of Oprah? Apparently, she had a little show back in the day. Not sure, though. I will have to Google her later.

D’Ascenzo’s cute short cut highlights her face and shows off her fresh and inviting smile. Give her a shout on Twitter!



We’re not able to declare a winner for this state because there are not enough on-air personalities.



Best Hair: Rebecca Vargas

rebecca-vargasSorting out the winner of the Florida HAIRRY was a tough one (almost every woman on ABC 10 was about to be awarded a watered-down, tied first place), but a couple of glances at Rebecca Vargas’ casually chic, lustrous, thick locks, and we were sold. Rebecca is a general assignment reporter with 7 News, and although she’s originally from Connecticut – she considers the Sunshine State home. With hair this relaxed yet glamorous, we say she embodies a lot about what’s great about the locale. Rebecca likes to shine a light on the tough, controversial topics, speaking up for those who need it most. But she loves to let her hair down and have some fun too (well, her hair is always down – and with a mane like that, who can blame her?). You can spot her on her Instagram teaming up in a celebrity softball game and traveling around some stunning landscapes.


Runner-Up: Ashley Hinson

Ashley HinsonAshley Hinson’s shoulder-length, super straight, piercingly blonde ‘do inevitably draws the eye whenever she’s reporting for KPTV and Fox29. Her whole all-American girl next door vibe is very telling of her Texan upbringing. Ashley wanted to be an anchor ever since she was a little girl, blaming her incorrigible appetite for knowing all there was to know about local and national events. Her hair is so perfectly manicured and straight, and we are totally perplexed by what kind of hair care routine goes into creating such an immaculate result. This picture-perfect haircut more than deserves the second place HAIRRY for Florida. Besides having great hair and reporting on the important stuff, Ashley likes to drink too much coffee and spend time with her hubby and dog.



Best Hair: Trish Williford

trish-willifordTrish Williford is easily one of the overall stand-out knock-outs of the 2017 HAIRRY awards. Incredibly versatile, she’s rocked straight highlighted locks, and in the past, a striking undercut. We love her bouffant, undercut – as it is refreshingly unique and beyond bad-ass. Trish is a weekend anchor and reporter for the WSAV News 3 Team. Trish has covered plenty of important stories, ranging from political corruption to extreme weather events. When Trish isn’t stealing the show on WSAV News 3 with her punky, yet glam, short ‘do, she enjoys watching horror movies and spending time with her Cockapoo. Check her out on Twitter for local news updates and the occasional glimpse of her furiously cool haircut.

Williford uses Kera Care Products and would like to thank the viewers for this award. Her advice is to find a fantastic stylist who promotes healthy hair.


Runner-up: Sharon Reed

sharon reedThe runner-up for Georgia’s HAIRRY is none other than Sharon Reed, an absolute stunner of a woman, with hair that seems to go for days. Sharon’s long, thick waves appear to have a life of their own; with the studio lights catching her highlights in all the right ways, her hair seems to glow and dance of its own accord. As an evening and late-night anchor for CBS46 news, Sharon doesn’t shy away from relentlessly reporting on important yet controversial topics. Providing investigative insight and educating her audience on issues important to her, Sharon’s lustrous mane simply accentuates her strength and steadfastness in the way she delivers the news. When she’s not providing relevant debate and personal insight, you can find Sharon geeking out over her love of her job and the staff she works with on her Twitter and Facebook.


Best Hair: Moanikeala Nabarro

Moanikeala NabarroMoanikeala Nabarro’s wonderfully straight, shining, dark mane has grabbed the first place HAIRRY for Hawaii. Moanikeala’s hair has a natural, healthy sheen to it; the type of ‘do that has clearly had a lot of TLC. Moanikeala is the weekend reporter for Hawaii’s only weekend morning newscast, Good Morning Hawaii. Moanikeala has reported on some of Hawaii’s most extreme weather events with a background in weather reporting, including the record-breaking 2015 hurricane season. Whilst her reporting is professional, and she often covers some of the more serious local topics, Moanikeala keeps it fun and light with her style and hair. Opting for bright, tropical colors in her wardrobe, she further accentuates those dark locks of hers that shine under the studio lights or hot Hawaiian sun. We are all about her look and love watching her weekend reports. If you want to keep up with all the breaking local news of the Aloha state, follow her on Twitter. Or you can watch some of her reported stories shared on her Instagram.


Runner-up: Taryn Hatcher

Taryn HatcherWith elongated, sun-kissed, brunette beach waves – it’s the runner-up for the Hawaiian HAIRRY – Taryn Hatcher. Taryn’s got a relaxed, chic ‘do that compliments her enviable tan. Her overall style is a nice mix of outdoorsy and professional. This aesthetic suits her role as a sports reporter, and anchor, for Hawaii News Now. Having come from a sports-driven background, growing up as the daughter of an athlete, Taryn always knew she wanted to be a sports reporter. She’s not originally from Hawaii but says she’s now living her dream in paradise. With that hair and that lifestyle, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that Taryn gives us a major case of #FOMO. You can follow Taryn, her gorgeous waves, and her sports commentary, as well as random shower thoughts on her Twitter.




Best Hair: Dee Sarton

Dee SartonIt takes a special kind of woman to rock a bouffant pixie, and we’ve awarded the first place HAIRRY for Idaho to a special woman who’s graced the Idaho TV screen for 30 years; Dee Sarton. Dee anchors the News at four, News at five, and News at six on Idaho’s NewsChannel 7, and she’s not someone you can easily forget. With a short, daring blonde cut, and a teased crown reminiscent of a classic beehive, Dee is all class and all fun. It’s hard to imagine that Dee is now a grandmother! We’re sure her grandkids love to brag about their stylish grandma who graces Idaho’s newscasts. As well as her statement hairdo and no-fuss news reporting, Dee shines a light on children in need of caring families and homes through her weekly segment ‘Wednesday’s Child.’ She also serves on numerous not-for-profit boards, where she devotes time to children and education. Dee and her fabulous haircut grace the Idaho Hall of Fame for her work throughout the decades as a superb journalist. When she’s not getting stuff done in the newsroom, you can find Dee spending time with her family outdoors.

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Runner-up: Kelsey Souto

Kelsey SoutoKelsey Souto’s super long, impossibly sheen, caramel tresses are bound to be the envy of most people watching her report for the evening news on KMVT Local 11. Whether she wears her hair wavy or straight, her golden and toffee-colored highlights make her a stand-out in the studio. Kelsey was an obvious choice for the runner-up HAIRRY for Idaho, and we’re more than happy to award her with it!

We love Kelsey’s casual hairstyle because she seems like the kind of person you can instantly trust, the girl you ask to sit with when surrounded by intimidating teens in a high school cafeteria. When Kelsey isn’t delivering the local news, she loves to spend time hiking in the outdoors. For more news updates from Kelsey, as well as stunning photos of local landscapes, check out her Facebook.




Best Hair: Val Warner

Val WarnerVal Warner is the co-host of Windy City LIVE on ABC 7 and may just have the best hair on our list.

Short. Spunky. And looking perfect every morning!

Now let’s talk about her hair. (We have no idea if she is actually short.)

Her short hair brings a light and fun attitude to the screen, and unlike many short cuts, this one offers a ton of variety. Her Facebook profile picture is giving us a little bit of Whitney and Toni Braxton. Her station bio picture (shown here) serves up some Suze Orman (the good cuts) mixed with Halle B. In other words, Val Warner is hair perfection.

Ah! We are so obsessed with her hair! We couldn’t find one, but we decided that she would look super good with some red highlights—just a thought.

Anyway, make sure you follow the Princess of Morning News and the Queen of good hair on Facebook.


Runner-up: Susan Carlson

Susan CarlsonSusan Carlson has beauty queen hair. And from what we could find, she’s never entered a pageant: a missed opportunity, Carlson.

Instead of being Miss America, Carlson is a reporter and Sunday morning Anchor for NBC in Chicago. She might not have a tiara, but she does have an Emmy and now a HAIRRY-Award. This blogger and animal lover is also the proud single mother to an adopted girl from India! Awesome! Let’s hear it for the single moms doing big things! Work it, mama!

Make sure you follow this Renaissance woman on Twitter!



Best Hair: Amanda Starrantino

Amanda StarrantinoAmanda Starrantino’s strikingly blonde, stunningly straight ‘do lands her the first place HAIRRY for Indiana. We absolutely love how Amanda’s fringe is styled, and we’re dying to know her pre-shoot routine. Amanda is the evening Anchor at RTV6 (ABC) in Indianapolis. With hair as Hollywood as hers, it may come as no surprise that Amanda is an LA native. She’s settling right in the Hoosier state and often spends her time at the rinks, a professional figure skater and instructor. Not just a skating wiz, and great evening anchor, Amanda spends her free time volunteering at Riley Hospital for Children, working with the kids there weekly. If you need a virtual injection of adorableness, then make sure to follow Amanda on Twitter, where she takes insanely cute pics of her dog, Leo.


Runner-up: Brooke Martin

brooke-martinWith a brunette, preened shoulder-length bob like hers, Brooke Martin clearly means business. Like our winner, Brooke’s hair scores top points for immaculate styling, and such perfectly maintained hair deserves recognition. That’s why we’ve awarded her the runner-up HAIRRY for Indiana. Brooke is an anchor/reporter for Wish TV’s News 8, 5, 6, 10, and 11 pm. Brooke and her boss hairdo have covered countless topics ranging from crime to massive weather events during her career. She’s also got some award-winning investigations under her belt. When she’s not covering the news (pretty much all the time), you can find her geeking out over Indy sports with her husband and generally letting her hair down on her Twitter.



Best Hair: Jannay Towne

Jannay TowneWe’re pretty sure we could use Jannay Towne’s impeccably shiny, dark, straight hair as a mirrored surface; it’s just that well-kempt. The first place HAIRRY for Iowa has been awarded to Jannay, co-anchor of the Today in Iowa newscast, Saturday and Sunday – and owner of a ‘do so immaculate, we’re honestly intimidated by it. We’re not sure if Jannay’s perfect hair depends on hours of styling or is just naturally that well-behaved. Either way, we are beyond jealous. Her career record is also enviable; with awards won for her reporting and previous placements as the main anchor, Jannay takes journalism in her stride. Besides her work, she also volunteers in Central Iowa, reading to kids every week as part of the Everybody Wins mentorship program at Monroe Elementary, and devotes time to The Pet Project Midwest, working with Iowans to keep their pets out of shelters. Her love of pets extends to her 2 adorable mini dachshunds, which you can watch cute videos of on Jannay’s Twitter feed.

Here’s what Towne had to say…

“I’m a Pantene Girl from root to end. I just wash, condition, dry, and style with lots of hairsprays. I use the Extra Strong Control industrial size hairspray.

In addition to giving the hair god or goddess a shout-out, I want to thank my amazing stylist Andrea Radoncic.

My only hair tip is don’t spend a fortune on products when you wash them out every or every other day.”


Runner-up: Elizabeth Amanieh

Elizabeth AmaniehNot everyone can pull off a middle-parted long ‘do, but Elizabeth Amanieh definitely can and does. Her long, loose waves and adorable middle part reminds us of everything right with the 70s. We just had to award Elizabeth with the runner-up HAIRRY for Iowa. Originally a city gal from Chicago, Elizabeth loves being in the midwest, where she gets to cover the kind of unique stories that smaller towns are inundated with. An ambitious reporter, she loves investigative journalism for its ability to shatter dominant narratives and unveil important truths. She’s a news reporter with KWWL and an ambitious one at that. Elizabeth’s healthy, luxurious locks give her a youth independent of her actual age, and with hobbies such as weight-lifting and yoga – we’re sure she’ll be forever young on the inside, as well.



Best Hair: Rhiannon Alley

Rhiannon AllyWith spiraling caramel waves that glow under any source of light, Rhiannon Ally’s hair practically gives off a golden aura when she’s anchoring CBS4’s 41 Action News. With hair, this goddess-like, awarding Rhiannon with the first place HAIRRY for Kansas was a no-brainer. Rhiannon has covered breaking news stories such as Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Bombing – she also devotes time to her own weekly segment in which she focuses on modern-day parenting tips and tricks. Rhiannon is a family woman herself, with her own children and a husband that also anchors on CBS4 (making them Kansas’ first and only married anchors). When she’s not highlighting some of Kansas’ most important stories, Rhiannon enjoys sitting back and relaxing with a book or doing some DIY massage with a bout of pilates. You can catch her local news updates and cute pics of her and her husband, the powerhouse news couple, on her Twitter.

Ally uses L’Oreal Professional and Davines. She said she would like to thank Trae Smith from Evolve Salon. She advises a good conditioning treatment once a month and using a good clarifying shampoo every few weeks.


Runner-Up: Melissa Scheffler

Melissa SchefflerHonestly, Melissa Scheffler’s power bob from heaven looks like photoshopped perfection – but this blonde ‘do is the real deal and was an obvious choice for the runner-up HAIRRY for Kansas. This hairstyle would be all business if it weren’t for those cute flicks at the ends of Melissa’s hair. Born and raised in Kansas, she’s an award-winning anchor for Eyewitness News at 6 and 7.

A country girl at heart, when Melissa isn’t reporting on the local news, you can find her spending time at her family’s farm or watching all her favorite shows (she’s an admitted TV geek). Unapologetically blonde – and we love her all the more for it – she spends as much time being serious as she does being a hoot. You can check out her updates on Twitter for more!

We reached out to Scheffler to ask about receiving this great award.

What products do you use in your hair?
Scheffler: I mostly use Aveda Products—I especially love the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. And I can’t go without the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil line.

Who would you like to thank for this award?
Scheffler: I would like to thank my co-workers for putting up with my daily plume of hairspray, my fellow Wichita drivers for not staring too long when I pull up next to them with my hair in Velcro rollers, and of course, my fabulous hairdresser and salon—Katherine at Planet Hair!

What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?
Scheffler: Use a leave-in protein treatment and moisturize, especially if you’re doing a lot to your hair! Also, don’t underestimate the power of a Velcro roller.



Best Hair: Angie Beavin

Angie BeavinAngie Beavin glows, and we’re not just talking about that new mom aura (she’s recently welcomed a little boy into the world). Angie’s got gorgeous blonde locks that fall gracefully just above her shoulders. With no flyaways in sight or a hair out of place, Angie was the clear winner for the Kentucky HAIRRY. Recently welcomed back from maternity leave as the anchor for the LEX 18 News team, Angie’s a Lexington local through and through and loves to cover all the important local stories. She’s an absolute knockout on the screen and off, working hard as a reporter/anchor and working hard when she clocks off as a doting mother. When she’s not working her butt off, you can find Angie playing sports, getting outdoors, and eating out. She’s more than glad to be giving back to her community by telling the stories important to her fellow local Kentuckians.


Runner-Up: Lauren Jones

Lauren JonesIt’s all about blondes for the Kentucky HAIRRY, Lauren Jones, and her bossin’ bob stealing runner’s up. Lauren’s chin-length, classic bob cut is both chic and professional – helping her transition seamlessly from her role as co-anchor of WAVES 3 News Sunrise to her role as a happy wife and mom. She’s got an extensive history in meteorology and has been nominated for an Emmy for her work in that field. She has also officially snagged an Emmy for her work as an anchor. With a bob like that, you know Lauren is a natural-born winner. Married with two daughters, a son, and a cat, Lauren rules over her busy life with an optimism that most of us can only dream of. Check out some of her adorable family pics, as well as opinions on news stories on her Twitter.




Best Hair: Kweilyn Murphy

Kweilyn MurphyYASSSSS!!!!!!!! This is how everyone should deliver presents from now on.

Kweilyn Murphy’s short, sporty, and punky ‘do makes her a total standout for the first place HAIRRY in Louisiana. Kweilyn is a meteorologist with the WDSU Exact Weather Team. She’s been working in meteorology and journalism for a long time – and has even worked alongside Mister Rogers during her time with WQED Multimedia. With hair, this good, Kweilyn was always destined for an impressive career. We love seeing anchorwomen have fun with their hairstyles, and Kweilyn’s hair has a mussed-up quaff that looks anything but messy but does look deliberately kick-ass.

A big Steelers fan, it should come as no surprise with as sporty a hairdo as she has, that she loves to get active and exercise. She’s also active in devoting time and energy to her community, working with high school kids, and passing on wisdom related to communications and professional development. You can explore Kweilyn more on her Twitter, where her personality shines through the inspirational or hilarious GIFs, photos, and videos she shares.

What products do you use in your hair?
Kweilyn: I wash and condition with Tresemme’s Moisture Rich collection daily (my short, naturally curly hair doesn’t survive during workouts). Depending on how my hair is behaving, I choose between any Framesi product, Elasta QP’s Design Foam, Nairobi Wrapp-it Shine Foaming Lotion, or Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade. For a finishing touch, I use Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wax.

Who would you like to thank for this award?
Kweilyn: I’d like to thank Anthony Jefferson, owner of Mark Anthony’s-Pittsburgh, PA, and Mindy Hobley, owner of Ringletts-New Orleans, for keeping me funky.

What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?
Kweilyn: Listen to your hair. It will signal the good and the bad.


Runner-Up: Tatum Everett

Tatum EverettLouisiana’s runner-up HAIRRY goes to Tatum Everett, the Sports Director at KTBS, with spiraling shoulder-length caramel locks and golden highlights. Tatum’s hair looks effortlessly soft, and we’re sure it’s beyond tempting to run her hands through those luxurious tresses – but we imagine she refrains, seeming her waves are so well kept. Tatum’s hair is the right mix of glam and casual – making it the perfect ‘do to report on sport.

She’s been a sports fan for most of her life, and it’s not just a job for her; spending her spare time cheering on her favorite teams: LSU Tigers and The Saints. Other than sports, she loves spending time with friends, family, and her boxer, Zoey. If you’re as big of a sports fan as Tatum, then check out her running commentary on her Twitter.




Best Hair: Kristina Rex

Kristina RexKristina Rex’s shoulder-length, bouncy blonde bob is a classical girl next door look and worthy of the first place HAIRRY for Maine. Kristina’s hair threatens to upstage her teammates at WCSH6 News Center with an adorable side part and an enviable shine. A proud Bostonian, she’s been enjoying exploring a new part of New England. This blonde bombshell is an all-around foodie, with both cooking and eating listed as some of her most beloved hobbies. Don’t let Kristina’s adorable aesthetic fool you; this journalist means business. Kristina believes that honest reporting is a more immediate way to affect and change the world around you. She fancies herself more of a storyteller and believes that stories can spread important ideas and give voice to people who need to be heard the most. We’re all about Kristina’s refreshing approach to journalism and her striking blonde ‘do. If you want to learn more about Kristina, you can visit her official website.


Runner-Up: Jana Barnello

JANA BARNELLOWe’ve got a bit of a twinsies effect going on with both our winner and runner-up for the Maine HAIRRY. Jana Barnello is also a blonde bobbed babe, although she’s sporting a shorter style. Jana’s hair is as sharp as it is cute with a side-swept fringe and perfectly straight tresses. As an anchor on Good Day Maine CBS 13, she’s been nominated and awarded many times for her work on her weekly segment, ‘Dirigo Stories,’ where she shines a light on important local stories.

When Jana isn’t gracing the TV screen with her beyond perfect ‘do, you can find her bingeing shows, reading, and exploring Portland, Maine. If you want to see more from (and of) Jana, then why not check out her Facebook?





A total stunner through and through, Adrianna and Jan Jeffcoat are natural winners. So much so that we have, for the first time EVER, awarded them both with TWO HAIRRY-Awards! Best Hair in Maryland AND best Hair in DC! (Sometimes, these markets overlap in states – and we just couldn’t get enough of them! Congratulations, ladies! This is a HAIRRY first!)

Best Hair: Adrianna Hopkins

Adrianna HopkinsTwo-time Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter, Adrianna Hopkins, has hair so voluminous and lusciously styled, we’d be fools not to award her the first place HAIRRY for Maryland. Adriana is an anchor on ABC 7 News and News Channel 8. Besides her stellar work in journalism, Adriana also provides mentorship for aspiring journalists. We also think she should start mentoring those of us who are in dire need of some haircare wisdom! Seriously, Adriana’s hair has so much sheen and volume. She seems to have myriad options regarding ways to style her ‘do, and we’ve seen plenty of iterations during her time with ABC 7. If her hair isn’t enough reason to get green with envy, Adrianna has a body most of us can only dream of! Just check out some of her beachin’ shares on her Instagram.

Hopkins says, “I use products specialized for natural hair like Carol’s Daughter monoi shampoo and conditioner. I recently colored my hair, so I make sure to have regular protein and deep conditioning treatments.

I would like to thank all the hairstylists I’ve had in the many places I’ve lived. I seek out professionals who maintain hair health and care.

Styling tips: NO HEAT. I straighten my hair once a week, and it doesn’t see a curling or flat iron until my next hair appointment. And trim those ends. I hate to see my ratty tatty ends on TV, so I cut them off every 6-8 weeks.”


Runner-Up: Jan Jeffcoat

Jan JeffcoatJan Jeffcoat’s layered, uplifting caramel hair reminds us so much of the coveted ‘Rachel’ cut; we just had to award her with the runner-up HAIRRY for Maryland. Both an Emmy and Murrow award winner, Jan co-anchors the WUSA9 newscasts at 6 and 7 pm. Jan’s winning hairdo isn’t all that wins; she’s been awarded countless times for her work in Journalism across multiple stations in Chicago and Houston. When she’s not kicking butt in the newsroom, Jan can be found spending time in the water. A natural water baby, Jan was a competitive swimmer for 10 years! Despite such a brag-worthy career, Jan says her best accomplishment is in being an awesome mom. You can catch further glimpses of Jan and her deliciously layered caramel hairdo on her Twitter.




Best Hair: Kerri Corrado

kerri corradoMassachusetts’ HAIRRY goes to Kerri Corrado, a reporter for 7News, and the owner of a hairdo so sweet, it practically rots our teeth. Kerri’s dark chocolate locks are lusciously thick and littered with the occasional adorable curl and finger wave. When we were kids, we could only hope that our dolls had hair this preened and cute. We’re keen to know if those soft spirals and curled waves that peek through the thicket of Kerri’s mane are natural or styled. We’re keen to say the former, as they seem to pop out of nowhere! Although she says she’s a Jersey girl at heart, Kerri is more than happy to be living in Boston, where she loves to eat out, spend time with family and friends, and play sports. If you’re looking to die from a cuteness overdose, then check out Kerri’s adorable ‘do and her blue-eyed dog, Chance, in her pinned post on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Vanessa Welch

VANESSA WELCHWe love a powerful swept-back fringe on a woman; it just screams professional. Vanessa Welch’s boss fringe deserves the runner-up HAIRRY for Massachusetts. We’re unsure how much product is needed, but Vanessa’s sweeping hair always stays in place. The rest of her hair is styled into a blonde bob, the signature anchor women’s style that just reeks of stubborn professionalism. An Emmy-award-winning anchor with Boston 25 News, Vanessa and her boss ‘do cover breaking and developing stories. She’s traveled around the country to cover some of the states’ most important events. We told you a swept-back quaff meant business. Her hard work doesn’t stop in the newsroom, though – she also volunteers in her local community, working with organizations such as the Red Cross and Make-A-Wish foundation. In her spare time, she loves to run. Wait, is that why her fringe is always swept back? Perhaps it’s not the styling product after all! Want to see more of Vanessa and her enviable fringe? Check her out on Twitter.



Best Hair: Heather Catallo

Heather CatalloHeather Catallo sports a blonde mane fit for a superhero, and with an investigative history like hers – where her reporting has landed bad guys in prison – her heroic hair fits like a glove. An investigative reporter with WXYZ 7, Heather Catallo’s blazing blonde locks, has won her first place for the Michigan HAIRRY. We could wax lyrical over Heather’s incredible work as an investigative reporter. She’s exposed and challenged political wrongdoings and systematic flaws, leading to change and greater accountability. She’s definitely the kind of reporter we can look up to. We think her display picture on Twitter captures it all: a stern eye for catching bad guys and a billowing blonde mane that just screams ‘justice’! You can catch more selfies of this daring hero, as well as her running commentary on important news stories, on Heather’s Twitter.

We reached out to Catallo for comment, and here is what she said.

“I use keratin treatment products. I have very thick hair, and those seem to help tame the craziness, which is important on camera!

I would like to thank my amazing stylist, Katrina Malota from Luigi Bruni Salon in Birmingham, MI, and the awesome staff at Visions Salon.

I use lots and lots of hairspray, and therefore lots and lots of shampoo. And of course, conditioning is key.”


Runner-Up: Taryn Asher

taryn asherWhoever is Taryn Asher’s colorist is a god. We’ve awarded Michigan’s runner-up HAIRRY to Taryn on her color alone; thick, bronze spiraling waves highlighted with golds and caramels. She looks practically royal. With 4 Emmy awards under her belt, you can find her anchoring the Edge at 11 pm and reporting nightly on Fox 2 News. Taryn’s married to Jason Carr, another Detroit TV celeb, and boy, do they look intimidatingly cute together!

When Taryn isn’t winning awards and spending time with her family, she likes to give back to her local community. She works with organizations that help out those who most need it; the homeless and those in need of social services. If you want to ogle at Taryn’s to-die-for hairdo, then check her out on Facebook.

Asher says her favorite products are Kerastaste, Bed Head, coconut oil, and Murray’s Beeswax. She would like to thank Kirstyn Yanello from Figo Salon. Her biggest tip to use the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and find a “stylist who knows color and won’t damage your hair.”




Best Hair: Liz Collin

Liz CollinAll hail the blonde bob! Liz Collin’s bob has been worn both short and long. She’s wearing it at shoulder length these days, and although we admittedly miss her cute pixie-ish cut, we love her bob, regardless. Liz’s blindingly blonde ‘do lands her in first place for the Minnesota HAIRRY. As an anchor/reporter for WCCO, Liz’s reporting has affected local public policy and shed light on safety and fiscal oversight issues. She cares about Minnesota and reports on stories that help the community progress into a brighter future. We knew that with an immaculately styled ‘do like hers, she strictly means business. When she’s not dropping truth bombs, Liz likes to chill out with a yoga sesh or watch the kind of movies that require a box of tissues within arm’s reach. You can find Liz’s important Minnesotan updates, as well as some cute pics, on her Twitter.


Runner-Up: Leah Beno

Leah BenoAnchoring on the weekends and reporting on weekdays (for FOX 9), we have no idea how Leah Beno keeps her long blonde locks so straight and in line. To add to that already busy schedule, she apparently spends all her free time outdoors, hiking, gardening – you name it. A true busy bee with an enviable ‘do, we’ve awarded her the runner’s up HAIRRY for Minnesota for having great hair on such a tight schedule. Seriously, the tresses are so well behaved, they’re either naturally obedient, or Leah somehow fits in the world’s best hair care routine into her day (although we’re not sure how she finds the time!)


It’s not all work and no play for Leah in the FOX 9 studio; she seems to get along well with Cody Matz, her weekend morning colleague. At least she gets to have fun on the job! You can check out Leah’s behind-the-scenes posts and news opinions on her Twitter.



Best Hair: Brittany Noble

Brittany Noble JonesBrittany Noble’s shoulder-length, full-bodied hair is the perfect frame for her super cute smile. It was an easy choice to award Britanny the first place Hairy for Mississippi. As the weekday co-anchor on News 11 in the morning and again at noon, she’s got a history of demanding justice for those affected by police misconduct. During her career, she’s been recognized and awarded for her outstanding truth-telling journalism countless times.

A winner like Brittany requires a winner’s hairdo, and there’s no doubt that Brittany’s voluminous, shining ‘do is just that. Although she often wears her hair down, we’ve seen Brittany style her hair in up-dos so immaculate. We’re sure she has a team of magic critters from Disney helping her get ready in the morning (just check out her braids from when she reported from the Soul Bowl, and you’ll see what we mean). Follow her on Twitter for more news coverage and selfies.


Runner-Up: Meggan Gray

Meggan GrayThe runner-up for the Mississippi HAIRRY is one red hot redhead: Meggan Gray. As a Good Morning Mississippi anchor, we sure do hope Meggan’s a morning person, as she starts her work pre-dawn at 4.30 am. Knowing that we’re extra impressed by Meggan’s gorgeously styled waves. Born and raised in South Mississippi, she loves telling the stories of her local community. She thinks South Mississipi is one-of-a-kind, with a diverse culture and stunning coastal views.

A real family-oriented woman at heart, Meggan loves spending time with her 3 kids and college sweetheart husband. In her spare time, she likes to sing! Meggan’s performed in many local musical theatre productions, and we figure her stand-out-in-the-crowd voluminous red locks lend themselves well to being fabulous on stage. If you want more news updates from Meggan and get some behind-the-scenes glimpses of WLOX, follow her on Twitter.




Best Hair: Emily Wood

Emily WoodWith long, soft brunette spirals, and waves, Emily Wood’s hair looks fit for a Disney princess. As the HAIRRY winner for Missouri, we figure Emily’s more of a Queen, as she’s an Emmy-winning journalist with KY3, a hard-working mom, and not to mention, she’s also co-produced an award-winning documentary on autism. With hair, this naturally radiant, Emily was probably always going to be a big deal. A bit of a fitness junkie, Emily used to be a personal trainer and still exercises in her free time for fun.

When she’s not working, Emily likes to spend time with her family, going out and exploring everything Missouri has to offer. Originally born and raised in Ozark (in Dixon, Mo), she’s glad to be back in the state she calls home. Check out Emily, and her adorable son and husband, by following her Twitter.



Runner-Up: Ashley Strohmier

Ashley StrohmierAshley Strohmier’s blonde hairdo radiates total professionalism and class. Styled perfectly, and worn straight, above her shoulders, this hairstyle was practically designed for the newsroom. With countless awards for investigative journalism, we hope Ashley has some space on her mantel for her runner-up HAIRRY. Ashley is an anchor and reporter for ABC 17 Evening news, and with a hairstyle this sharp, she fits right in under the dazzling studio lights. We’re sure there’s an arduous process for styling hair this perfect, and a recent share on Twitter reveals a hair-teased Ashley during prep, looking a little like Tina Turner in her hey-day.

It may come as no surprise that Ashley is a former pageant winner, and we’re sure those skills in looking fabulous play into her fantastic hair styling. When she’s not working, Ashley likes to cook, bake and spend time with her pup. Catch her on Twitter for more.



Best Hair: Victoria Hill

Victoria HillThe winner for the Montana HAIRRY is none other than Victoria Hill, morning news anchor at KQTV. Victoria’s prim and proper, jet-black, gorgeous hair is straight out of a Pantene commercial. She’s wanted to work in television and on the news ever since a television production class she took as a sophomore. As a now full-blown journalist, Victoria’s favorite stories to cover revolve around health and success – two things that generally go hand in hand more than we care to admit. Speaking of health, and success, Victoria’s beautiful black hair looks the picture of perfect health; with a shine that blinding, we’re sure Victoria gets all her omegas and eats plenty of fresh fruit and veg. When she’s not delivering the Montana news, you can find Victoria exploring the Big Horn Mountains and spending time with friends and family. Don’t let her cool, calm hairdo fool you; she also likes to have a bit of fun. A poke around her Twitter feed and her comedic commentary on some of the lighter news items is proof of that.


Runner-Up: Heidi Meili

Heidi MeiliHeidi Meili’s voluminous, far-reaching waves give her a look both casual and luxurious. Such an impressive mane is well-deserving of the runner’s up HAIRRY for Montana. Heidi’s no stranger to being awarded; she’s also won Montana’s Broadcaster of the Year twice! She must be doing something right as an anchor for NBC Montana. Befitting of her name, Heidi’s hair is somewhat of a country classic, worn long way past her shoulders, and lusciously thick – this is the kind of hairdo you’d expect on the rural love interest of an all American ‘fish out of water’ rom-com.

Heidi’s not only a great anchor, but she also dedicates plenty of her spare time to organizations that work with children and in education. When she’s not dazzling us with her gorgeous tresses on the TV screen, you can find Heidi exercising her skills as a self-confessed thrifty saver or dancing for fun. Check her out on Twitter for more local updates and behind-the-scenes pics.



Best Hair: Malorie Maddox

malorie maddoxMalorie Maddox’s girl-next-door haircut puts a curly spin on the blonde bob classic. This totally adorable, ringlet-ridden ‘do lands Malorie the winning HAIRRY for Nebraska.

Worn short in the past, Malorie had that Shirley Temple level of cuteness going on, and now that she’s grown it out, she just looks grown-up adorable. Don’t let her friendly hairstyle distract from her award-laden history in journalism. A WOWT News Anchor, Malorie has not only received awards for her work in broadcast journalism but also, more specifically – she’s been awarded for her work in keeping women and children safe in her community through volunteer work.

A woman after our own hearts. Malorie loves her job, and storytelling is how she connects with her local community. She’s also very active on social media, where she loves to hear directly from her viewers. Why not @ mention Malorie on Twitter and ask how she does her gorgeous hair?


Runner-Up: Gwen Baumgardner

Gwen BaumgardnerWe love it when Gwen Baumgardner skips the straightening iron and wears her thick, wavy, brunette bob naturally. Her hair is so voluminous and bursting with personality; it’s almost as if it has a life of its own. As the morning news anchor for ABC 8, Gwen loves waking up with her local viewers every morning and giving them the scoop.

When she’s not behind the news desk, you can find Gwen in front of a drum set; playing drums is a hobby of Gwen’s from her high school days. Needless to say, working early mornings makes Gwen a bit of a coffee lover. Other than that, she’s into dachshunds, pizza, and the overuse of emojis.

Having said previously that we love it when she skips the straightener, we honestly love her hair worn any which way. She’s one of those people that can pull off just about any style. If you want to check out her hair’s many iterations, as well as her running commentary on the news, as well as cute selfies, then follow her on Twitter.



Best Hair: Kristen Joyce

Kristen JoyceBrilliantly blonde and styled to absolute shining, wavy perfection, Kristen Joyce’s hair looks like something out of the golden era of entertainment. It only fits then that she’s the Anchor of 8 News Now, Good Morning Vegas. We’ve awarded Kristen the first place HAIRRY for Nevada based on the stunning platinum vibes of her blonde coloring alone. Such a striking blonde really brings out the blue in her eyes, and the result is close to hypnotizing! Kristen uses her magnetism for good, highlighting not-for-profit organizations helping out the valley community in her weekly segment, ‘Acts of Kindness.’ Before Las Vegas, Kristen was working in Seattle – but says she’s glad to have swapped the rain for the Nevadan sunshine. Other than her important work, Kristen is a foodie and wine enthusiast, spending her free time traveling with her family and boating. Why not check out Kristen, her stunning hairdo, and her behind-the-scenes shares on her Twitter?


Runner-Up: Heather Mills

Heather MillsPreviously from Denver, Colorado, Heather Mills is enjoying the change in scenery and temperature, and we have to say – with long blonde hair like that, she was made to shine under the Nevadan sun. With hair so immaculately styled, Heather is the obvious choice for the runner-up Nevada HAIRRY. When she’s not fulfilling her role as the News3LV anchor, you can find Heather exploring the outdoors with her hubby and rescued pup in tow. Whether she’s exercising or getting her wine on, Heather loves life in Nevada – even though she’s a SoCal girl at heart. Heather loves the surf, and we’re sure she has a killer conditioner in her haircare arsenal to keep her blonde locks shining and healthy despite all that sunshine exposure. You can find Heather’s updates about Las Vegas life over on her Twitter.



New Hampshire

Best Hair: Jennifer Vaughn

Jennifer VaughnNew England’s born and bred Jennifer Vaughn has a thick, blonde ‘do that just won’t quit. Volume, sheen, and length without any frizz or split end in sight – Jennifer’s hair has landed her the first place HAIRRY for New Hampshire! News anchor for New Hampshire’s WMUR9, Jennifer’s talents don’t stop after she leaves the newsroom – she’s also an author and writes thrilling fiction. Whether she’s writing stories or reporting on them, Jennifer’s commanding, luscious blonde mane shows that she means business. We love ambitious women with powerful haircuts, and Jennifer’s got that whole aesthetic down pact. When she’s not working hard, you can find Jennifer enjoying the outdoors; whether it’s skiing or biking, she just loves moving her body. And, of course, she loves spending time with her family. Want to get to know Jennifer more? Why not check out her fiction?


Runner-up: Hayley LaPoint

Hayley LaPointWith brunette feathered waves and locks so soft and shiny it beggars belief, Hayley LaPoint is the obvious choice for the New Hampshire runner-up HAIRRY. Hayley’s tresses look like something straight out of a fairytale, and we’re pretty sure she’s actually Disney’s Belle come to life. But seeing she’s from Massachusetts and now working as a meteorologist for WMUR9 in New England, she’s probably not a literal Disney princess. Hayley’s meteorological career is an impressive one; she’s been chasing storms with a camcorder since she was a kid and now sits on the American Meteorological Society board, where she gets to review and select meteorologists for the AMS CBM seal (believe us, that’s a big deal). It’s only natural that Hayley’s hubby is also a meteorologist, after all – what better common interest is there to have than the weather? When she’s not reporting on rain or shine, Hayley likes spending time with her family and getting outdoors.

Lapoint says that she doesn’t use many products because she tries to be “as chemical-free as possible.” “Simple conditioner in the shower, argon oil before blow dry, then hairspray while curling it” is her haircare routine. She would like to thank her 7-month-old daughter for making her hair “long and thick during pregnancy.”


New Jersey

We’re not able to declare a winner for this state because there are not enough on-air personalities.


New Mexico

Best Hair: Kim Vallez

Kim VallezSometimes the best hair is healthy hair – and when it comes to Kim Vallez’s lustrous, dark mane, her hair’s exuberant shine alone has won her New Mexico’s first place HAIRRY. Kim’s a native of New Mexico and has been working on the KRQE News 13 team since 1999. We’re sure New Mexicans love getting their local news from a bona fide long-term local. Kim’s main focus in her reporting work is to address the difficult topic of child abuse in the state. We admire a journalist who isn’t afraid to tackle the topics that most others avoid. Kim gets asked a lot about whether she has a connection with Emilio Vallez, the famous Chicago Bear. The answer is yes! He’s her uncle, so naturally – she’s a big fan of the Chicago Bears, but not simply out of familial obligation, we’re sure. Kim loves engaging with New Mexico locals on social media, so why not get in touch with her on Twitter?


Runner-Up: Christine Pae

Christine PaeSpeaking of healthful, shining hair – the runner’s up HAIRRY for New Mexico goes to the equally as sheen, equally as luscious, long, black locks of Christine Pae. Whatever shampoo and conditioner that Christine’s using, we’d like to order a truckload. We’re in total awe of how lustrous her dark mane is, and honestly, a little bit jealous. Christine anchors on weekends for the KOAT Action 7 News More in the Morning, and she looks stunning while doing it. When she’s not delivering the latest breaking news from behind a curtain of hair that dazzles under the studio lights, you can find her exploring the New Mexican outdoors (she’s originally from Arizona) and breaking out the watercolors to dabble in painting. Christine’s currently accepting local recommendations if you’re from New Mexico, so hit her up on Twitter!


New York

For New York, Fox 5 has it.

Best Hair: Jennifer Lahmers

Jennifer LahmersIf only Jennifer Lahmers were attractive. Maybe then she would have a chance at life.

Jennifer Lahmers is the host of Good Day Wake Up on Fox5! And boy, what a good day it is when you get to start your day looking at this hair.

Lahmer’s hair is healthy, vibrant, and full of awe. When her hair blows in the wind, an angel gets its wings. When her hair bounces, a three-legged dog finds his forever home. This isn’t poetic humor. This is the truth. Her hair is that good.

Lahmers is also a spelling bee champ. Lahmers, your word is “Winner.” The correct spelling is L-A-H-M-E-R-S.

Follow this HAIRRY-Award winner on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Dana Arschin

Dana ArschinNot to be outdone, Dana Arschin is an EMMY-Winner, flying trapeze instructor (because that’s a normal thing to be), and reporter for Fox 5. Oh, and now a HAIRRY-Award winner.

Dana Arschin has gorgeous, black, flowing hair with hints of brown undertones. The maintenance on hair that voluminous has to be substantial – but Dana, it’s totally worth it. Viewers delight as this journalistic hair goddess graces the television screen to deliver the best in breaking news. (Plus, how great is that necklace?!)

Make sure you follow the one and only on Twitter!


North Carolina

Best Hair: Brigada Mack

Brigida MackCurls don’t come fresher and cuter than Brigida Mack’s stunning coils. Brigida’s bouncy, bountiful hair, with its dark undertones, and caramel highlights, have won her the first place HAIRRY for North Carolina. As co-anchor with the WBTV afternoon newscast, Brigida is currently emphasizing health and nutrition – holding a #TeamNoSugar event as part of the holiday season (something she’s been doing since 2013). Avoiding sugary foods and alcohol – we love Brigida’s willpower as much as her hairdo. Brigida has plenty of awards under her belt for her journalistic prowess, and when she’s not winning in the newsroom, she’s winning at leading a healthy, fit life. Otherwise, in her spare time, you can find her traveling and cheering on her fav team: the Tar Heels! Why not join Brigida in her successful #TeamNoSugar campaign? You can check out the details and rules on her Facebook!


Runner-Up: Tisha Powell

Tisha PowellTisha Powell’s shining, flowing locks almost glow bronze under the studio lights – further illuminating her TV-ready smile. Tisha and her gorgeous, shoulder-length tresses have won her the runner-up HAIRRY for North Carolina. Tisha co-anchors ABC11 Eyewitness News on weeknight evenings and spends a lot of time amongst her community, where she reports on local stories of interest. However, Tish is styling her hair before she graces the TV screen; she’s doing it in all the right ways. Not a flyaway insight, and with a sheen that threatens to blind anybody who comes too close, Tish’s hair is a thing of beauty. We figure she mastered such styled perfection during her time as a Sorority sister. Now an Army wife and a busy mom, Tish loves spending her spare time with her adorable family when she’s not reporting on the day’s most important news items. Check Tish and her personal shares and news updates on her Twitter.


North Dakota

Best Hair: Becky Farr

Becky FarrBecky Farr’s impossibly soft, toffee-colored waves seem to fall like satin over her proud shoulders. Such ethereal hair deserves full recognition, so we’ve happily awarded Becky a first place HAIRRY for North Dakota! Becky starts the day with the North Dakotan community as co-anchor on Good Day Dakota. Becky’s been hankering for a job as a news reporter since she majored in journalism at Keene State College in New Hampshire. With such a winning smile and even more gorgeous hair, it looks like Becky was always destined for the TV screen. Becky loves calling the Magic City home and enjoys telling stories important to her local community. You can start your day right by watching Becky do her thing on Good Day Dakota.


Runner-Up: Cynthia Mclaughlin

Cynthia McLaughlinWhat’s in the tap water in North Dakota? Because our runner’s up hair, like our winner’s looks, beyond vibrant and silky soft. Cynthia McLaughlin’s brunette spiraling waves cascade over her shoulders like a chocolate fountain straight out a wedding reception.

As a reporter with West Dakota FOX News 9, Cynthia lowers local stories while looking too cute to boot. Her healthy hair has earned her a 2017 HAIRRY-Award. Congratulations, Mclaughlin!







Best Hair: Monica Day

Monica DayThe winning hairdo in Ohio should belong to NBC4 Today’s Monica Day. Her beautiful brown locks certainly brighten up the day of everyone who tunes in to her daily broadcasts – and as hair lovers, we couldn’t ask for anything more. A self-described Elvis lover who is also a new mom to a baby named Presley (hmmm..wonder where she got that name idea from?), her dark ‘do would give the King himself a run for his money – and two for the show. And three to get ready now go, cat, go!

…Sorry, it’s easy to get lost in those early hits. Let’s get back to the hair.

Though she tends to sport it in a typical shoulder-length style that perfectly encapsulates her glamorous features, you might find Monica’s mane tied up in a pony when she’s hitting the links working on her golf game. Styled or sporty, we’re betting her stunning and styled hair always looks great – yet another reason she takes home this year’s HAIRRY for the Buckeye State.

Here’s what Day had to say about her win!

What products do you use in your hair?
Day: I’m pretty cheap, so generally, L’Oréal hair mask and Pantene shampoo and conditioner. And gotta have that Aussie hairspray. Smells so good!

Who would you like to thank for this award?
Day: I’d like to thank my mom for passing down enough hair for two heads.

What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?
Day: Don’t wash it every day. Dirty hair is happy hair! Unless it smells, then wash it.


Runner-Up: Ashlee Baracy

Ashley BaracyJust like her Ohio counterpart, HAIRRY runner-up Ashlee Baracy from WBNS 10 is a former beauty queen – and it definitely shows in her spectacular hair. Rockin’ a blonde shoulder-length style that is both voluminous and very distracting, our short attention span makes it hard to know what’s going on in the Midwestern weather when we watch Ashlee, despite her ample skill as a Meteorologist. All we care about is the hair!

As if we needed more to love about Ashlee, her passions show that she’s not just good at doing her hair – she’s good at being a person, too. Her off-time is spent working for various cancer-related charities in honor of her parents, both survivors. Any way you slice it or style it, Ashlee’s one-of-a-kind hairdo and personality make her a winner in our book.



Best Hair: Sawyer Buccy

Sawyer BuccyYou’ve heard the saying, “more is better,” right? Sure you have. And when it comes to things like chocolate or….well, really just chocolate, we wholeheartedly agree. But Oklahoma’s HAIRRY winner, Sawyer Buccy from News on 6 in Tulsa, puts that stupid saying where it belongs: in the trash with our bottles of used hair products. We mean, in the recycle bin with our used hair products, of course.

It’s Sawyer’s expertly crafted cut that makes her hair so special – it’s short, dark, and perfectly frames the fabulous features of this glamorous University of Arkansas graduate (Whew! That was a mouthful).

Despite her great work on the news covering all of the goings-on in and around the Sooner State, we’re guessing that the Sooner (pun intended) we get to talk about her true passion–her two-year-old Boston Terrier, Olivia–the better. We suggest following Sawyer on her Twitter account, where she’s very active, not only to follow breaking Oklahoma news but also occasionally to catch pictures of Olivia in her bumblebee costume. It doesn’t get any cuter than that.


Runner-up: Joleen Chaney

Joleen ChaneyWe will do our best not to make any Dolly Parton jokes about our fantastic HAIRRY runner-up: Joleen Chaney. But, like The Backwoods Barbie herself, Joleen’s signature look is a perfectly styled blonde hairdo that both touches her shoulders and tickles our fancy. And, like Dolly, somehow Joleen finds time to do it all: host a nightly news broadcast at four, five, and six-thirty; run marathons; win Emmys – we even hear she’s considering taking up the flute again for the first time since 4th grade!

With the perfect mix of volume and shine, a shampoo commercial could easily use Joleen’s hair in a shampoo commercial. But lucky for us, the only time we’ll catch her on TV is when she’s living her passion for telling stories and reporting the news. This sixth-generation Oklahoman knows how to do it right.



Best Hair: Eileen Park

Oh! Come on Eileen.
Oh! I swear (what he means)
At this moment, your hair’s everything!
It is so fine
Oh, I wish it were mine
Is this creepy? We’re sorry, Eileen!

Eileen Park

If those were the original lyrics in the Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ hit, we would swear it was written about the HAIRRY award winner for the Beaver State: Eileen Park. But our favorite 80s song aside, Eileen’s follicles really deserve their own song – and it’s one that we’ll be singing all year long.

You see, her hair is just so….what’s the word for it? Ah yes, perfect! See the way it parts? See the way it flows down past her shoulders? See the way it is both intimidating and comforting at the same time? Okay, maybe we’ve taken it too far, but what can we say? We’re in love.

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Born in New York, raised in New Jersey, and with stops in Beirut, Paris, Cape Town, and Seoul, Eileen has brought her world tour of awesomeness to KOIN 6 News, where she keeps Oregonians well informed about the happenings of the day. If you love her broadcasts (and we know you do), we suggest following her on Twitter to keep up with her latest adventures. You’re sure to see not only breaking news ut updates from her many travels as well. We just wish she’d post some more hair pictures….

Park says that she uses Oribe and Morrocan oil. Her best advice to us is to protect your hair with Moroccan oil.


Runner-up: Kimberly Maus

Kimberly MausStraight from Southern California comes our runner-up for the best hair in Oregon news: Kimberly Maus. Kimberly, or Kimmy as her childhood friends might have called her, keeps her short dirty blonde locks well-styled and professional – just the kind of look you’d expect from one of the area’s best newscasters. Beyond her hair, Kimberly is certainly an accomplished and distinguished journalist, working on the Emmy Award-winning show Good Day Oregon every weekday from 4:30 am until 9.

Yes, you read that right. 4:30 AM.

How she gets up early enough to both sport hair that good AND host a news broadcast at 4:30 am, we’ll never know. But what we do know is that her luscious locks deserve all of the accolades they can get. Congrats, Kimberly!



Best Hair: Cecily Tynan

Cecily TynanIt’s time for a little quiz: What water skies, run, raises two fantastic kids, and has time to keep the good people of the Keystone State up-to-date on the occasional bout of precipitation? You got it! It’s HAIRRY winner for best female newscaster hair in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Cecily Tynan! How in the world did you know?

Our super-cool trivia game aside, there’s one reason and one reason only that Cecily is on this list: it’s because he has great hair. Sure, she’s also a fantastic meteorologist who happens to host one of the area’s most-watched weather segments, but we’re all about the hair here, so we want to talk about her spectacular ‘do.

A blonde bob that is both sporty and stylish, Cecily rocks the perfect type of hair for her the shape of her face, making a lasting impression on anyone who catches her standing in front of her big map. Check her out on Twitter to not only know what’s going on in the weather but see many awesome gifs of her dancing skills with her Action News colleagues.


Runner-up: Sharla McBride

Sharla McBrideGiving HAIRRY winner Cecily a run for her money in the beautiful blonde hairdo department is none other than our runner-up: Sharla McBride – co-anchor of WNEP’s nightly newscast. Sharla’s wavy blonde locks and journalistic talent have helped her catapult to the top of the Pennsylvania news game, making her one of the most popular personalities in the biz.

Though we always tune in to her newscasts, we are also secret stalkers who follow her closely on Twitter, where she often posts pictures of her beautiful blonde ‘do doing plenty of fun stuff. Whether it’s broadcasting the Santa Parade or losing to her step-daughter in a game of tennis, Sharla is always up for some of her signature #GoodTimes. Keep up the great hair work, Sharla!


Rhode Island

Best Hair: Caroline Goggin

Caroline GogginThough many carry the prejudice that Rhode Island is small, what they may not know is that the Ocean State is actually big when it comes to hair talent – and you have to look no further than our HAIRRY winner, Caroline Goggin, to know what we’re talking about. As a reporter for WPRI Eyewitness News, Caroline lights up the screen with her delicious chocolate brown locks that seem to naturally fall in a perfect classic ‘do to her shoulders (though we’re sure there is plenty of work involved). It’s a timeless look that meshes perfectly with her movie star features and incredible talent for broadcast journalism – she’s the whole package!

A graduate of Penn State University, Carolien now spends her time as one of the brightest and most popular faces in New England news. If you want more Goggins, we highly suggest you join us in following Caroline on Facebook. Not only will you find the latest news from the area, but, if you’re lucky, some stunning shots of that perfect hairdo.


Runner-up: Alison Bologna

Alison BolognaAnother popular New England television journalist, our runner-up is none other than NBC 10’s Alison Bologna. We don’t want to brag, but this brown-haired icon has won too many awards to count, including best morning female news anchor in 2016. Now, she can add the prestigious and probably more important title of hair extraordinaire to her resume and shoot for the top hair spot in the Little State next year.

According to her Twitter profile, Alison is up at the literal crack of dawn (2:29 am, to be exact) to ready herself for another day of reporting the news and putting us follically challenged folks to shame. We’re not sure how she gets it done, but we’re grateful that she does. Congrats, Al, on having some of the best hair in the biz.



South Carolina

Best Hair: Nicole Boone

Nicole BooneNicole Boone is a blonde bombshell broadcasting beauty. She is the anchor for News 13 at 5 pm and 6 pm and has been at the station since 1989. How they got a 5-year-old to act professionally on-air is beyond us!

With luscious and healthy-looking locks, it is obvious why Boone is taking home a HAIRRY this year. Her blonde hair flows down to her shoulders and slightly swoops up to perfectly frame her face. Depending on which photograph you are looking at, there are hints of light brown in her amazing hair. While we are totally interested in seeing her as a brunette, she kills it as a blonde. Great work, Nicole!

Make sure you follow this civic servant on Facebook!



Runner-Up: Summer Dashe

Summer DasheIt may be the Holiday Season, but it’s always Summer in South Carolina. (Ugh. That was just too obvious of a pun not to. We sincerely apologize.) Dashe is the evening anchor for ABC 15 and can be seen at 5, 6, 7, and 11 pm!

Summer Dashe is our runner-up HAIRRY-Award recipient for South Carolina, and it is easy to see why. These gorgeous blonde waves cascade down past her shoulders like a sunlit waterfall.  She is very consistent with her look as well. Across her station bio and social media, Dashe keeps showcasing her wavy/curly blonde hair. The curls give hair nice volume and make her hair look healthy and ready for her live news broadcast!

She loves a good joke, so why don’t you tweet her one?


South Dakota

Best Hair: Sammi Bjelland

Sammi BjellandSammi Bjelland says her childhood dream was to become a news anchor. Little did she know that she was destined for much more. Now, as a HAIRRY-Award winner, Bjelland could literally anchor anywhere in the country. It is widely known that a HAIRRY-Award opens doors that would otherwise be bolted shut. We are so excited to see how Sammi’s life changes over the next year.

Sammi Bjelland is the evening anchor for KELOland in South Dakota. She also has the honor of sharing the desk with Brady Mallory, our 2017 Newsman with the Best Hair in the country! However, now Brady has the honor of sharing the stage with Sammi.

Follow this South Dakota Sweetie on Twitter.

Bjelland says, “I’ve been using K-Pak Shampoo and Conditioner. I followed up with some CHI Infra Treatment. Then lots of Tresemme Tres Two hairspray. I’d like to thank my mama and pops for blessing me with thick locks, my husband for supporting my obnoxiously long hair routine, and my hair-spiration, coworker, and former HAIRRY winner— Brady Mallory.”


Runner-Up: Anya Mueller

Anya MuellerThe only thing that could perhaps outshine Anya Mueller’s award-winning hair is her infectious smile. Look at that thing! Her smile is beyond amazing. Maybe we should start a teeth care website and start the TOOTHIEs. Eh, maybe not.

Anya Mueller is the morning anchor and reporter for NBC in South Dakota. Mueller’s hair has that perfectly straight cut on the bottom, giving her a chic and trendy look. Among her lists of “enjoyments” are corgis, baking, volunteering, clogging, and quoting movies. Oh, and her baby. But honestly, we’re more interested in seeing her clogging than her baby. Although, we are sure that that baby will follow in her successful mom’s footsteps!

Discover more of Mueller’s interest on Twitter.



Best Hair: Rebecca Schleicher

Rebecca SchleicherYowza! Take a look at this auburn hair. Absolutely stunning! It’s like Rebecca Schleicher came right out of a Pantene Pro-V commercial. Can you imagine how many lame guys have gone up to Rebecca and asked, “are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!” Ugh. Losers.

A true southerner, Schleicher is originally from Atlanta, Georiga, and now works as a journalist for NewsChannel 5. Her hair really shines. These gorgeous, natural tones shimmered in the light and made all of us stop and stare. This one was truly a no-brainer. We saw her hair and knew she would be the HAIRRY-Award winner for Tennessee! Congratulations, Rebecca.

Follow Rebecca on Twitter!

“I’d like to thank both of my grandmothers for their good sense in having red hair. In a way, this prestigious award is really for them. It is Emmy season in our region, but this award is obviously far more important.” – Schleicher


Runner-Up: Danielle Breezy

Danielle BreezyOuch. It’s too loud. Turn down the volume, Danielle! Just kidding! Keep that volume up! Danielle Breezy has some of the most voluminous hair on our list. This very light brown, “dirty blonde” hair sparkles on this award winner.

The second most amazing thing about Danielle Breezy is that she’s a meteorologist for WKRN. You guys, she’s a meteorologist. Her last name is Breezy.

We can’t get over that.

A meteorologist named Breezy? Ugh! Too perfect. And yes, Danielle, we’re sure EVERYBODY brings this up to you, but it is just too good not to.

Follow this weather expert on Twitter.



We need to take a minute to talk about the local newswomen of Texas. The hair competition is fierce. These women have healthy, shiny, voluminous, and of course, big hair. We. Love. It!

Best Hair: Sonia Azad

Sonia AzadSonia’s hair is beyond spectacular. Like, once we saw a sunset in Hawaii where dolphins jumped and splashed on the horizon while parrots flew in the pink sky, and Azad’s hair is way better than that sunset.

This perfect brunette has full and voluminous hair that wonderfully shapers her face and makes her eyes pop with light! If you’re looking for #hairgoals – look no further than Sonia Azad. Just understand that you won’t be able to have hair as good. Sorry. 😉

Sonia Azad is a reporter (and occasional anchor) for ABC 8 in Texas. In addition to being a HAIRRY-Award, Azad is also an EMMY-Award winner. So, basically, Azad wins a lot.

Follow this winner on Twitter!


Runner-Up: Leslie Mouton

Leslie MoutonLeslie, Leslie, Leslie. We bet you’re really nice too. Ugh. So, you have perfect hair and a good personality? We’re jealous.

Leslie Mouton is also an EMMY-Award winner and is the anchor for Good Morning San Antonio! She has been with ABC 12 since 1999! I guess they didn’t care about child labor laws back then.

Mouton’s hair is blonde with hints of dirty blonde. It’s bright. It’s happy. It’s manicured to perfection. It’s so Leslie Mouton! Azad better look out because this force in local news is really close to stealing next year’s top HAIRRY! Follow Leslie on Twitter!





Best Hair: Ali Monsen

Ali MonsenAli Monsen is a Utah native and the host of Good Things Utah for ABC. She’s also a dancing fool! She teaches jazz, ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop! Work it out, girl! Yes!

We really want to see her whip out some hair-ography now that she has the best hair in Utah among local newswomen. Her hair is a gorgeous, luscious brown that compliments her dark features and infectious smile! She’s super active on social media and says she loves hearing from viewers. Well, even though most people reading this article probably aren’t Utah natives, why don’t you give her a shout on Twitter! Maybe get some dance tips?


Runner-Up: Tiffany Justice

Tiffany JusticeTiffany Justice is an Oklahoma native who now resides in Utah, providing residents with reliable news! We love her short cut, but her social media shows that she’s also rocked long follicles in the past. So, it begs the question, is short or long better for Tiff? After MUCH deliberation here at Get Good Head, we’ve decided that we like the shorter hair better! It fits her spunky and bright attitude. Plus, short hair is SO much easier to manage.

She may get the “justice” she deserves next year and win the HAIRRY for best hair! She’s still killing it with these amazing looks, and her Twitter showcases her in an amusing light! Check her out on Twitter!




Best Hair: Eva McKend

Eva McKendVermont may be known for things like gorgeous mountain views, crisp spring water, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, but we have a sneaking suspicion that from now on, Vermont will affectionately be known as “Home to Eva McKend’s Beautiful Hair.” Hurry! Someone call the board of tourism!

Why are we so confident in this sudden change, you might ask? Because if you tune in to watch Eva anchor and report the news on WCAX in Burlington, you’ll find, as we have, that it’s almost impossible to focus on the happens of the day because of what she’s sporting on her head.

That’s not to say Eva isn’t a great reporter – she is! A proud alum of Swarthmore College and Syracuse University, this native New Yorker honed her on-air skills in New York, Washington, and through internships at some of the nation’s biggest media outlets. However, she’s just so good at styling her exceptional long black locks that our one-track minds find it hard to focus on anything but her hair. So for that reason, we’re proud to award the exceptional Eva McKend with the most coveted award in broadcast journalism, the HAIRRY, for the great state of Vermont.


Runner-Up: Jennifer Sheahen

Jennifer SheahenBecause there are many blondes in broadcast news, it can be easy to get your hair lost in the shuffle. However, Vermont’s runner-up for best newscaster hair, Jennifer Sheahen, is truly in a league of her own – sporting a fantastic ‘do every time the little red light illuminates atop the camera lens.

A reporter on WPTZ weekdays and an anchor on weekends, it’s no doubt that Jennifer’s talent helped her reach new heights in the industry, with her wonderful hair acting as just the cherry on top. But for us and our follicle fascination, she deserves as much praise as her shoulder-length locks can handle, which is why we’re proud to name her as our HAIRRY runner-up.

Want even more of Jen? We know you do! We suggest following her on Twitter, where you’ll find that her brand new profile picture shows off her beautiful blonde hairdo in truly breathtaking fashion. Like!



Best Hair: Kristen Crowley

Kristen CrowleyWhen can news of a 20-car pileup with a six-hour traffic delay make you smile? When it’s delivered by the winner of the best female newscaster hair in the state of Virginia: Kristen Crowley. Yes, this traffic reporter and anchor who originally hails from the Motor City now calls the Old Dominion home and has been delighting audiences across the state with her “Beat the Backups” traffic segment since 2007.

Now let’s get to her hair: The color of rich dark chocolate with plenty of volume and shine, Kristen uses the perfect mix of genes and product to achieve a look we’d be jealous of at any time of the day – let alone her first broadcast at 5 am.

Among her passions, Kristen lists three Fs and an A: Family, food, fitness, and animals. We believe she should add a fourth F for follicles, as her amazing shoulder-length hair has certainly become our passion. So, whether you want to find out the latest backups or simply want to see what a HAIRRY-award-winning hairdo looks like, we suggest tuning into WTKR News 3, where Kristen will give you a healthy supply of both.


Runner-Up: Karla Redditte

Karla RedditteWe’ll admit it: the race in Virginia for the HAIRRY award was almost too close to call, much like the last Presidential election. And that’s because the eventual runner-up, NBC12’s Karla Redditte, does her hair so right that we just couldn’t choose! Look at those tight curls and stunning volume; does it get any better than that? We certainly don’t think so.

A self-described Southern Belle in her Twitter profile, Karla’s ‘do is the perfect mix of classy and modern – giving her viewers the best of both worlds each time she takes the screen to report the latest goings-on in the Richmond area.

Because her name reminds us so much of our favorite front page of the internet, Reddit, we’re sending Karla a million upvotes for sporting such an incredible head of hair. Keep doing what you’re doing, girl! Hopefully, there will be a first-place HAIRRY in your future next year!

We asked Redditte some questions, and here is what she had to say.

What products do you use in your hair?
Redditte: I rotate between Mane Choice and KeraVada products. I love both hair care lines equally. I also use good ol’ Bragg Organic Extra Olive Oil (to seal in moisture).

Who would you like to thank for this award?
Redditte: I’d like to thank Lenise Robinson, owner of Parlour RVA. She keeps me cut, coiffed, and coiled at all times! I’d also like Big Chop Hair for making rockin’ hair clip-ins/extensions that come in handy on bad hair days…

What styling and hair care tips can you provide for our readers?
Redditte: Less manipulation is more. No matter how you wear your hair, don’t overdo it when styling it. Know your strands’ limits when it comes to straightening, curling, coloring, twisting, etc. Also, if you put junk into your body, junk will come out. Clean up your diet and drink lots of water and fresh juice (fruits and vegetables in a juicer). Your hair will thank you!



Best Hair: Amanda Grace

Amanda GraceAmanda Grace is making us do a double-take. Is her hair brown? Is it red? We’ve named this color – “Grace Auburn.” It’s stunning!

Grace is the anchor for KING5 in Seattle, Washington. Her hairstyles have changed throughout the year, but all of them are classic and stylish. Her Twitter bio shows some long, layered, and healthy-looking hair. Her station bio headshot shows us some short and chic hair that kind of looks like Karen Walker from Will & Grace. A little bit? Maybe?

In addition to bringing the good people of Seattle the news, she also raises two kids with her husband. We wonder if her husband also has good hair. If he does, then these kids will be Hair Gods!


Runner-Up: Michelle Esteban

Michelle EstebanMichelle Esteban is the weekend evening co-anchor and weekday reporter for KOMO News. This blonde is serving us some west coast realness and looks like a total California beauty!

Now, let’s talk about her “swoop.” Esteban has this amazing swoop from the top of her forehead down the left toward her eye. We. Love. The. Esteban Swoop! Not sure if she knows this, but we’ve officially made it her signature mark. Soon, everyone will be doing the Esteban Swoop.

Swoop in and get to know this wonderful woman on Twitter!




West Virginia

Best Hair: Kallie Cart

Kallie CartYes, Kallie Cart is an award-winning anchor and reporter, but now she can add HAIRRY-Award winner to her “cart” of achievements. If you want to catch this stunning hair model, tune in weeknights at 5, 6, and 11 on WCHSTV!

Kallie Cart’s hair is full and wonderfully styled. Very professional look for this wife and mother. Her brunette waves cascade down her shoulders, and the volume is turned all the way up!  Her brown hair is a beautiful, natural color, and we’re pretty sure you can get that look in a bottle. But hey, maybe we’re wrong. Regardless, it’s clear why Cart made our list of this year HAIRRY winners!



Runner-Up: Nicole Porter

Nicole PorterNicole Porter has been the anchor for Fox 10 since 2013. Now, she can add HAIRRY-Award winner to the list of her accomplishments.

Porter’s blonde locks have that slight curl to them, which gives her volume and bounce. Her hair looks very healthy and frames her face beautifully. It brings out all her naturally gorgeous features and gives her an inviting look for her viewers. Her hair continues to improve as well!

We scoured images throughout her career, and her hair has only gotten better. It just goes to show that there’s always room for improvement, and with the right products and knowledge, you can take your hair to a new level.




Best Hair: Toya Washington

Toya WashingtonAre you having deja vu? Toya Washington was our 2015 winner for Wisconsin! (It’s important to note that there were no HAIRRY-Awards for local newswomen in 2016.) Not only is Tonya stunningly beautiful, but she has the hair to match.

She has had long and short hair during Washington’s career, but it has always been a classic and timeless look. Her most recent pictures show a medium-length haircut with some subtle highlights. This hair is the hair we should all aspire to have. If there were an Olympic sport for growing and styling gorgeous hair – Toya would win. Duh.

Toya Washington, the co-anchor for the 5 pm newscast on WISN. You can see all her fabulousness on Twitter!


Runner-Up: Hannah Anderson

Hannah AndersonOooooohhhhhh girl! Check out this cut! This beautiful blonde hair frames her face wonderfully and is super healthy. Honestly, we thought this song would say everything that we wanted to say…better than we could say it. Hannah, please don’t be mad that we didn’t write all about you. But hey – here’s a link to her Twitter!



Best Hair: Stephanie Chavez

Stephanie ChavezStephanie Chavez is killing it at life with a dark, subtle two-tone that captures her lovely face and striking features. (Remember, ladies, your face is the piece of art, and your hair is the frame.)

Chavez is the local Anchor and Producer at ABC in Wyoming. Originally from New Mexico, Chavez is a mother to two Pit Bulls and says that storytelling is her passion. What captivated us was not her storytelling ability but her swooping locks and healthy-looking hair. She is a clear winner for our HAIRRY-Award.


Runner-Up: Ruth Kimata

Ruth KimataRuth Kimata started her career as a reporter in January 2017 and ended her first year with a runner-up HAIRRY! Wow! You don’t have a better year than that! (Well, unless she had won first place. That would’ve been better.)

Ruth is originally from Kenya. You guys, Kenya! However, she grew up in Colorado and now calls Wyoming home. Her amateur reporting career started in 1st grade, where she reported for her elementary school. Her glam is on point on Twitter. So, check her out and catch her on Channel 5 in Cheyenne, WY!





Washington D.C.

(See Maryland! It’s quite the scandal.)

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