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Local Newsmen With The Best Hair By State

Local Newsmen With The Best Hair: 2015

It’s the biggest and most prestigious award in the news industry: “Best Hair” by

Last year we presented the 25 Local News Men with Great Hair! This year we are doing something a little different. We created the official list of local newsmen with the best hair from each state! We have also included the runner-up for each state.

Our Criteria For Great Hair

The hair obviously makes the man, but what makes the hair? Perfect hair has 4 characteristics:

  • thick
  • full volume
  • well-styled
  • no receding hairline

We used those 4 factors to evaluate the hair.

We did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the man. However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall “hotness.”

How We Came Up With Our List

We went state by state. Our process was time-consuming, to say the least.

First, we listed all of the local TV stations in the state.

Then we pulled the headshots of all the on-air talent from each station. (It all starts with a good headshot).

Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four factors mentioned above. We would look at Twitter and Facebook pictures to get a more accurate look at their hair.

Finally, through deliberation and comparison, we picked our winner (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up.

We repeated that process for each state.

Some Fun Statistics

  • Most popular hair product used by the men on our list: American Crew.
  • Creating this list took a team of people about 100 hours.
  • Roughly 30% of the station bios we looked at linked to the wrong Twitter and/or Facebook account.
  • Anchors and Meteorologists have better hair (for the most part) compared to general assignment reporters.
  • There seems to be a correlation between weather temperature and hair quality. States with higher temperatures seem to attract talent with better hair.
  • The Newsmen on our list have over 100 Emmy Awards combined.
  • 5 winners from last year are also on this year’s list! This was not intentional.

Congratulations to everyone who made it on our list! A special thanks to those journalists who e-mailed us comments on their win. All year we write about things like finding your perfect shampoo and which hair dryer works the best, but each year this article is our favorite! We have a great time doing this each year and are glad that you guys have fun with it too!



Best Hair – Joe Whelan

Joe-Whelan-Best-Mens-HairNow ladies, calm down. This “Hair God” is engaged and off the market, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ogle after him. Whelan is the weekend sports anchor for ABC 33/40, previously reported in Indiana and North Dakota, and graduated from the University of Maryland.

Whelan’s hair looks like something you could get lost in – and be completely okay with. It also looks like something we should stuff pillows with. Too creepy? Alright, that’s too far – but you get the point, right? It’s soft! It’s fluffy! It’s plentiful!

Through extensive and thorough research, we found that the wind is always slightly blowing on Whelan’s hair when he is outside. While scientists can’t figure out exactly why, most hypothesize that God is blessing all that gaze upon his mane by adding a little breeze for effect.

While we could not reach Joe Whelan for comment, we are sure he is overly thrilled to take home the gold for Alabama.

You can show Whelan some appreciation (or chat about sports) on Twitter.

Twitter: @WhelanABC3340


Runner Up – Josh Gauntt

Josh-Gaunt-Best-hair-for-menAre you shocked that Josh Gauntt is our runner-up and not our winner? Well, some of us are too! It was a battle, let us tell you! Gauntt’s hair is near perfect as it comes. But Joe eventually won out due to volume alone. (We made sure to look at other pictures before we made the final decision).

An Alabama native, Gauntt has worked all around the south and is currently a reporter for the Fox6 News team. You can totally tell he is a Southern boy just by his hair. We’re betting $10 that he was in a fraternity in college.

Gauntt’s hair could run for President…and win. Not Gauntt himself. His hair. It’s about as perfectly styled as it comes. Traditional, simple, timeless. Bravo, Josh!

When asked to comment about his inclusion on this list, Gauntt said, “I guess I would thank my parents for the good hair genes. My hair grows really fast. I guess that’s a good problem to have! People comment on my hair often. They are curious as to what I use in it. Nothing fancy. Just a little Garnier Pure Clean hair paste and finish it off with hair spray.”

In case you are wondering, Gauntt uses Suave Professionals Men 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner. You can also follow this Alabama heartbreaker on Twitter.

Twitter: @joshg_TV


Wait! Before we move on! It is worth mentioning someone who didn’t quite make the top two in Alabama – Jim Abath. He’s got a fantastic head of hair, but this year couldn’t officially make our list. We wanted to give him a shout-out anyway! You can follow him on Twitter.



Winner – Blake Essig

Blake-Essig-Alaska-best-tv-hairBlake Essig Wins Best Male News Hair for Alaska! We’re sure that will be the headline in tomorrow’s paper. This Arizona State University graduate has brought the heat of the Sun Devils to the snow-covered state of Alaska. Hey! Maybe he’s the reason all the snow is melting. If that’s the case, we are totally fine with it! Bring on global warming!

Essig is Channel 2 News’ Aviation and Transportation, Public Affairs Multimedia Reporter who has worked in Arizona and Portland. We just hope that people will pull down their hoodies so they can see his amazing head of hair!

While most states had more than one contender, Alaska was not one of them. Essig slayed the competition. It wasn’t even a question of who should win.

Essig was unable to be reached for comment (the NBC website has a slew of issues), but we are sure that Essig is so happy he won that he’s already outside doing snow angles! You can follow Alaska’s standard of TV hair on Twitter!

Twitter: @bessigktuu


Runner Up – Andy Nitchman

andy-nitchman-camera-guyOkay, now before you start sending us mean tweets and hateful e-mail, we need to explain ourselves. Alaska didn’t have a large list of newsmen with great hair, so we had to look just outside on-camera talent to find our runner-up. But we’re sure you will agree that Andy has quite the head of hair.

Andy Nitchman is a photojournalist for CBS 11 News. He is the only non-reporter/anchor on our list. If you don’t like it, then avert your eyes.

We found that most of the cameramen in Alaska had better hair than their on-camera counterparts. What’s up with that?

Nitchman has worked for National Geographic and The Outdoor Channel and says, “I truly enjoy getting to meet new people every day and explore the world through the viewfinder of my camera.” Did you hear that? He likes meeting new people! Ladies, jump on it and grab Alaska’s best hair runner-up!

Twitter: @andynitchman



Best Hair – Ron Hoon

Ron Hoon - Arizona Best HairAs the adage goes, Ron Hoon will make the ladies swoon. Okay, we just made that up – but it should be an adage, if not an old one. Ron Swoon started with Fox 10 in 1982 and is currently the weekday morning anchor! Over the last 30+ years, the citizens of Phoenix have been able to wake up each morning and garner their daily inspiration from Swoon’s thick, full, and perfectly styled coif!

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Arizona’s employment, job growth, wages, and overall GDP have gone up over the last 30 years?! No! It’s because of Ron’s hair. Duh.

If his hair wasn’t enough to make you like him, how about the fact that he donates his time to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Waste Not Foundation? He also reads to classrooms filled with kids to promote literacy. He’s a husband and a dad of 3.

So basically, every good thing about Arizona is because of Ron Hoon and his magic hair. And that’s basically why he wins Arizona’s Best Newsmen Hair!

You should follow him on Twitter and support Phoenix’s economy and literacy… obviously.

Twitter: @ronhoonfox10


Runner Up – Joe Dana

Best Shampoo - Joe DanaBefore we begin, you should sit down and make sure some cool water is within arm’s reach. Joe Dana’s hair and piercing eyes may make you feel something you haven’t felt… ever. He’s clearly killing the whole “dark-and-handsome-with-piercing-eyes-and-perfect-hair-thing.”

Joe Dana is an anchor and investigative reporter for 12 News in Phoenix. Yes, he’s married, but remember – 8 hours a night, you’re dreaming, so now you have new content.

Joe Dana’s hair knows no receding hairline, knows no thinning, and inspired the definition of “volume.” His hair isn’t black, but it’s not brown either. It’s… how do you say… stunning.

His hair’s publicist did not respond to our e-mail, and unlike the other candidates on our list, we think Dana is not excited about this honor; rather, he’s not surprised.

You can follow Joe Dana on Twitter. It could change your life.

Twitter: @joedanareports


Nick Ciletti almost made it on our list this year but missed the mark by a hair. (Ugh…puns). However, we think he is worth mentioning! Here is your shoutout, Nick! You can follow Nick and his gorgeous hair on Twitter.




Best Hair – Kevin Trager

Kevin-Trager-best-hair-arkansasArkansas’ best local newsmen’s hair goes to Kevin Trager! For obvious reasons – his hair rocks! Kevin is a reporter for THV11 and previously worked in Wyoming.

Sure, Trager’s youth is definitely helping his hair game, but we cannot discriminate on age. If you got it, you got it! Trager’s got it! No matter how much you zoom in, you won’t find even a hint of thinning. (Try it. We did.).

There is even a photo gallery of Kevin Trager on the THV11 website.

Trager did not respond to our request for a statement. He was probably too busy fending off the hair paparazzi. You can follow him on Twitter, where his description reads, “Newsman, son, brother, friend, peacemaker, peacekeeper, Kentuckian, hammer bringer.”

Twitter: @Kevinat11


Runner Up – Jason Pederson

Jason-Pederson-ArkansasFrom his hair, you would assume that he is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, enjoys yachting, and has two children named Buckley and Brinsley. Your assumption would be wrong. Instead, he is the consumer affairs reporter for ABC 7 in Arkansas, enjoys fishing, and has two children named Spencer Everett and Shelby Faith.

Pederson has what we call “elite hair” – hair that exudes superiority and opulence, or “supulence” (trademark pending). We’re confident that Pederson’s hair gets him any table at any restaurant with no reservation. When he flies, he gets upgraded to first-class because, after one look at his hair, the airline assumed his coach seats were a technical mistake. His elite hair causes people to stand when he enters a room. They don’t know why they are standing; they just assume that someone with that hair requires them to stand.

Pederson did not respond to our request for comment. However, you can tell him congratulations on Twitter!

Twitter: @KATVJason



Best Hair – Mark Mester

mark-mester-Best-Hair-WinnerMark Mester wins Best Hair for California… and is definitely a contender for Best Hair in the country. We have determined that Mark Mester is the newsman with the best hair in California from our hours of research. (California has lots of good hair). Yes, he is absolutely disgustingly, incredibly, head-turning, makes-you-want-start-CrossFit-right-away good-looking, but his hair is about as perfect as it gets.

His hair is perfectly thick and perfectly styled. His style is also the perfect 50/50 mix of youthful/edgy and business/professional. His hair is short on the sides, larger up top, and nicely frames his long face.

Mark Mester is a general assignment reporter for KTLA 5 News in Los Angeles, California. We also learned through our research that KTLA has some of the hottest on-air talents in the country. Like, seriously good looking, you guys.

Mester was actually born in Budapest, Hungary, and came to America in 1986. We’d like to take this time to thank Hungary for bringing us this perfect hair specimen. We’re hungry for this Hungarian! Congratulations, Mark Mester! You did it!

You should follow Mark Mester on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – just for his hair, of course! You should also make a vision board with him on it.


Runner Up – Chase Cain

Chase Cain Best HairChase Cain is the actual “Anchorman” as he is an anchor in San Diego! Chase topped our list last year when he worked as a reporter in San Francisco but was demoted to runner up in 2015 when we discovered Mark Mester. Sorry, Chase.

Chase is an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award winner, but who really cares about that? Look at his hair! Both Mark and Chase rock the front wave, except Mark waves right, and Chase waves left.

Talk about thick hair! When asked about his incredible hair, Cain said, “What an honor! My roots (and my hair) can be traced back to the South, where the women in my family subscribed to the motto, ‘the bigger the hair, the closer to God.’ Think Julia Sugarbaker in Designing Women. I believe that example helped me learn how to coif hair for TV news properly. In all seriousness, the credit goes to the immensely talented Chrissy Phelan. She has a sickeningly cool Instagram you can follow:

Twitter: @ChaseCainTV


2nd Runner Up – Elex Michaelson

Elex-Michaelson-Best HairCalifornia local news has so much good hair we had to add a second runner-up.

Elex Michaelson may look familiar to you. That’s because he was also on our list last year as well! We checked out his Instagram to make sure he hadn’t gone bald, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that his hair has gotten even better!

Michaelson has 5 Emmy Awards and has been nominated 11 times. Not too bad for this general assignment reporter from ABC 7 in Los Angeles.

It seems more recently that Michaelson has been hitting the red carpet in Hollywood, where lucky attendees get a close and personal look at his awesome hair. In the video below, you will see Sports Illustrated Cover Model, Petra Nemcova, steal some smooches from Michaelson. No doubt, she is just trying to get closer to his perfect head of hair.

WARNING: This video will make you super jealous of… Petra Nemcova.

Video: My favorite moment from #Oscar night at the #EltonJohn party! Supermodel & #SportsIllustrated cover model @pnemcova starts kisses & invites me to dance. #ICanRetireNow

A video posted by Elex Michaelson (@elexmichaelson) on

Twitter: @ABC7Elex



Best Hair – Mark Taylor

Mark-Taylor-Best-Hair-ColoradoArizona State University delivers another Best Hair winner on our 2015 list. Mark Taylor is an Arizona native who has been the weekend Morning Anchor for CBS4 in Denver since September 2013. However, he’s been attracting women (and probably a few men) with his elegant hair for years.

He owns a pug. The pug is named Paige. We think that is adorable. And we’re distraught that we don’t have a picture of the pug named Paige. We also think that Taylor should write a children’s book called “The Pug Named Paige.”

In addition to having an addiction to peanut butter, Taylor also has an addiction to maintaining fabulous hair. While the picture speaks for itself, imagine for a moment that it doesn’t.

Taylor’s hair is the type of hair that all other hair should be based on. Ignore his perfectly structured face and appropriately sized ears. Just look at the hair. Now, what would you change? Nothing, right? Flawless Hair = Mark Taylor.

When informed of receiving this great honor, Taylor said the following:

“I guess I’d like to thank my Father, who taught me never to underestimate the power of a strong side-part. I use Tea Tree Special Shampoo and then a bountiful combo of classic gel, American Crew Pomade, and Aquanet to keep things looking like I pulled my hair out of a hat box and put it on my head like a helmet.”

And you guys, he added the winky face in the e-mail! Like, seriously, how much do you love this guy?! Also, if you follow him on Twitter, you can see a picture of him with a beard.



Runner Up – Noel Brennan

Noel-Brennan-Mens Hair ProductsWe have a problem with 9News in Colorado – Noel Brennan is an overnight multimedia journalist? With that hair? No, ma’am! He needs to be a daytime journalist so more people can see his hair! When you work all night, you sleep all day, leaving most Colorado citizens unable to see his hair.

Luckily, you can see him on TV in the morning as he reports on – stuff.

He’s an ultimate frisbee player and ultimate hair runner-up! What Brennan has that most guys don’t is an incredible shine to his hair. It’s GAW-JESS!

Noel Brennan did not respond to our request for comment.

You can follow him on Twitter, but try not to bother him during the day – he’s getting his beauty rest.

Twitter: @Noeltbrennan



Best Hair – Darren Kramer

Darren Kramer - Best Hair in NewsDarren Kramer is the anchor for News8 in Connecticut. He delivers the news at 5 pm, 5:30 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm. In other words, never schedule anything to do at 5 pm, 5:30 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm.

Darren Kramer is the local newsman with the best hair in Connecticut! Thick, luscious hair that makes us believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He says he loves being a husband and father on his news anchor bio, and we believe him.

On the “8 Things You Didn’t Know About Darren Kramer” list (yes, there is a list), #1 says, “I have been told I have the hair of a young Tina Turner.” Well, keep on “rollin'” Kramer because your hair is giving us LIFE!


Mr. Kramer did not respond to our request for comment, but you should still absolutely follow Tina, errr, I mean – Kramer on Twitter!

Twitter: @darrenkramer8


Runner Up – Matthew Campbell

Best Hair - Matthew CampbellSleek, chic, and shiny – Matthew Campbell and his luscious locks take our second position in Connecticut.

In addition to having great hair, he also parts and styles his hair wonderfully. You’ve got to work with your hair, not against it, and Campbell does just that. Campbell’s hair looks healthy and vibrant – not to mention no signs of thinning. His hair is thick!! Like, “I-don’t-need-a-helmet-because-my-hair-will-protect-me-thick.”

We were unable to contact Campbell, but assume he is elated and planning a celebratory dinner with friends and family right this minute.

Follow Campbell on Twitter! At the time of writing, he is rocking a purple shirt and tie that we are obsessed with!

Twitter: @mgmcampbell


There was one more man on our list that unfortunately got “Connecti-CUT” – Max Reiss. He is the political reporter for NBC Connecticut. We wanted to give him a shoutout because although he didn’t make our list – he still has some great hair! Follow him on Twitter: @maxreiss



Sorry, Delaware. You don’t really have a local TV market. Your TV comes from DC and Philadelphia. So, check out those states and see if you agree with our picks! To make up for it, we added Washington DC to the list.



Best Hair – Chris Van Vliet

Chris Van Vilet - Best hairOnce upon a time, in a land known for weird news, there lived an Entertainment Reporter named Chris Van Vliet. Chris had won 3 Emmy Awards, was named Bachelor of the Year by Cosmopolitan Magazine, and was awarded Personality of the Year by the Broadcaster Hall of Fame, but that still wasn’t enough. Luckily, in 2015, named Chris Van Vliet the winner for best hair in Florida among local newsmen, and his life became complete, and he lived happily ever after!

At least that’s what we assume happened.

If your eyes can get past his pearly whites and chiseled jaw, you’ll see that his hair is freaking awesome. Perhaps a little too high up top, but overall youthful, masculine, edgy, and hot…the hair, that is.

Follow him on Twitter for all things entertainment.

Twitter: @chrisvanvliet


Runner Up – Adam Kuperstein

Adam-Kuperstein-Hair-Products-For-MenAnother Emmy Award-winning journalist, Adam Kuperstein, joins our Florida list of the best hair. Kuperstein anchors the evening news on NBC6.

In addition to loving the thickness and style of his hair, we are obsessing over the color! This handsome dark brown color is making Floridians weak at the knees. If Kuperstein ever starts going gray, it will only enhance his look. We can picture it already, perfect brown with hints of gray – yes, please!

We decided to name this specific shade of brown “Kuperstein Brown.” Kuperstein Brown goes well on the exterior of homes and belts.

You can follow Adam Kuperstein on Twitter and stay up to date on his glorious hair.

Twitter: @AdamNBC6


Before we leave the Weird News Capital of America, we want to mention Kevin Ozebek, who almost made our list. He’s got a nice head of hair, and it needs to be noticed. You can follow him on Twitter at @kevinozebek.



Best Hair – Fred Blankenship

Fred Blankenship Best Hair

There are few absolute facts in life. The ocean is made of saltwater. Broccoli is a vegetable. Fred Blankenship does not have a receding hairline… AT ALL!

You guys, we cannot get over this! Look at his hairline! It isn’t even thinking about receding. It’s all, “nah…I’m good. I’ll just stay here.” Well done, Fred!

In addition to having this impossibly perfect hairline, Blankenship is the morning and midday anchor for Channel 2 Action News. He is married and the father of two children. Fred, if you can give your boy one gift, give him your hair genetics!

Obviously, he has the best hair in local news in Georgia!

Follow Fred Blakenship on Twitter. Be careful not to follow the wrong Twitter account which the station website actually links to. C’mon guys, get it together.

Twitter: @fblankenshipwsb


Runner Up – Buck Lanford

Buck Lanford Best hair

Buck Lanford has two things going for him: first, Buck, and second, his awesome hair. Anyone named Buck is destined for great things!

This 3-time Emmy Award-winner is also a husband and father of two. But enough about his hobbies, let’s talk about his big accomplishments – having great hair.

Wonderfully styled, expertly cared for, and truly a vision in brown, Lanford’s hair has volume and depth that would make any follicle enthusiasts rage with jealousy.

While Mr. Lanford did not respond to our request to comment, we’re confident that he and his wife are renewing their vows just to commemorate this tremendous honor.

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You can follow Buck on Twitter, and you should; because we’re sure you aren’t following anyone else named Buck.

Twitter: @BuckFOX5



Best Hair – Taizo Braden


People from around the world come to Hawaii to swim in the pristine beaches, hike the amazing mountains, and gaze upon the beautiful hair of Taizo Braden. But mostly to gaze upon the beautiful hair of Taizo Braden.

If you need someone with great hair to tell you that things are all clear on Kalaniana’ole Highway and be able to pronounce Kalaniana-ole, then look no further than Taizo Braden. Braden is the traffic reporter for Channel 2 in Hawaii. He saves you time on your commute from his expert reporting while giving you inspiration from his wondrous hair.

While Braden is fluent in Japanese and has his real estate license, his hair is not fluent in “having bad hair days” and holds no licenses.

Follow the king of 808 traffic on Twitter!

Twitter: @TaizoBraden


Runner Up – Paul Drewes

Paul-Drewes-Best Hair in HawaiiWhen we contacted Paul Drewes to tell him he was being considered a finalist, he was very excited.

Paul told us, “I am happy and humbled to be included on this list. So humbled, I have to bow my head. No, wait, that is so you can get another look at my hair!

Here’s my secret: A simple 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (Pantene), a little Bed Head gunk, and I’m good to go. I haven’t combed my hair in years; all it takes is just a quick run-through with my hands.

In addition to reporting and anchoring the news, I have to admit that I pay close attention to the weather — and only leave the house if it will make my hair look great! Good thing I live in Hawaii, where the weather (and my hair) almost always cooperate!”

We couldn’t agree more. And just so you know, Paul, you have made about 45 thousand people dislike you just through the “I haven’t combed my hair in years, all it takes is just a quick run through with my hands” comment.

Hey, if you got it, own it!

Follow this Hawaiian Hunk on Twitter.

Twitter: @pauldrewes



Best Hair – Roland Beres

Ronald Beres idaho Best HairSome people would say the lighting and clouds in this picture make Roland Beres look like a divine spirit. We think it’s the hair…and the lighting and clouds.

First, we love the styling (short on the sides, volume up top). Second, his hair fits his face perfectly. Remember, you can’t change your face, but you can change your hair. Finally, it is wonderfully textured.

His hair makes us want to run our hands through it and mess it all up. However, we have a hunch that his hair would look even better, all messy.

Mr. Beres did not respond to our request for comment. And we were actually really disappointed because we bet he would have had a great response by looking at him.

Follow the Idaho winner on Twitter.

Twitter: @rolandberes


Runner Up – Don Nelson

Don Nelson Best HairDon Nelson has got “anchor hair” if we’ve ever seen it. We trust him. We love him. If he has grandkids, we’re jealous of them. He’s the Grandpa/Uncle you always wish you had. Yes, we’re basing this solely off his hair.

An interesting fact about Nelson: his first career was as a DJ, and his DJ name was Dangermoon. You guys, Dangermoon.

Another interesting fact: once, he bowled a 286…on Wii.

We love the gray at the temples and the volume where it matters most. He has great hair, and we’re so happy he’s on our list.

He did not respond to our request for comment.

You should follow Dangermoon on Twitter… for sure. You guys, Dangermoon.

Twitter: @dondangermoon



Best Hair – Ryan Chiaverini

Ryan Chiaverini Best Hair in Local NewsRyan Chiaverini co-hosts Windy City LIVE weekday mornings at 11 am on WLS. The show has a very loyal viewer base. However, those loyal viewers don’t tune in to learn about the most recent entertainment gossip or hear juicy interviews with major celebs. No, they tune in to see the hair on top of Ryan Chiaverini’s head!

With a perfect combination of wavy and fluffy, Chiaverini is making men all over the country envious. See that receding hairline, though? No, you don’t! Because he doesn’t have one. Clearly, Ryan is winning the hair game!

Ryan, you’re living in the perfect city because we bet that your hair looks great blowing in the wind.

Follow this winner on Twitter.

Twitter: @ryanwcl


Runner Up – Marcus Leshock

marcus-leshock-runner-upMarcus Leshock has a laundry list of accomplishments. He won four Emmy Awards, named CLTV’s 2008 Employee of the Year, has over 7 million views on his YouTube channel, and can now add “Best Hair Runner Up for Illinois” to his achievements.

Leshock is a feature reporter for WGN Morning News and more than likely a feature character in your dreams. His hair is strong. Leshock strong. It looks like you could climb it, and it wouldn’t fall.

He is very active on social media, so reach out to Illinois’ runner-up and tell him congrats!

Twitter: @marcusleshock


Before we move on from the Windy City, let’s talk about Sean Lewis, and let’s do it right now. Sean Lewis is a journalist for WGN-TV in Chicago and woos his viewers with slick hair. And we mean, SLICK! Make sure you follow him on Twitter: @seanlewiswgn



Best Hair – Marc Mullins

Marc Mullins Best ShampooThe only thing we like more than great hair is alliterations, and Marc Mullins has both. His full follicles and clean coif are about as perfect as hair comes.

The shampoo that touches that hair is the luckiest in the world. That large smile isn’t because he’s an anchor/reporter for WRTV6 in Indiana or because he has 6-year old Pekingese named Bishop – it’s because his hair is so great!

Marc Mullins did not respond to our request for comment, but we’re not holding it against him.

Make sure you follow this Hair Hunk on Twitter.

Twitter: @MarcMullins1


Runner Up – Dave Calabro

Dave Calabro best hair shampoo

We’re not the only ones who think Dave Calabro, sports director for WTHR, has great hair. His fans love his hair just as much as they love him! In fact, Dave Calabro’s hair even has its own Twitter handle, aptly named @calabroshair. He is the only newsman on our list whose hair has its own Twitter handle.

We contacted Calabro about his great hair, and he didn’t seem surprised about receiving this great honor. Calabro said, “I hear about my hair several times a day. I am a slob at heart, so it makes it very funny that people think I spend a lot of time worrying about my hair!”

Here are 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Dave Calabro.

If you don’t want to follow Dave Calabro’s hair on Twitter, you can just follow Dave Calabro.

Twitter: @calabro13sports



Best Hair – Chris Earl

Chris Earl - Hair ProductWe love the anchor for ABC 9 in Iowa, Chris Earl. Why? Because his hair is sexy as hell, and he basically wrote this section for us. Thanks, Chris! Take it away.

“I’m a 40-year old man, and the reason I use Axe is that I also have a 7th-grade son in our house. There’s Under Armour for clothing and Axe for various male grooming supplies. I will confess that I still use the ‘gel’ like I was a poor man’s Jason Priestly in 1991. Like an older man who still uses Grecian Formula, I still gel up my ginger top before each newscast. The ideal time is about 90 minutes before the news – like consuming a casserole, you want to let it ‘set before serving.’

Who will I thank? That’s easy—my parents. I do realize that I’m one of the fortunate ones at age 40. Some gray is working its way in, but I still have the hair after 20 years in a moderately stressful job.

Behind every great newsman is often a very deliberate and delegated process of hair maintenance. Not always…but often.”

Oprah recommends printing out Earl’s piece of prose and hanging it on your bathroom mirror so you can read it every day.

Twitter: @chrisearl9


Runner Up – Dan Winters

Dan Winters Runner Up Best Hair

Let’s play two truths and a lie.

1. Dan Winters has a dog named Paul Harvey.

2. He sent us an e-mail begging us to be a part of the list.

3. He was president of his Fraternity.

The lie? #2! Dan Winters doesn’t beg for anything because Dan Winters has hair fit for a king.

When he ran for President of his fraternity, everybody voted for him – even the other guy who ran against him. When he runs for President against Hillary, the same thing will happen.

We may be approaching Summer, but it’s always Winter in our hearts!

Twitter: @danwinters



Best Hair – Brad Stephens

Brad Stephens Best Male TV Hair

He looks like a high-level executive, sounds like a hot knife through butter, co-anchors the 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm news on KCTV5 in Kansas City!

3 out of 4 doctors recommend Stephens. The 4th doctor who doesn’t recommend Stephens is an idiot and should be picketed.

Sure, he’s been nominated for an Emmy. But what’s really impressive is his gorgeous grey hair. A Silver Fox if we’ve ever seen one! He looks just as good in khakis as he does in a three thousand dollar suit. When he laughs, babies stop crying, and the American Flag starts waving. Once, he raised his left eyebrow, and his lawn cut itself.

These are facts.

Follow this mega-sports fan on Twitter.

Twitter: @bradkctv5


Runner Up – Michael Schwanke


First things first, don’t his smile remind you of Ryan Seacrest’s smile?

Michael Schwanke co-anchors Eyewitness News at 5 pm for KWCH12 in Kansas.

Ladies, he’s married, so you can stop Googling his address, you crazy stalkers!

Schwanke has won both a national and a regional Edward R. Murrow Award.

The best word to describe Schwanke’s hair? Sexy. Or stupendous. No, sexy. Yes, definitely, sexy. He’s got sexy hair for sure.

Make sure you follow this sexy man on Twitter.

Twitter: @KWCHMichael



Best Hair – Eric Flack

Eric Flack Best Hair


This Hair Hunk will be topping our list this year for best hair in the country and is the obvious winner of Best Hair in Kentucky!

He has won 11 Emmy Awards and in 2012 was voted Best Reporter in Louisville by the magazine “Best of Louisville.” He is currently the investigative reporter for WAVE3 in Louisville.

There is absolutely no comb good enough to move through his handsome hair. There is no shampoo worthy enough to cleanse his fabulous follicles. There is no conditioner virtuous enough to rest in his perfectly styled coif.

Posting this picture of Erick Flack’s hair is the closest thing we’ve done to putting porn on this website.

Follow him on Twitter and THANK him for allowing us all to sit and stare at this phenomenal hair.

Twitter: @flackwave3


Runner Up – Bill Bryant

Bill Bryant Best HairBill Bryant has hair as distinguished as his career. Currently, he is the morning and noon anchor on WKYT and has been anchoring longer than anyone else in Lexington, Kentucky history!

His hair is very Presidential. It’s made for TV and exudes confidence and honesty.

Bill Bryant did not respond to our request for comment, but that’s probably because he doesn’t have time between anchoring the news and hosting Kentucky Newsmakers.

Follow the king of Kentucky news on Twitter!

Twitter: @kynewsmakers



Best Hair – Greg Adaline

Greg Adaline hair productOur nickname for Greg Adaline is Ada-boy Adaline. He is the morning anchor on Fox 8 in New Orleans. NOLA is a lucky city to have this hunk of man bringing them the news each morning.

Originally from Michigan, this Emmy nominated journalist is married with three kids. When asked who he would like to thank, Adaline said, “Glad to be considered, and truth be told — I have to give credit to my Mom for my thick dark hair.”

As for products, Adaline explains, “I use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and American Crew fiber to keep my short hair looking clean. It’s a low maintenance cut and style for a guy who considers himself — well…low maintenance.”

Low maintenance? We don’t believe it for a second. We do believe, however, that Mrs. Adaline’s hands are super lucky since they get to run through Mr. Adaline’s hair.

Follow NOLA’s best hair on TV on Twitter!

Twitter: @gregadaline


Runner Up – Scott Walker

scott-walker-newsmen with the best hair

This year marks Scott Walker’s twentieth year in the local news game. This means he must have started on-air when he was around 10 years old. He looks so young!

His neatly styled hair has helped win honors such as “Best News Anchor” by the Press Club of New Orleans and “40 Under 40” by Gambit. Now he can add “2nd Place for Best Hair by a Local Newsman in New Orleans.” Scott, your certificate is in the mail.

In response to being considered for this list, Scott Walker said, “I’m honored to be considered. Paul Mitchell shampoo and American Crew styling paste are the keys to this coiffe that has been known to move only slightly during…actually never.”

If you check out his Twitter profile, you can see more stunning images of his hair. It’s really wavy.

Twitter: @scottwalker6



Best Hair – Jon Chrisos

Jon Chrisos hair products

Last year, Jon Chrisos did not make our list…and you, the Internet, were not happy about it. Well, listen up, Internet, he’s on our list this year! But not because you pressured us, but because he actually does have the best hair in Maine. Maine-ly, because of his hair’s volume and overall style.

Jon Chrisos is the anchor and investigative reporter for the Channel 13 News Team in Maine.

Ignore his contagious smile and manicured eyebrows and focus on the root of the matter – his impressive follicles. They are stunning!

He did not respond to the request for comment, but ladies, according to his bio, “In his free time, Jon enjoys running, renovating, skiing, working out and eating out.” To learn more about Jon Chrisos, follow him on Twitter.

Twitter: @JonWGME


Runner Up – Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston Best Male TV HairDid Tom Johnston work for Campbell? Because he is mmm-mmm good!

Tom Johnston is a meteorologist for WCSH6 in Portland. In fact, he is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. He’s also a CHH (Certified Hair Hunk).

His Twitter bio is worth quoting verbatim: “Meteorology maniac mostly monitoring media mentions. Moreover, my multimedia mundo makes me more marvelous!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, but we’ll try.

If you were going to sit down and create the perfect head of hair – it would be something like Tom’s. It is Full with a capital F! In the picture shown, it has been tamed and showcases his professionalism. In his Twitter profile picture, he has it messier, and it still looks awesome and adorable.

Follow him on Twitter. Now.

Twitter: @TJThunder


2nd Runner Up – Dave Eid

David Eid best shampooWe had to add Dave Eid! There is just too much good hair in Maine!

Right down the hall at the WGME station is Dave Eid, who is also our runner-up! Uh-oh, it’s going to get super awkward in the break area.

We can see it now…

Dave’s all, “Oh, hello, Jon.”  And Jon’s like, “Did you see the article?” And then Dave’s like, “Uhhh, yeah, I did. Congratulations. You deserve it.” Jon smiles and goes, “Don’t worry. You’ll get ’em next year.” Dave’s like, “Oh, well…I’m actually more focused on my work than winning some stupid title on a hair website.” Jon goes, “Your ‘work’ being sports?” And then he repeats, “sports? Really, Dave?” And Jon totally used air quotes when he said the word “work.” And then Dave goes, “Yes, sports. Something people actually tune in to see.” And now the crowd that has formed goes, “Ooooohhhhhh.” But then, Jana Barnello, their other anchor, goes, “Guys, calm down. The news is starting, and we need to get ready.” And everyone goes their separate ways, but everyone knows this is far from finished.

Congrats, Dave! Sorry, your entire section got taken up by a hypothetical story. Follow him on Twitter and tweet him! Are you #TeamChrisos or #TeamEid?

Twitter: @DaveEidWGME




Best Hair – Charley Crowson

Charley Crowson - Maryland's Best HairCharley Crowson and his glasses anchor the morning show for ABC 2 in Maryland. The true star, of course, is his slicked-to-the-right hair.

He’s won 3 Associated Press Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, and 1 spot on our list of local reporters with the best hair.

Crowson’s 5 o’clock shadow, adorable dimples, and manicured hair gives him that hunky anchor look women (and some men) adore. Keep it, Charley Crowson! The world needs you.

Make sure you follow Maryland’s hottest hair anchor on Twitter.

Twitter: @CrowsonfromABC2


Runner Up – Tony Pann

Tony Pann - mens hair products

Tony Pann is the WBAL 11 Meteorologist! Legend has it – that each night, his hair tells him exactly what the weather will be for the next day. Amazing. The people of Maryland are truly fortunate.

Pann has full and thick hair from temples to peak. His hair is strong enough to withstand winds up to 20 mph and slick enough actually to repel rain. When it’s hot out, Pann’s hair reflects sunlight to keep him cool. At night, his hair folds down to keep his head warm.

Multipurpose hair at its best.

Follow this hair and weather wizard on Twitter.

Twitter: @tonypannwbal



Best Hair – Adam Williams

Adam Williams Best news hair

Adam Williams has a simple name and hair that is anything but.

Williams anchors the 5 pm, 6 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm news for 7NEWS in Boston. He is also a general assignment reporter. How is this possible? Do you sleep, Adam?

We’re not surprised, however, that WHDH is working Williams to the bone. They know what matters most for ratings – people with great hair. Adam Williams is both a great person and has great hair. Winner! Did we mention he’s pretty darn cute too?

Show this Ratings Warrior some love on Twitter.

Twitter: @adamwilliamsTV


Runner Up – Reid Lamberty

Reid-Lamberty-Best Hair Runner Up

Boom! Look at that! Hey, there. 😉

Gentlemen, if you haven’t gotten the notice – tight on the sides and volume up top will almost always shape your face the way that looks best. Just look at Lamberty!

Reid Lamberty is a reporter for WCVB in Boston and runner-up for Massachusetts’s best hair.

His hair got a lot of practice looking great when he was a reporter in Miami, Florida. (Side note: Miami local news reporters and anchors are super hot. All of them.)

Lamberty’s hair swoops left and right. He’s a bi-swooper. Although he swoops harder than anyone, he doesn’t participate in Twitter. You got it, no Twitter.

So instead, follow us on Twitter!

Twitter: @getgoodhead




Best Hair – Brad Galli

Brad Galli Best Shampoo

Brad Galli loves sports and won an Emmy when he was named Best Sports Reporter in Michigan. He is an anchor and reporter for ABC7 in Michigan and also hosts The Now. Speaking of now, right now, he is our winner for best hair by a local newsman in Michigan!

What we like about Brad’s hair is that it isn’t too overwhelming or in your face. His hair is like the sweet, kind boyfriend you took home to meet your parents for Thanksgiving in college. It’s the kind of hair that would absolutely help an elderly lady across the street. It’s the quality of hair that would say, “guys, c’mon, show a little class,” when his buddies take it too far when talking about a hot chick that walks by.

When notified that he was being considered for this once-in-a-lifetime honor, Galli said, “I’ve gone to the same barber since I was 12, and now I work in my hometown. Stephen Trachsel at the Barber Pole is an awesome friend and the best barber. Other people on TV say to go to a dance salon, but my dad took me to the barber on Saturdays growing up. I like the environment at my barbershop, and I’m glad to say that friendship is the only thing behind my hair.”

Follow Brad Galli on Twitter, and maybe he’ll tweet you back!

Twitter: @BradGalli


Runner Up – Jon Jordan


Jon Jordan is the Style Editor for NBC 4 in Detroit, Michigan! If you don’t love his fashion sense and style, you will love his hair. If you also don’t love his hair, then you aren’t human, and you should go back to your cave.

Jordan owns the whole “organized chaos” hair. It’s messy but self-aware. Not many guys can pull this off. Most guys who have “messy” hair actually just have messy hair! They think they look cool like Jon Jordan, but instead, they just look like they don’t own a shower or a mirror. Great job, Jon!

Jon is not an avid Tweeter, but you should follow him anyway. It’s about quality, not quantity, right?

Twitter: @j2style4u



Best Hair – Blake McCoy

Blake McCoy Best hair productUh-oh! Look who’s back! It’s Blake McCoy! McCoy made our list last year in our article, 25 Local News Men With Great Hair! One look at his fantastic follicles, and you’ll see why he’s back on the 2015 list!

Blake McCoy is a weekday reporter and the weekend anchor for KARE11. He started in 2012 and quickly became a Minnesota staple. He may be talented. Honestly, we have no way of knowing. But we’re pretty sure his success is directly related to his incredible hair – and that dashing smile!

McCoy Hair is firm, confident, and better than yours.

Follow “The Real McCoy” on Twitter!

Twitter: @BlakeKARE11


Runner Up – Tom Butler

Tom Butler - Best hair products for meTom Butler is an anchor for Fox9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was a tough battle between Tom Butler and Blake McCoy. You can see why. Butler’s hair is very… organized, for lack of a better word. Everything looks in place, and it is all moving in the same direction. It looks like the sandy floor of the ocean that has settled to the will of the waves. Whoa, we just got super poetic. We need to sit down for a while, and we’ll be back.

Okay, we’re back! Where were we? Oh, yes. Butler’s great hair. Butler also has consistently great hair. Flip through his Facebook or Twitter pictures, and you will see that his hair always looking great!

Follow Tom Butler on Twitter. It’s the right thing to do.

Twitter: @TomButlerFOX9



Best Hair – Ryan Houston

Ryan-Huston-best-hair-productsRyan Houston is the 6 pm and 10 pm anchor for Channel 16 in Mississippi. Ladies, this may be the perfect man. His station bio says that “…when he’s not on TV, he loves volunteering, lifting weights, and attending church.” Yes, please. Not to mention his perfect hair.

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No receding hairline? Check.

Thick hair? Yep!

Evenly styled? Of course.

Mississippi’s best hair? Duh.

When asked to comment, Houston said, “I’d like to thank my Do-rag, Sporting Waves Grease, and Barber for all working together on my hair. It really was a team effort.” Whether you can do it yourself or need a team to get there, just get there. Great job, Ryan!

Follow this ideal piece of man on Twitter.

Twitter: @ryanwapt


 Runner Up – Mike Alzamora

Mike Alzamora Best TV Hair

There is lots of thick hair on our list, but Mike Alzamora is giving them all a run for their money. His hair is thick-ity thick! Like, he probably doesn’t need to wear a helmet because of its awesome thickness!

Mike Alzamora is the sports anchor and reporter for Channel 12 in Mississippi. Born in Peru, Mike is both fluent in Spanish and having great hair. Muy Bien!

Ladies, don’t get any ideas, though. Alzamora is happily married to Mrs. Alzamora.

Sigue este hombre con excelente cabello en Twitter! (How’d we do, Mike?)

Twitter: @wjtv_mikea



Best Hair – Scott McDonnell

Scott McDonnell Best mens hair productRugged. Manly. Perfect? We think so. Scott McDonnell is a journalist for KMBC 9 in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s obvious that McDonnell is deserving of the prestigious title of “Best Hair” for Missouri.

This hair can endure rock climbing in the Andes, football with the guys, or building a new deck. It’s low maintenance and ready to go with a few passes of the right hair product. This hair doesn’t complain. It’s ready to go and ready for fun. Scott McDonnell’s hair is the man’s man hair. Men envy it. Women love it. Enough said.

When asked to comment on this award and offer us some insight into his haircare, McDonnell said, “Here’s my Twitter handle @scottmkmbc.”

Twitter: @scottmkmbc


Runner Up – Nick Bender

Nick-Bender-TV-HairSpiffy! One of many words to describe Nick Bender’s hair. Another word is winner. Nick Bender is an Emmy Award-winning meteorologist and “storm tracker” for KMBC 9 in Kansas City, Missouri. Uh-oh! Do you know what that means? Two gentlemen from the same station are topping our list for Missouri!

We now know that the primary requirement for KMBC talent is to have fabulous hair. We think that is absolutely the right call.

Bender has full hair, beautiful hair. Kind of like the mane of a lion or the hair of a horse tale (these are all compliments, by the way).

You should follow Bender for obvious reasons, including keeping up to date on Kansas City weather.

Twitter: @nickbenderkmbc


Before we move on, we’d like to take this time to talk about a certain someone who didn’t quite make the list but was very close – Mike Bush. Mike Bush has won 55 Emmy Awards (that’s not a joke), has been at KSDK since 1985, has great hair. He should be recognized. Follow him on Twitter: @mikebushksdk



Best Hair – Dustin Klemann

Dustin Klemann Best Hair Products for MenDustin Klemann is the weekend anchor and reporter for Q2 in Billings, Montana. He has a ravenous fan base and hair that’ll make you drop to your knees. Instead of us telling you about Klemann, here’s what the superstar had to say when we told him he was being considered:

“I’ll be honest, that is a hell of a nod. I appreciate the consideration, especially after waking up day after day, looking in the mirror, saying, ‘Just shave it off, man. It ain’t going to cooperate today.’

If I were to be selected for the honor, I’d have to say that finding the right haircut is knowing the right language. You don’t have to get your haircut by the same person or in the same location to get a good look. As long as you can communicate what you want to be done — fade, taper the neckline, bend the sides, leave length on top — you can walk out feeling great, even if you have the most stick-straight hair. (Seriously, it’s like I’m in a DragonBall Z cartoon)

In the news business, you want to know that you can run around all day gathering stories and still come back to write, edit, and be ready to do your storytelling on camera. I used American Crew fiber. And with most fibers, you’ll find that moderation is its number on strength. You don’t need much, it doesn’t overwhelm with smell or weight, and it wears well throughout a busy (even windy) day.

Bottom line, you can find a great cut in the 406. With our constant weather change, it’s easy to find the right product without going overboard because simplicity can be your best friend during the workday or on a date with a woman named after a Steely Dan album.

Remember, always square off the back and never chop off the sideburns.”

You can check out our website for more hair tips, or apparently, just follow Dustin Klemann on Twitter.

Twitter: @djklemann


Runner Up – Ryan Greene

Ryan Green Best Male Hair

Ryan Green is the weekend sports anchor for KXLF 4 in Butte and Southwest Montana. People must be super nice in Montana because Green responded to our request for comment with much detail.

Green said, “First off, I’m VERY honored, happy someone noticed the intense work I put into taming the mane up here in Montana!

I have to thank my mother, the one with the incredible genes that gave me this head of hair, my father, who is the weatherman for the CBS station in Denver, who also has a great head of hair, and gave me the gene for the part in my hair. And of course, my stylist Kelle, who hasn’t given me one bad cut the entire time I’ve known her.

For shampoo and conditioner, I go for women’s products, actually. Garner Fructis is the go-to brand. For hair gel, I stick with Axe pomade. (But of course, I’d like to say to all my Montana viewers, just because I have gel in my hair doesn’t mean I don’t have dirt on my boots.)

Seriously, thank you so much for even considering me on this list. I hope I at least make runner up!”

Well, Greene! You did! Congratulations, and tell your mom and dad thank you.

Twitter: @ryangreenekbzk




Best Hair – Phil Aldridge

Phil Aldridge Best Male TV Hair

Phil Aldridge’s name sounds like an author of a best-selling novel about a woman who goes undercover to expose the corrupt local Government of a rich town like Savannah, Georgia. However, in real life, Phil Aldridge is an Emmy Award-winning sports anchor for KMTV in Nebraska.

We’re really into the hint of gray at the base of his roots. Seriously, we are. We’re not joking. It gives him that distinguished look reserved for those who know a thing or two about life…and living it.

Aldridge’s thick hair fits his face, and the color complements his skin tone. The image shows make his hair seem redder than it actually is. Check out his Twitter profile picture for a more accurate picture. Congratulations, Phil!

Twitter: @PhilAldridgeUSA


Runner Up – Jeremy Maskel


M issouri School of Journalism graduate and now works on ABC 7 in Omaha.

A vid golfer and runner.

S exy hair and a sexy face!

K illing it with the whole awesome-hair thing.

E veryone is obsessed with his hair.

L ike, seriously – his hair is on fleek!

While Maskel did not respond to our request for comment, we’re sure he’s overjoyed to make our list. You can see an equally awesome picture on his Twitter profile (psst…he’s smiling with teeth in that one).

Twitter: @jermaskel



Best Hair – Don Guevara

Don-Guevara-Best-TV-HairFull disclosure, KTNV has the highest quantity of on-air male talent with amazing hair in the country. It was such a treat to scan these perfect heads of hair. Ultimately, Don Guevara became our overall winner.

Don Guevara is the weekend evening anchor for 13 Action News. He is self-proclaimed as “TALL, DARK & NEWSY.”

We agree.

When asked to comment about this incredible honor, Guevara said, “What an honor. I’ve always been blessed with a full thick head of hair. I haven’t always known what to do with it in this industry. In college, I was awarded best hair at my college radio station. Back then, it was too my shoulders.

It’s naturally very curly, so I keep it short and straight. I used to use a hot iron on it. Now I comb it wet. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always ‘combed’ my hair with my fingers. A few big pulls, and seconds later, it’s done. I don’t believe in expensive shampoos. I use Suave.

The key to great hair is product. I’ve used everything from Murray’s Pomade to a sea salt spray by Bumble and Bumble for texture. For the past 5 years, I’ve used one product that is the secret to my hair success. And so to not give the competition a leg up, it will remain a secret. It’s not easy to find. And I thank an ex of mine for bringing it home one day.”

AH! We want to know the secret, Don! You can’t tease a hair website like that! Well, apparently, you can. Either way, as long as it’s keeping your hair looking fabulous – we’re okay with it!

Follow this secret keeper on Twitter.

Twitter: @DonGuevara1


Runner Up – Jason Feinberg

 Jason Feinberg - Best TV Hair

It’s Mr. Feinberg. More like, Fine-berg! Jason Feinberg is our runner-up for Nevada and an Emmy Award-winning journalist for Fox5.

His hair is jet black and disappears into the night sky. It’s healthy hair that keeps Feinberg looking youthful and vibrant. John Travolta, Shania Twain, and Billy Bob Thornton are lucky enough to have been interviewed by Feinberg.

Jason Feinberg is a self-proclaimed “cat guy.”

We can’t say we love that.

However, his cats’ names are Dr. Feinberg and Kitty Perry.

We can say we love that.

Follow this celebrity interviewer on Twitter.

Twitter: @feinbergfox5


New Hampshire

Best Hair – Kevin Skarupa


New Hampshire pretty much has one station; WMUR. Luckily for America, they produce some excellent hair.

Kevin Skarupa is a Meteorologist for WMUR9 in New Hampshire. According to his station bio, his favorite part of his job is talking with students about weather, and the hardest part is waking up at 1 am. I guess that’s how much time he needs to get his hair looking flawless.

For most men who aren’t used car dealers, the slicked-back look does not work. Repeat: don’t slick back your hair. However, for Skarupa, it looks awesome! His slicked-back hair shows off his appropriately sized forehead and beautiful face.

For accurate weather predictions and slicked back hair for days…follow Skarupa on Twitter!

Twitter: @KevSkarupaWMUR


Runner Up – Sean McDonald

Sean-McDonald-Best-TV-Hair-Male-NewsmanNext in line is Sean McDonald. McDonald has been reporting the news for a while now, starting as a reporter in 1999 at WMUR. Now, he is the morning anchor! And who wouldn’t want to start their day looking at that mug?!

McDonald styles his hair with some added volume up front. We love it. It gives him a youthful look without sacrificing his natural sophistication.

E-I-E-I-O! Thanks, Mr. McDonald, for looking great, having great hair, and making the mornings just a little bit better in New Hampshire!

Make sure you follow this guitar and piano player on Twitter.

Twitter: @sean_wmur


New Jersey

Here’s the deal guys, in the TV world New Jersey falls between New York and Philadelphia. In other words, New Jersey peeps watch newscasters who are actually in New York and Philadelphia. So, we can’t really choose a “Best Hair” and “Runner Up” for this state. However, you can check out the winners for New York and Philadelphia!


New Mexico

Best Hair – Cole Miller

Cole Miller Best TV Hair Male

Cole Miller is a reporter for KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is also a hair expert, evidenced by his wavy, manicured, and diligently styled locks.

He’s a farm boy from Nebraska who is making a name for himself in New Mexico. While we can’t speak to his reporting skills, we can speak to the fact he wouldn’t even need them because we’d tune in just to watch his hair.

Great job, Cole!

When informed of this great honor, Miller kept it short, saying, “I would keep it short – Albuquerque winds can certainly be brutal, and being out in the field, the locks can certainly take a beating. From snow and ice to wildfires, it has seen its fair share of abuse. I’d have to give a big shoutout to my man Bernie at Country Club Men’s Salon. He’s hands down the best guy in the 505. His mother actually watches me on TV and tells him when I’m due for a cut. Since my mother lives 950 miles away, I need that little nag to keep myself looking clean.

What goes in it? Nothing wildly fancy. I rock the Garnier 2-in-1 and style with It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Texture Fiber. I hope this helps and do what’s right – vote for this guy!”

Thanks, Cole! It’s not really a voting thing here. It’s more of a dictatorship, and we now pronounce you Best Hair in New Mexico!

Follow this former farm-hand turned TV pro on Twitter!

Twitter: @krqecole


Runner Up – Mike Springer

Mike Springer Best Hair Products for Men

Mike Springer is a reporter for ABC 7 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He’s giving us some slight side-eye and hair that we should all be jealous of.

No doubting this guy’s quality hair. It’s thick and plentiful. It also has a nice shine to it, although that’s hard to see in this picture. That photographer needs to try again! Only the best for Mike Springer.

In addition to great hair, Springer has those “come hither” eyes. We’re hithering, Mike!

Make sure you follow New Mexico’s runner-up on Twitter!

Twitter: @mspringerkoat



New York

Best Hair – Rob Schmitt

Rob Schmitt Best Male Hair ProductsThe Big Apple is giving us some big winners! Rob Schmitt is the noon anchor and reporter for NBC 4 in New York. Besides having traditional hotness, he has hair that keeps viewers tuned in and attentive.

This is his second time making our list.

No surprise he came from Los Angeles, where it seems everyone has great hair. Before that, he was in Miami, which has the hottest on-air talent. And before that, he was born in Indiana – home of the homegrown hunks. The cards have been stacked in his favor from the beginning.

Schmitt’s hair is 75% professional, 20% fun, and 5% you-don’t-even-want-to-know-what-I-did-over-the-weekend. In other words, the perfect combination.

We were able to reach Schmitt for comment. Schmitt said, “I use Nexxus shampoo, which I buy in bulk at Costco, and I get my haircut every week by the same guy in SoHo for $22. Nothin special!”

We like to call Rob Schmitt, The Schmitt – as in, “He’s The Schmitt!”

Follow the Apple of our eye on Twitter.

Twitter: @Schmitt4NY


Runner Up – Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy Best Male Hair on TV

Steve Lacy is no stranger to the annual list of male anchors with the best hair. Last year he was mentioned on our “Fan Favorites” list. Well, guess what, Steve? You are now on OUR list – which is way better!

Steve Lacy anchors the 5 pm and 10 pm news for Fox 5 in New York City. He is a “0 Time Emmy Winner” according to his Twitter profile. Good! Who needs the Emmys anyway? You’ve been on our website twice in the last two years – that is WAY more prestigious, as we all know.

Lacy’s hair is full, dark, handsome, and appropriately styled. Wonderful job, Steve!

Follow this Hair Stud on Twitter!

Twitter: @stevenlacy



North Carolina

Best Hair – Blair Miller

Blair Miller Get Good HeadBlair Miller is the anchor for Channel 9 at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 11 pm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last year he won his first Emmy, and this year he is winning his first Best Hair award. He has two sons, two boxers, and now two extremely prestigious awards.

Please disregard this photo. It nowhere near does Blair and his award-winning hair justice. Use your imagination while we describe exactly how amazing Miller’s hair is.

If Miller’s hair were a bird, it would be the American Bald Eagle. King of the sky and protected by the United States Government. If Miller’s hair were a snake…it would never be a snake. Miller’s hair is a Bald Eagle! Nothing is better than a Bald Eagle! So there!

Miller told, “My stylist, Shevon, is the ‘keeper of my hair’ as she says. She’ll tell me when I need a haircut before I even realize it. I’m big on haircuts, and she’s big on getting it right every time. Love her!

As for products, I use a mixture of Aveda and Crew products. Over the years, I’ve had my share of consultants say my hair is too shiny or too plastic..and Aveda and Crew seems to be the right balance for the studio lights.”

Follow Blair Miller and his patriotic hair on Twitter!

Twitter: @BlairWSOC9


Runner Up – Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan Rodriguez Best TV Hair

Jonathan Rodriguez is an investigative reporter for WNCN in Raleigh, North Carolina. We did our investigative reporting too, Jonathan, and our conclusion: your hair is killing it!

It has a healthy glow that you usually only find with pregnant women. It is well styled and fits his face perfectly.

Listen up, North Carolina! This California native is serving you investigative-reporting-hair realness. You guys are so lucky, so you better take advantage! Tune in to WNCN and witness those lovely locks.

Once the viewing is over, follow him on Twitter!

Twitter: @jrodreports


North Dakota

Best Hair – Travis Skonseng

Travis Skonseng best tv hair male

In May of 1752, the first US fire insurance policy is issued. In May of 1929, Dr. Annie Webn Blanton forms the Delta Kappa Gamma Society in Austin, Texas. And in May of 2008, Travis Skonseng joins the WDAY/WDAZ news team. Five short years later, he wins the coveted title of “Best Hair” for North Dakota… and the angels cried.

Travis Skonseng is the anchor for both WDAY 6 and WDAZ 8 in North Dakota.

This hunk looks like he is ready to run for office with that All-American face and hair.

Seriously, you should follow him on Twitter. While most of his posts are news-related (you can just skip those), he is very consistent with posting about office pranks, including hilarious pictures of him and his news pals.

Twitter: @travisskonseng 


Runner Up – Mark Charter

Mark Charter Best Male TV Hair

Mark Charter is the morning anchor for KFYR-TV in Bismarck, North Dakota, and has super thick and youthful hair that is getting him noticed.

Because he has to be on TV at 5:30 am, he probably has to wake up at 11 pm to start his hair regimen. Hair that good doesn’t do itself.

We’re guessing his process starts with a two-hour meditation on setting his intention for what he wants his hair to look like. Then his hair soaks in water from the Nile in Egypt. After an hour of soaking, it is time to style. He does so behind guarded doors so that nobody can know his secrets.

If we’re wrong – we’re wrong, but we’re pretty sure this is exactly how he gets ready in the morning.

When asked about being considered for North Dakota’s “Best Hair,” Charter said, “This contest is awesome, and it’s about time guys got credit for having good hair. I’d like to thank both of my parents for giving me a full head of hair. And when it comes to what products I use, well, some things just need to be kept a secret ;).”

Make sure to follow this hair guru on Twitter.

Twitter: @mark_onthe_news



Best Hair – Jeff Hogan

Jeff Hogan Best Male TV Hair

Jeff Hogan is the little brother to legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan. Actually, that is a lie. There is no relation. Jeff Hogan is, however, the co-anchor for the 10TV morning news.

When he’s not anchoring, he is the face for 10TVs Commit To Be Fit campaign. Can you ask for a better face? Nope.

When we told Jeff Hogan that he was being considered for this coveted title, he made one last push to win it all.

“To the good people of GoodHead, I thank you for the distinct honor of consideration among the nation’s best news hair. Merely being mentioned among the fallacy elite makes me feel like a winner already. If I am selected, I will make it my life’s work to ensure every lock is loved and coiffure cared for. Even if I am not, I will continue to splurge on nothing but the finest Suave daily clarifying products and LA Looks styling gel.

I would like to thank the [Hair Club for men] Academy, who would be most interested in knowing I haven’t actually put a comb through this thatch since Milli Vanilli’s dreaded lip-Synch saga. Pure free-form flow from fringe to fluff. I would like to congratulate my mane contestants – I know it will be a tuft decision for the judges.” – Jeff Hogan

Well, Jeff! You won. It’s nothing but ribbon cuttings and reading at middle schools for you now! Congratulations!

Follow this hunky winner on Twitter.

Twitter: @JeffHogan10TV


Runner Up – Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson Best Male TV HairWe’re not weather forecasters, but it’s raining men, hallelujah! Do you know who can predict the weather? Mark Johnson, from ABC 5 in Ohio. He’s been their Chief Meteorologist since 2003.

This guy has more letters behind his name than a Scrabble board. To quote his station bio, “He was the first Cleveland forecaster with both the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the National Weather Association (NWA) Seals of Approval. He has also gone on to achieve the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal from the AMS. ”

His brown and golden hair is so beautiful it once stopped a snowstorm right in its tracks. The sun truly shines through Mark Johnson.

Follow this weath-hair guru on Twitter.

Twitter: @markjweather



Best Hair – Will DuPree

Will Dupree Best Male TV Hair on News

Will DuPree is a multimedia journalist for KJRH in Oklahoma.

Before we go any further, how much do you love the huge NBC peacock behind DuPree’s amazing hair?

It’s hair-larious!

DuPree used to showcase his hair in Arkansas and Missouri, but now the citizens of Oklahoma are getting the treat of the DuPree-Do!

Point of Discussion: In his station headshot, his hair swoops to the right. In his Twitter profile picture, his hair swoops to the left. Which one is better? Discuss.

We think the right swoop is better.

Follow this bi-swooper on Twitter!

Twitter: @willrdupree


Runner Up – Steve Bottari

Steve-Bottari-best-male-tv-hairYou wanna hot body? You wanna Maserati? You wanna Bottari? You better work!

Bottari is Anchor/Reporter/Hunk for KOCO 5 News! And we are “in love with the KOCO” because of it!

Now that we’ve run out of music references let’s hear from Bottari himself. When we told him he was being considered, Bottari said, “I can’t take any credit for my head. That’s all the work of a killer new school barber, Kenny Nunnelee (@Kennythebarberokc on Instagram) over at The Shop on 8th in Oklahoma City.”

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Steve Bottari looks even better on his Twitter. So follow him there.

Twitter: @kocosteve



Best Hair – Russ Lewis

Russ Lewis Oregon Best HairRuss Lewis is the weekday morning and noon anchor for KGW in Portland, Oregon! He’s a dad, husband, father of two daughters, and now, Hair God!

Russ Lewis fits his attitude – fun and funky!

His hair is a great mix of on-camera-news-guy and fun-weekend-dad. Lewis is definitely acting as a hair role model, whether he likes it or not. All of Oregon is probably rejoicing that they get to see this hair five days a week!


Follow Mr. Lewis on Twitter!

Twitter: @russlewiskgw


Runner Up – Kyle Maki

Kyle Maki Best TV hairNormally, we would go on and on about how awesome this hair is. Definitely not your typical on-camera hairdo. However, Kyle Maki is not your typical guy.

We’ll let this picture take it from here. Oh, and follow Maki on Twitter.

Twitter: @kylekoin






Best Hair – Mike Jerrick

Mike Jerrick Best TV Hair

Mike Jerrick is the co-host of Fox29’s Good Day Philadelphia. He is loved, to say the least.

He’s won 10 Emmys.

He’s hosted shows on USA, Sci-Fi, CNBC, and HBO.

So you can see, he’s a veteran in the field of television. He also has hair that’ll make you regret marrying your husband.

Jerrick’s hair is the reason we have rainbows. Every time it gets wet, a rainbow forms. Nobody knows why. Jerrick has never sat at a red light. For some reason, as he and his hair approach, they always turn green. Nobody knows why. Jerrick’s hair styles itself and automatically morphs to fit the environment. Nobody knows how. Yes, Jerrick’s hair is a conundrum, and a beautiful one at that.

Make sure you follow Mike Jerrick on Twitter. It will change your life and the lives of your kin.

Twitter: @mikefox29


Runner Up – Rick Dayton

Rick Dayton Best male tv hair

Rick Dayton isn’t just the morning news anchor for KDKA in Pittsburgh; he’s also an incredible photographer. He owns a photography company named Rick Dayton Photography. Right to the point. We love it.

There is only one type of photograph Dayton should be taking – SELFIES! Usually, we abhor selfies. However, Dayton should ONLY be taking selfies.

Why doesn’t this guy’s hair have its own Instagram? Ugh! The injustice of it all!

Follow this photographer extraordinaire, father of three, and Diet Coke lover on Twitter. Maybe he’ll post a selfie! Ah! Could you imagine?!

Twitter: @rickdayton 


Rhode Island

Best Hair – Matt Reed

Matt Reed - Best Male Hair Products

If any of you out there ever tries to read Matt Reed, you will fail. If you have no idea what “reading” is, just know that it is fundamental, and you should watch more RuPaul’s Drag Race.

According to his Twitter profile, Reed is a reporter for NBC 10 in Rhode Island. According to us, Reed is Rhode Island.

He’s only been with NBC 10 since February 2015, and look what he’s already accomplished – Best Hair in Rhode Island! We are sure his previous station, KCEN in Waco, Texas, is kicking themselves now for letting him go!

His hair shimmers in the light, giving us nodes of gold, brown, and love. It is thick, wavy, and just the way we like it!

Follow this hair winner on Twitter!

Twitter: @NBC10_Matt


Runner Up – Brian Yocono

Brian Yocono Best Male Hair

If you’re ever walking around Rhode Island on a Saturday or Sunday morning and notice that there aren’t many people about, it’s because they’re all indoors, watching Brian Yocono.

Brian Yocono is the weekend morning anchor for WPRI.

His hair is crisp and clean, manicured and styled, and cut to perfection. There is no evidence of a receding hairline. Overall, it’s just a super fresh cut! Great job, Mr. Yocono. (Did anyone else pronounce his name in your head as Yoko Ono? We did, like, a billion times!)

Follow Mr. Yocono (not Yoko Ono) on Twitter!

Twitter: @brianyocono


South Carolina

Best hair – Geoff Hart

Geoff Hart - Best Male Hair

Geoff Hart is so interesting that he needs to have his own published autobiography and a documentary.

Obv, he has amazing hair. Clean cut but with enough volume and length that allows him to have fun with different stylings (though we’re pretty sure he just styles it the same way each morning).

He “kicked” for the Huskies at Northeastern University in Boston. Then he signed with the Patriots in 1986! After he was finished being a badass on the field, he became a badass in front of the camera! He’s an Emmy Award-winner and currently the weekend morning anchor for WYFF News 4 Today.

And what have you done with your life?

Being so busy, Geoff Hart doesn’t have time for Twitter. So instead, follow him on Facebook!


Runner Up – Rusty Ray

Rusty Ray Best TV News Hair

That smirk, right? Delicious.

Rusty Ray is the weekday morning anchor on News13. He is also a college instructor, a husband, and a father to the luckiest girl in the world! I mean, who wouldn’t want a dad with hair like that?!

He also has a cat. That cat’s name is Frida.

Now that we have a complete picture of our runner-up, let’s focus on his hair. It’s solid, people! Clean cut and styled well. Take note, gentlemen!

Follow this model/newsman on Twitter.

Twitter: @wbtw_rustyray


South Dakota

Best Hair – Brady Mallory

Brad Mallory Best Hair in local news

Hubba-hubba! Brady Mallory is one of our favorites on this year’s list! He is the anchor for Midday and a reporter for the evening and nightly news for KELOLAND in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

He. Is. Sharp.

The suits. The ties. The dress shirts. It is all workin’.

His hair is on point. Thick and full of volume, there are few men with better hair than Brady Mallory. Mallory’s hair is short on the sides and styled up on the top. This is perhaps the most popular look on 20-40-year-old men. The reason? It works.

Mallory says, “I would like to thank my parents, who both have great heads of hair. My mother owns a hair salon, so I learned about hair care very early in life. I would also like to thank the cartoon character, Jimmy Neutron, for making it ‘ok’ for guys to have big hair. I use Biolage shampoo and conditioner. I also use American Crew fiber to style my hair and lots of hairsprays. A stiff wind is no match for my mop. ”

Follow this trendy newsman on Twitter.

Twitter: @kelobrady


Runner Up – Phil Schreck

Phil Schreck Best TV News Hair

You probably think when people say they are fans of “Shrek” that they are referring to the movie. This is not the case. Ever. Instead, they refer to the famed Senior Meteorologist at KSFY in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Phil Schreck.

Schreck has thick, beautiful hair that fans out in the front, like a confident peacock.

With wisps of grey, Schreck is as distinguished as he is good-looking.

For weather updates and the occasional glimpse into this weather guru’s life, follow him on Twitter.

Twitter: @philksfy



Best Hair – Steve Hayslip

Steve Hayslip Best Men Hair Products

Steve Hayslip will never have a hair-slip. But he will win some awards! He is an Emmy Award-winning anchor for WTVF in good ol’ Nashville, Tennessee.

In his station bio, he mentions that he likes “…tinkering on antique cars.” He makes no mention of tinkering with his hair. Hmmm…does this mean his hair is just naturally awesome? Probably.

Hayslip’s dark brown hair exudes network news guru. Well done, Mr. Hayslip (and great last name, by the way)!

Follow Hay-Hay on Twitter

Twitter: @nc5_shayslip


Runner Up – Dan Thomas

Dan Thomas Best male hair products

Dan Thomas is obsessed with the weather. And we’re obsessed with Dan Thomas.

Dan Thomas is the weatherman for Channel 5 WSMV in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s a husband and father and, for whatever reason, a “palm tree freak.” We don’t know what that is, but we’re super into it.

Thomas’s hair sits on his head like an expensive rug on a beautiful marble floor. Yep, that’s exactly how it sits.

Make sure you follow Dan Thomas on Twitter, especially if you are also a palm tree freak.

Twitter: @wsmvdanthomas


Before we move on, we need to give some honorable mention to a guy whose real name is Cuthbert Langley. We’ll wait while you let that soak in. He has incredible hair and should be recognized! Follow him on Twitter: @nc5_clangley



Best Hair – Ron Corning

Ron Corning Best Hair Product Online

Ron Corning is a big deal. He’s been both a local and national anchor and host. He’s won an Emmy for his work at KTVI in Missouri and was a correspondent for Good Morning, America!

Most notably, Ron Corning was named #2 on our list last year!

He’s back this year and looking better than ever on WFAA in Texas!

Like wine and grandmothers, Ron Corning’s hair only gets better with age. His hair can look professional and elite or messy and youthful. This means that whether it’s a bachelor party in New Orleans or an interview with the President, Corning’s hair is ready to go! Now, that’s good hair.

Follow this news, entertainment, politics, and pop culture aficionado on Twitter!

Twitter: @roncorning


Runner Up – Eric King

Eric-King-Best Male TV Hair

Eric King is turning out to be the king of Texas TV! He is a reporter and anchor for NBC 5. He’s an Emmy Award-winning reporter and an Emmy nominated anchor. If that’s not enough for you, he also speaks French.

His hair is as simple as it comes, and though there is no volume, it is still great hair. There is absolutely NO receding hairline, and it showcases his face brilliantly! It is beautiful hair!

When we contacted King to let him know we were considering him for our list, King said, “I actually cut my own hair every 4 days. My first TV job was in a small town in Montana. Nobody knew how to cut my hair, so I bought some clippers, called my childhood barber back in Kentucky, and had him explain to me how to do it over the phone. Lucky for my TV career, I was a quick learner.”

Well, a big thanks to you and your barber for making such great hair! Follow this Texas heartthrob on Twitter.

Twitter: @EricKingNBC5



Best Hair – Dan Guthrie

Dan Guthrie Best Male TV Hair

The ability to fly. Unlimited money. Meeting Dan Guthrie. These are the three most-wished-for things by the people of the world.

Dan Guthrie is the Meteorologist for KSL in Utah.

If you can get past that smirky smirk and those “yo. girl.” eyes, then you will see his amazing hair.

Dan Guthrie changed the winds just enough to save a pod of baby dolphins with a subtle hair flip. He did this on purpose. Dan Guthrie winked, and everyone within a 100-mile radius found a $100 bill in their pocket. Dan Guthrie grinned at an Uber driver, and the car miraculously turned into a hovercraft, complete with a hot tub. He did all of this before breakfast and then made eggs Benedict while listening to Sinatra’s biography on tape.

Dan Guthrie also e-mailed us back, and we lost our minds. Here’s what he said:

“This has to be the best e-mail I’ve gotten all week. My hairstyle changes from market to market, so it looked different when I was in Madison, WI, and Rockford, IL. But I’m in Utah now, and when in Rome!

The products also change depending on the station and the hairstyle. I will embarrassingly admit I do use more than one product in my hair. Thanks for the consideration.”

No. Thank you, Dan.

Follow Dan Guthrie on Twitter. Your heart wants you to.

Twitter: @DanGuthrieKSL


Runner Up – Curtis Ray

Curtis Ray Best Male TV News Hair

Curtis Ray is Rachel Ray’s brother! That’s not a fact.

Curtis Ray is the Meteorologist on Good 4 Utah… and yes, he is.

Work it, Ray!

This picture doesn’t do him justice (but it was the “newsiest” one we could find). His hair is full, slightly wispy, and always looking good!

When asked to comment about being considered for this list, Ray said, “Thank you for the honor! It’s great to be nominated for this award! If selected, I would have to say, “My comb is my fingers. My hair is ‘TV ready’ almost instantly out of the shower. Believe it or not, my shampoo is Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, which leaves my hair soft and doesn’t sting my eyes. I use ‘Surf Hair’ product at times.”

Follow Rockin’ Ray on Twitter!

Twitter: @curtisthewxdude



Best Hair – Keith McGilvery

Keith McGilvery best male hair shampoo

Keith McGilvery has some perfect hair. And he’s super good-looking. That is, only if you’re into tall, dark, and handsome.

Keith McGilvery is an anchor and reporter for Channel 3 News, WCAX.

When we asked Keith McGilvery to offer us some insight on his hair care, he had some thoughts:

“What can I say? I’m a lucky guy. I’d like to thank my maternal grandfather for his genes. He always had a great head of hair. I should also thank my parents for putting up with my crazy hair when it reached my shoulders in college and my co-anchors past and present for letting me know when it needs a second look (often). The New England air may help, too!

My mom always kept it on the shorter side as a kid. Now I’ve tried to grow it out a bit. My approach starts at 9 am for the late-night news – kidding! It is pretty simple. Candidly, I usually go for affordable, quick, and easy. Right now, it’s Suave Almond Shea Butter Shampoo and conditioner, with a pass or two of hair spray before I head for the anchor desk. We don’t have “hair people,” so it’s taken some experimenting on my part to find an approach that works!”

Follow this self-taught hairstylist on Twitter!

Twitter: @wcax_keith


Runner Up – Jarred Hill

Jarred Hill Best Male HairYou can find Jarred Hill reporting during the week and anchoring your weekend news on WPTZ. You can also find him rocking his radical locks on this year’s list.

Jarred Hill is a graduate of  Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.

We’re in love not only with his full, healthy hair but also with the way it is styled. Bringing the hair out past his temple showcases his full set of hair and his beautiful hairline. You can get a better idea of what we’re talking about on his Twitter profile picture.

Make sure you check out this self-proclaimed “burrito devourer” on Twitter.

Twitter: @jarredwptz



Best Hair – Seth Kovar


Seth Kovar (how cool is that last name?) is co-anchor and executive producer for the morning show on WDBJ7.

Kovar grew up in Texas, and as we know, everything is bigger in Texas. And Kovar’s hair is no exception. Look at that mop! His name sounds like a costly salon in Beverly Hills. “Me? Oh, I get my hair done at Seth Kovar in Beverly Hills.” Kovar, if this prompts any new business ideas, we’d like a small percentage. Thanks!

Anyway, Kovar’s hair is killing it! His hair has a nice sheen and is coiffed to perfection. No complaints here!

Kovar did not respond to our request for comment.

Make sure you follow this Texas Longhorn and Texas Ranger fan on Twitter.

Twitter: @sethkovar


Runner Up – Brian van de Graaff

brian_van_de_graaff_best_mens_hair_productsThe song “Meet Virginia” was actually inspired by Brian van de Graaff. Now you know.

Brian van de Graaff is a meteorologist for the ABC7 Weather team in Arlington, Virginia! However, he is currently the primary weathercaster for News Channel 8, WJLA’s sister station. That hair looks like it could withstand even the harshest environments.

His hair is strong! Like Ox!

A hammer couldn’t penetrate that thick luscious hair.

Make sure you follow this weather guru on Twitter.

Twitter: @ABC7Brian



Best Hair – David Ham

David Ham Best Mens Hair StylesNo need to turn up the volume here! David Ham has his hair at FULL VOLUME! We are obsessed with this hair, y’all!

Ham’s hair is all sorts of perfect. First, there’s a lot of it. Lucky guy. Second, it clearly agrees with being styled well. We bet he doesn’t have bad hair days. Finally, it looks even better on TV!

When asked to comment on his amazing hair, Ham said, “How flattering! Thanks so much.”

Well, not one for words. But who needs words when you have that hair?!

Follow the King of Hair on Twitter!

Twitter: @HamKIRO7


Runner Up – John Humbert

John Jumbert Best Male Hair in local news

Jon Humbert. He’s a “pre-husband” to a lovely lady named Olivia. She also calls herself a “pre-wife” to John. Checks out. Moving on…

John Humbert is an Investigative reporter for KOMO in Seattle, Washington! We did our own investigating, and here’s what we found:

– He also fills in for sports coverage.

– He was born in Denver.

– His hair is smokin’ hot. Like, smokin’.

Follow him on Twitter for an even cuter picture of him!

Twitter: @jonhumbert


West Virginia

Best Hair – Douglass Harlow

Douglass Harlow Best TV Hair for Guys

Douglass Harlow is a Meteorologist for WCHS/WVAH in Charleston, West Virginia.

Harlow became interested in weather when he visited his grandparents. He had a specific fascination with intense weather, like hurricanes.

We became interested in Harlow’s hair when we saw his picture on the WCHSTV website. We had a specific fascination with….uh…well, how great it looks!

When asked to comment about his possible win, Harlow said, “Thank you for your e-mail. I would thank Meghan Martin…my hairstylist. I use Suave shampoo and Aquage transforming paste.”

Well, it seems to work, Douglass! Can we call you Doug? Thanks, Doug!

Make sure you follow Doug (that’s Douglass to you) on Twitter!

Twitter: @dougharlowWCHS


Runner Up – Dan Matics

Dan Matics Best News Reporter Hair Male

Dan Matics does two things well: taking GQ quality photos (see left) and having GQ quality hair (also see left).

Dan Matics is a reporter for WCHS, as well!

Clearly, WCHS hires great hair. Well done, guys.

Don’t follow Dan Matics on Twitter unless you actually like good-looking models with great hair. In that case, you should follow him.

Twitter: @danmaticsWCHS



Best Hair – Terry Sater


Terry Sater is an anchor and reporter for WISN 12 News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Watch out Hillary, Sater is posed to win the next election on his hair alone. That’s a President if we’ve ever seen one!

His hair is full and wonderfully styled. If you’re looking for a role model for styling, Terry Sater is your man.

Ladies, Sater is an all-out heartthrob! In addition to being a world-class journalist, he is a talented songwriter who can play guitar and the mandolin. This means, in theory, he could deliver the news in an original song. WISN, what do you think? “Tonight at 9 pm, Terry Sater has the full story in 16 bars.”

Follow this journalist/musician on Twitter.

Twitter: @noozdude1


Runner Up – Branden Borremans

Branden Borremans Best Male Hair

We’re very upset. When Branden Borremans posts photos of himself and the weather map on Twitter, we only get to see the back of Borremans’ head! Now, don’t get it twisted. He has a great “back head.” However, we want to see that face and hair in the front. For now, the picture to the left will have to do!

Branden Borremans is the weekend meteorologist for WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin. This means the people of Madison never leave their homes on the weekends, opting instead to stay in and watch Borreman’s Weatherman!

Follow Branden on Twitter for weather updates (and shots of the back of his head).

Twitter: @BBorremansWX



Best Hair – Matthew Seedorff

Matthew Seedorff Best Shampo for a ManMatthew Seedorff is the weekend anchor for the K2 News in Wyoming.

His hair is super “southern frat boy” (aka hot).  He drives a truck, likes country music, and doesn’t screw around when it comes to college football.

When we contacted Matthew Seedorff to let him know he was being considered for this incredible honor, Seedorff said, “Wow! What an honor to be even considered for this. Hair….is kind of a big deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You never know who is watching a given newscast, and hair could potentially make the difference when it comes to ratings over our competitors…even if it’s just by a hair. If I am selected, I would like people to know that my hair is strictly from my Dad’s side, as the men on my Mom’s side are unfortunately hairless. If I had to thank anyone, it would be my co-anchor, Alexandra Lehnert. Not only does she have an endless supply of hair spray (don’t judge), but she also puts up with my unusual pattern of prepping for a newscast. The cycle to get the hair ready, you ask? Wax, water, hairspray..sometimes repeat if needed. Also, I have to thank my parents, not only for the hair, but if not for them, then I would not be here. The only hair product I use other than wax, and whatever brand of hairspray Alexandra purchases, is Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Not really sure if that counts, but I’ll count it.”

Follow this southern gentleman on Twitter!

Twitter: @MattSeedorff


Runner Up – Tony Cedrone

Tony Cedrone Best Male Hair ProductsThis spry 25-year old is making waves in Wyoming! He’s a reporter and anchor for NBC 13 in Casper, Wyoming.

We’re really hoping that his name is pronounced [ton-ee Sid-row-nee]! That’d be perfect.

How much are you loving that small piece of hair that is brushing up against his forehead? It’s awesome!

Follow Tony Cedrone on Twitter! He loves sports, especially if they’re happening with a Philadelphia team!

Twitter: @tonycedtv


Washington D.C.

Best Hair – Tucker Barnes

Tucker Barnes - Best Shampoo

Tucker Barnes is a weather guy. He’s also an Emmy Award-winner. He’s also a gardener. He does it all. Plus, his hair is out-of-control amazing.

He is the amazing meteorologist on Fox5 in DC.

His station bio says that he used to give weather forecasts to kindergarteners…when he was in kindergarten. That’s love, you guys.

Legend has it that Obama himself requested Barnes be the meteorologist for Fox5 so that he could look at Barnes’ hair each morning.

If you follow Barnes on Twitter, you can see a picture of him and his hair blowing through it! What a treat!

Twitter: @tuckerfox5


Runner Up – Doug Kammerer


Hubba-hubba! It looks like DC has two meteorologists with amazing hair! Doug Kammerer is the Chief Meteorologist for NBC4 at 5, 6 and 11 in DC.

Apparently, his head isn’t the only place he grows amazing hair. At one point in time, he also had a beard. People lost their minds. When we googled “Doug Kammerer,” one of the auto-fill options was “Doug Kammerer beard.” We saw a picture of it on the net…it was a very nice beard.

doug jammerer beard

Make sure you follow The Great Hair Grower on Twitter.

Twitter: @dougkammerer






Thank You!

Thank you for reading and sharing this article. We have a blast doing this every year, and hope you enjoy the list! Did we miss someone? Who is in your top 10? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Allison says:

    You must have been distracted by South Dakota’s luscious locks, because his name is Brady Mallory, not Brad.

  2. jake says:

    South Dakota. BRADY Mallory doesn’t like being called Brad.

  3. Delaware does have a TV station. It’s a NBC station. check out

  4. Mitch says:

    The reason RONALD BERES probably didn’t reach out to you is because his name is Roland not Ronald! Taking a few seconds to check peoples name really does help your credibility.

  5. […] This website ranked the local newsmen with best hair by state. And KDKA’s Rick Dayton was runner up for Pennsylvania. […]

  6. Gwen Ness says:

    For some reason Frank Vascellaros of Channel 4 news in Minnesota was overlooked and his hair is definitely one of the best

  7. Taylor says:

    So proud of my baby brother…representing Alaska! This list is amazing! hahaha

  8. Sara says:

    Tom Schaad at WAVY-TV in Portsmouth, Virginia. Silver Fox, I tell ya!!

  9. Diane Webster says:

    If I was young *I’d be moving to Maine. What a cutie.

  10. Jordan Guerrein WJET TV Erie Pa. By far the best hair in the state of Pennsylvania!!!

  11. […] News 13’s Cole Miller is a hair expert according to an online website that ranks newsmen […]

  12. bob says:

    delaware also has WBOC!!!

  13. Allie says:

    Aaron Nolan should have won for ARKANSAS…I mean have you seen that doo?!?!?

  14. Proud to make the list …. #1 in Tennessee. I will now place an empty bottle of Suave on the piano next to the Emmy!! Seriously, pretty cool!!

  15. Mitch says:

    Slow news day ?

  16. Ellen Murphy says:

    You missed FL’s ABC7 Ft. Myers Meteorologist Cody Murphy..

  17. Carol McClellan says:

    Obviously you didn’t spend much time on Facebook if you’re complaining about just seeing the back of Branden Borremans’ head. His FB icon looks to be the same picture as you have.

  18. Helen Willms says:

    While all of these men are good looking with hair, I wonder how many would be as handsome as Sam Adams at KHQ in Spokane, Wash. without hair.

  19. Julie says:

    Texas I think you missed: Kevin Cuenca (Sports-KABB San Antonio) and in Mississippi: Tyler Bouldin (Sports- WLOX)

  20. Cheryl says:

    Technically there *are* a few TV stations in NJ, but they’re not big-market. May I suggest a couple of write-in candidates who have Jersey ties?

    KTLA’s Doug Kolk is a Jersey native. Not only did he make your list last year, he left you speechless. (Don’t believe me? Read what you wrote. 🙂 ) And WNBC’s Raphael Miranda lives in Jersey City.

    Speaking of WNBC, I still don’t understand how you passed over Gus Rosendale (twice now).

  21. FunKyChick says:

    I live in Louisville and love Eric Flack. Check out his Twitter and Instagram feed for great KY Derby photos and his own awesome Oaks and Derby outfits.
    Also, love Alaska Andy, California Mark, Colorado Mark, Connecticut Darren, Indiana Marc, New York Rob, and Utah Dan. And I recognize a few of these faces and names from their work in the Louisville market.

  22. As someone who has spent their career helping people medically and surgically treat their hair loss, I really enjoyed this list of “Anchormen with Great Hair!” Very fun! I’m looking forward to next year’s list, for sure! Considering what we have been doing with hair transplants these days, I think these guys will have some new competition! Regards, Dr. Alan Bauman – Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

  23. Betty Doxey says:

    Rusty Ray definitely has the best hair in S. Carolina courtesy of his hair dresser Wyndi Vann of the Long Bay Salon. Very handsome young man!!

  24. says:

    its more like the most boring male hairstyles i’ve ever scene, each pic is boring conservative short haircuts with nothing original. boo

  25. Paige says:

    Your list seems to have missed Alan Wang of ABC 7 San Francisco… So well coiffed! Best hair in the Bay!

  26. Kim says:

    As a Louisville, Ky native and WAVE 3 fan, I need to let you know you have Eric Flack in the wrong place. His photo is labeled as Mr. Chrisos of Maine. That is actually Eric. Not sure where Mr. Chrisos was placed. Thanks, fun list!

  27. Kimberly Rodriguez says:

    You all need to check out New Orleans WGNO’s Reporter, Kenny Lopez because he has amazing curls that anyone would want to touch!!! His Twitter is @KennyLopez_TV

  28. […] Local Newsmen With The B… […]

  29. Kerry says:

    You have the wrong pic for Elex Michaelson, he is a California reporter in Los angeles not West Virginia!!

  30. kerry says:

    yes, ktla in los angeles DOES have the young and hottest reporters AND it is the best news source for southern california!!

  31. […] 2015 winners brought their A-game, but these 2016 winners took it to an entirely new level of hair care. We got […]

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