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Local Newsmen With The Best Hair 2018 | The HAIRRY-Awards

The 2018 HAIRRY-Awards for Local Newsmen

Last month we brought you the Top 25 Male Realtors and The Top 25 Female Realtors with the best hair in the country.

This month, we are proud to present our most popular category, Local Newsmen With The Best Hair. The HAIRRY-Awards are the most prestigious awards in local news. Yes, Emmys are nice to have, but you haven’t made it until you’ve received a HAIRRY.

What Are The HAIRRYs?

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who grow it. According to this statistic we just made up, 98% of a person’s success and accomplishments are due to the quality of follicles they can sprout from their head. This natural-born talent, mixed with using the right product and styling ability, create heads of hair worth recognizing. So, we do. We recognize their hair as hard as we can.

HAIRRY-Award winners are the cream of the crop. They not only excel in their field but look good while they break barriers and set records.

Mothers across the country pray quietly to themselves each night, “please let my child grow up and become a HAIRRY-Award winner, or at the very least, marry someone who is.”

There is a no bigger honor than receiving a HAIRRY. Don’t let the upcoming jokes and puns fool you. This is serious business.

It’s so serious; in fact, we needed some extra manpower this year.

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The HAIRRY-Award-Winning Criteria

When choosing our 2018 HAIRRY recipients, we looked for the following:

  • hair thickness
  • hair volume
  • hair styling (does it fit their age, the shape of their head, their face, etc.)
  • little to no receding hairline

We did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the man. (However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall “hotness.”)

How We Chose The HAIRRY Winners and Runner-Ups

First, we found every local news station in each state.

Second, we pulled the headshots of all the male on-air talent from each station. (It all starts with a good headshot). This cannot be overemphasized. If your headshot does not properly showcase the beauty of your hair, we move on. Headshots that have not been updated in years (we’ve been doing this a while) were compared to recent social media photos to ensure they were deserving.

Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four criteria mentioned above. We looked at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts, and reels, when available, to get a more accurate assessment of the hair. Does he style it the same way every day? Does he keep up with trends? Is he ever sloppy with his cut?

Finally, through much deliberation, comparison, and arguing, we picked our winners (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up(s).

We repeated that process for each state.

This year the process took us about 115 hours of combined labor. This year, we brought in new hair experts to help ensure the right man(e) won and deliver “coverage you can count on.”

2018 HAIRRY Statistics:

In 2016 and 2017, NBC produced the highest number of winners. However, this year, NBC slipped to the second position leaving ABC and CBS tied for 2nd place!

  • ABC and CBS each had 25 winners (ABC down 4 and CBS up 9 from 2017).
  • NBC had 23 winners (down 10 from 2017).
  • FOX had 21 winners (up 11 from 2017).
  • The remaining winners came from other networks and independent stations.
  • California, New York, and Texas had the highest number of men with exceptional hair.
  • Dark hair outperformed all other hair colors.
  • Anchors, meteorologists, and sports reporters tend to have better hair than general assignment reporters.



Best Hair: Josh Gauntt

Josh Gauntt is a brunette TV news reporter in Alabama. He’s a huge sports fan and has worked behind the camera shooting footage of athletes. More than once, he has found himself on the frontlines covering stories that have made international headlines, and throughout it all, his hair seems always to remain intact.

Despite often covering serious and heart-wrenching stories, he keeps a positive outlook on life through laughter.

Josh loves to laugh, and we love Josh.

Don’t let the southern charm fool you. This Alabama native is currently learning to speak Spanish, so regarding that luscious mane of his, we say ‘Ole! Bonito Cabello!’

When asked what his secret was to great hair, Gauntt said, “great genes.” He uses Pure clean finishing paste by Garnier Fructis and says, “I’d like to thank all the haters. They make me greater.”

To see and hear more from this handsome stud, follow him on Twitter.

Runner-Up: Kyle Burger

Kyle Burger

Last year’s Alabama winner is still killing it with his gorgeous hair. Kyle Burger, the sexy sports reporter, is a Georgia native who has been awarded for both Best Sports Feature and Best Sports Reporting. His popular feature, “Burger Bytes,” helped put him on the map to launching a successful career.

His brown-blonde hair might be a rarity in the newsmen’s world. But he’s not the only one in his household with golden locks. He’s the proud father to a very energetic Yorkie that he and his wife Kenya have together. Burger’s thick hair likely needs a weekly twice monthly super cleanse using a preferred clarifying shampoo.

We reached out to Burger, and here’s what he had to say about winning again.

“The secret to my great hair is patience. I have two cowlicks that take some work to cooperate – in the back and front on the left side. After I wash and towel dry my hair, I then blow-dry (something new for me) and add texture paste as a base and spray those trouble spots when necessary. Another secret is my competitive nature. Just between us, since I won last year, an un-named co-worker has tried to up his hair game to beat me. You know who you are. I’d like to thank my parents for passing their full heads of hair genetics to me.”

He also said he used Fructis and Aveda products.

Click here to see Kyle and his hair on Twitter.



Best Hair: Blake Essig


It happened. It finally happened. Blake Essig, our 2017 Runner-Up, is now a HAIRRY-Award winner…again. Way to go, Blake. He knows how to buckle down, do the work, and get results.

This Sun Devil is an anchor and journalist for NBC in Alaska at KTUU…YOU better believe it!

We still don’t know how he went from the heat of the desert to the frigid cold Alaska tundra. But hey, his hair has never looked better.

Essig’s hair is styled to perfection and lets his viewers know that he can be ready for a good time or a two-hour board meeting.

The unfortunate discovery we made this year is that when he reports outside, he often wears a beanie, covering up those luscious locks. Toughen up, Blake! We want to see that hair.

Follow this Alaskan champion on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Patrick Enslow

Patrick Enslow is an Alaskan native who also calls KTUU his second home. Well, we don’t know if he actually calls it his second home, but we assume he does.

Anyway, Enslow’s hair is nicely coiffed and ready for action. A very professional look, Enslow’s hair looks like it could withstand the force of a hammer! That look isn’t always good, but with him, it works.

This Sports Director and Multimedia Journalist love the outdoors. You can see him fishing, hiking, and sledding with dogs on Twitter and Facebook!



Best Hair: Nick Ciletti


Well, well, well…look who it is. Nick Ciletti, our 2017 Runner-Up, is now claiming Arizona’s top spot for best hair. Well, played, sir.

Ciletti is a three-time Emmy award-winning journalist with ABC 15. Big deal.

More impressive are the hairs that grow from his head. They are stunning.

Well-groomed, well-styled, dark, and handsome, there are lots of reasons to love Ciletti. His hair has a personality all its own. And a charming personality, at that. His hair would pull out the chair for you, compliment your mother’s dress, and pick up the tab. His hair, simply put, is how we should all be living our lives.

We talked to Ciletti, and here’s some insight from the man himself.

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

Ciletti: I wish I had one! Honestly, my secret is less is more. It takes me maybe 60-90 seconds to do it. You get to a certain age, and you’re just happy to have all your hair still!

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

Ciletti: My hair is pretty flat, so I use Keune Blend Volume Powder to give it a little boost.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Ciletti: I’d like to thank my hairs…including the gray ones that seem to be popping up more and more these days!

Follow this inspirational hair… and the body attached to it, on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Ty Brennan


Ty Brennan is the co-anchor for the Arizona Morning Show on Fox 10. The people of Arizona have a lot to look forward to each morning that Brennan anchors. He’s charming, has a great smile, but best of all, he has hair that won’t quit.

We asked it to quit. We had an intervention, and everything and the hair still would not quit. Good for you, Ty Brennan’s hair!

Brennan has a classic cut that can easily go from work to drinks with the boys. He’s also a licensed pilot so that his hair can travel the country, spreading joy and cheer to whoever is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his award-winning follicles.

Follow Ty Brennan and his dog, Hank, on Twitter and Facebook.



Best Hair: Ben Creighton

Ben is a long way from where he grew up in Portland, Oregon, but he has maintained his healthy head of hair as a member of the Fox16 Sports Team, where he covers high school and college sports across the state.

Hopefully, the student-athletes he covers are taking notes on what having good hair can do for a man.

When asked what his secret was to good hair, Ben said, “I want to put enough product in my hair so that it holds, but also I want to make sure my hair still gets a natural and dry look but still looks stylish.”

When asked which products he used, he said, “Raha True Faux Finish. Gives my hair that dry look. I’ve tried the wet, slick back, parted style before, and I will never go back.”

Finally, we asked him who he would like to thank, and he said, “I would personally like to thank Justin Timberlake. I decided to start styling my hair back in college after seeing his ‘Suit & Tie’ and ‘Mirrors’ videos. I thought, ‘if I’m going to be getting into this TV business soon, I need to start getting my hair to look professional,’ and who better than one of the coolest dudes in music to serve as an influence.”

Ben loves getting ideas for new stories, so feel free to reach out to him on his Twitter.


Runner-Up: Michael Aaron

Michael is a multi-skilled journalist from Little Rock, Arkansas, whose dream of becoming a reporter began when he was six years old. We wonder if his hair was this amazing back then too. Of course, it was.

He was raised in Texas and went on to get his first job as a reporter there, where he covered lots of tornados. Maybe his past reporting about high winds is why his hair looks like it’s going to stay perfectly in place no matter what!

You can keep up with Michael on Facebook and Twitter.



They may lack water. They may have a shortage of affordable housing. However, California definitely delivers when it comes to having on-air talent with fabulous, jealous-worthy hair. Special shoutout to Rich DeMuro, Steve Kuzj, Mark Mester, Micah Ohlman, Chris Wolfe, and Glen Walker. You guys didn’t make the list this year. But, wow! Incredible work.

Best Hair: Mark Mester


“Did you see when Mark ran his hands through that girl’s hair?”


“He ‘Mester’ hair up.”

Thank you. Thank you. We’ll be here all week. Tip your servers.

Mark Mester is a general assignment reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles, California. Mark Mester is easy on the eyes, and it’s mostly due to his rock star status hair.

If you thought buying a ton of Bitcoin in 2009 and selling it at the end of last year would have made your life better, imagine your life if you had Mark Mester’s hair!

If you had Mark Mester’s hair, you would never have a bad day. Your Uber would always be one minute away. Your table would be waiting for you, even though you didn’t make a reservation. You’d be verified on Instagram if you had Mark Mester’s hair!

If you had Mark Mester’s hair, your clothes would hang themselves. Your car would never need gas. Your phone would always be charged. Your Internet would never go out, and your family would never ask, “But when are you going to settle down?”

If you had Mark Mester’s hair, your boss….well….rrr…you would be the boss if you had Mark Mester’s hair.

But you don’t.

Only Mark Mester has Mark Mester’s hair.

And only Mark Mester wins the 2018 HAIRRY-Award for Best Hair among local newsmen in California.

Follow Him on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Eric Kahnert

Eric Kahnert is the Morning Anchor for CBS 8 in San Diego, California. This USC graduate is the definition of a California dream. Piercing blue eyes, a fierce jawline, and hair that brings it all together.

Kahnert’s hair is giving us thickness, volume, and a professional yet trendy style. The absence of a receding hairline only adds to his already fabulous follicles, and his healthy hair has been admired by everyone here at

We were lucky enough to ask Kahnert a few questions!

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

Kahnert: Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. Cheapest pomade and hair spray at Target. I wet my hair at 3 am, drink coffee .. blow dry it all forward, Cesar-style, comb the front to the right, spray .. then drink more coffee.

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

Kahnert: Every Man Jack Fiber Cream. TRESemme hairspray. Cheap. These two products set me back $10.00 for 6 months or so. My 3 kids have nicer products than me.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Kahnert: My 2 dedicated stylists at Great Clips in Poway, CA. Mai, and Van. They never give me flack for bringing in coupons, and they rock a razor on the #3 setting.

Wake up with Kahnert and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



Best Hair: Greg Dutra

Greg Dutra

Meteorologist Greg Dutra joined the Pinpoint Weather team in December of 2014. If we had to pinpoint just one thing about this attractive human, it would definitely be that head of hair complemented by a well-maintained beard making this one dapper man.

Off-camera, Dutra has a wide array of hobbies. His most notable one being he is a homebrewer who produces over a dozen batches of beer a year!

He would do right to put a photo of himself on the label of his brew. It surely would sell like hotcakes if he ever decides to exchange beer for broadcasting full-time.

Keep up with Greg on Twitter and Facebook!


Runner-Up: Marc Stewart

Our Colorado Runner-Up, Marc Stewart, has some movie star good looks accompanied by a hair that surely turns heads.

This Denver reporter has reporting experiences that have taken him not only all around the country but the world as well. Giving people from all the lands an opportunity to possibly catch a glimpse of this handsome man.

To stare deeply into his eyes, admire his hairstyling techniques, or just learn more about Marc Stewart, follow him on Twitter!



Best Hair: Kevin Nathan

Kevin Nathan joined NBC Connecticut in 1996! Guess how many times he’s been nominated for an EMMY. 38! That’s more times than I’ve started dieting!

Nathan can now add “HAIRRY-Award Winner” for his head of healthy and gorgeous hair.

We think we spy a little bit of grey coming through, to which we say, YAS! Grey is just a sign of intelligence and distinguishes you as a gentleman and a scholar.

Nathan’s hair is cut perfectly with his facial features and gives him that wonderful “news personality” look.

Follow this veteran on Twitter and Facebook!


Runner-Up: Matt Caron

Not far behind Kevin Nathan is Matt Caron, a political reporter for Fox 61. Caron is a family man and enjoys the outdoors. Whether you lean politically left or right, we can all reach across the aisle and agree that his hair is something to be applauded.

Don’t be like The Cardigans and let those spectacles fool you. Caron has an envy-worthy head of hair. Thick and voluminous, Caron’s hair is clearly manicured to perfection.

His wife, Amanda, is a lucky woman.

Follow Amanda’s husband on Twitter and Facebook.



Due to market size and lack of on-air talent – there are no Delaware winners. You can leave your nasty comments below. We read each one and thoroughly discuss them in the office. We LOVE hearing how stupid we are for leaving out Delaware.



Best Hair: Jason Guy

Now, look at this Guy!

Jason Guy is the morning and midday co-anchor for Channel 2 in Orlando, Florida. On the confidence scale from 1 to 10, Jason Guy is a Kanye. I mean, with hair like that, who wouldn’t be confident?

His youthful face highlights his gorgeous hair. The dark color of his hair leaves viewers with just enough mystery to entice them back to another look.
With the crazy news that Florida can be known for, it’s nice to know that Guy is there to make it all okay.

Next time you ask yourself what you look for in a guy, just remember this Guy. (Now, if only he had a nice smile.) <– Sarcasm.

Follow Jason Guy on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Chris Van Vliet

Chris Van Vliet - Best hair

Chris Van Vliet is an Entertainment Reporter in WSVN in Maimi, Florida. He’s no stranger to The HAIRRY-Awards. He won Best Hair in 2015 and is now back on top in 2018. What happened in 2016 and 2017, Chris?

Regardless, Vliet is back and better than ever. Just reaching more than 50,000,000 views on YouTube, Chris Van Vliet can now add two-time HAIRRY-Award recipient to his roster of accomplishments. His most viewed video is this interview with Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) which has more than 5 million views!

The video would do even better if there were close-ups on Vliet’s head of hair. But, nobody asked us for our opinion.

We did, however, ask Mr. Van Vliet some questions about his hair and receiving this award!

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

Van Vliet: I think the timing is everything. You never want to put a product in your hair right out of the shower, and it never looks good if you attempt to style completely dry hair. There’s a window of perfect styling time that you need to hit.

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

Van Vliet: Whatever the guys at Slikhaar TV put in their products is pure magic. It’s as if that container has tiny little leprechauns in it that help to hold up each strand of hair.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Van Vliet: I guess I’d have to thank my mom and dad for their hair genes. Everyone in my family still has a full head of hair, including my 94-year old grandfather! I was born and raised in Canada, so perhaps we need to have more hair up there to keep us warm!

Follow this celebrity expert on Twitter!



Best Hair: Ryan Beesley

Ryan Beesley is the Bees Knees, y’all! Taking the top spot in the Dirty Dirty is none other than Fox5’s Weekend Morning Meteorologist, Mr. Ryan Beesley!

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Representing the A-T-L, Beesley is serving up some all-star hair and impeccably manicured eyebrows. There’s a 100% chance you’re jealous of this guy’s hair, and later in the week, expect some waves of envy to flow through your body as you recount staring at his delicious ‘do.

Beesley has covered everything from tornadoes to hurricanes, but is he prepared to handle the windstorm of admiration he’ll inevitably receive from being a HAIRRY-Award winner? I mean, we are the “Category 6” of awards!

Follow the weatherman on Twitter and Facebook!


Runner-Up: Daniel Wilkerson

Daniel Wilkerson has no problem putting the viewer first.

Daniel Wilkerson has no problem upholding the constitution.

Daniel Wilkerson also has no receding hairline.

We have no adjustments, Wilkerson. Keep it as-is.

Wilkerson is a reporter for CBS46 in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s definitely “putting the viewer first” with that head of perfectly styled hair. Sometimes he gives us a little curl. Sometimes he gives us a buzzed cut. Regardless, he always gives it. Each. And. Every. Time.

Follow the hair hunk on Twitter and Facebook.



Best Hair: Guy Hagi

Guy Hagi grew up spending most of his time surfing and enjoying all the beauty Hawaii has to offer. As a result, he developed a keen knowledge of weather from a very young age!

He started out doing surf reports for radio in 1980, which he says was the perfect gig for him since he was already in the surf industry and claimed his mother always told him he had “the perfect face for radio.”

Rude, Mom! We think Hagi has a perfect face for almost anything!

Often seen dressed in island-inspired clothing, his hair doesn’t disappoint. His nicely styled shiny head of hair appears to have just the right amount of beachy movability. Making it an ideal work-to-play look!

Keep up with this adventurous Hawaii native on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Brenton Awa

It’s hard not to stare and admire Brenton Awa. He’s such a good-looking stud! Hawaii has done him well. From a brilliant set of pearly chompers to the skin of a God, he has also been blessed with a thick head of striking dark hair.

In his biography for ABC, he compares his life’s journey to an Al Pacino film with a quote that goes like this… “Life’s this game of inches… The inches we need are everywhere around us…” what about those of us who can’t seem to grow our hair out? Where are those inches, Mr. Pacino?

We reached out to Brenton, and here’s what he had to say about his secret to great hair, his preferred hair products, and who he would like to thank for this prestigious award.

When asked about his secret to great hair, he said, “Being Hawaiian, Polynesians have good hair.” When asked who he would like to thank, he said, “HawaiiNewsNow anchor Keahi Tucker (who I believe won this award already). We ran into each other at the beach several years ago while I was still just a reporter. He had just come out of the water from surfing, and in true Keahi form, he told me to gain 10 pounds and grow out my hair. I followed his advice, and a few months later, I got promoted to the desk.”

Haven’t had enough of Brenton? Follow him on Twitter!



Best Hair: Roland Steadman

Roland has been a meteorologist for over 35 years and has maintained that amazing thick hair of his the whole time.

Perhaps his hair is a product of his Cuban descent or just plain blessed genetics that he has passed onto his six children!

When he’s not forecasting the weather, Steadman spends much of his free time with his head of hair in the clouds… flying planes! He’s a commercially licensed pilot as well as a skydiver. It’s hard to imagine his hair being anything less than perfect, even when picturing him soaring through the air and doing competitive aerobatics.

He has received awards from the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association and has a HAIRRY-Award to add to the list!

Follow Roland Steadman on Twitter to be even more impressed by this superhuman.


Runner-Up: Roland Beres

Idaho’s Runner-Up for Best Hair is coincidentally another Roland. But from the sounds of it, this Roland might be Idaho’s biggest fan. After being away for ten years, Roland Beres and his hair returned to their homeland.

His brown hair’s quite hip yet polished styling matches his friendly smile, youthful appearance, and go-with-the-flow personality. While attending college in Portland, he learned to be a “jack of all trades” – shooting and producing when he was thought to be too young to anchor. More than 20 years later, it pays to look young. He shoots, reports, and anchors for ABC in Boise, all the while having cool-looking hair.



Illinois gave us a ton to choose from this year. Not sure if there was a hiring spree over the last 12 months or what, but it was good pickin’ this season! Special shoutouts to Ash-har Quraishi, Art Norman, and Scott Schneider. Well done, men, and better luck next year.

Best Hair: Jake Hamilton

Jake Hamilton

While Hamilton may be considered the best musical of all time, Jake Hamilton is considered, by us, as the best of all time. Period.

Jake Hamilton has been recognized three out of the four years The HAIRRYs has been in effect. He’s one of the few lighter color-haired people on our list. It’s all-natural, though – no need for a purple shampoo!

He was mentioned on our list of The Top Local 25 Newsmen With The Best Hair in 2014. He was not honored in 2015. In 2016 he won “Best Hair.” In 2017 he was Runner-Up to Ryan Chiaverini. This year, he’s back on top with Best Hair in Illinois among local reporters.

What is there not to love about the Entertainment Anchor for Fox32 in Chicago, Illinois? Great smile. Great on camera. And, of course, amazing hair.

Hamilton’s head is covered in thick waves of hair goodness. Forget winning the lottery. We want to win a chance to run our fingers through that follicle forest.

Follow this HAIRRY veteran on Twitter and Facebook. Do it now!


Runner-Up: Alex Maragos

Alex Maragos is a general assignment reporter and morning anchor for NBC 5 in Chicago, Illinois. Last year Maragos received the so-so honor of “2nd Runner-Up,” and this year, he’s climbing up a spot to the great honor of “Runner-Up.”

Maragos’ hair is strong – like an ox…and so is his face. He just comes off as this super-strong, confident guy. His hair is short enough to convey that he’s busy, not a lot of time to waste maintaining long hair. However, it’s long enough to show he still cares about what he looks like and isn’t afraid to put in the effort.

We like it.

Follow this up-and-coming star, Alex Maragos, on Twitter and Facebook.



Best Hair: Marc Mullins

Mullins said that if he won the lottery, the first thing he would do is “faceplant.” Well, prepare a soft landing area, because Mullins, we have something even better for you!

Marc Mullins is The HAIRRY-Award recipient for Best Hair among local newscasters in Indiana.

Way to go!

Marc Mullins is the morning anchor for RTV6 in Indiana, and it’s easy to see why. That kind smile and rockin’ head of hair would make anyone want to jump out of bed and start their day.

His hair is like a perfectly fitting hat that only brings out his other amazing features. Healthy looking with fun styling, Mullins has the hair game down!

Follow this accomplished hair guru on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Jim O’Brien

The worst thing about Jim O’Brien is that when he fishes, he wears a hat. How are people supposed to see your amazing hair if you’re wearing a hat, Jim?

Jim O’Brien is the meteorologist for Fox 59 in Indiana. He’s been covering the weather for more than 18 years, 8 of which have been with his Fox family.

Jim’s a man’s man (that’s why we refer to him by his first name instead of his last). He fishes. He grows facial hair. He’s tan. He served at Fort Knox, where he specialized in “reconnaissance and light weaponry.”

While heavy weaponry is not his thing, heavy hair is! This thick and gorgeous hair is every man’s dream. He probably doesn’t even work that hard to maintain his hair. Lucky guy.

Follow the man on Twitter and Facebook!



Best Hair: Jon Schaeffer

Jon Schaeffer

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? Some of the best hair seems to be on the heads of the men who are reporting sports. Schaeffer of ABC is no exceptions. This Des Moines native has a full head of dark brown hair and a charming smile that gives us all the feels.

He started his career right off the bat in sports in 2012. He has a dedicated hands-on approach to finding special stories viewers love and can often be found at sporting events talking with fans, athletes, and coaches.

Sports aren’t something he just reports. He got his first pair of hockey skates when he was 3 years old and is an active athlete. He’s an avid golfer, and with hair like that, it’s a sure thing he looks good on the green.

Schaeffer says, “My secret [to great hair] is a great night’s rest, two rinses per day, and no less than 10 minutes perfecting the comb stroke. My favorite hair product is j.s. Sloane pomade. Medium weight. I’d like to thank my barber, Chuck, at Franklin Barbershop and my wife for the regular reminder that it’s getting a little wavy.”

Connect with Jon Schaeffer on Twitter and Facebook and make sure to mention his hair!


Runner-Up: Brandon Marshall

Our Iowa Runner-Up isn’t afraid of a little pizzazz when it comes to styling his hair.

With just the right balance of controlled spunk, it’s no wonder one of his greatest joys in life is jamming to 80’s music.

When it comes to the news, Marshall of FOX in Cedar Rapids is all about the weather. He’s a meteorologist who loves the challenge that reporting Iowa’s often extreme conditions.

We certainly wouldn’t mind getting caught in a blizzard with this one.

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook!

(side note, he looks charming in glasses)



Best Hair: Shawn Edwards

We’re just a little star-struck by this one.

With that gorgeous hair of his, he certainly could star in movies, but Edwards’s passion is critiquing. He’s been a critic for FOX since 2000 and has been quoted on more than 300 movies since he began.

Edwards’s film critic career is nationally recognized, but that’s not all he is known for. He’s the co-founder of the African American Film Critics Association.

He’s currently writing a book on we sure hope he puts a photo of himself and that head of hair on the cover.

If you’re a movie lover, be sure to follow Edwards on Facebook!


Runner-Up: Gerard Jebaily

Gerard Jebaily is one good-looking guy. With his brown locks perfectly in place, he isn’t afraid to make a bold statement – such as wearing a bright pink tie, which by the way, compliments his glowing skin tone extremely well.

The passion for his career is impressive! Since fulfilling his lifelong goal to obtain his dream job, he’s gone on to build his very own storm chasing vehicle! Insane! That’s some dedication! If he can do that, styling that hair of his is probably a breeze.

Here are some hair tips and insight from Jebaily himself!

“Getting some wind in it now and then. Good conditioner, crew fiber, and occasionally an index finger moistened with saliva. I’d like to thank my parents for their good hair genetics & my lucky stars for not having it all fall out.”

Follow Gerard on Twitter and Facebook!



Best Hair: Ben Pine

The oh-so-fine Ben Pine is taking home The HAIRRY-Award for Best Hair among local journalists in Kentucky. Kentucky is very lucky to have such a gorgeous winner.

Ben Pine is the Chief Meteorologist for WASH in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s time for you to head for cover because Pine’s hair is going to blow you away.

This standard southern cut is giving us a little old-school-fraternity-weekend-lawn-games mixed with new-dad. He usually has his hair styled to his right with plenty of gel.

Whether you love weather or just love great hair, follow our preferred Pine on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Adam Burniston

Adam Burniston is a Meteorologist and Reporter for WKYT in Lexington, Kentucky. This storm chaser/cyclist was scared of storms, but now he keeps people safe from storms by giving the public plenty of notice to cover!

Burniston’s hair hasn’t even thought about receding. It’s thick, luxurious, and has just the right amount of volume. He has a nice beard to match, giving his face the perfect frame it deserves.

Here’s some advice from Burniston:

“It takes dedication while at the same time not trying too hard on my hair. It’s usually a combination of blow drying it into its partial form and drying all the way, but then I have to wet it slightly before applying my product. So, as mentioned, it’s finding the perfect amount of drying, re-wetting, and using the right amount of product. I would also like to thank my amazing hairstylist for giving me the perfect cut every time.

I’m a big fan of hair clays for products. They give a good hold that lasts all day long and gives it a good matte finish, which I think looks nicer under the bright studio lights. Specifically, I use Dollar Shave Club’s Boogie’s Casual Hair Clay. I’ve been using it for years now because I have perfected its use!

It takes a lot to get your hair styled just right. Being in front of the camera, it has to be on point. I couldn’t have done it without first getting a perfect haircut. My hairstylist John from Mickey Salon/Spa in Lexington, KY, gives me that perfect haircut every time that I am then able to style into perfection.”

Follow Adam Burniston on Twitter.


Winner: Christian Piekos

A newcomer to KSLA News 12, Peikos and his golden locks are no stranger to Louisiana.

He comes to KSLA from Southwest Louisiana, where he created his own segment called “Christian’s Cajun Adventures.”

He covered Hurricane Harvey and President Donald Trump’s visit to Lake Charles days after Harvey hit, which is totally cool, but for the sake of this article, it is Piekos hair that trumps all!

Christian Piekos is another newsman that loves getting story ideas from folks, so feel free to reach out to him via Facebook and tell him that the folks at Get Good Head sent you.


Runner-Up: Sean Fazende

Who doesn’t love a guy who’s not afraid of commitment? The New Orleans sports reporter joined FOX in 2008 and is not the longest-tenured reporter in his department.

His commitment doesn’t stop with his career. Fazende is also committed to looking good. In our opinion…really, really good.

He knows what works for him, and over the years, he’s developed an eye for fashion, particularly nice suits. His enthusiasm to deliver good news and look good doing it doesn’t just stop at his attire. He’s got a killer head of hair that’s styled super sexy. Fazende is oh-so debonair. His wife Ashley is one lucky lady!



Best Hair: Jon Alba

Please meet Jessica Alba’s younger brother, Jon Alba!

(That was a lie. You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.)

However, you can believe this: Jon Alba is the Anchor and Sports Director for ABC 7 and FOX 22 in Maine. That’s right; you can catch Alba’s sports recap and his amazing hair on two different stations.

Alba’s hair is full, thick, and has a nice, dark color. There is enough volume in his hair that it sits high on his head and can withstand a brisk wind.

Make sure you follow the one and only Jon Alba on Twitter!


Runner-Up: Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy is a multimedia journalist and Saturday anchor for Fox 23 in Portland, Maine. What does that exactly mean to the people of Maine? It means that Saturday is the best day of the week – no work, and you get to see McCarthy’s hair!

McCarthy’s hair has two primary looks; the first one is super glued and ready for work, and the second one is a little more relaxed. Both looks work very well for him.

Unfortunately, they likely do not make a comb strong enough to come through hair that thick.

Fortunately, it’s not our problem. We just get to ogle after his amazing locks.

Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



Best Hair: Lowell Melser

Reporter. Meteorologist. A superhuman among mere mortals.

Those are just some of the words and phrases used to describe Lowell Melser from WBAL in Baltimore, Maryland.

Melser will have to update his Twitter bio from “Non-Award Winning Meteorologist Reporter” to “HAIRRY-Award Winner 2018!” And if he asked us, we would advise that his Twitter bio only read that. Although a tad too fluffy, Melser’s hair still receives an A+ rating and recommended by 3 out of 4 dentists.

Let’s all wait and see if Melser updates his Twitter bio!


Runner-Up: Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor, are you single? Because I’m not, but I will break up with my boyfriend right now if you wink at me.

Mike Taylor is a meteorologist for WMAR in Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, he has broad shoulders. Yes, he has a smile that garners him automatic first-class upgrades on every major airline.

And yes, we found this shameless gym selfie on his Instagram account, framed it, and may or may not pray to it twice a day for forgiveness.


A post shared by Mike Taylor (@miketaylorwx) on

However, what is most impressive is that gorgeous, well-groomed head of hair. It is very slick. Very chic. It is perfect.

Go ahead, do a little stalking of your new favorite weather guy on his Twitter and Facebook.



Best Hair: Justin Dougherty

This Boston reporter who loves American History is now making some history of his own by winning this HAIRRY award in the birthplace of the American Revolution.

He covers stories from criminal justice to severe weather and looks good doing it.

Dougherty was an easy pick. How can you deny that thick head of dark hair? Styled so nice we had to look twice…and imagine what it would be to run our fingers through that mane. It seems possible too, though he clearly uses product to style his hair. It looks just soft enough to touch.

Follow this American Dream on Twitter and Facebook! Enjoy!


Runner-Up: Nick Giovanni

Originally from Florida, Runner-Up Nick Giovanni is proud to call Boston home. He got his start in sports reporting but now covers a wide array of topics.

Giovanni has been blessed on this earth with a thick head of gorgeous brown hair. He’s so handsome from head to toe. He is the perfect representation of what the HAIRRY awards are all about.

Hit him up on Twitter and let him know his hair is much appreciated.



Best Hair: Brian Abel

Brian Abel

Michigan’s HAIRRY winner has some pretty impressive reporting under his belt. Many of the stories he’s covered for ABC’s Detroit station have been picked up nationally. Not surprising since he has a face and, most importantly, the hair for television. He has been blessed with a great hairline and keeps it fresh with a clean-cut style appropriate for any genre of reporting.

Brian Abel graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in journalism. He then relocated to Fargo, North Dakota, where he was a primary anchor and often found himself reporting from what’s known as the “frozen tundra.”

We are glad Abel and his hair made it out of the deep freeze okay and are back in Michigan looking good and hopefully staying warm indoors for the most part.

He enjoys a good game of golf. Come fall, he can be found at Michigan Stadium on game days.

We reached out to Mr. Abel, and here’s what he had to say!

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

Abel: Blow dry, a little non-shiny product, and some hairspray. Maybe straighten it a bit if needed. (I blame the rise of Ryan Seacrest at an impressionable period of my life!)

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

Abel: Crew Fiber and Moroccanoil spray.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

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Abel: Giselle at Fiaz Salon for putting up with me bringing in visual aids.

For more on Mr. Abel, follow him on social media! Twitter. Facebook. He likes receiving story ideas and tips!


Runner-Up: Casey Jones

Dreams do come true. Casey Jones grew up watching WOOD-TV, which is the station that he is now a part of. He says he always imagined himself there and worked hard to make that happen!

Jones must have had some good hair role models he looked up to because he knows how to style that brown hair of his to compliment his handsome face and stunning brows.

His dedication to his work and his hair makes him a very deserving runner-up for Michigan.

Can’t get enough of this cutie? Follow him on Twitter and Facebook!



Best Hair: Josh Rosenthal

Rosenthal, a striking blue-eyed reporter, has adorably textured brown hair that made him a shoo-in for the winner for Minnesota.

It would be an understatement to say that the people of the Midwest are fortunate to have such a handsome devil delivering them their news.

His talent in the industry doesn’t stop at reporting. He’s gifted in investigative work as well. In 2010 the Florida Associated Press awarded him Best Investigative Report after exposing a trendy award-winning magazine for plagiarism.

Nothing slips by this man. And he didn’t slip by us.

Keep up with his investigations and admire more of his hotness on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Mike Augustyniak

Well, here we go again. Yet another meteorologist that somehow manages to maintain a very un-windblown appearance.

His interest in weather started at a very young age because he was terrified of thunderstorms! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? Or just learn everything there is to know, pass on the knowledge, and stay alert while doing so! How does he do this? He continues to beat his personal record of the most cups of coffee consumed in a 10-hour period.

Back to the topic of hair, it’s always nice to see a newsman with hair that looks soft to the touch. His lustrous silky locks made him the obvious choice for Minnesota’s runner-up.

Mike is also an avid speaker and can be requested for events, so to have him show up at your next function, reach out to him on Twitter and Facebook today!



Best Hair: Jonathon Brannan

A singing reporter who can also act with good hair to boot? Talk about a quadruple threat! Being multi-talented pretty much sums up Mississippi’s winner Jonathon Brannon.

Brannon is from a small town called Petal and is extremely passionate about delivering the news to his community!

That’s not his only passion though, Brannan and his thick, dark locks have been in more than 15 musical theater productions. It doesn’t stop there though, he’s also been in the film Pitch Perfect and recently joined his co-worker Karen Abernathy in a jazz band!

To see Brannan putting on the ritz and more, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: C.J. LeMaster

Runner-up C.J. LeMaster is a dark-haired stallion that is definitely not one to be messed with. Nothing gets by him! Since 2016 he has served as WLBT’s Chief Investigative Reporter. His dedicated research has led to exposing several shocking news stories to the public. He’s indeed a real asset both to the community and his team at work.

In his career, he has received more than a dozen Mississippi Associated Press awards. We’re sorry we couldn’t add a HAIRRY-Award Winner to the list, but there’s always next year! And Runner-Up is still amazing!

When told about the award, C.J. says, “Honestly, I just do what I’ve always done: wash it, dry it, put gel in it, and try to style it without a brush or comb when possible. That doesn’t always work, but that’s the goal. I use TRESemme shampoo, and LA Looks styling gel. I’d like to thank my grandparents for helping ensure that I have a full head of hair and previous winner Jeff Barker for stressing the importance of ‘good lettuce,’ as he calls it.”

If you have something you think C.J. should look into, or you just want to drop him a line about that sexy hair of his, here’s his Twitter and Facebook!



Best Hair: Lucas Geisler

While studying at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, this thick, shiny-haired former Eagle scout used to rake in the dough baking countless bagels at a local bakery.

Since then, he’s anchored down with ABC 17 News, delivering stories all around mid-Missouri. With the city of Ferguson in an uproar, the buzzer-beater himself (did we forget to mention his love for hockey?) delivered breaking news covering the protests.

He continues to report important issues to the people of mid-Missouri.

What the puck? This scout’s hair is a riot.

Can’t get enough of him? Follow him on Twitter and Facebook!


Runner-Up: Cory Stark

Simply put, Cory Stark cares about people. This alone makes him a winner in our eyes, but since there only can be one per state, we had to make him a runner-up this year. Maybe nice guys do finish last? Not in a bad way, of course! We love Cory’s mysteriously dark and immaculately styled hair.

Stark is striking.

He’s passionate about safety issues, and since joining KMOV in 2013, many of his stories have led to positive changes in and around St. Louis.

A Butler University alum…he’s is a huge Bulldog Basketball fan. Who let the dogs out? We’re sure glad this one got out.

To keep up with Cory Stark and all his good deeds, follow him on Twitter!



Best Hair: Dustin Klemann

Dustin Klemann

Dustin is a reporter from Q2…more like QT! Look at that volume! To reference one of the best movies of all time, Mean Girls, his hair is so big it’s full of secrets.

Klemann is no secret to our prestigious award. This is his third, yes third, HAIRRY award. He’s been recognized in 2015, 2016, and 2017!

He’s killing the hair game year in and year out.

We want to know Klemann’s secrets. Secrets to winning, that is. Still no word from Dustin on who his barber is…maybe next year? Or will he finally step aside and give someone else a chance? Unlikely. His hair just keeps getting better with time. If you’re a reporter in Montana and want to win a HAIRRY, you probably should move to another state.

Dustin loves hearing from people, so if you want to congratulate him on another win or “talk about how bad the Dallas Cowboys are.”


Runner-Up: Will Wadley

Will Wadley might not have stood a chance next to the reigning titleholder of Best Hair for Montana, but if he could just get perhaps another inch of volume, he might knock ole Klemann’s out of the game next year! Forget the mountain ranges. It’s the hair of the reporters in Montana that have the most impressive heights.

Will studied journalism at Biola University in southern California. Is that where he got the skills to style that mane of his? Possibly.

He returned home to Montana in 2010 and has worked for NBC ever since.

To get swept off your feet as we have, follow him on Twitter and Facebook!

Best Shampoo for Oily Hair


Best Hair: Seth Denney

Seth Denney is a sportscaster scoring his own points on the use of hair products alone.

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Denney is a native to the state where he delivers the news and says the thrills he gets from meeting new people and getting to do new and exciting things on the job are what got him interested in news in the first place. His love for sports got him into sportscasting.

Seth’s hobbies include sports, of course, spending time with his wife and 3 children, and shopping for hair products to maintain his healthy-looking head of hair.

Well, Seth…you’re doing a good job because it’s landed you your very own HAIRRY-Award! Congrats!

For more Seth Denney, follow him on Twitter!


Runner-Up: Zach Worthington

Mr. Worthington is proud to call Omaha, Nebraska, his home. Growing up, he was the eldest of three siblings. We wonder if they were as genetically blessed with great hair as he was. Hopefully, or that would suck.

Worthington didn’t discover his interest in the news until he started taking journalism courses in college at UNL. He always knew he was best suited in a fast-paced work environment, so deciding to go into journalism was a no-brainer.

He is a handsome guy with a head of thick, healthy-looking hair, making him a solid selection for Nebraska’s runner-up.

We wanted to see more of him. If you do too, follow him on Twitter.



Best Hair: Sean McAllister

Sean McAllister

If only Sean McAllister were good-looking, he might just have a chance at life. Sarcasm!

Sean McAllister is the Entertainment Reporter for Fox 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His brown hair is absolutely stunning and is styled wonderfully to frame his face.

McAllister is no stranger to The HAIRRY-Awards. In fact, he was last year’s winner for Nevada. Sean McAllister is used to two things; winning and having great hair. Keep it up!

We reached out for a few comments and insight. Here’s what we got:

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

McAllister: I have haircuts scheduled every three weeks like clockwork. It’s my favorite day of the month! Blow drying before styling, and meticulous attention to detail keep me camera-ready all day long.

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

McAllister: For several years, I’ve been using the John Paul Mitchell men’s line, MITCH. Reformer is a great styling cream that doesn’t leave your hair feeling stiff, crunchy, or greasy.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

McAllister: This head of hair would be nothing without my stylist of over a decade, Jennifer McMillan. I’d be remiss not to mention my co-host, Rachel Smith, for making my hair a topic of conversation almost daily.

Follow this lifestyle and celebrity guru on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Ryan Canaday

We love saying Ryan’s last name because the way we pronounce it makes it sound like someone over pronouncing “Kennedy.” Or we play the game, finish that sentence.

Canaday…really change anything?

Canaday…be enough time to get over a breakup?

There’s a little office fun for all of you at KTVN in Nevada.

Ryan Canaday is a reporter at KTVN in Nevada and has award-worthy hair, no doubt. This thick and well-groomed head of hair sits atop a charming face and bright smile. Make sure you follow him on his Facebook page.


New Hampshire

Best Hair: Adam Sexton

This HAIRRY-Award for Best Hair goes to dark-haired and handsome Adam Sexton.

Before landing in New Hampshire, Adam worked in television in both California and Oregon. Before leaving the Golden Coast, his reporting skills were recognized several times by the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists.

His work also scored him an Emmy nomination for a series he reported on “Dragon Skin,” a body armor system that prompted a national controversy over protecting American troops.

We hope he has some decent armor for that beautiful hair of his because we’d love to see him again next year.

To keep up with Sexy Mr. Sexton, follow him on Twitter and Facebook. And tell him we sent you.


Runner-Up: Kevin Skarupa

Kevin Skarupa

Kevin Skarupa was last year’s winner, and it was a tough call making him this year’s runner-up.

Skarupa is still as busy reporting the weather and serving his community as ever, so we weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to him on the list.

His partless hair game is still as strong as ever, and our hearts still are melting thinking about the poem he had dedicated to him by a third-grader. Swoon.

Kevin, you may not be this year’s winner, but we still love you and your head. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


New Jersey

For an explanation of why there are no New Jersey recipients, please see “Delaware.”


New Mexico

Best Hair: Chris Guardaro

From the land of enchantment to the home of the Masters’ Golf Tournament, this little birdie landed himself a hole-in-one at the HAIRRY-Awards.

Chris Guardaro is thrilled to share people’s stories that need to be told, and we’re thrilled to share New Mexico’s winner.

This New Yorker’s hair is as glorious as his current state’s sunsets, and we think he’s as hot hot hot as those famous New Mexican green and red chilis.

We are so happy to have his curly locks grace our screens once again as this year’s winner!

Follow Mr. Handsome on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Doug Fernandez

Doug Fernandez

When it comes to news coverage you can count on, Doug Fernandez’s hair delivers. Oh, and he just so happens to be last year’s winner.

Fernandez has traveled far, reporting on one national disaster to the next. Ranging from the Shuttle Columbia disaster to Hurricane Katrina. The aftermath….this guy’s hair is weatherproof.

To share your condolences for him getting demoted to runner-up this year, head on over to his Twitter or Facebook and show him some love. The HAIRRYs love you, Doug!


New York

This year we saw the largest quantity of New York reporters with exceptional hair. We would like to give special shoutouts to David Novarro, Jeff Smith, Josh Einiger, Cefaan Kim, Michael George, and Mac King.

Best Hair: Anthony DiLorenzo

Anthony DiLorenzo is absolutely delicious. Those pierced lips and swooped back hair make us weak at the knees. But ladies, back off. DiLorenzo is very much married. In fact, his incredible wife, Kala Rama, is the co-anchor for the morning where Anthony is a reporter. #PowerCouple

In fact, this couple seems to succeed at everything they do together. From dominating morning news to killing at the gym, have you found your Kala Rama or Anthony DiLorenzo yet?




Please, take off that hat, though. We want to see your hair, Mr. DiLorenzo!

In other news, this guy’s hair is one of the tops on the list. It is full, thick, healthy, vibrant, and never late with tax returns or responding to text messages. His hair is as close to perfect as you’re going to get.

We asked him a few questions about his hair and this award. Here’s what he had to say:

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

DiLorenzo: Patience and a good haircut! (Thanks, Daniel Urtiaga)

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

DiLorenzo: My go-to by FX just got discontinued. So I’m now on the hunt for a new low-cost paste…I’m taking suggestions!

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

DiLorenzo: My wife, Kala Rama, for urging me to leave my spiked short hair days behind and grow my hair out when we moved to New York.

Make sure you do your hair duty and follow this amazing guy on Facebook!


Runner-Up: Chris Glorioso

Chris Glorioso

Guess who’s back? Back again!

It’s Chris Glorioso! However, it was another year where he couldn’t quite make the top spot. (He was our 2017 Runner-Up). However, his hair is still amazing, so let’s dive in.

Glorioso is a 7-time 12-time Emmy Award-winning reporter and is part of the Investigative Team at NBC 4 in New York, baby! His hair is long yet styled, cute, yet masculine, and overall he is one handsome hombre.

Follow this deserving gent on Twitter and Facebook.


North Carolina

Best Hair: Wes Hohenstein

Wes Hohenstein is so cute. With golden hair that surely glistens if he happens to be reporting the weather on a sunny day, we have a mega-crush on this one.

Much like the CBS North Carolina Committee that he is an active part of, Hohenstein’s hair is “At Your Service.”

Whether you like it or not, relaying facts and delivering reports on hurricanes, floods, white Christmases…this weathercaster’s hair doesn’t disappoint. In return, we’re proud to deliver this HAIRRY-Award to him.

Follow this beautiful specimen on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Michael Perchick

“I see your hen just had a bunch of babies. How much Perchick?”

Our runner-up is new to ABC 11. What better way to solidify your success in the news world than to make it on The HAIRRY list!

Perchick has certainly paid his dues to earn his current reporting position. He’s been all over the south for work, dedicating years in Texas and Mississippi before landing in his current hometown of Raleigh.

Those humid summers in the south must do wonders for his dark hair that shines like the star we think he is.

Send him segment ideas and swap hair stories by following him on Twitter and his Facebook!


North Dakota

Best Hair: Jack Springgate

Jack Springgate used to play football, and now he plays a reporter on TV. He’s a reporter for KFYRTV in North Dakota. He has sweeping hair that seems to dance across his head effortlessly. (That’s a good thing, by the way).

Springgate is an active dude. He likes sports and adventure. So he needs hair that can keep up. Luckily, Springgate’s hair does exactly that and more. His hair keeps up and then pushes him to the next level. It’s like he has his own personal life coach sitting on the top of his mind.

Thank you, Jack Springgate’s hair, for all that you do.



Runner-Up: Mark Charter

Mark Charter Best Male TV Hair

Once again…for the third time…we are pleased to announce our Runner-Up, Mark Charter. AKA the Leonardo DiCaprio of the HAIRRY awards. We adore his effortlessly vibrant hairstyle that shines as bright as his cutie-pie smile.

Mark Charter is a winner in our eyes for hanging tough through yet another brutal North Dakota winter. Most importantly, his voluminous hair also persevered.

Hang on one more year Mark! We have all the faith in you!

Stop by this dapper bloke’s Twitter to leave some words of admiration and maybe figure out where you can send him a scarf or something for next winter.




Best Hair: Jason Nicholas

Ohio’s winner is Chief Meteorologist Jason Nicholas. He also happens to be the newest member of the Cleveland 19 First Alert Storm Team!

Jason was the first meteorologist in his city to become a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from the American Meteorological Society. This high-level certification is extremely coveted in the land of meteorologists and basically means that Nicholas isn’t just good at his job, but he’s a science genius as well! IMPRESSIVE!

But of course, we aren’t really here to discuss his intelligence. It’s true what they say, smarts are sexy, but we think good hair is even sexier! Luckily for this stud, he’s got both going for him. His dark hair is styled like that of a classic gentleman.

A true gentleman he is indeed. When he’s no busy forecasting, Nicholas volunteers with local charities such as the Northeast Ohio Autism Group and Cleveland’s Key to the Cure that raises funds and awareness for women’s cancers.

If you haven’t heard enough, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Mike McCarthy

Cutie-patootie Mike McCarthy is “on your side.” He’s been helping the peoples of Columbus, Ohio wake up for seven years now! Hard to believe when you look at that adorable babyface of his.

He may have an angelic face, but his hair has just the right amount of edge. McCarthy’s youthful yet polished hairdo deserves some praise.

McCarthy has won 11 Emmy Awards, and the Ohio Associated Press named him “Best TV Reporter” in 2012 and runner-up in 2014.

Now to end with something that will warm your heart. McCarthy and his wife met when they were little on the school bus, which makes it impossible not to say…Ohio is for lovers.

To see more of his accomplishments and adorableness, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



Oklahoma decided to turn it up a notch this year. KOCO had a large number of guys with amazing hair. In fact, Chris Stanford owes Jeff George a big “thank you.”  Jeff George from Fox 25 would have been the Runner-Up, but we discovered that he blocked us on Twitter!

We don’t know why! What did we do, Jeff?

Regardless, Stanford makes a fine Runner-Up.

Best Hair: Bret Buganski

“Oooooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain… Bret Buganski’s hair sure looks sweet… undoubtedly even if the wind comes right behind the rain!”

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Did that even work? Anyone a musical fan? We’re not sure if this winner is, but we do know he used to play guitar in an 80’s rock band. Which on the general meter of coolness puts him pretty much in the lead.

Originally from the windy city of Chicago, perhaps this is where he learned to style his hair so that it looks like it would stay intact, rain or shine.

He’s worn many hats in his new career but now can be found anchoring weekend evenings for KOCO 5 News alongside his co-anchor, Mecca Rayne.

We reached out to Bret Buganski, and here’s what he had to say: “I’m honored to be nominated! Good genetics obviously helps, and I got the good hair gene from my mom’s side of the family. A good diet and staying hydrated keeps my hair looking healthy. The girl who cuts my hair uses Kevin Murphy products and Bumble and Bumble serum (not an endorsement). It can be tough keeping your hair in check with the Oklahoma wind, so hair spray is a must!”

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Chris Stanford

The runner-up for Oklahoma is Chris Stanford. He reports for Good Day OK and claims to be just an ordinary guy. An ordinary guy…with extraordinary hair, that is.

He’s a true humanitarian that once said: “People deserve to have reporters in their community who are willing and able to go to bat for them.” He’s not afraid to dig deep, ask tough questions and hold powerful people accountable for their actions.

Stanford has uncovered problems with sex offender websites, security at regional airports, and the long hold times at 911 call centers through his investigative work.

He seems to really have people’s best interest at heart, all while raising his two daughters with his wife.

Follow this amazing guy on Twitter and Facebook.



Best Hair: Cole Miller

Cole Miller has been a reporter at KOIN 6 since June of 2015. He is a sports nut who also enjoys photography. Well, start taking self-portraits, Miller, because we want to see more of that gorgeous hair! Wow!

Miller’s hair is thicker than thick. It’s thicky thick! Portland should be proud to have such a great head of hair grace their television sets. Miller is also one of the few guys on our list who doesn’t have dark brown or black hair. Way to stand out!

Make sure you follow the one and only Cole Miller on Twitter!



Runner-Up: Jonathan Style

He’s got Style. He’s got grace. It’s Jonathan Style, everyone! Too bad he isn’t handsome. If he were, then he would really have it going for himself.

Of course, we’re kidding. JS is handsome AF.

Jonathan Style is a Sports Reporter and Anchor for KEZI Channel 9 in Oregon. He’s a sports guy. He eats, sleeps, and breathes this stuff. We don’t know a lot about sports here. But, Style, we’ll learn! Oh, we will learn. We’ll do anything to impress you so that one day we’ll go to a football game, cheer for the goalie, and hope and pray they make a home run before the period goes into sudden death. Yes, we will learn.

Follow this hair hunk on Twitter!



Best Hair: Jere Gish

So, you know when you find a genie bottle, and you rub it? And then a genie comes out? And the genie is like, “okay, so you get one wish, only one.” And you’re like, “oh em gee. I haven’t really thought about it. I don’t know what to wish for.”

And the genie is all, “well, you need to hurry because I just started the third season of Breaking Bad, and I need to get back.”

And you are shocked and ask, “You JUST started watching Breaking Bad?!”

And the genie gets annoyed and goes, “Yes! I just started. I know, it’s the greatest show of all time. That’s why I want to watch it. But I can’t do that if you’re here not telling me your one wish.”

And then you say, “Okay. Okay. Okay. I wish for…Jere Gish.”

Do you know? Well, now you do.

If you only get one wish.

I wish for Jere Gish.

If you get two wishes, wish for Jere Gish and unlimited free Chipotle. (Make sure the genie stipulates that the free Chipotle does, in fact, include guacamole.)

Oh shoot, we already ran out of time. Jere Gish is an anchor for WGAL. He has good hair. Follow him on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Ryan Leckey

“He’s so ‘Leckey.’ He’s a star. But he cries, cries, cries….because he got Runner-Up instead of Winner.” It’s okay, Ryan Leckey. We still adore you!

Ryan Leckey is a ball of personality! He’s a host and reporter for WNEP. He’s an expert fundraiser and a fitness advocate.

His hair matches his big and fun attitude. We could keep going, but why don’t you just check him out for yourself. (Plus, there’s a great/terrible pun at the end).



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Rhode Island

Best Hair: Brian Yocono

In 2015, Brian Yocono was Runner-Up for The HAIRRY-Awards.

However, in 2018, he dominated and received his “Best Hair” among local newsmen in Rhode Island. Way to go, Brian Yocono.

Yocono is an Anchor/Reporter for WPRI and has made his way up to Assistant News Director. So, we’re not sure exactly what his typical day looks like, but we know that any job promotion was surely due to the great look of his hair.

There’s nothing fancy about his, and that’s what makes him a winner. It’s not about doing anything crazy with your hair. It’s about knowing your hair and understanding how to make your hair work for you. Yocono has it down.

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Runner-Up: Steve Nielsen

In the same building, there lurks the next potential winner in Rhode Island. Reporter/Anchor Steve Nielsen has some curls that will rock your world. Be careful, Brian Yocono, Nielsen is coming for you. He was Runner-Up last year and met the same fate this year.

This California boy now calls Rhode Island home and rocks some light blonde curls that only add to his happy-go-lucky smile.

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South Carolina

Best Hair: Chris Obarski

Chris Obarski is a Sports Anchor and Reporter for Live 5 News in Charleston, South Carolina. A sports lover, Obarski has to keep his hair short for easy maintenance. Plus, he can throw on a helmet in a second and not have to worry about messing anything up.

Meticulously styled, Obasrki’s hair is super professional and definitely brings out his on-air personality. If he grew out his hair just a bit more, he could almost construct create a convenient “hair visor” to shield his eyes from the sun. We’d pay to see that.

Anyway, this is getting really random.

Chris Obarski takes the top spot for South Carolina! Tell him congratulations on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Paul Rivera

Paul Rivera is an Anchor/Reporter in Columbia, South Carolina for WISTV. Paul has two major passions outside of delivering the news. The first passion is playing ultimate frisbee, and the second passion is music. We have no idea if he is any good at either of those, but we know he is great at growing hair at the top of his head and then styling it correctly.

Paul Rivera is a young guy, so he should sport a cut that reflects his age. This doesn’t mean he should wear a mohawk! It means the cut he has is perfect for him. Plus, it can still be styled to look professional on the news.

And honestly, the subtle eyebrow arch isn’t hurting anything either.

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South Dakota

Best Hair: Brady Mallory

There is nothing to say about Brady Mallory’s hair that hasn’t already been said. He impresses us year after year. In fact, last year, we awarded him the Best Hair in the entire country among ALL local newsmen. Check it out here.

Wherever Brady Mallory goes, this award will follow. We are huge Brady fans. Follow the Hair Hero on Twitter.



Runner-Up: Alex Alecci

Alex Alecci is the Chief Meteorologist at KDLT in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This weatherman is prepared for anything Mother Nature brings him. He helps South Dakota people prepare for the worst and enjoy the best this beautiful state has to offer.

His hair is simple, but it works. Perhaps a little more volume would take him to the next level, but as-is works just fine. It’s a classic look with low maintenance. It also fits his on-air persona and facial features.

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Best Hair: Chris Luther

Chris Luther is part of the WMC Action News Team 5 in Memphis, Tennessee. He couldn’t possibly be more likable, and we don’t think his hair could get any better either. He’s a solid 10/10. Instead of trying to prove it to you through writing, why don’t we let Luther take it from here?

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Runner-Up: Robert Grant

Strong name. Strong head of hair.

Rober Grant is a Multimedia Journalist at WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not only does he have a passion for storytelling, but he’s an avid golfer and gym goer.

A big smile and a big heart can only mean one thing…big, wonderful hair.

His hair is super solid. A little more meticulous styling in the front would add some new elements to lighten up the overall look. However, all in all, that’s a nice head of hair right there!

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Best Hair: Josh Hinkle

Well, hey there, sunshine! Look at you!

Josh Hinkle is the official winner for Best Hair in Texas mong Local Newsmen. We know that Texas is known for its amazing hair. The competition was fierce, but Hinkle brought his A-game.

Josh Hinkle leads the Investigative Team at KXAN-TV in Austin, Texas. #KeepAustinWeird

Hinkle’s hair is very fluffy. We scrolled through all his Facebook pictures, and it’s naturally…poofy. He utilizes that natural bounce to form a nice look ‘do that works for family time or work time.

His dark hair brings out his light facial features and also provides warmth to his overall persona.

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Runner-Up: Eric Braate

Eric Braate is the Weather Executive Producer for KPRC 2 in Houston, Texas, home of Beyoncé. That fact is enough for him to earn a spot on our list, but that’s only the beginning.

Eric Braate has the definition of #hairgoals. It almost seems like his hair doesn’t need to be told what to do. It just does it itself!

His hair perfectly frames his face and looks healthy and full.

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Best Hair: Brian Carlson

Brain Carlson is an Anchor for ABC in Salt Lake City, Utah. He gets the great people of Utah ready for their day with a little bit of news, a little bit of laughter, and a whole lotta personality.

Brian Carlson has fun hair. Is it the thickest on our list? No, but it so works for him. It’s fun. It’s a little messy. We say “yes” to the Brian Carlson hairdo! He also is giving us that classic “Morning News Ancho” look. We’re digging it.

His amazing talents led to an Emmy, and now, the much more important, HAIRRY-Award!

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Runner-Up: Chase Thomason

Poised, styled, and ready for whatever life brings his way, Chase Thomason is straight out of a catalog, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Chase Thomason is the morning and mid-day Meteorologist for KUTV 2 in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a smile that bright and attractive, the only place for him is morning and daytime!

This avid tennis player has slick hair, to say the least. To say the most, his hair is giving us luxury and attitude. Serve it to um, Thomason.

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Best Hair: Galen Ettlin

Galen Ettlin is giving us the real deal with this do, honey! We’re not even sure Vermont is ready for this HAIRRY-Award winner.

Galen Ettlin is an Anchor/Reporter for WCAX in Burlington, Vermont. He’s an LGBTQ advocate and active with GLAAD. So, not only does he have great hair, but he also is a great person. He’s just great. Plain and simple.

Ettlin’s hair has volume up top and cut close on the sides. This frames his face nicely and also adds some depth to his features. And if you still weren’t impressed, he’s also fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

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Runner-Up: Dom Amato

Sharing the stage with Galen Ettlin is none other than Dom Amato. Dom Amato is a reporter for WCAX in Burlington, Vermont, and has a solid hair game.

With essentially no receding hairline, it’s a joy to look at Amato’s hair follicles sprouting from his head. Styled with a light wax or clay, Amato’s hair has various looks he can sculpt that are all easy and low maintenance.

Dom Amato says he likes exploring the city, so if you see him out and about, make sure to take a moment and stare at his hair.

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We’d like to take this opportunity to give a special Honorable Mention to Brett Hall. His hair is absolutely fantastic and should be acknowledged.

Best Hair: Brent Solomon

We didn’t know you spell Rico Suave B-R-E-N-T-S-O-L-O-M-O-N. Hmm. You learn something new every day.

Anyway, Brent Solomon is a Reporter and fill-in Anchor for NBC 12 in Richmond, Virginia. He is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and says that he enjoys mentoring. If that’s the case, are you looking to mentor anyone on how to get a slick haircut like you?

Solomon’s hair is perfect. It is simple, easy, and super clean. He looks like he could be on a yacht in the Bahamas. His yacht, to get specific.

Once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, go ahead and follow Brent Solomon on Twitter and Facebook.


Runner-Up: Chris Horne

You can toot our horn, Mr. Horne! This sun-kissed hunk is with WAVY in Chesapeake, Virginia. His smile may be inviting, but his hair means business.

This veteran has more than twenty years of experience anchoring and reporting on television. Think of all the people who have been fortunate enough to see his shiny hair! Those people are truly blessed.

Chris Horne is a self-described history buff, so he knows that if history does, in fact, repeat itself, we should be seeing him on our list for years to come.

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Best Hair: Rob Munoz

Rob Munoz is a Reporter for KIRO in Seattle, Washington. This Ohio State graduate is beyond handsome due in part to his gorgeous hair.

His hair is short on the sides and lengthy up top. It is thick. It is healthy, and there is very little evidence of a receding hairline. This is the hair women want to touch, and men want to have.

Get some hair-spiration on his Facebook and Twitter!





Runner-Up: Greg Copeland

George Clooney who? Brad Pitt wishes.

The true Hollywood Hunk is Greg Copeland. Instead of starring multi-million dollar blockbusters, Copeland is the anchor at K5 News in Seattle, Washington. Because if there has to be bad news, we only want to hear about it from Greg Copeland.

Guys, take note. Greg is embracing his grey hair. That is what you are supposed to do. If you REALLY want to dye it, we won’t stop you. But, take a page out of Greg Copeland’s leather-bound book and embrace the grey.

Greg had a few words to share with us about his amazing hair:

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

The Greg Copeland: Good genes.GGH:

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

The Greg Copeland: Got2bglued when I desperately need a haircut. American Crew classic forming when it’s tame.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

The Greg Copeland: Getgoodhead for recognizing me. Even the older guys need some… attention.

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Best Shampoo for Fine Hair

West Virginia

Best Hair: Ross Harris

Ross Harris

Ross, your picture says it all. So, right back at cha!

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Runner-Up: Doug Harlow

Douglass Harlow Best TV Hair for Guys

Doug Harlow has no stranger to gifs or being a Runner-Up for The HAIRRY-Awards. He was a Runner-Up last year and maintained his position in 2018. He is the meteorologist for Fox 11 and captivates the viewers with his personality and, of course, his hair.

Harlow has great hair. It’s full, and there no receding hairline. The color is also fantastic and adds a lot more interest to the overall cut.

Make sure you follow Doug Harlow on Facebook.





Best Hair: Sheldon Dutes

Sheldon Dutes

Sheldon Dutes is an Anchor/Reporter for WISN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His hair is slick, cut to perfection, and showcases the beauty of Mr. Dutes.

Dutes offers some volume and length up top without cutting too close to the scalp, which frames his face nicely. His other features are cleared for takeoff as his hair doesn’t distract the viewer.

Congratulations, Sheldon Dutes! We are so happy to have you as a part of The HAIRRYs Family.

Make sure you follow Sheldon Dutes on Twitter.



Runner-Up: Pete Zervakis

Pete Zervakis

Pete Zervakis is a Reporter for TMJ4 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We reached out to Zervakis to get some more information on his great hair and being a part of this elite group of hair hunks.

GGH: What is the secret to your great hair?

Zervakis: My Greek heritage! Greek people believe in staying positive and optimistic and not letting tough days – like at work – stress you out. I credit that for keeping my head of hair full (no balding) and free of grey. At least so far!

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

Zervakis: Any type of clay/paste with a stronghold and matte finish.

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this award?

Zervakis: My family for passing on good genetics and my news director for being cool with my hairstyle!



We wanted to give an Honorable Mention to the silver fox, Steve Chamraz. Well, done.

Best Hair: Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw

Silky smooth hair. One of many great features from Tyler Shaw.

Tyler Shaw is the weekend Anchor for KCWY in Casper, Wyoming. Wyoming is better on the weekends, thanks to Shaw. His hair appears very healthy, and we’re guessing it grows super fast.

Hopefully, he’ll have that hair forever. Nothing could be worse than Shaw losing these amazing, silky strands of luxury hair.





Runner-Up: Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown is part of the evening news team on KGWN in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We’re sure he could do the entire job himself, but it’s nice that people want to help him out.

Brown’s hair is ironically one of the few HAIRRY recipients without brown hair.

Great work, Mr. Brown! Keep it up!





Washington D.C.

Best Hair: Adam Tuss

Adam Tuss

What’s the fuss with Adam Tuss? Well, it’s because he has the Best Hair among local reporters in America’s capital. What a time in our country’s history to be a Reporter/Anchor in Washington D.C.! How are you handling it, Tuss?

Adam Tuss has gorgeous hair. His hair could win an election. His hair could win a debate. His hair has never colluded with anyone or anything. His hair never had to “collude.”

Tuss’s hairstyle can go from professional to casual very quickly. This is perfect for a fancy life in D.C.

Follow our next president on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Matt Ackland

Matt Ackland

Matt Ackland is the weekend evening anchor for Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. If you can look away from his broad shoulders for just a moment, you will notice a head full of great hair.

Ackland has a short cut on the side and some volume up top. This is usually a beautiful cut for men, and Ackland is no exception. His dimples are free to shine in the spotlight as his hair isn’t distracting. His hair only adds to his overall appeal.

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