2017 HAIRRY Awards Local Newsmen
The Hairrys

Local Newsmen With The Best Hair 2017 | The HAIRRY-Awards

The 2017 HAIRRYS for Local Newsmen

It’s the most prestigious award in local news – The HAIRRY.

For local journalists wanting job security for life, a substantial raise, or a move to the national stage, a HAIRRY-Award is now a must-have. No news director in their right mind would hire on-air talent who did not have a HAIRRY.

“Your degree in journalism is wonderful. But, do you have a HAIRRY? ” is what most reputable news stations are now asking.

This annual event is making (and breaking) the lives of hundreds of on-camera journalists across the country.

This is no joking matter. If you thought the 2016 HAIRRYs were competitive, wait until you see our 2017 winners.


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Something We’ve Never Done

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Tomorrow, June 6th,  we will be announcing the top 10 local newsmen with the best hair – chosen from our list of HAIRRY-Award winners. 

Our top 10 winners will each receive a complimentary 2-minute club box to ensure their hair stays bright and shining! (Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, so you don’t miss the top 10 announcements!)

The HAIRRY Trophy

HAIRRY-Award Winners are now eligible to receive our 2017 HAIRRY Trophy. Although they are considered priceless, we were able to calculate a retail price of $150.

The HAIRRY Award | Click to Enlarge

HAIRRY award winners can purchase their trophy by contacting Terri at B2B Promotional Group. If you would like to purchase the trophy for your favorite HAIRRY-Award winner, just let Terri know. She will ensure that each HAIRRY-Award winner only receives one award.

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What are The HAIRRYs?

In case you don’t know…

The HAIRRYs celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it. There are no nominations, no voting, and no turning back. As hair experts, we scour multiple images and video from all of our potential winners. Then, we consult with other stylists and creatives in the field to narrow it down to one HAIRRY Winner and one HAIRRY Runner-Up.


The HAIRRY Criteria

When choosing our 2017 HAIRRY recipients, we looked for the following characteristics:

  • hair thickness
  • hair volume
  • hair styling (does it fit their age, their head shape, their face, etc.)
  • little to no receding hairline

We did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the man. However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall “hotness.”


How We Chose The HAIRRY Recipients

First, we found every local news station in each state.

Second, we pulled the headshots of all the male on-air talent from each station. (It all starts with a good headshot).

Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four factors mentioned above. We looked at social media profiles (and reels, when available) to accurately assess the potential recipient’s hair.

Finally, through much deliberation, comparison, and yelling, we picked our winners (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up(s).

We repeated that process for each state.

This process took us about 220 hours of combined labor. It was our most extensive  HAIRRY research and deliberation to date.


2017 HAIRRY Statistics:

  • NBC had 33 winners (the same number from 2016)
  • ABC had 29 winners (up 3 from 2016)
  • CBS had 16 winners (up 2 from 2016)
  • Fox had 10 winners (down 3 from 2016)
  • The remaining 12 winners came from other networks and independent stations.
  • California, New York, and Texas had the highest number of men with exceptional hair.
  • Dark hair outperformed all other shades by a landslide.
  • Anchors, meteorologists, and sports reporters tend to have better hair than general assignment reporters.

2017 HAIRRY Awards Local Newsmen


Wow! Alabama, we love you; we really do. However, you have not brought us a plethora of on-air talent with award-winning hair in past years. It was pretty easy to choose past winners. This year was different! We have no idea what has happened – but the men of Alabama are bringing amazing hair! Choosing the 2017 HAIRRY-Award winner was difficult. Jon Paepcke at NBC, Sheldon Haygood and Michael White at Fox, Nic Gulas at CBS, and Mark Thornhill at WAFF all had delicious heads of hair. Yet, the HAIRRYs isn’t about awarding people with good hair. It’s about awarding people with the best hair, and with that in mind, here are this year’s winner and runner-up.

Best Hair: Kyle Burger

Kyle Burger

Do your best to stop staring at those eyes (and that slick tie) and take a gander at that head of hair. This blonde-brown-haired sports reporter for WVTM NBC in Alabama is making waves in television, as well as the top of his head. His hair perfectly frames his face, and the hairstyle is trendy enough to fit his age, but not so trendy that it causes him to lose credibility.

This Georgia native has worked all around Alabama and has been awarded “Best Sports Program” by the Associated Press. With the last name of “Burger,” you will be happy to learn that he has his own segment called “Burger Bytes” (we love a good pun). However, the following video is one of the worst news segments ever created.

It was fun, entertaining, included puns, made people happy… so why is this one of the worst news stories of all time? Because Burger’s face, and more importantly, hair, were covered up! Why would you cover up those perfect locks?! Get it together, NBC! We want to see Kyle Burger, not just listen to Kyle Burger.

When asked about his secret to great hair, Burger says, “Reporting sports in the south and keeping great hair isn’t easy. With temperatures in the high 90s and on the football field, sweat tries to undo the flow. So, to attempt to prevent that, I apply a base hair gel, mold the hair how I like it, then hairspray. Once it’s hard (which I do not like), I brush it away to give it a softer look. When getting the hair cut, I don’t want it too short. Some length is essential. You need to be able to run your hand through it.”

Burger also says that Fructis or Aussie gels and sprays are one of the keys to great hair. However, there is more than just hair products to blame for Burger’s award-winning hair.

“I would like to thank my mom for cutting my hair when I was very young. And my college news producer. While auditioning for the college newscast, my hair was like a mop, down to the tip of my nose. She said if I wanted to be on-air…CUT IT.” Burger explains.

Now, ladies, don’t get too excited. Kyle is happily married, and he and his wife care for a dog named Oscar. Congratulations, Kyle!

You should follow Kyle on Facebook and Twitter.


Runner-Up: Chris Breece

Chris Breece

Apparently, in Alabama, good hair is a must if you’re reporting on sports. Our runner-up for Best Hair is Chris Breece, the Sports Director at WIAT CBS. Do you see his receding hairline? That’s right; you don’t, because he doesn’t have one. This brown-haired God has been a sports lover his entire life. However, don’t think that this jock has peanuts for brains. He also has his Masters’s in Broadcast Journalism.

When asked about the secret to his hair, Breece said, “The secret to my hair is great genetics. My dad is 70, has a full head of hair, and is barely starting to grey. My mom’s brothers also have great hair. I keep it simple with Axe Messy Paste. I have been using it for 10 years, and it’s cheap.”

Breece said he would like to thank his parents for the great genetics!

You should follow Chris on Twitter and Facebook.



Best Hair: MJ Thim

MJ Thim

For the second year in a row, MJ Thim is taking home a HAIRRY-Award for Local Newsman With The Best Hair in Alaska! Congratulations, MJ! Piercing eyes, subtle smile, fantastic hair. He’s probably bored of winning so much. He probably won’t even get excited when he finds out that he’s won… again. He’ll probably get a text from a friend that says, “Hey, bud. You won a HAIRRY! Congrats.” Then will read the text, roll his eyes and then start to wonder:

“Is this what my life has come to? Is this what it’s all about? My hair? Do they not know I worked for a year as a Communications and Outreach Manager at Stone Soup Group, an Alaskan non-profit that supports families who care for children with special needs? Do they not know that I act as a volunteer co-chair and emcee of the Anchorage Mayor’s Charity Ball and a volunteer and emcee for Identity, Inc., which works to advance Alaska’s LGBT community through advocacy education, and connectivity? Do they not know… or do they not care? 

He will then drive home, prepare himself some tea, sit on his couch and stare into his cup of black. He’ll see his reflection. His eyes, his face, and then…his hair. Upon seeing his hair, his life flashes before him. Crowds cheering, babies laughing, as Thim goes live on KTUU NBC weekend morning show. He wins an EMMY. Then another. Then another. Then ANOTHER! He’s happy. He’s fulfilled. And on his last day on Earth, he looks back at his life, his family, his Emmys, and his many HAIRRYs. He thinks of his HAIRRYs, smiles, and then whispers before taking his last breath, “thank you, getgoodhead.com. Thank you.”

Or, he’ll just share this article on Twitter and move on.

You should follow MJ on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Blake Essig


Blake Essig is also no stranger to the HAIRRY-Awards. In 2015, he was awarded a HAIRRY for Local Newsmen with the Best Hair. This year he is back as our runner-up! Congratulations, Blake Essig!

Essig is an Arizona State University graduate and is a reporter and fill-in anchor for KTUU NBC (the same station as our Best Hair Winner). Essig keeps his hair coiffed and styled. Very professional. This slight (very slight) tint of auburn to his hair, which we are obsessed with.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of our research for Essig was the blog he kept from his days as a college student. Now you can get to know Essig before he became a television all-star!

You should follow Blake on Twitter.



Arizona has upped their game over the last year. ABC 15 and NBC 12 had incredibly high numbers of men with exceptional hair. Tucson did have some gentlemen with great hair, but Phoenix outnumbered Tucson about 10 to 1. Shoutout to Chris Gros, Justin Pazera, Dan Spindle from ABC 15, JR Cardenas, Joe Dana, and Matt Pace from 12 News. However, this year, the Nicks took home the trophies!

Best Hair: Nick Santos

Nick Santos

Nick Santos wins because of that volume and thickness. We bet you couldn’t run even one of your fingers through that hair – there’s too much of it, and it’s way too thick! It’s the kind of hair that hair-obsessed people dream of.

Absolutely stunning.

This San Diego native now calls the Valley of the Sun his home and works as a  reporter and anchor for Channel 12 news. He loves to travel, eat food, and considers himself somewhat of a chef.

So, now this hunk with perfect hair can cook? Get outta here. Nobody is perfect… or so we thought.

You should follow Nick on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Nick Ciletti

Nick Ciletti

Nick Ciletti went from last year’s winner to this year’s runner-up. It is still an incredible accomplishment, so hopefully, Mr. Ciletti doesn’t hold it against us.

Sometimes outfits can be too matchy-matchy. But when it comes to Nick’s face, matchy-matchy is where it is all at! Dark eyes, dark eyebrows, and dark hair – it all shines a light on his many incredible qualities. His hair is thick, sweeping, and incredibly styled. Usually, the hair makes the man, but in this case, Nick is making that hair!

You should follow Nick on Twitter.



Best Hair: Mitch McCoy

Mitchell McCoy

What do you get the man who has everything? And by everything, we mean Best News Feature, Best Formal Newscast, and First Place News Anchor awards? Why, you give him the HAIRRY for best hair in the State of Arkansas, of course!

Since joining the Fox 16 Team in October of 2015, our man Mitch has made a big impression on viewers across the state – bringing them expert news coverage and a daily lesson on how to look good while doing it. Though the Mitten and Missouri might try to claim him as their own, considering he’s made stops in both during his impressive career, Mitch’s heart, and hair belong to the Natural State – named, we’re guessing, for Mitch’s naturally beautiful and stunningly dirty brown and blonde ‘do. Congrats Mitch! And keep doing that great ‘do!

Feel like hearing more from this former Teen Talk host? Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure you tell him the HAIRRYs sent ya.


Runner-Up: D.J. Williams

DJ Williams

You might recognize Arkansas’ HAIRRY runner-up from his work on Channel 4 NBC, or you might recognize him from his time playing in the NFL for the Patriots, Packers, and Jaguars (where he shamefully hid his hair under his helmet). But all of those fabulous accomplishments aside, D.J.’s new claim to fame has the second-best newsman hair in The Land of Opportunity – and it’s obvious why. His short-cut locks and expertly trimmed beard are exactly the lengths we trust to give us hard-hitting sports updates from across the country. Oh, and he’s pretty good at this whole broadcasting thing, too!

Oh, and he’s pretty good at this whole broadcasting thing, too!

Follow him on Twitter to see more.



It should not come as a surprise that on-air reporters in California have some of the best hair in the country. California absolutely takes the win for the state with the highest number of men with quality hair. This state took the most time to decide our winner and runner-up.

Elex Michaelson (former HAIRRY winner), Jory Rand, Curt Sandoval, Chris Nguyen, Frank Buckley, Doug Kolk (former HAIRRY winner), Steve Kuzj (former HAIRRY winner), Mark Mester (former HAIRRY winner, Micah Ohlman, Chris Wolfe, David Biggar, Ted Chen, Joel Grover, Jonathan Gonzalez, Whit Johnson (former HAIRRY winner), Tony Shin, Dan Cohen, Steve Price, Kyle Kraska, Eric Kahnert, Gene Kang,  Bob DeCastro, Mario Ramirez, Robert Santos, Ariel Wesler, and Ben Higgins, are just some of the California finalists.

Here we go…

Best Hair: Chuck Henry

Chuck HenryChuck Henry has been a staple for NBC Los Angeles since he started in 1994. As the face of local news in LA, Chuck Henry has a great voice, superb delivery, and awe-inspiring hair.

He does not disappoint.

Like wine and RuPaul, Chuck Henry just gets better with age. His hair is the perfect combination of messy and professional, hip and classic, beach bum, and corporate executive.

Ladies (and some men), don’t get too excited, however. He is happily married and has four children. Hopefully, those kids will get be blessed with not only their father’s good looks and career success, but more importantly, award-winning hair.

Congratulations, Chuck. May we call you Chuck? This is well deserved.

You can follow Chuck Henry on Facebook.


Runner-Up: Rick Dickert

Rick Dickert

What a bad, bad boy. It makes sense that this naughty fox is the meteorologist at Fox in Los Angeles.

If you look up in the sky, you will likely see Mr. Dickert flying around in a helicopter reporting on the beautiful so-cal weather. While he’s reporting on the weather, we’ll report on the hair.

His dark, thick, luscious hair is perfect for running your fingers through. It’s also perfect to look at it. It’s just perfect. And it just so happens his hair sits on a body he takes a lot of pride in. Take a look…



50… Paddle game on ? @source4yb @michaeljsawtelle ??

A post shared by Rick Dickert (@rickdickertweather) on

Now, normally we would not condone gym selfies or gym videos. However, when you are a HAIRRY Runner-Up Award Winner – you can do whatever you want. Thanks, Rick, for bringing us the weather and amazing hair!



Colorado has also upped their hair game over the last year. Fox 31 and 9 News NBC have long lists of on-air journalists with hair that would make anyone envious. When determining the winners for this state, there was arguing, crying, throwing, and more threats than you could count among the Get Good Head team. At the end of the day, here are the two heads of hair most deserving of the most prestigious award in television.

Best Hair: Greg Dutra

Greg Dutra
Enter your best caption in the comment section of this article.

It makes sense, to us anyway, that Meteorologist and top HAIRRY awardee for the State of Colorado, Greg Dutra, has landed on the roster for the Pinpoint Weather Team. Why, you ask? Because his deliciously brown and deliciously wavy locks are always pin-pointed perfect whenever he graces our TV screens on FOX31’s Good Day Colorado. It’s a match made in Heaven….or at least in a high-pressure system.

Speaking of making our system all high pressure, this self-described Air Force brat spent his early years traveling the world and has since landed in The Centennial State, now calling FOX31 his new home. But don’t think in his downtime you’ll find him primping in front of a mirror – no! Greg is an outdoorsman who golfs, sails, and plays baseball and hockey, and homebrews. Does it really get any better than that? We don’t think so.

You can keep up with all of the interesting things Greg does, weather-related and not, on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Runner-Up: Matt Renoux


In honor of runner-up Matt Renoux and his wife Kelly naming their daughter Sonnett, we’ve decided to write a little sonnet of our own. Ahem! Drumroll, please…

A Colorado native, there not a finer be
Than Matt Renoux at 9News NBC
A one-man reporter who can both shoot and edit
When the reporting is done, there’s only one name to credit
That’s Matt, who loves keeping up on the news
And always is sporting such fabulous ‘dos.
They’re blonde, they’re brown, or somewhere in between
He’s got the second-best Colorado hair that we’ve ever seen!
So we’ll end this here because we have to go,
But congratulations on your hair, our dear Matt Renoux!

We’re guessing that even on his Twitter account, Matt Renoux is better at wordsmithing than we are – go ahead and follow him!



These local newsmen are really putting the cut in Connecticut. There were more than 18 Connecticut finalists, with NBC holding the most dudes with the best ‘do. However, as you know, The HAIRRYS does not give out participation trophies and believes that there are indeed winners and losers. So, after much deliberation, we determined that we should highlight these two studs for their stunning achievements in the world of follicle care.

Best Hair: Roger Susanin

Roger Susanin

Do not adjust your screen brightness, and don’t worry that you’re reading an outdated article. Roger Susanin is indeed our repeat pick for best Newsman hair in the great state of Connecticut. But, honestly, can you blame us for these back-to-back wins? With a population of only 3.5 million, it’s possible that his stunning locks might not just be the best for newscasters in Connecticut but Nutmeg Staters in general.

Look at how his confident brown locks wave and how his gorgeous hairline doesn’t even show a bit of recession or weakening. Look at the way his slightly elongated sideburns perfectly frame his cobalt blue eyes. Boy, oh boy! We can’t take his eyes off of him!

A multiple award winner for his work, Roger is now a multiple award winner for his hair, and we’re proud to say we’ll be tuning in all year with our 2018 HAIRRYS in mind. Congratulations, Rog! Keep those brown locks flowing!

Follow two-time winner Roger Susanin on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Max Reiss

Max Reiss

Doesn’t runner-up for the best newsman HAIRRY award in Connecticut, Max Reiss, sound like a brand of his own hair care products? Think about it: Max Reiss Shampoo. Max Reiss Coconut Oil Conditioner. Max Reiss Hot N’ Spicy De-Tangler.

Okay, that last one might have been a stretch, but can you blame us? One look at Max’s enchanting dark locks, which perfectly mix with his dark-framed glasses, sends us into a fantasy land we can’t describe here – and this isn’t even a PG website!

A talented political reporter, you shouldn’t just tune into Max on NBC Connecticut News at 5, 5:30, and 6 p.m. to get hair tips, but also witness some of the best reporting anywhere. Not in his viewing audience? Following him on Twitter should tide you over.



Due to market size and lack of on-air talent – there are no winners for Delaware.



The craziest news in America isn’t the only thing happening in Florida. Journalists with excellent hair are also in full force. The Orlando and Miami market seems to have the highest number of men with superb follicles.

Best Hair: Jorge Estevez

Jorge Estevez

We didn’t have to write anything up for Jorge Estevez! Once he found out he had been shortlisted for a HAIRRY-Award, he answered all our questions and then some! Thank you, Jorge!

ggh.com: What is the secret to your great hair?

JE: There’s a question I haven’t gotten until now. In addition to still having a head full of it, I would say all things working in conjunction thanks to genes. I have had great advice over the years to handle my really curly hair, so I would say a good blow dry, a solid round brush, and a good forearm to do it all.

ggh.com: What are your favorite hair products?

JE: I use Paul Mitchell tea tree moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I top it off with Awapuhi hairspray. I know. It’s a lot, but, look, it’s Florida ( there’s so much humidity it’s like a stew outside), and I have it easy compared to the ladies. My hat goes off to them!

ggh.com: Who would you like to thank for this award?

JE: In addition to several stylists throughout the years who have helped me control my really curly hair (which apparently is frowned upon on TV news), I would say all the people that came before me. The heads of Anchor hair paved the way for awards and recognitions like this. One of my favorite things to do is google famous news people and check out their styles over the decades. It is hilarious.

PS: If you know me and you’ve heard I won this award, and you’re thinking of making fun of me, let me beat you to the punch and say I know I understand I would make fun of me too.


Runner-Up: Sheldon Fox

Sheldon Fox

“Fox” is right. This hunk of man meat is serving up fierce eyes and a fiercer hairstyle. Known for his excellence in journalism, this Miami native is giving us goosebumps in places we didn’t even know existed.

Dark on dark on dark. Bronzed skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair, this manly general assignment reporter for WSVN is taking home a HAIRRY for obvious reasons.

Make sure you follow him on Twitter for more hunky goodness!




Best Hair: Craig Lucie

Craig Lucie

Great news for hair lovers in the ATL – the top pick for best newsman hair in the Peach State is Atlanta’s very own Clark Kent….err… we mean… Craig Lucie! Known for his live coverage of breaking news on WSB-TV, Craig’s life-giving locks are so super, he must have a shaggy alter ego somewhere behind the scenes – or at least that’s what our comic books tell us.

Not only is he an incredible news anchor with incredible hair, but it also appears that he’s an incredible human being, donating time to various charities, including SafePath Children’s Advocacy, the March of Dimes, and more. When does he have time to keep his gorgeous deep-brown locks in check, you ask? We’re not sure, but we’re guessing that a few minutes in a phone booth must do the trick.

How good will his HAIRRY Award look next to his EMMY for Best News Anchor, his Edward R. Murrow awards, and his AP Awards for diligent reporting? Congratulations, Clark Craig! Keep doing what you’re doing.

See if you can catch a glimpse of Craig in his blue and red undies on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Ben Senger

Ben Senger

Ben Senger is Georgia’s HAIRRY runner-up and a master of firm high hair. We’re guessing this skill comes from growing up in Minnesota, where you truly need to be hair-prepared for any type of weather. And while Georgia may now be on his mind thanks to his job at WSAV, his hair is on ours, which is why we’ve given him the HAIRRY runner-up for best newsman hair. Congrats, Ben! Thanks for taking the high road!

Ben is on Twitter!






Best Hair: Collin Harmon

Collin Harmon

Look – is it really fair to award a HAIRRY for best Newsman Hair in the great state of Hawaii, where merely walking outside seems to give your hair an incomparable sun-kissed glow? Sure it is! And that’s why we’re proud to recognize the stunningly gorgeous, wickedly talented, and all-around great hair-having Collin Harmon as our top award winner!

But despite the knee-weakening smile and perfectly parted locks, Collin is actually a real journalist, too, graduating from CU-Boulder with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. After brief stints in the mountains of Montana and whatever’s in Eugene, Oregon, Collin found his way to the Hawaii Now News Team, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Collin’s bio proudly states that when he’s not at work, you can most likely find him in the ocean or on the golf course – but we don’t believe him for a second. We guess that he spends all of his off-hours primping and pruning his way to #1. Way to go, Collin!

Follow Collin and his luscious locks (is that what the extra L in his name stands for?) on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Mike Cherry

Mike Cherry

HAIRRY runner-up Mike Cherry doesn’t just anchor KITV Island News at 5 on weekdays. He also helps to anchor the Hawaii hair scene with some of the best locks in the biz. A native Hawaiian who rose through the ranks and earned his Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism on the islands, Mike’s natural talent, and no-doubt natural hair prowess, took him from behind the camera as an editor to a sports reporter to an anchor – where we find him today. What makes Mike’s hair so impressive to us is just how natural and effortless it looks; people spend hours trying to achieve that same effect. So let us tip our delicious tropical fruit drink to you, Mike, and your awesome hairdo! Aloha Nui Loa!

Mike’s hair isn’t just on TV. It’s also on Twitter!





Best Hair: Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

There must be something in the water at KTVB NBC because both our winner and runner-up come from the same station. However, because of his stunning salt-and-pepper locks and perfectly sculpted classic newsman hairdo, Mark Johnson takes home the top prize – and it’s extremely well deserved.

As a National Edward R. Murrow and Emmy award winner, Mark is no stranger to having congratulatory hardware on his mantle. Still, we have a feeling, deep down, that this is the most meaningful award he’s ever won, especially because it gives him something to brag about over spouse Chris, who, according to his bio, is the superior putter in the fam, despite Mark being an avid golfer. Tough luck with those two-putts, Mark!

Promoted from Sports Director of KTVB to the main anchor in 2003, Mark has spent the last 14 years filling in his Gem State audience on the day’s happenings. But we guess that his audience is less interested in what’s going on downtown and more interested in what’s going down on top – of his head, that is. Congrats Mark!

Be sure to tweet Mark about how much you love his locks on his Twitter.


Runner-Up: Dean Johnson

Dean Johnson

We want to preface this article by saying that absolutely no KTVB Johnson lobbyist group paid us to pick two guys at the same station with the same last name. How that happened, we have no idea – we just looked at the hair.

No, you’re not experiencing brand confusion. The runner-up for best newsman HAIRRY in Idaho is indeed a Mr. Johnson, who does indeed work at KTVB. But this time, the award-winning locks belong to breaking news reporter Dean, who takes home the prize for his shortly cropped and deliciously wavy follicles – a true achievement in hair!

A native Oregonian who spent years reporting the news in Wyoming, where he interviewed Congressman and Olympians, Dean has settled nicely into his role at KTVB NBC, where he has become one of the station’s most popular personalities. We’d like to say it’s because of his talent and passion for the news, but let’s be honest, it’s probably the hair.

Dean Dean, the Twitter Machine, can be found here.



Come through, Fox 32! What a solid list of men with extraordinary hair! Incredible. Great work to whoever is in charge of hiring at Fox 32 – you’re doing God’s work.

Still, the top spot went to Ryan Chiaverini from ABC 7. Now, there was a lot of debate on whether or not Ryan was even eligible to win a HAIRRY-Award. He isn’t your traditional news reporter or news anchor – he anchors and hosts a daytime entertainment show, Windy City LIVE,  a slight difference in traditional morning and evening newscasts. However, because he is listed on ABC 7’s news site and reports on entertainment news and anchors a popular live broadcast on a news network, we decided that he was indeed eligible to win. And he did. He won. Get over it.

Best Hair: Ryan Chiaverini


Oh my! Be still our beating hearts! When you’ve got a newsman who not only has the personality, professionalism, and talent to be one of the best in the business, but also the hair, we simply can’t contain ourselves! Can we give him two awards? No. No. That wouldn’t be fair. Deep breaths…

Okay, we’re settled now and ready to get down to brass tacks. Or how about brown locks? Which is exactly what Ryan sports on his head. Get it? Sports? He was a sports anchor? Isn’t that clever? No? Okay, moving on…

Though he’s a native of the Golden State and has spent time honing his craft on the airwaves of Montana and Colorado, Ryan’s manifest-destiny-in-reverse career path has to lead him to his current and most successful home, the Windy City, where he anchored the weekend sports newscasts at both 5:00 and 10:00 pm. Beating out a field of several hundred candidates, Ryan and his gorgeous hair now host the popular Windy City LIVE morning show on ABC 7, where you can see his anchoring genius and high hairdo on display every day at 11:00 am.

He may have extensive knowledge of sports, but our extensive knowledge of hair tells us he’s number #1 in the Land of Lincoln with a bullet. Congratulations on your HAIRRY, Ryan!

Ensure Ryan knows how much you appreciate all of his hard work on his hair on his Facebook and Twitter pages.


Runner-Up: Jake Hamilton

Jake Hamilton

With a name that sounds like a boyfriend of Marcia Brady and a head of hair that looks like something out of style magazine, Jake is such a dreamy dreamboat that seeing him on TV might just distract us enough to allow a football to hit our face. But enough about us, let’s talk about what really matters: his hair!

Combine his dirty brown, perfectly combed elegance with just the hint of scruffy facial hair, and you’ve got one of the best looks in the biz – which is exactly why Jake Hamilton makes our HAIRRY list for the second year in a row. Though he did fall from #1 to #2 over the past year, we promise it’s not him – it’s us! And that he should keep doing what he’s doing with his hair. Oh, and make sure to keep doing that news stuff too – he’s pretty good at that, as well.

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Best Hair: Ben Hill

Ben Hill

He’s a bit of music trivia for you: Though many people think that young Michael Jackson’s smash hit “Ben” was written about a rat, that’s not true. In actuality, the song was written about our top HAIRRY award winner for the State of Indiana: WTHR’s Ben Hill.

Hill says that “genes” and his parents are the reason for his good hair. As for hair products, he says that he switches it up. “I get bored easily with the same stuff, so if a hairstylist recommends something, I’ll try it. I may even randomly purchase a product I see in a store or salon, just to give it a try.”

Finally, Hill would like to thank a few people. “Along with my parents, I’ll give a lot of credit to my late Grandfather, who had dark, wavy hair – full and thick… and passed that down the genetic line.”

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Runner-Up: Jim O’Brien

Jim O'Brien

Covering the weather in the Hoosier state is no easy task – and keeping your hair intact while doing it is something that probably deserves something more like a Nobel Peace Prize. But because the Nobel Committee keeps screening our calls, we’re proud to congratulate Meteorologist Jim O’Brien with a runner-up for best newscaster hair HAIRRY for the State of Indiana!

Jim’s not one of those run-of-the-mill weathermen who just read numbers off of a screen; he actually holds a B.S. in Atmospheric Science and a B.A. in Communications from Western Kentucky University – the perfect combination of academics to be an outstanding television weather reporter. When not working, you can probably find Jim spending time with his wife and two daughters, no doubt giving them tips about how to make their hair look great, just like their award-winning daddy. Congrats, Jim!

Thank the J-man for the heads up on the rain on his Twitter page.



Best Hair: Riley O’Connor

Riley O'Connor

The results are in from the Iowa Hair Caucus, and the without-a-doubt winner of this year’s HAIRRY for best newsman hair is KCCI Meteorologist Riley O’Connor! A newcomer to KCCI, starting less than a year ago, Riley has stormed onto the scene (don’t you just love our weather puns?) and become the Hawkeye State’s most beloved weatherman – and in that time, has won two consecutive HAIRRY awards!

Amazingly, Riley’s first reports come on the air at 4:30 a.m., which leaves us even more puzzled about how he always looks so put together and professional on the air. If we had to broadcast at 4:30 a.m. every day, every weather report would be the same: cloudy with a chance of ZZZZZZZZ.

All joking aside, Riley brings to KCCI an intimate knowledge of the weather, earning an undergraduate degree from Purdue and a meteorology degree from Mississippi State. Combine that with years on the air in Sioux City and Portland, Oregon, and you’ve got one well-educated and well-traveled head of hair. Keep doing what you’re doing to those locks, Riley, and we’ll be sure to keep tuning in…. to that later broadcasts, of course.

This Des Moines dreamboat is on Twitter, so why not give him a follow?


Runner-Up: Dan Winters

Dan Winters

You can tell just by looking at his picture that the HAIRRY award runner-up for the State of Iowa, Dan Winters, is an interesting guy. It takes panache and culture to be able to pull off such a stylish do, with flecks of blonde beautiful accenting his middle-parted devilish brown locks. But the man pulls it off beautifully and has taken his hair as far as interviewing former President Barack Obama and earning a Hearst Journalism Award.

When not reciting every word in the movie “Christmas Vacation” (which his bio says he can do) and eating his favorite food group, Ketchup, you can find Dan volunteering at the Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS) and playing with his dog whom he’s affectionately named Paul Harvey – we told you he was interesting!

Winters says, “I embrace all of its moods. I learned a long time ago to quit fighting and just go with it.”

Winters uses American Crew Fiber and TRESemme hairspray.

Winters would like to thank his kids for “adding the salt to this pepper.”

Find out more about Dan, and hopefully catch some pictures of Paul Harvey on his Twitter account.



Best Hair: Len Jennings

Len Jennings

Does the name Len Jennings sound familiar? Well, it better, because ol’ Len Jen is picking up his second consecutive HAIRRY award for the best newsman hair in the great State of Kansas – and it’s obvious why. Just look at how his closely cropped auburn follicles so perfectly accent his natural dimples, sun-toasted skin, and exceptional piercing blues eyes…. Okay, we’re trying to remain impartial here, but it’s just not possible. We want more Len Jen in our lives, and luckily for us, he’s covering the latest in Kansas City sports just about every day on the air to give us our fill.

Before arriving in the Sunflower State to bring us the latest on the Royals and Chiefs, Len Jen spent 15 years in the Sunshine State, covering everything from hurricanes and brush fires to two space shuttle launches – none of which are great environments to keep your hair in tip-top shape and looking its best. But Len Jen and his amazing hair prevailed, earning him his second HAIRRY award in two years. Congrats, Len Jen! Do you mind if we keep calling you Len Jen? Of course, you don’t!

We think there was a missed opportunity to make his Twitter handle LenJen2HAIRRYS, but we’ll settle for following him here.


Runner-Up: Mike Marusarz

Mike Marusarz

What do WSVN-TV – Miami, ABC News – New York, News 12 Long Island – New York, and WIBW-TV – Topeka have in common? They’ve all been graced by the luscious high hair locks of HAIRRY runner-up Mike Marusarz and his award-winning news coverage. Luckily for KSHB, Mike has landed in their main anchor’s chair, holding down the news at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m. Yes, hair fans, that means you’ve got three awesome opportunities to see what Mike and his outstanding hair are up to every day – so be sure to tune in!

Though Mike, like his Kansas cohort Len Jen, seems to have a knack for participating in activities that aren’t necessarily good for his hair, like becoming one of the first journalists in America to fly with the French aerobatic team, Patrouille de France, nature and nurture prevail – meaning his hair always looks good at any speed or altitude.

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Best Hair: Sterling Riggs

Sterling Riggs

With a name like Sterling Riggs, which sounds like a way you’d compliment somebody with great hair – “Hey! That guy has some really Sterling Riggs on top of his head!” – how could we not award the stunning WDRB anchor and experienced newsman with his very own HAIRRY award? What are we, monsters?

Luckily, despite coming from a long line of accountants, Sterling made the successful jump from adding a machine to television, taking his natural Florida-toned good looks and exceptional personality, and using them to help report the goings-on of the day. But WDRB is hardly his first rodeo; Riggs has been on the air in Sherman, San Angelo, and Austin, Texas, reporting on various events, including team chicken roping and a Blackhawk helicopter crash – the latter of which earned him some national exposure on CNN.

When he’s not reporting the news or doing his hair (which we assume takes up most of his time), you can find Sterling enjoying sports or participating in his favorite passion: aviation. Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane – nope! It’s HAIRRY award winner Sterling Riggs!

It’s worth it to follow Sterling on Twitter just to see his adorable pink bowtie in his profile picture.


Runner-Up: Brian Winner

Brian Winner

It kills us inside that we weren’t able to give runner-up HAIRRY award winner Brian Winner first place. If we did, we’d be able to make all kinds of jokes about Brian Winner being the winner, and so on. But alas, despite his impeccable wavy brown locks and old-fashioned gentlemen’s haircut, he still comes in a close second for the Bluegrass State.

But don’t fret for Brian – his natural talent has taken him all the way from an intern to a full-fledged reporter at Wave 3 News, making him a winner in the place where it really matters – at the news desk. But keep stylin’ and smilin’ Brian, because there’s always next year.

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Best Hair: Shaun Kraisman

Shaun Kraisman

We think you know this guy; if you’ve watched American Idol or Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, how could you not? The winner for best newsman hair in the Bayou State is none other than Ryan Seacrest! Congrats Ryan!

…Wait a minute. That can’t be right.

Let us try again.

The winner for best newsman hair in the Bayou State is none other than Ryan Seacrest’s Doppelgänger Shaun Kraisman!

So, before we get into why Shaun’s hair is just about as exceptional as it comes for reporters in The Big Easy, we’d just like to point out that we weren’t the only ones to recognize a resemblance to Mr. Seacrest. In fact, Shuan found national exposure during American Idol Season 11, subsequently appearing on a nationwide radio tour and in hundreds of national publications because of his similar style. That aside, let’s move on to his lovely locks.

What can brown do for us, you ask? Well, in the case of Shaun’s minimalistic yet classic hairstyle, it can make us tingly in all the right places – meaning our HAIRRY-giving hands. We were inspired to award Shaun with first place not only because of his hairstyle but his lifestyle, selflessly contributing his time and talents to help support such worthy causes as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and the National MS Society – all time he could spend in the mirror fussing with his hair. Good for him for resisting that temptation – we don’t know if we’d be that strong.

Ryan Seacrest be damned; from now on, we’ll assume Ryan is the Doppelgänger for HAIRRY award winner Shaun Kraisman, instead of the other way around.

When Kraisman heard about this amazing win, this is what he had to say:

“Haha… this is great; okay, first off, my hair has its own Twitter handle, even I don’t know for sure who operates it!

My hair has lived a lavish life; from short, buzzed hair to long, shoulder-length hair, the secret to seriously great hair is growing up on the coast (Charleston, SC). Humidity mixed with the salt of the ocean kept my hair lighter and stronger; Also, the best styling products, and understanding that sometimes your hair does what the heck it wants to do, regardless of what you want … just let the hair win.

I’ve used several products over the years, mainly Aveda, but recently, I’ve been using Kevin Murphy Night Rider maximum control texture paste, a little hairspray, and a little thickening spray.”

The hair game is a serious business! This award would be decades in the making: I would thank my stylist, Shawn Gordon at The Beauty Lounge in downtown New Orleans, my Mom for passing down the ‘great hair’ gene, and my coworkers for obeying the ‘Anchorman’ movie’s golden rule: ‘No touching of the hair or face.'”

Follow Shaun as he tweets the latest breaking news.


Runner-Up: Robbie Reynold

Robbie Reynold

To us, it’s obvious that the anchor/reporter for WAFB News, Robbie Reynold, is from Berkley, California. How do we know, you ask? Look at his locks. The light brown ‘do with just a hint of sun-kissed blonde tells us everything we need to know, just like Robbie does on a nightly basis for the viewers of WAFB 9. His hair and his profession are truly a match made in heaven.

His Twitter feed is full of no-nonsense reporting, and we love it. Whether it’s pictures of his jeans after wading through floodwaters or of congressional victory speeches from hotly contested elections, Robbie is on top of all that happens in the Pelican State – including his hair.

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It all starts with a good headshot – and can you believe that WABI in Maine doesn’t have headshots of their talent on their website?! If they do, we couldn’t find them. Sorry, WABI. Good news for these winners, however!

Best Hair: Matt Randall

Matt Randall

Keep it clean, keep ‘em keen as Matt Randall demonstrates with his classic side part, and carefully manicured buzzed sides, sometimes certain hairstyles never go out of fashion. One look at Matt’s seemingly perfect ‘do (honestly, can you find a single flaw?), and it should come as no surprise that he’s grabbed first place for Maine.

Matt’s love for sports throughout his life propelled him into a life of sports journalism, from hosting a sports talk show on WIUX to driving his friends and family crazy with his fanboying over basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and did we say basketball? Being originally from Indiana, basketball is Matt’s, first love. As for us, it’s hard to talk sports when ogling at that damn-immaculate hairline of his – it almost looks drawn on!

To see what games Matt’s gushing over, you can check out his Twitter. Or tune into ABC-7 and Fox Bangor News for the weekend sports report to see his perfect crown in action.


Runner-Up: Cory Froomkin

Cory Froomkin

Cory Froomkin – more like Cory Groom-kin (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). Cory’s dazzling smile should not be detracted from, and so it fits that his hairdo is un-opposing, reserved, and above all else, groomed to the t. With grooming skills and a face like his, Cory was an obvious choice for runner-up. Cory’s a part of the WCSH 6/WLBZ 2 weather team, and when he’s not chasing storms, floods, and reporting on the forecast, he’s out sightseeing, shaking hands, and going for runs in Northern New England. With a smile and hairdo like that, the people of Northern New England must be lining up to catch a glimpse – we know we are!

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Wow! Maryland has stepped their hair game up! Lots of good hair to choose from – especially WUSA-9 and Fox5. Huge shoutouts to Mike Hydeck, Matt Yurus, Pete Muntean, Jim Lokay, Steve Chenevey, Tucker Barnes, Matt Ackland, Brody Logan, and Kevin McCarthy.

Best Hair: Larry Miller

Larry Miller

Sometimes, less is more – and Larry Miller shows us how it’s done. With a buzz cut and hairline so strict, you’d be hard-pressed to find a tiny hair out of place. We love the implication of a side part that really breaks up this cut and gives it a classy look without sacrificing its sporty effectiveness. Larry’s manicured, super short, super down-to-business ‘do, has landed him first place for Maryland (or as the locals seem to say it: Mer-lin).

With hair like his, it’s no wonder that Larry has an Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press award for hard news reporting – awards he received for his hard work reporting on dangerous storms, mismanaged taxpayer dollars, and high-profile crimes. After all, when you’re reporting on the hard stuff, you can’t let the hair get in the way!

You can catch Larry on Twitter, where he shares important stories, and hopefully, post lots of hair selfies.


Runner-Up: George Solis

George Solis

With hair this thick and luscious, it’s best to show it off, and George Solis’ voluminous fringe does just that. You’d be up for an impossible task to try and to see any sign of recession, or even a scalp under George’s dark and glossy foliage of a crown, and it’s for this healthy lustrous ‘do that we honored him with runners-up for Maryland.

Solis said that the secret to this great hair is “A little TLC and genetics. Also, major credit and kudos to the stylists that tackle it when it starts to shaggy and unkempt.”

He suggests using Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay & Big Sexy Hair Spray for the finishing touch.

Most importantly, Solis would like to thank his Mom & Dad.

You can catch George at the gym, dining out, or reporting on world events on WJZ-TV – or go right to the source on his Twitter account.



Just so everyone knows, there is a silver fox in Boston, and his name is Robert Goulston – his hair is amazing. Although he didn’t make this year’s list, we wanted to give him some love anyway.

Best Hair: Matt Rascon

Matt Rascon

Talk about the best of both worlds: Matt Rascon has that wind-swept effortless look going on with his hair, yet it looks as kempt and classy as ever – landing him first place for Massachusetts. Whether you’re smitten with his slightly adorably lopsided smile or taken back by his dazzling brown eyes, there’s no question that the real cherry on the top of this sundae is his glossy, dark ‘do.

With the hairstyle to prove it, Matt is a total jet-setter. Having studied in Guatemala and Paraguay, lived in South Africa and Botswana, and taught English in China, the Bay State should be counting their lucky stars that it’s their turn to have Matt call their neighborhood home. When he’s not spending time with his wife and three daughters, Matt is getting to know the people and places of New England – and most likely the salons as well.

If you want to grab an eyeful of Matt’s gorgeous locks, why not tune into 7News on weekend mornings? Or, just follow him on Twitter!


Runner-Up: Ben Simmoneau

Ben Simmoneau

Is that a Ken doll, or is that Ben Simmoneau? With hair this shiny and thick, we don’t blame you for second-guessing Ben’s existence. Can a man with hair that immaculate really be real? Well, we’ve done our research by tuning into WCVB’s NewsCenter 5 at 5:00 and 5:30 PM, as well as the 10 O’Clock News on MeTV Boston, and we can confirm that he is indeed the real deal (and so is that hair!).

We’re not the only ones who consider Ben a winner (or, in this case, runner-up) – he’s won Emmys for his reporting three times in total! When he’s not reflecting the studio lights with his shiny ‘do, you can find Ben going for runs or traveling with his wife and kids. A family man and a great head of hair? Sounds like the perfect HAIRRY ambassador.

Simmoneau says that the secret to his great hair is this mantra: “staying healthy keeps it healthy.”

He uses Tigi Bed Head for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste and would like to thank his co-anchors – “Maria Stephanos and Emily Riemer here in Boston and Juliet Huddy in New York for knowing not to touch it.”

Follow this dream on Twitter.



Best Hair: Aaron Baskerville

Aaron Baskerville

With a face like Aaron Baskerville’s, the best hairdo is hardly any hair at all – something this HAIRRY winner definitely embraces. Aaron’s buzz cut says, “I mean business,” and whilst Michigan is notorious for its insanely cold winters, we bet gathering around Aaron’s piercing eyes provides enough warmth to last ‘til Spring.

Aaron is an award-winning journalist with WXYZ, covers breaking news, crime stories, gives a voice to the voiceless and brings attention to those in his community most in need of help. With a resume like his and his natural reporting talent, it’s no wonder that Aaron adorns a no-fuss cut – talk about Detroit bold!

Aaron lives in metro Detroit with his wife and two kids. You can catch him, his fine buzz cut, hazel eyes, and fantastic breaking news coverage on WXYZ or Twitter.

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Runner-Up: Brad Galli

Brad GalliBrad Galli, a Detroit native, says his favorite stories to cover are those about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Well, he should probably report on his hair then, as it’s definitely taking the ordinary to the extraordinary with that unbeatable texture and fantastic shape.

We love ‘dos like Brad’s, where you second guess whether a product’s being used. Can nature really produce such a perfect texture that looks so smooth and soft to the touch? We say yes!

Brad’s dedication to his work and his hair makes him a very deserving runner-up for the Mitten, and if he keeps producing that volume and feel, he might just grab first place next time!

Brad’s on Twitter – why aren’t you following him?



Also, A.J. Lagoe from KARE11 is super hot and has amazing hair, and we thought you should know that. Look him up.

Best Hair: Cory Hepola

Cory Hepola

Sometimes, the glasses make the hairstyle, as is the case with Cory Hepola, who rocks a swept-back, classic “Boardwalk Empire” ‘do with some classy thick-framed glasses. Cory recently won an Emmy award for his reporting with KARE11, but this first place HAIRRY Award for Minnesota definitely overshadows that achievement (sorry, Emmys!). Cory’s hair is the perfect combination of styling and accessorizing, creating an overall look that the public trusts and the hair experts (mainly us) love!

When he’s not recommending what TV show to binge next on Netflix, Cory reports on the news and sports on KARE11 with his wife, Camille Williams. We love watching a powerhouse hair couple tear up the studio floor!

You, too, can get a slice of Cory’s bespectacled, thick-maned personality by catching his news and sports tweets on Twitter or watching him annoy Camille in behind-the-scenes footage over on his Facebook.


Runner-Up: Brett Hoffland

Brett Hoffland

For a guy who grew up in Illinois, Brett’s whole look sure does scream ‘Minnesota nice,’ and in this case, it also screams ‘runner-up for the Minnesota HAIRRY Award.’ A reporter for KSTP-TV, you can find Brett and his glowing ‘boy next door’ haircut on Facebook and Twitter, breaking hard news stories on crime, the weather, and of course – as a new Minnesotan convert – the late rock legend Prince. Our working theory is that the Purple Wonder may have written the classic “Let’s Go Crazy” about Brett’s beautiful locks – but don’t quote us on that!

Tell him you love him on Twitter and Facebook!



Best Hair: Jeff Barker

Jeff Barker

Jeff lives and breathes sports, and as a sports reporter with FOX40, he rocks a clean-cut, sporty hairdo that would be just as appropriate on the courts as it is in front of the studio cameras. Jeff Barker’s hair has that freshly cut look 24/7 and looks good in both a tailored suit and a casual polo. – not the easiest thing to pull off, as many guys know. His hair’s versatility and sportiness have won him first place for Mississippi, which is no easy feat considering the surprising amount of competition in the Magnolia State.

Jeff’s love and constant coverage of both the Rebels and the Bulldogs almost make you forget he’s an LA native – but let’s not hold that against him. Why not check out his Tweets for LeBron hot takes, live scores, and the occasional In-N-Out indulgence. With hair like his, Jeff is always ready to talk sports.


Runner-Up: Adam McWilliams

Adam McWilliams

We love Adam’s multi-directional fringe and think that sometimes a little mess is a good thing. Adam’s swept-back, every-which-way ‘do has garnered him the runner-up HAIRRY for Mississippi, and we couldn’t be prouder of him!

Reporting on the weather ever since he started 1st Grade (where it’s rumored he was the talk of the elementary hair community), Adam has left the classroom and now reports on the forecast for 16WAPT on the weekend. When he’s not reporting on the weather, Adam loves to visit historical sites around the state and travel the country. Check out Adam’s Facebook if you’re in the mood for weather reports and more pics of Adam’s cute hair!




Best Hair: Kenton Gewecke

Kenton Gewecke

Kenton Gewecke is a weekend meteorologist with KOMUnews. Hailing from Nebraska, he’s glad Missouri is just as exciting weather-wise. With ashy blonde hair, and a smile so cute it rivals the joy of petting a newborn puppy, we had to name Kenton in first place for Missouri. Kenton’s hair is seemingly always perfectly styled, without a stray hair out of place, even when he’s out in the field and caught up in a storm. That must be some great product you’re using, Kenton! Please share your secrets!

“The secret… comb it right out of the shower for style, and once it dries, run my hands through it a lot to give it volume. Hair products… 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner (because I’m basic like that) and natural oils from my skin help with volume a few hours after a shower as I run my hands through my hair.” – Kenton Gewecke

When he’s not nerding out over the weather, Kenton can be found nerding out over TV and film. You can get a dose of positivity on a rainy day by visiting Kenton’s Twitter, where he loves to rave about rain and how relaxing it is. We can imagine Kenton takes a look outside at gloomy skies and considers it a day perfect for relaxing in front of Netflix. With hair like his, he even makes being a couch potato look good.


Runner-Up: Rafer Weigel

Rafer Weigel

Rafer Weigel’s hair just screams commitment and dedication, and when we heard that he used to make a 122-mile commute when reporting for KUSI in San Diego whilst residing in Los Angeles, we weren’t a bit surprised. With hair that says “total dad,” but in the charming, completely desirable way, we think Rafer shows just as much love and care to his hair as he does to his job.

You can see Rafer’s unstoppable dedication to truthful reporting on his Twitter, where he engages the public in discourse regularly and swears to uphold good ol’ fashioned real reporting. With a blonde ‘do that stands to attention in both a masculine but approachable way, Rafer is the reporter who sticks up for the little guy and stands by his family no matter what. We hate to give you just a runner up HAIRRY, Rafer, but there’s always next year!



Best Hair: Dustin Klemann

Dustin Klemann

It’s Dustin Klemann…. Again! We know…We know… It’s easy to award the same person year after year, but can you blame us for awarding Dustin first prize for Montana for a second year? His hair has so much volume. We’re wondering if he’s actually hiding something in there. Dustin’s fringe is the kind of fringe other men in their 30s to 40s envy over in silence – too ashamed to admit their own shortcomings in the follicle field.

With a hairline that healthy and cleanly cut, we’re considering asking Dustin to report on who his barber is next time he anchors for Q2.

Dustin definitely has a sense of humor, breaking up breaking news coverage on his Facebook with cheeky posts that totally show off his engaging personality. So, if you need to gaze into his eyes only a husky could rival, or imagine what it’d be like to have hair as thick and unwavering as his, then head on over to his Facebook or tune into Q2.


Runner-Up: Will Wadley

Will Wadley

Reporting on Montana weather always takes a certain amount of optimism. Will Wadley, his friendly face, and even friendlier quaff help take the edge off otherwise frigid forecasts. Will is a meteorologist with NBC Montana and takes the runner–up HAIRRY for Big Sky Country for the second year in a row.

You can see Will and his soft swept-back fringe flapping in the Montana blizzards by tuning into KECI 13 or catch him on Twitter or Facebook, where he’s always posting interesting things to distract his audience from the frigid cold.



Best Hair: Joe Musso

Joe Musso

If we couldn’t watch Joe Musso in action on 1011news and 1011sports, we’d be convinced that he was a CGI creation. With a face and hair that perfect and a reporting talent that robust, it must come as no surprise that Joe has grabbed first place for Nebraska. Joe’s classic Don Draper cut looks like something straight out of “Mad Men,” and it makes sense he comes from Chicago, as it’s hard to imagine a rock-solid ‘do like that growing organically out of the Cornhusker State (but he swears he’s a converted Husker fan).

Joe’s got a studious background, having earned his Masters of Science in Journalism at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, and graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University after studying English Writing and Business Administration. He uses all of these skills, and of course, that hair, to bring the latest news to his viewing audience as accurately and energetically as possible – so if you haven’t tuned in yet, you better!

You can find Joe and his all-business hairdo golfing on the weekend or tweeting all things sports over on his Twitter.


Runner-Up: Alex Alecci

Alex Alecci

Alex Alecci, the meteorologist with KETV, takes the runner-up HAIRRY with a cropped, short cut that immaculately frames his stunning eyes. His hair, although handsomely business-like, looks short and sporty enough to leave Alex ready for even the craziest of adventures. And with hobbies like skydiving and riding his motorcycle, we’d say he puts his stylish sporty haircut to good use.

If you feel like checking in on Alex and cooing at cute pictures of his dog, Wilbur (who also happens to have great hair), you can follow him on Twitter.





Best Hair: Sean McAllister

Sean McAllister

We’d have given Sean McAllister the first prize HAIRRY Award for Nevada based on his perfectly shaped sideburns, alone – but luckily, that’s not all that the S-Man has to offer. Sean is a news and lifestyle reporter on FOX5’s MORE Access, and with a hairstyle that says both ‘work hard’ and ‘play hard,’ we’d say Sean is perfect for the job. When it comes to reporting on pop culture, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, and generally gracing the streets of Las Vegas, Sean’s sideburns ready him for the glitziest of events. It’s hard to believe that Sean worked as a construction worker straight out of college before journalism – talk about helmet hair!

Having spent time on the entertainment beat both in New York and now Las Vegas, Sean and his impeccable style have a finger on the pulse of America’s pop culture. Speaking of pulse, ours tends to quicken when we see such perfectly styled hair, and since we believe the heart wants what it wants, we’re happy to award Sean first place!

If you want the latest on entertainment and great Las Vegas events, follow him and his sideburns on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Bryan Scofield

Bryan Scofield

Bryan’s got fullness and volume in all the right places (when it comes to his haircut). With a distinct side and a fringe standing upright at attention, he makes a clear runner-up choice for the Silver State. Bryan’s a meteorologist with KTNV and has a Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association. Well, Bryan, now you’ve got a Seal of Approval from the HAIRRY Awards – keep fighting that dry Nevada heat with those exceptionally cool locks!

You can find Bryan and his voluptuous hairdo on Mondays for the weather report or on his Facebook.





New Hampshire

Best Hair: Kevin Skarupa

Kevin Skarupa

HAIRRY winner for the Granite State, Kevin Skarupa, has mastered that grown-up jock look very well, and with a partless, super masculine haircut that seems to reach for the skies, we just had to award Kevin first place. Kevin’s a meteorologist with News 9 and can be seen reporting on the weather on weekday mornings and News 9 at noon. Don’t let his die-hard hairdo fool you; his favorite part of his job is visiting schools and talking all things weather with the kids. Reporting the weather and serving his community? Kevin is like some kind of stunning hair superhero! Just the kind of guy we want on our HAIRRY team.

If you visit his Facebook, he’s proudly featured a 3rd Grade poem dedicated to him, Mr. Weatherman.  Does it get any cuter than that (besides his hair, of course)?

If you’re a fan of Kevin’s hard haircut but super softie heart, then you can follow him on Facebook or catch him on News 9.


Runner-Up: Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald

There’s something to be said for consistency, and the fact that Sean McDonald has come in second place in New Hampshire’s best newsman hair contest two years running means he is doing something very right.

Maybe it’s regional, but Sean seems to have a very similar hairstyle to Kevin’s, and they both pull it off spectacularly. Sean reports the news on WMUR daybreak and has a penchant for music, playing the guitar, piano, and writing music in his spare time. Just like his guitar, Sean rocks the gently parted but sporty look with his hair in a way that’s unique to him, so don’t let Kevin steal any of your thunder, Sean! First place has your name on it for next year!

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New Jersey

Not enough stations to have winners in New Jersey.


New Mexico

Best Hair: Doug Fernandez

Doug Fernandez

Doug Fernandez rocks his full, flowing head of locks with pride. With hair like his, why not show it off with amped-up volume? Doug’s hair is styled in a way that has it standing softly tall, which certainly grabbed our attention! Usually, for a look like this, you’d expect to see some product over-use, but Doug’s hair looks adorably soft to the touch, which makes it that much more appealing. Doug Fernandez co-anchors “Coverage You Can Count On” on Action 7 News Live and has been covering stories with the Action 7 News team for over 10 years!

We love Doug’s social media presence, as he’s not just all about business. From sharing pics of his mom to stories about Game of Thrones, Doug has a lot to say and isn’t afraid to share! Why not head on over to Facebook to check out Doug’s posts and his adorable cherub face as an infant (with an old kid photo as his display picture).


Runner-Up: Chris Guardaro

Chris Guardaro

Hailing from the Peach State, Chris’s own peach fuzz is lustrously dark and adorably textured – making him a close second in New Mexico. Could he be the bearer of a head of natural curls, we wonder to ourselves? Sorry, we’re getting off track. Let’s focus on the hair at hand.

Chris’s textured, side-parted cut has won him rave reviews among his peers, as well as the runner-up HAIRRY for 2017. Originally from New York, Chris is glad to be surrounded by the mountains of New Mexico, and we’re excited to see his unique curls grace our screens as a reporter on KOAT.

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New York

New York is the city that doesn’t sleep – and that is because the men are working on their hair. Wow! There is no shortage of great hair among New York’s finest on-camera journalists.

Bill Ritter, Jeff Smith, Josh Einiger, Sandy Kenyon, Lee Goldberg, Ryan Field, Duke Castiglione, Ernie Anastos (this guy’s hair!), Arthur Chi’en, Zachary Kiesch (amen to that glamor headshot), Mac King (2016 HAIRRY Runner-Up), Steve Lacy, Robert Moses, Joe Toohey, Mike Woods, Wale Aliyu, Harry Cicma, Michael Gargiulo, Chris Glorioso, Raphael Miranda, Gus Rosendale (2016 HAIRRY Winner), Marc Santia, Steve Sosna (yay redheads), Anthony DiLorenzo, Joe Mauceri, Greg Mocker, John Muller, Tim Lake, and Nick Johnston have hair that made us stop, smile, and sing with joy! Good job, guys.

But not a good enough job to earn win a HAIRRY.

Best Hair: Dan Mannarino

Dan Mannarino

Dan Mannarino, 5-time Emmy Award-winning reporter, and owner of a steel-cut crown that gleams under the studio lights, is our pick for first place in one of the most hotly contested hair states in the country: New York! Dan is anchor and reporter for PIX11 Morning News, and his hair is so strictly styled, its edges look like they’d cut just about anything – including the competition. With hair as hardline as his, it’s no wonder Dan delivers the hard-hitting breaking news with class and ease. It should also come as no wonder that Dan has proud Italian roots; we’d say his well-styled hair looks like it traveled all the way from Rome to adorn his head. All roads lead to Dan!

When asked about this award, Mannarino explained, “The secret to my great hair is – I DON’T USE A BRUSH OR COMB! This quaff of hair is styled by hand only. And it takes about two minutes. The routine is quick and easy. I like to use two products – one is d:fi molding creme – buy it in bulk on Amazon – followed up by a styling cream that gives it some hold.”

Mannarino continued, saying, “I’d like to thank everyone who guided me to this new look. Formally, I looked like a member of the Jersey Shore cast with spiked hair. And my dad – for this beautiful head of hair.”

When he’s not delivering the news, you can find Dan volunteering for Camp New Day in New Jersey, where he hangs out with developmentally delayed adults, a cause that’s important to him. If you want to see more of Dan (and who wouldn’t?), you can catch him on PIX11 Morning News, or why not follow him on Twitter and Facebook?


Runner-Up: Chris Glorioso

Chris Glorioso

It looks like New York reporting is a competitive sport because Chris rivals Dan with 7 Emmy Awards under his belt. But when it comes to hair, he missed out on a first prize this year by just a little but has still bagged runner-up for New York!

Chris has got that shiny yet feathery quaff thing going on, and we think it shows off the best of his dark golden tresses. But don’t let his cute ‘do fool you. Chris means business, specializing in reporting government waste and corporate greed as a reporter with the NBC 4 New York I-Team investigative unit.

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North Carolina

Best Hair: Ben Williamson

Ben Williamson

With thick hair like his, Ben Williamson virtually needs to accent such a lustrous ‘do with thick-rimmed glasses – which he does perfectly. We love the combo and everything about his slightly shaggy haircut, and that’s why he awarded him with North Carolina’s first-place HAIRRY Award.

Having grown up in Georgia, Ben swears he bleeds red and black (go Bulldogs!), but we have a feeling there might be some pomade mixed in there too. When Ben isn’t gracing the WBTV news screen as a reporter, you can find him being a class clown on social media, sharing witty GIFs and light-hearted witticisms over breaking stories and extreme weather events. His favorite story he ever reported on was when he helped a 106-year-old woman check everything off her bucket list. What a guy!

You can soak up the good vibes from self-professed beach bum Ben by tuning into WBTV or following him on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Blaine Tolison

Blaine Tolison

No stranger to being recognized for his outstanding hair, Blaine Tollison comes in at a close second for the North Carolina HAIRRY. The theme for North Carolina this year seems to be: volume, volume, volume, and Blaine takes it an 11!

Blaine Tolison pulls off his look so well, with a lot of body on the sides and a cute cowlick of a fringe, that we’d swear he models for a men’s magazine, but we know that isn’t the truth. As an anchor on Eyewitness News This Morning on WSOC-TV and TV-64, Blaine has covered some of the nation’s most harrowing events, from mass shootings to extreme weather calamities.

When you’re reporting on some of the hardest stories, it’s kind upon your audience to sport a friendly and approachable haircut that helps take the edge off. Thanks for all you do, Blaine!

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North Dakota

Best Hair: Alex Coleman

Alex Coleman

Alex Coleman, and his gorgeous hair, were too adorable to pass up for the first prize HAIRRY award for North Dakota! Alex’s barber must have a keen eye because we can’t see anything out of place along his razor-sharp edges – a true feat of hair-cutting bliss. Sporting some of his natural curls and coils, Alex is rocking a ‘do that’s full of personality – just like the man himself! With an extensive background in sports, having been recruited by Minot State University to play basketball, and later receiving an athletic scholarship, Alex made a move to journalism with a lot of dedicated time and hard work – interning for KMOT until he was offered a full time reporting position.

Full of versatility, Alex’s hairstyle could take him from the board meeting to the studio, to the B-Ball courts in an instant – and that’s what we love about it. If you want to catch Alex in action, tune into KMOT News at 9 or follow him and his hair on Twitter.



Runner-Up: Mark Charter

Mark Charter

Mark Charter, morning and midday anchor on KYFRTV, an enemy of the North Dakotan cold and all-around endearing cutie, has grabbed the runner-up HAIRRY for the second year in a row – and it’s for a great reason: his voluminous medium-length topped cut with well-trimmed sides.

Mark’s youthful hairdo gives him an effortlessly vibrant look, and as Mark’s a self-prescribed lover of health news, perhaps his luscious tresses are thanks to an active and healthy lifestyle! From his reporting to his styling, Mark does it the right way, which makes him a very deserving honoree for runner-up. Congrats Mark!





Best Hair: Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Does Mark Taylor look familiar? If you’re a dedicated follower of our amazing hair website (and who isn’t?), he better! This two-time HAIRRY winner is one of the few who’ve picked up the award in two different states, making his hair an interstate attraction we just can’t resist.

Speaking of his hair, it’s truly what dreams are made of. With a classic gentleman’s ‘do and lustrous shine combined with puppy dog softness, Mark and his spectacular hair were a shoo-in for the Buckeye State’s top newsman award!

Mark has only recently started at NBC4 as a co-anchor and is very excited to call Columbus home (and we hear Columbus is just as excited to now call his award-winner hair their own). But don’t think he’s all looks: Mark’s won journalism awards, and he’s a talented writer, sometimes contributing to the Huffington Post.

We love a guy who works hard but also has a sense of humor – and Mark fits the bill. As a self-proclaimed sarcasm enthusiast and favorite son, Mark’s Twitter is the place to e-visit if you’re looking for jokes and adorable selfies sandwiched between breaking news stories. Oh, look, here’s a link!


Runner-Up: Jeff Hogan

Jeff Hogan

With a name like Jeff Hogan, you know you’re in for a sporty, hunky haircut –and boy, does runner-up Jeff deliver! With a half spikey, half swept back cut, bringing out the best of his golden blonde locks, Jeff rocks that laid back beach-bum look, with more beach and less bum.

With an active lifestyle haircut like this, it’s no wonder that Jeff is the face of 10TV’s Commit To Be Fit. Just one look at Jeff Hogan and you’re guaranteed to be inspired to down green smoothies and go for four-mile runs – not to mention, rethink your hair. It was a close call, but Jeff’s awesome hair game has earned him second place this year.









Best Hair: Paul Folger

Paul Folger

In a world of news anchor’s clean-swept foreheads, seeing a non-styled, messy fringe is a unique and refreshing sight, which is why we just had to award Paul Folger and his relaxed, boyish haircut; a first-place HAIRRY award for Oklahoma!

Paul’s an anchor at KOCO News and has worked across the southern United States, breaking big news stories at every stop along the way. There’s something about Paul’s haircut that makes you feel like he’d be a really great listener. As someone who describes himself as not only a ‘car guy’ and a ‘news guy’ but also as a ‘friend,’ we’d say the haircut is a reflection of his approachable, care-free personality.

When he’s not breaking big stories, Paul likes to mountain bike and travel – and we assume his hair looks great no matter what he’s doing. Want proof? Check out his Twitter for enviable selfies in different countries and to ogle at his perfectly tousle-able locks.


Runner-Up: Jeff George

Jeff George

Tall, dark, and handsome – and we’re just talking about Jeff George’s hairdo! As chief meteorologist at KOKH-FOX 25, Jeff’s super dark, super suave haircut is enough to cool down even the wildest of storms – which would explain the oft-unpredictable Oklahoma weather.

Jeff’s not just nice to look at; he’s also got a heart of gold, dedicating plenty of his spare time to a bunch of charitable projects, including co-founding B.O.O.S.T (Bullyproof Our Oklahoma Schools Today) and OK Bikes 4 Kids. But that’s not all. He also volunteers at The Children’s Center in Bethany and works with Beef 4 Battle Foundation, dedicated to getting beef foodstuffs to Oklahoma troops serving in Afghanistan – what a guy!

It feels like we could go on and on about Jeff’s charitable nature, but we’re here for the hair! And with a dark, glossy ‘do like his, Jeff’s the Prince Charming in every Disney movie you watched as a kid. It certainly sounds like for the Oklahomans he helps, he’s definitely their knight in shining armor.

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In past years, Oregon has not provided large quantities of local newscasters with exceptional hair. However, this year is different. There were so many great guys to choose from it felt we were looking at California! Special shoutout to KDRV and KOIN for hiring so many men with great hair.

Best Hair: Trevor Ault

Trevor Ault

Though we certainly don’t believe in the idea that one size fits all, it’s hard not to look at the HAIRRY winner for Oregon, Trevor Ault, and think, “that is what a newsman should look like.” From the expertly styled high-topped ‘do, to the absolutely gorgeous dark brown color, everything about Trevor’s hair look is trustworthy and easy to appreciate – perfect for a man who delivers the hard-hitting news as a breaking news anchor and reporter on KOIN 6.

Though some newsmen only seem like they’re a pretty face reading a cue card, for Trevor Ault, that’s not the case. In fact, this modern-day Walter Cronkite is exceptionally well-educated, sporting a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s in Communications from Defiance College, where he also played collegiate sports.


Originally hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Trevor now lights up the morning newscasts in the Beaver State, not only with his informative broadcasts but also his exceptionally styled hair. Congrats Trevor!

Want the latest breaking news? Follow Trev on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy

Though Mike’s bio on the KDRV website may simply bill him as “an anchor and reporter for NewsWatch 12,” we know he’s so much more than that – he’s a hair hero! Just take a look at those beautifully combed, short dirty blonde locks – it’s like they’re just speaking to us, which is why we just had to give Mike the runner-up HAIRRY award in Oregon.

Though he originally hails from the Midwest and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mike’s new focus is on enjoying the gorgeous outdoor opportunities provided by his new Oregon home. Plus, with all of the sunshine and outdoor activities, his dirty blonde ‘do will be at its naturally sun-lightened best – which might just earn him a first-place next year. Keep up the great hair work, Mike!



Best Hair: Brian Taff

Brian Taff

What do we know about the State of Pennsylvania? First off, we know it’s a commonwealth, not a state.

Okay, let us start that again.

What do we know about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

It’s home to the chocolate capital of the U.S.

It’s where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

It’s home to Brian Taff, who sports some of the best newsman hair in the entire nation.

Pointless state fact lists aside; Brian is exactly the kind of candidate that makes inspecting and judging newsman hair so enjoyable. Perfectly parted, beautifully colored, expertly styled, and exceptionally portioned to his face and head, it’s a modern twist on the classic newsman’s ‘do – resulting in the top HAIRRY for the Keystone State.

A rugged outdoorsman in his off time, Brian spends his working hours co-anchoring 6ABC’s Action News at 4 pm and Action News at 10 on PHL17 with exceptional success. His hair has helped him score a one-on-one interview with then-President Barack Obama, taken him to Rome to cover the election of a new Pope, and to other corners of the globe chasing the biggest stories of the day. Is that white smoke we see? We have a HAIRRY winner in Pennsylvania. Way to go, Brian!


Runner-Up: Steven Fisher

Steven Fisher

What has two Emmys, an exceptional hairdo, and a runner-up HAIRRY for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? It’s WPXI’s morning news reporter Steven Fisher!

Steve – can we call you Steve? – is a Philly boy, born and bred, and though his professional odyssey has taken him to Maryland and Harrisburg, he’s thrilled to now be able to call the Steel City his new home.

But let’s focus on what put him on this list: his hair! Not overly fussed with and naturally dark brown, Steve’s medium-length hair perfectly compliments his brown eyes and eye-catching smile – his entire face is like a match made in HAIRRY heaven.

Fisher told us, “The secret to my great hair to get it often cut and to use regular body lotion after a shower for my hair.”

He continued by saying, “Favorite hair products are body lotion that I use in my hair and Axe dry gel. Keeps it in place without looking wet or crusty.”

And finally, he said he would like to thank his parents. “My parents I have to thank but mostly my mom. She’s a hairdresser, and she was the only person to cut my hair until I moved to Pittsburgh. But my mom still cuts it whenever I’m home or when she visits, and she always keeps me looking good.”

In the Pittsburgh news market, it simply doesn’t get any better than Steven Fisher. Congrats, Steve! We’ll be watching your Twitter page and expecting lots of selfies!

(Just a quick tip for Steve – make sure you occasionally use a clarifying shampoo if you use lotion and gel in your hair!)


Rhode Island

Best Hair: Brian Crandall


Though Rhode Island might be the smallest state in the Union (sorry, District of Columbia, you’re not a state, yet), it certainly has the hair talent to compete with the big boys, partly because of HAIRRY winner Brian Crandall, who is a general assignment reporter for NBC 10.

In a world where many hair “aficionados” overdo it with product in pursuit of a natural look, Brian’s dark brown locks use gel to its full potential, resulting in a natural-looking yet perfectly styled hairdo that puts him right on top of the pack.

There’s no question that his degree in broadcast journalism from American University in Washington, D.C, certainly helps him with his reporting prowess. Still, it’s his natural talent for the news and charisma on the screen that has carried his career from WNNE-TV to new heights in the Ocean State, And now to a first-place HAIRRY.

A father of three, devoted husband, and proud dog owner, Brian is always sharing interesting insights into the news on his Twitter account. Go ahead, let him know how much you like his hair!


Runner-Up: Steve Nielsen

steve nielsen

Is it any coincidence that HAIRRY runner-up Steve Nielsen’s last name is the same as the company that famously tracks television ratings? We think not, and it’s because we’ve always got our TVs tuned to WPRI Eyewitness News. In fact, when Steve’s not on the boob tube, we’re tuned into watching him perform improv comedy… I guess you could say we’re a little Steve-obsessed.

But can you blame us? Look at those blondish, brownish curls – it’s like a delicious portion of macaroni that we wish we could eat. But instead, we’ll settle for watching him report the news and expressing his Southern California charm on the Rhode Island airwaves.

To get the best of Steve, his reporting, and his hilarious personality, follow him on his Twitter account.


South Carolina

Best Hair: Frank Johnson

Frank Johnson

In honor of WBTW Chief Meteorologist and HAIRRY winner for the state of South Carolina, Frank Johnson, let us go ahead and be a little frank ourselves: Frank Johnson’s gorgeous hairdo is simply one of the best of this year’s crop of hair nominees. Why, you say? We thought you’d never ask!

Color: There’s something about brown hair with some slight blonde coloration that is just everything for us. It’s the perfect combination of youth and maturity, resulting in a trustworthy hairstyle that isn’t stale or antiquated but always refreshing.

Style: What good is having great hair if you don’t know what to do with it? Luckily for hair lovers everywhere, Frank and the styling crew at WBTW know exactly what to do with his locks, fashioning a classic side part and combed top to take advantage of Frank winning the genetic hair lottery.

Though he’s worked in some of the toughest markets for hair in the weather game, including Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast of Texas, Frank is now happy to call the beautiful landscape of South Carolina his home. And we’re happy to call him the HAIRRY winner for The Palmetto State.

Whether you want the latest on the weather or updates on how the cucumber crop is coming in this year, give Frank a follow on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Tyler Ryan

Tyler Ryan

It takes true talent and vision to start your career in the throws of Hair Rock and come out with a modern and sensible hairstyle – and luckily for the news viewers of South Carolina and us, HAIRRY runner-up Tyler Ryan has done just that.

Thank the hair gods that Tyler decided to give up small market radio and move to television; this good hairstyle belongs on the screen, not hidden behind a microphone. The proof is in the pudding that he made the right choice, as just after a few years, Tyler won the South Carolina Broadcasters Association Television Personality of the Year award and has reached new career heights since. His hair, just like his personality, is truly exceptional, which makes him a well-deserving runner-up in South Carolina.

Tyler’s antics are on Twitter.


South Dakota

Best Hair: Brady Mallory

Brady Mallory

Brady Mallory is from Austin, Minnesota. However, he is bringing home the gold for South Dakota this year for his amazing hair.

Hard work, determination, and finding the right shampoo pay off.  Just ask Mallory – he went from HAIRRY Runner-Up to HAIRRY Winner in just one year!

Plus, he’s all sorts of cute!

His hair is short on the sides, volume up top, and styled perfectly to match his youthful look. His hair shapes his head and accentuates his many positive features. Plus, nobody looks better in a blue suit and blue tie.

Brady, you’ve just won a HAIRRY-Award – what will you do next?

While we await his answer – make sure you follow him on Twitter!


Runner-Up: Brandon Spinner

Brandon Spinner

As the legend goes, those who touch Spinner’s hair will get 7 years of good luck and $1,000,000 cash. Or something like that. Follow this legendary man on Twitter.

Here’s what Brandon had to say about this amazing honor.

ggh.com: What is the secret to your great hair?

BS: The secret to my hair has to be my blow dryer and the process of doing my hair. I will comb through my hair after a shower to get it where I want, and then I blow dry it before putting in a styling cream. I have to have it perfect before I put in the styling cream, and if not, then I have to restart the process.

ggh.com: What are your favorite hair products?

BS: I have used so many different products over the years, but for the last couple of years, I have strictly used CREW hair products, which are by far my favorite. For styling, I use CREW’s Fiber, while I use CREW’s Power Cleanser Style Remover. As far as the blow dryer, I use a Babyliss PRO Volare V2 to style my hair.

ggh.com: Who would you like to thank for this award?

BS: I would like to thank my mother, Michelle Potvin, who has been my stylist since birth. Whenever I have a trip back home to the Chicago Burbs, I have to stop by my mom’s salon, “Fringe – A Boutique Salon,” to get my hair done. I can’t thank my mom enough for giving me the best style possible and always keeping me stocked with the best hair products. Honorable Mention goes to my stylist here in Sioux Falls, Tori Henning, who cuts and styles my hair when I cannot get home to Chicagoland!



Best Hair: Ryan O’Donnell

ryan odonnell

Hold up – wait a minute. Let’s put some O’Donnell in it!

…into the HAIRRY history books, that is, as WATE 6’s Ryan O’Donnell takes home the top hair award from the Volunteer State.

Although the HAIRRY is certainly the most coveted of all newscaster awards one can win, we know that Mr. O’Donnell is no stranger to hardware on his mantel. His excellent hair and reporting prowess and earned him excellence in journalism awards for breaking news, two excellence in journalism awards for feature reporting, as well as excellence in photojournalism awards – whew! We’re tired just thinking about all of that work!

Though he’s truly exceptional in his broadcasting, it’s his hair that’s the real standout here. Not overly done or overly voluminous, his combed lightish brown follicles inspire trust and promote authority, making him the perfect vehicle to deliver the headlines of the day. When not reporting the news, you can find Ryan cooking, gardening, and spending time with his family. A jack of all trades family man with gorgeous hair? Count us in!

Keep up with breaking news and Ryan’s great sense of humor on his Twitter.


Runner-Up: Edward Burch

Edward Burch

Hey, good looking!
Whatcha got cooking?
How up giving Edward Burch the runner-up HAIRRY?

Sorry – we can’t help but hear all of those great hair-related country music classics when we think about Nashville’s Edward Burch and his professional hairdo. Perfectly sculpted and naturally colored like a truly delicious bar of milk chocolate, Ed’s hair makes all of the cowgirls swoon every time he’s on the air at WSMV Channel 4 News. We’re swooning pretty hard ourselves and want to encourage Ed to keep up the great hair work, so we’ve got something to watch when we visit Music City.

Follow all of the latest news, and the Nashville Predators run to the Stanley Cup on Ed’s Twitter.



Alright, y’all! It’s time for one of the most competitive states to bring us the best of the best in hair. News Channel 25, ABC 13, and WFAA8 had so many men with fabulous hair. However, there can only be two.

Best Hair: Seth Kovar

Seth Kovar


According to Seth, if this were a cooking contest, he’d only get it right “2 out of 5 times”. But this is the HAIRRYs… and, according to us, Seth gets his hair right 5 out of 5 times. It wasn’t enough for Seth to win a HAIRRY first place in Virginia last year- he brought those glossy brown locks back home to Momma- and has earned himself another HAIRRY in his home state of Texas.

Seth isn’t only passionate about effectively delivering the news while showing off that perfect do. He’s also passionate about Texas Football. He’s attended the Texas vs. Oklahoma football game at the Cotton Bowl in Texas for 28 straight years!

As long as Seth keeps that superlative style with just the right amount of volume, we think he’s well on his way to many more HARRYS. If you need a little more of the Lone Star State’s number one HAIRRYed anchor- you can find Seth on Facebook.



Runner-Up: Jesse Hawila

Jesse Hawila

This Texas native seems to have it all. A great smile, adorable dogs, a beautiful wife (sorry ladies!), and the absolute most perfect hairline. That thick, lustrous brown hair is just as exciting as finding it’s going to be a beautiful day on a Saturday.

Jesse missed the first place HAIRRY by just a little, but with a handsome face like that, he probably doesn’t mind being this year’s HAIRRY runner-up. Jesse’s number one passion is meteorology (yes… really!), and his second passion is music. He doesn’t discriminate: death metal, progressive metal, blues, folk, indie rock… he loves it all. We’re passionate about one thing: hair (and we do discriminate!). We think Jesse’s hair is definitely something to be passionate about.

If you’re into weather updates, cute doggies, and handsome selfies- you can find this Texas native on Facebook.



Best Hair: Dan Guthrie

Dan Guthrie

We’re sure there were some pretty newsworthy events in 2015, but the biggest of all in the State of Utah was no doubt when KSL 5 meteorologist Dan Guthrie took home the HAIRRY award for best newscaster hair. Well, Dan, get ready to party again like it’s 2015 because you’ve regained your throne and again sport the top newscaster follicles in the Beehive State!

Not only is Dan an excellent meteorologist who knows his way around a hairbrush and comb, but he’s also a trained singer and actor who has appeared in productions of The Sound of Music and Bye Bye Birdie – presumably with his hair looking great the whole time. Though he’s never quite made it to Broadway, Dan the Man receives top billing in our mind for his dirty brown hair, can-do smile, and awesome ability to deliver the weather with professionalism and candor we can’t help but fall in love with.

The hills may be alive with the sound of music, but the mountains of Utah are moving to the beat of Dan’s delicious hair. Congrats, Dan! Please post more selfies on your Twitter!

We e-mailed Dan about his win, and this is what he wrote back:

“The secret to my great hair? It’s generally a grower, not a show-er. Products? The sweat of a bald eagle after flight. That hair will hold up under any condition. Who am I thanking? The cast of La La Land for daring me to dream again… about what I do with my hair.” – Dan Guthrie

Is that not the best thing you’ve ever read?


Runner-Up: Brian Carlson

Brian Carlson

(Cue sad music)

Dear Brian,

It’s us, the HAIRRY Awards. Look, we want to apologize that we weren’t able to award you first place this year for your awesome hair. Yes, we know you’re an Emmy award-winning reporter, and yes, we know you’re the native son of Salt Lake. And we also know how you rock those highlighted brown locks daily on Good Morning Utah – you’ve done everything right!

The truth is, it’s not you. It’s us. The competition in Utah was just so fierce, and we finally had to make a decision. But worry not: we have a really good feeling you might just be in line for a top HAIRRY next year if you play your cards right. Meaning, keep doing your ‘do the way you do.

We still love your locks.


Follow Brian and watch his meatball videos on his Twitter.



Best Hair: Keith McGilvery

Keith McGilvery

Keith is the best! We love Keith. Like, we really love Keith. We love him so much – we’re just going to publish everything Keith told us about winning a HAIRRY.

“My secrets are simple, always be KIND to the talented people who cut your hair. I stick to the journalism and let them do what they do best. I respect and appreciate their professionalism and get a great cut in return.

(Being kind is a great rule across the board, it just has a way of paying off big time when it’s time for a haircut)

It’s also important to know when it’s time for a trim. Luckily I work with a great team that keeps me on track in that department.

I was recently asked what my plan is for going gray. My take on that is that I am lucky to have a good head of hair in the first place and just plan to embrace the gray as it comes.

My grandfather also had great hair, so perhaps my biggest secret is having good genes and taking care of what I’ve been given.

When it comes to hair products, I go with what’s easy and affordable. Right now, it’s Garnier Fructis shampoo and styling putty.

A newsroom is a bustling place where the news comes first, so I go with what’s simple. I’ll use a little bit of hairspray before we go to air, and that’s about it.

My mom likes to tell me my great hair comes from my grandfather, so I need to thank him first. I also owe a lot to a mentor and former professor who convinced me that keeping it at shoulder length when I made the move from college television to the working world was probably not the best idea. My parents should probably take a lot of the credit, too. Thanks, mom and dad.”

Now that you also love Keith follow him on Twitter.


Runner-Up: Ken Drake

Ken Drake

When you hear the name Drake, you are likely to think of Drake.

Well, when we hear the name Drake, we think of Ken. Ken Drake. Our HAIRRY Runner-Up! However, to celebrate Ken Drake’s achievement in follicle growth, we are going to rely on that “other Drake.”



Best Hair: Logan Sherrill

Logan Sherrill

Logan Sherrill is a weekday reporter and weekend anchor for WDBJ-7. However, now, and for the rest of his life, he will be known as the 2017 HAIRRY-Award Winner!


Apparently, men born and raised in North Carolina are brought up with the education of exceptional hair maintenance.

Sherrill gives us a variety of hair looks across his station bio page and social media account and keeps it professional and classy on-air.

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Runner-Up: Nathan Epstein

Nathan Epstein

Look at those cheeks! Don’t you just want to pinch them? Well, pinch them all you want – just don’t touch this award-winning hair.

This sports reporter for WAVY-10 shows us just how amazing hair can look if you tackle it using the right hair products.

This beautiful man is only made more beautiful by shaping his hair proportionally to his face. Framing his face to showcase his many desirable features makes him look younger and, dare we say, sexier.

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Okay, now! We see you, Washington! There were lots of contenders for this year’s HAIRRY-Awards.

Best Hair: Jake Whittenberg

Jake Whittenberg

What is this act of follicle terrorism? There are only a few rules one must live by:

  1. Be nice to people.
  2. Be nice to yourself.
  3. Never touch a man’s hair. Ever.

Blake, we don’t know whose hand that belongs to, but they need to go. Like, now.

Here you have Jake Whittenberg, an anchor, and reporter for King5 in Seattle, trying to do his job, and then this…heartless monster….reaches directly toward his head of PERFECT hair.

Look at Jake’s eyes.

He’s terrified. He’s livid. And rightly so.

Luckily, Jake did survive (barely) this attack on his most precious asset. Jake, just know that we are all here for you.

#StrongerThanEver #ImWithJake

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Runner-Up: Ryan Yamamoto


CONFESSION TIME: We actually had people write to us asking us to take a good hard look at Ryan Yamamoto. While we do not take nominations and are not swayed by the opinions of non-hair experts, in this case, we agree!

Congratulations, Ryan! You are this year’s runner-up!

KOMOs morning anchor isn’t just bringing you the day’s current events, but he’s bringing you hair that’ll make you second guess choosing to spend the rest of your life with your husband.

His hair is that good.

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West Virginia

For West Virginia, we decided to do something a little different. Instead of a write-up for Dan Thorn, our winner, and Doug Harlow, our runner-up – we decided to choose a GIF that most describes our feelings about these two men. However, it is worth noting – Doug Harlow won last year and has now been dethroned by Dan Thorn. Oooooohhhhhhh….!

Best Hair: Dan Thorn

Dan Thorn








Runner-Up: Doug Harlow

Doug Harlow












Best Hair: Branden Borremans

Branden Borremans

Many outside of the Dairy State don’t know, but Wisconsin is home to some of the country’s craziest weather. One minute it’s sunny and 70, and the next it’s snowing and below freezing! Curds and Whey!

Okay, temps might not swing that drastically. Still, we do know one thing: to report on the weather in Wisconsin, you not only have to be a great meteorologist but also have the hair to prepare for any eventuality. Luckily for Wisconsinites everywhere, WKOW’s Branden Borremans fits the bill on both accounts and takes home the HAIRRY award for best newsman hair in the Cheese State.

Sure, we could make all kinds of references to how gouda his hair looks or that it is so much cheddar than the competition, but we will not fall victim to cheesy puns. Instead, we’ll simply say that Branden’s styled dirty blonde hairdo shredded the competition and leaves us and his viewing audience melting no matter the outside temperature. Congrats, Branden! This is one well-deserved HAIRRY.

Feta up with us yet? No matter. Spend a few minutes of Branden’s Twitter.


Runner-Up: Ryan Wing

Ryan Wing

Some guys can pull off the stand-up Ceasar hairstyle that’s up in the front and flat in the back, and some guys just can’t. Ryan Wing, the runner-up for the Dairy State, is one of those rare guys who can take a common hairstyle and really make it shine, which is why he’s easily earned this awesome hair recognition.

As a native of Wisconsin and a huge sports fan, Ryan is living his dream of getting to report on his precious Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks as a weekend sports anchor. And he’s living our dream by having hair that’s simply to die for and always well styled. We’d ask his secret, but we have a feeling we’d have to beat him in a game of one-on-one to get it, and quite frankly, our hoops skills just aren’t what they used to be. Good hair work, Ryan!





Best Hair: Sam Postich

Sam Postich

Sam Postich has full, thick, and voluminous hair. Notice that receding hairline? Exactly. You didn’t notice it, because he doesn’t have one! You almost don’t like him, huh? Jealousy will do that to you.

Postich is the meteorologist for KTWO, and we predict a full-blown parade in the five-day forecast when the Wyoming residents hear about this!

If anyone ever asks, “Wyoming?”

You just tell them, “Sam Postich’s hair. That’s why.”

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Runner-Up: Guy Brown

Guy Brown

Who’s this guy? Oh, it’s Guy Brown! And he is our runner-up for best hair.

Clean cut, not receding hairline, super profesh – we love everything about it. See how he has his arms crossed? He has to have them up and ready to push off all of his adoring fans. People think it’s all glamour having hair this good – but it is actually quite a burden.

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Washington D.C.

Best Hair: Scott Thuman

Scott Thuman

Bearded beauty, Scott Thuman, is taking home a HAIRRY-Award this year, and it isn’t coming as a surprise to anybody. Everyone knows that you can only report on politics if you got the hair to back it up – well, Scott can back it up, baby.

As the Chief Political Correspondent for WJLA, Thuman is in the political trenches of D.C. The rumor has it that his wavy, delicious hair has even won over Sean Spicer. Now, that is good hair.

Make sure you catch glimpses of his award winner hair and, if you’re lucky, pictures of his little chihuahua, Olive, by following him on Twitter.




Runner-Up: Matt Yurus

Matt YurusMatt Yurus is, again, a runner-up for Washington D.C. Don’t feel bad, Matt. Think of all the other guys who aren’t even on the list! Hahaha! Yeah! Think of those envious souls!

Now, we strictly give out hair awards, but if we were going to give out awards for Best Smile and Sexiest Eyes, Matt would be our winner! He is the full package. No wonder he’s had a successful career as a reporter for WUSA-9 in D.C. I mean, that’s all it takes, right? Great hair, great smile, and sexy eyes?

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