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Is Wet To Dry Straightener Bad For Your Hair?

Wondering is Is Wet To Dry Straightener Bad For Your Hair? Well, it may not be the best option for your hair. Read on to find out why!

Our everyday routine needs a lot of time and patience which sometimes even gets messy. There have been times when you are running late and after bath, there are a series of things you will need to get done with to look the gorgeous self that you are!

Blow-dry your hair then straighten it with a straightener is the last thing you want to do. Lack of time management and sometimes being late leads to usage of products like wet-to-dry flat irons will be your choices for most cases. They are back in the business and are ragging their way into our lives, but the matter of fact is to question their quality and how helpful they are for our hair.

Is Wet To Dry Straightener Bad For Your Hair
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Is Wet to Dry Straightener Bad for Your Hair

We will provide a full see-through on what these irons are, how they help and do not help you. Go through the whole piece and know things you should have earlier:

Wet To Dry Flat Iron

A flat iron like this one is designed specifically for drying and straightening wet hair at the same time. In this way, the tool resembles a flat iron and is majorly utilized in a similar way. Two styling processes can be carried out in one with a wet-to-dry flat iron.

Is It Fine To Straighten Wet Hair?

No one is at all interested in the question of if you can straighten wet hair, but rather what happens when you do. It is not recommended to use flat irons on wet hair, even though it is technically possible to do so. It is true that the hair when it is wet is in its most fragile state.

The level of damage the iron can cause to the hair while it is wet can be a lot higher. It is very likely that the plates passed over your wet hair and caused them to sizzle. The damage can be easily noticed.

The correct way to use a hair straightening iron when it is wet is to never use one. This is supported by a lot of scientific evidence. Each strand of your hair is made up of three parts: the innermost medulla, the middle cortex, and the outermost cuticle.

The innermost medulla is called the medulla, the cortex is called the cortex, and the outermost cuticle is called the cuticle.

what happens if you straighten damp hair
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Presently when you wet your hair, it can take into about its very own third weight in water. A warmed hair straightener blasts out violently from the inside of your hair, breaking the hair, as the consumed water inside your hair becomes gas, so it needs to escape.

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When the straightener is applied to this wet hair, the gas inside your hair changes to gas, so it needs to escape.

As you age, your hair is likely to dry out, become brittle, and become unhealthy, and this should be cut off completely.

The ceramic plates of your flat iron can also damage the hair right near the heating element. Despite the high quality of hair straighteners available today and the latest technologies, incorrect use can cause damage to your hair.

Despite the temptation to dry your hair quickly when you are in a rush in the morning, you will cause irreversible damage to your hair if you use your flat iron when your hair is still damp. In addition, sometimes few humans have reported experiencing electric shocks when using electric flat irons on wet hair.

People also use blow dryers on wet hair and it is quite ironic when a flat iron is asked not to be used. Blowing your hair is the process of blowing hot air across your strands.

In seconds, the hot iron plates dry and shape your hair as you put the hair in between your wet or damp hair. It is something heat protectants cannot fix and is likely to damage your hair even more than heat styling already does.

Best Way To Straighten Wet Hair Properly

Here it comes again! Should you or should you not straighten your hair when it is wet?

A flat iron may not be the best choice, but there is a way to go straight from a wet mane. Straightening your hair while blow-drying is possible with the absolute way to proceed with ladies.

Always Use A Heat Protectant

In order to protect your hair from heat damage, it is crucial that you use a heat protectant before using any hot tools on your hair. If you use heating appliances often, it is recommended that you use a heat protectant of some kind.

can you straighten wet hair with heat protectant
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Make Sure To Section The Hair

In this step, all you gotta do is make parts or sections of hair in order to decrease the damage all over. Then clip the rest of your hair up and out of the way, leaving a one- to the two-inch section of the hair exposed.

Time for blow drying

You’ll want to blow-dry your strands with a round brush after using the concentrator nozzle on your blow-dryer. Separate out a short section of hair and then place the round brush at its root. Working slowly down the length of your hair, turn your brush as you blow-dry. The brush should be rotated continuously in order to ensure all strands are dry and free of curves.

Get In Touch With Hair Serum

The hair serum, which protects against humidity and provides shine, tames the hair. Despite the fact that serum cannot repair damage to hair, it can help keep it moist by protecting it from the elements. Always use a serum after using your heating tools to lock the hairstyle.

straightening wet hair tiktok
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It is time-consuming and inconvenient to straighten your hair with a conventional flat iron. To straighten your hair, you need to blow-dry it completely. It is claimed that new flat irons are the problem solvers regarding this matter. They require to be only dried with the towel in order to be applied upon easily.

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These innovative straighteners are designed to straighten hair whether it is damp or completely dry. They dry as well as straighten in one step, unlike conventional flat irons. Utilizing the flat iron on wet hair used to mean genuine hair harm as breakage and divided ends.

The wet-to-dry straighteners that cost so much come with a ventilation system that allows excess water to be sucked out, converted to steam, and then expelled through holes completely made up into the plates. The makers guarantee that the steam vent innovation avoids harm to hair.

Straightening the soggy hair takes longer than fixing dry hair, and the wetter the hair, the more it takes. In the event that you utilize a wet-to-straight level iron on dribbling wet hair, it will take a few passes to get your hair dry and fixed, and it can cause heat harm to the hair as well as a bunched up appearance-not what you’re going for!

Assuming that your hair is practically dry, the level iron will fix your hair much faster. Eventually, a wet-to-dry straightener can in any case save you time on your styling schedule.

can you straighten wet hair with heat protectant
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Enduring outcomes: When utilized on practically dry hair, a wet-to-dry hair straightener leaves hair straight and smooth for longer than a customary level iron. It makes wavy hair gaze directly and smoothes until the following cleanser without requiring continuous final details.

Frizz control: When utilized appropriately, a wet-to-straight level iron disposes of static and keeps your hair without frizz for longer than ordinary level irons. Regular dampness is held inside the hair, while overabundance water is changed over into steam. The fingernail skin is shut and smooth, keeping hair sparkling, luxurious, and without frizz.

It is very vital to understand how much heat can affect the hair when it is wet. Sometimes all of that time-consuming notion can come to an end when the hair is left all damaged and full of rough textures, split ends, and dry hair. Being smart with your hair is what is dependent on the healthy growth and looking aura attached.

Using a Wet to Dry Hair Straightener

Make sure that you always and always use the wet-to-dry flat iron when your hair is towel-dried and does not have any tangles in between the strands.

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Whenever utilized on extremely wet hair, a wet-to-dry straightener will deliver a lot of steam, which can consume you, particularly when you use it interestingly and aren’t anticipating it. For best outcomes, blow-dry your hair around 80% preceding drying with this iron.

Be Careful!

Even though they are called wet-to-straight flat irons, wet hair should not be styled with these devices. When you style wet hair, your hair can become damaged and wavy, and your styling time will increase. By styling your hair almost dry, you can achieve a smoother, longer-lasting result.

Keep in mind to not go over any section of the hair straightening or heating more than once it increases the damage levels. To straighten wet hair you have to slide your hand over the section several times to get it dry and straight. This is another reason why you have to get your hair dry before attempting to straighten it.

The possibility that you can’t approach the scalp, this sort of level iron actually leaves the roots wet, making it hard to accomplish volume at the roots. This can make slight hair look significantly more slender. You’ll notice that your roots will appear unnaturally contrasted with the rest of your hair.

are wet to dry straighteners bad for hair
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To avoid this, utilize a blow dryer for a couple of moments to lift the roots, then, at that point, utilize the hair straightener to complete the process of drying and add a straight and reflexive completion to the hair.

A few wet-to-dry straighteners are furnished with brush teeth incorporated into the plates. They help scatter and detangle hair while you dry and fix it. The fixing brushes additionally give you more control than conventional smooth plates while getting and straightening a segment of hair.

Honestly, cutting it short flat iron has been a savior to the generations. But what comes easy has to be maintained in a certain way, using the flat iron in a safe manner can have great results and I am sure all you must have heard is that all that haste makes waste. Be smart and take the full amount of advantage of the tool.

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