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How To Piss Off Your Hairstylist

We asked Amanda Mulvey, an expert hairstylist in South Miami, Florida, to give us a little insight on what pisses her off from her clients. We hope that you become a client that your stylists love (rather than the client that forces your stylists to give up wine for hard liquor)! You can also check out additional advice from other hairstylists and this article on 5 Tips on Getting a Great Hair Consultation

Top 5 Stylist Pet Peeves!

By Amanda Mulvey

So you seek my advice, you stumbled upon google or some fancy youtube video, and you suddenly think you are now a hair guru! GREAT, I LOVE YOU ALREADY!

As a professional hairstylist for well over 7 years, I have come to the terms that with our modern-day technology and everyone out there constantly posting “do it yourselves videos” and constantly WebMD your own remedies for your hair.

Here is my advice: STOP SELF DIAGNOSING. Yes, you must do your own research. However, it isn’t charming for you to then come to a stylist to fix your hair, and you do the following:

1. Tragic Hair Cut

Unrealistic expectations from a previously terrible haircut are nearly impossible. Most haircuts can be “fixed,” but with certain limitations. If, for example, you have terribly chopped layers, your only options are either shorter or let them grow.

Generally, with haircuts, depending on how terrible they were performed, I recommend either blending them or letting them grow. A bad bang job can also funk up the groove. The same advice goes for your bangadacious situation.

2. Let’s Go Blonde

How about we talk about it? At some point, everyone wants to be a blonde or has been curious to be a blonde. A hairdresser is always asked the same question: “will this fry my hair?” “will this damage my hair?”

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The answer is both “yes” and “no!” Depending on the history of your hair, elasticity, and texture, your hair may or may not be a good candidate for the blonde department. Just like a bad haircut, a bad blonde on anyone can be a bad thing.

If you do go blonde, make sure you are using a shampoo designed for color-treated hair. 

3. The Peanut Gallery

Everyone has an opinion about your hair! Do NOT – I repeat, DO NOT bring a group of girlfriends (or your incredibly annoying sister) to yap off her mouth about the stylist’s decisions when consulting about your hair. They do not clear the water for you! In fact, they will create insecurity, tension, distraction, and to a stylist, it creates a very uncomfortable and undesirable situation.

You have to know that stylists are artists, and when you kill our mojo, you completely give us a creative block because we want to please our clients.

4. Stop being a BITCH

Alright, so you’ve had a fight with your man, or your boss at work gave you an extra assignment, or you’re late to your hair appointment, or in general, you’re a bitch, admit it!

Your “lucky” hairdresser plays a big role in your life as a counselor – as someone who wants to make you feel beautiful. However, if you sit in his/her chair and continuously bitch and complain and gripe about your hair, even though he or she has explained to you the steps or goals to how to get there, and you are tight on money, or you refuse to buy the shampoo for the keratin she recommended, and you buy Suave at the dollar store because it’s a big bottle and you don’t want to waste it… you are a bitch.

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5. Flea Market Hair Stylist

This one is by far my biggest pet peeve! I love when clients come in and compare prices from other salons and have the AUDACITY to haggle down mine. EXCUSE ME, when was the last time any of you went to buy your last iPhone and said to the salesperson, “oh geez, that’s too much. Can you lower it to $199 because it’s what the competitors are selling it for?”

Or when you go to a Louis Vuitton Store and ask, “Can you lower the price on this bag because I can’t afford it?”

They will smile politely and say, “Sorry, those are the prices.”

Well, the same goes for me! I WILL NOT, I REPEAT, WILL NOT HAGGLE DOWN my prices to accommodate your budget. However, I do work with my clients with separate appointment times to make it more affordable by spacing out the styling process.


hairstyle tipsI hope these 5 topics help you for your next appointment with your stylist. Laying down some simple boundaries will help with both your business and your relationship.

(Here are 11 more ways to piss of your hairstylist, just in case you needed them.)

About the Author: I’m Amanda Mulvey, a sassy, sultry South Miami-based stylist. I work at True Salon with my favorite people in the world; my mom – she’s the boss, my little sister – who thinks she’s my boss, and my dad – who fixes things when they break! In a nutshell, I am in love with my career and people, and hair is my thing!

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