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How To Pin Back Hair with Pins?

Do you want to know how to pin back hair? Here are some techniques that can be used when you are trying to have a casual look, or if you have a specific hairstyle that you want to try. Read more here.

If we talk about hair habits, then continuously touching your hair is not a good thing to do. All the dirt and dust from your hands will move to your hair and your hair can look more dirty and oily very instantly.

But with the help of these easy and simple pins back you can easily keep your hair away from your eyes at the same time still safekeeping your hair easy and loose. There are several ways to pin back your hair clips.

Depending on the thickness and the kind of hair type and texture you have. If you have a finer hair type then you can use some eco-friendly claw clips.

There are so many other different hair accessories to use if you are trying out some new hairstyle but the easiest way is to use these hairpins to style your hair and if you want to keep your hair away from dirt.

Hairclips are actually for both thick and thin hair types. You can style your hair with these hairpins without putting much effort and it is not that much time taking too and it looks the prettiest naturally.

How to pin back hair?

Here we have put together for you two easy and interesting ways to pin back your hair:

Side pin back hairstyle

how to pin back hair
  • Divide your hair into equal parts from the middle or from the side and then comb your hair throughout to soothe your hair down from the front side.
  • Next to your hair parting take an inch section of your hair and pull it back but make sure it is separated from the hair at the side of your face.
  • Then pin your hair back. Put a tight hairpin and insert it horizontally or at a slightly angled with the opening endpoint upside to keep your hair placed back.
  • Hide the hairpin with your hair. To cover the hairpin bring your hairs in front all over the pin from the back and also make sure that your hairs from the sides of your face are not get caught in the hairpin properly.
  • You can repeat the same steps on the other side of your hair and you’re done pinning it perfectly.

Secret pin back hairstyle

  • Firstly just start pinning your hair back if you have bangs or fringe or you can simply leave them loose as well.
  • Start by taking a small section of your hair at your hairline just above your ear and take equal parts of your hair on either side of your head.
  • Tie both the parts together using a hair tie and make sure that they are properly tied at the back of your head.
  • Divide a section of your hair at the back of your head with the help of your index fingertips and pull out your hair and over from your hair tie, hold on to the tied section in the right place when you pull your hair from the other hand.
  • Tighten your hair tie once again and fix the crown section of your hair around the top, and make sure that the hairband is not visible from the inside of your hair.

Mistakes to avoid while pinning your hair

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Use the hairpins correctly

The very first mistake people make while using the hairpins is using them with grooved sides up. Unfortunately, this is not the right way to use a hairpin if you want that flawless hairdo.

The grooves are designed to help the hairpin stick in position, so using the hairpin’s face outward is not as efficient as it would be doing on the right side of the hairpin.

Don’t wear the hairpins without the plastic ends

If the added coating of plastic in your hairpins has fallen off then it’s time to buy a new pair of hairpins for yourself. This keen metal under the hairpin is not supposed to be worn out on one’s own otherwise your hair can get snagged and pulled off as a result.

Choose the right color of hairpins for you

Usually, people don’t like showing their pins visible and if you are also one of them then don’t choose the wrong color of hairpins for yourself.

how to pin back hair with bobby pins

Always pick the color according to your hair color. This is important for those who have blonde hair, they should wear a lighter shade but if you have a dark brown kind of locks then you should go for a simple brown or black colored hairpin for yourself.

But if you want to make your hairpins visible then that’s a whole different deal.

Using the hairpins on wet hairs

how to pin back hair on one side

Whether you are putting a tight hair tie or a tight hairpin over your wet hair it will always make your hair dry in that shape. So, except for those who want some little indents in their hair, just let your hair get dry properly before using any kind of hairpins in your hair.

Use hairpins to keep the hair in place only

how to pin back hair half up

Definitely, hairpins are the best for making a hairstyle stick but like the other easy techniques, our handy high ponytail method can do way better to enhance your look.

Don’t apart your hair too much

If your hairpins feel like they are becoming loose or less effective then they have probably missed their hold because you are spreading them apart too much.

how to pin hair back from face

Especially, when you have used your teeth split the pin open. The metal can become less tight and bend easily making the hairpins unable to hold on to your hair.

Don’t put all your hair into one hairpin

how to pin hair back from the face

So you don’t really need to put all your hair into one hairpin to keep them in place in fact such practices can lead to a lot of hair breakage and locks falling all over the place what you can do instead is take your hair and gently twist it and insert the hairpin through section by section.

How to pin back hair: FAQs

Difference between hairpins and bobby pins

As we all know not all hairpins differ from each other in so many aspects. Especially when you do those high pony hairstyles and buns. Although bobby pins are the most common and easy hair helpers in today’s market, they are not the only ones.

Some classic hairpins are specific and important for any girls or women out there who are thoughtful about their hairstyle no matter if it’s simple bangs or complicated ones. but the thing is both hairpins are needed for getting your favorite hairstyle.

Bobby pins: Bobby pins are used when you want to do an updo hairstyle. They are straight and flat from one side and jagged from the other. You should use a bobby pin at the foundation of any hairstyle for safety.

Hairpins: These pins are a little thinner and it has a little wriggle midway downwards at each side. And they are perfect for making hairstyles like chignons and buns.

How to pin back your hair with bobby pins

It actually depends on what type of hairstyle you are trying to achieve or what is your hair type with which you can easily try to get the desired hairstyle you want.

There are so many ways how you can style your hair with bobby pins. It is best if you keep in your mind the most simple and secure outcome.

A single bobby pin can also work alone but a lot of times they will need a mate for the perfect hold and support the maximum effort, it is the best if you crisscross the bobby pins.

People make a very basic mistake whenever they are trying to fix their hair with bobby pins while creating a section that is very big. You should always start pinning your hair with smaller pins over your hair.

This is specifically for those who have finer hairs. There are also the standard bobby pin sizes for thicker hairs out there that can be used alone but still can get the perfect job done easily.

How do you keep the hair behind your ear with bobby pins?

Take your hair and hold it with a pin right behind your ear. The pin is supposed to go in horizontally and should majorly be hidden underneath your hair.

Now with the second pin insert it at a 45-degree angle in such a way that it interlocks the bottom part of the first pin.

Now your third pin should also go into your hair at an angle of 45-degree placed opposite to the previous bobby pin in your hair.

Can you pin curls with bobby pins

Of course, you can. In fact, it is a very easy and simple way to style your hair if you have less time and you don’t want to try those time taking heat-free ways to style your hair.

There are so many different styles and ways to create a perfect curly hairstyle no matter if you have long or short hair. You will just need some bobby pins and your fingers.

Simply split your curls into small parts and then wrap your hair across your fingertips and pin your hair at the roots of your head. Let the pins in all night to get that gorgeous and effortless curls.

Do bobby pins really break hairs

Hairpins are well-known for breaking the hair specifically the bobby pin when you crisscross the pins to hold more hairs.

When you are placing the bobby pins or taking them out of your head then your hairs can be snapped or pulled off.

Any type of hairpins or bobby pins that have loose plastic ends that protect our hair should be thrown away at the present time because they can scratch your head scalp.

Is it okay to sleep with bobby pins in your hair

If you want to sleep with your hair covered then it will work the best for you if you want to wake up with a straight and smooth hairstyle the next day.

For this perfect smooth hairstyle, you can also add long bobby pins to your covered hair. It will make your hair extra safe and will also enhance the straightening effect on your hair.

Just brush your hair afterward when you wake up and you’re ready to go out in the morning.


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So there you have it a mini-guide on how to pin back your hair. Hope you found this article helpful. Happy pinning!

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