How Long Does Pink Hair Dye Last
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How Long Does Pink Hair Dye Last

If you’re wondering how long does pink hair dye last, you’ll find some helpful information here. We’ll cover how the colour fades, and what you can do to extend the life of your pink hair. Read more here.

Many of your friends and also so many celebrities on Instagram these days have been dyeing their hair pink during the time of staying at home safely are for sure towards something.

Doing your hair in pink is an awesome idea. I feel pretty assured as for some people who already had pink hair for two to three years now that Pink is in as people say pink is the color of universal love of personality and of others and portrays all that we want for this world nowadays.

Some specialists have also stated about pink is compelling the splendid stability in the middle of having a tranquil effect and being cautiously rebellious.

It’s always fun dyeing your hair pink but at the same time it extends an easy out since it does not generally last over long. And if you don’t like the pink color for any reason then you won’t have to lodge with fear any longer.

But if you do finish by drilling it pink then it is an absolutely awesome doorway drug to playing with more different imaginative colors whenever you feel like trying some different hair color dyes on your hair.

How Long Does Pink Hair Dye Last

You must have already tried so many different colors of hair dyes on your hair but if you are thinking of trying some new hair dyes for your hair then this temporary pink color is perfect for you, or if you previously have semi-permanent pink dye in your hair.

To assure how much longer this pink color hair dye will last can be exceptionally crucial. This is specifically true if you want those vivid pink shades, colors, and tones to be long-standing on your hair.

This actually depends on what type of your hair condition is since different people have different hair types and textures.

How Long Does Pink Hair Dye Last

What’s the color of your hair you have, how regularly do you heat style your hair, how frequently do you wash your hair, and for how much longer do you leave the dye on your hair.

There is Some temporary pink hair dye that lasts almost from 1-6 weeks or approximately 5 to 7 washes maximum before it starts fading away.

But there are so many other different techniques to expand or lessen this time span. All of these things determine how would the color comes out in general and how long will it take before it starts fading away.

What color does pink hair dye fade into?

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It depends on the color or vibrancy of the pink hair dye you are using. Pink hair dyes generally fade into peach or orange.

how long does arctic fox pink hair dye last

But if you’ve bleached your hair before dying or if you’ve just started with a light base like blondes. Pink hair dye will normally vanish back to let out spare yellow undertones.

It also depends on if you’ve used conditioners or shampoos that are acceptable for your hair or not.

How to make your pink hair dye last longer?

If you are considering dying your hair pink or if you already have one knowing how much longer the color will stay can be very important.

Especially if you want bright pink shades colors to be long-running on your hair. Pink hair dye is non-natural and will stay a maximum of 1-6 weeks or approximately 5-7 washes before it starts to vanish.

How long it can last depends on numerous factors these consist of how often you wash your hair, how frequently you are heat styling it, and the condition or color pigment of hair dyes you use. 

Here are some steps you can inculcate in your routine to make your pink hair dye last longer.

Always start with healthy hair

Healthy hair is very important if you are considering using semi-permanent hair dye such as pink your hair. Because damaged hair can not absorb or hold as much color as healthy hair does.

 Go to a professional

If you are dying your hair pink for the first time then the best advice we can give to you is to visit a professional hairstylist for a proper consultation.

how long does pastel pink hair dye last

This way you will come to know all the options you have in your hand and what shouldn’t be done to avoid any hassle.

Don’t wash your hair daily

If you want to keep your pink hair for a longer time then it’s a good idea to avoid washing your dyed hair daily depending on the needs of your hair.

how long does temporary pink hair dye last

Washing your hair every 3-5 days would be enough to assure that the pink color doesn’t fade away.

 Avoid heat styling your hair

how long does semi permanent pink hair dye last

If you are applying curlers, straighteners, or blow dryers to heat style your dyed hair then it can lead to unblocking your hair cuticles and can allow more of your hair color to run off easily.

 Re-dye your hair on a particular timetable

Pink hair dye normally stays anywhere from 1-6 weeks or a maximum of 5-7 washes before it starts to fade its vibrancy so you should aim to redye your hair before it gets vanish totally.

Some tips and tricks pertaining to making your pink hair dye last longer

  • Do not bleach your hair
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Bleaching your hair can be risky to dodge an ordinary bronze catastrophe. Double processing and bleaching your hair is a chemical treatment.

It can change your hair texture and blonde it easily. And this process can be highly damaging also if not completed properly.

  • Try not to touch your hair roots

If you wait more than 3-4 weeks or you are a double process then this can exceed banding in your blonde hair because of the heat in your head the bleach started to lift quicker after your new broadening is over 1/2 inch.

how long does live pink hair dye last

And if it is not in that heat zone then hair bleach requires to be put in a distinct way so that it won’t get a band.

  • Choose vibrant colors

Apart from this new growth in your head roots your hair colors can also give out quickly.

It depends on the color and the vibrancy you choose for your hair dark colors like greens and blues perhaps don’t get vanish as fast, but light colors like pink can easily dim to a dull pink.

how long does iroiro pink hair dye last

And if you are washing your hair more than 3 times a week then there’s a high chance that your vibrant hair color can get vanish easily.

  • If you have ombre or highlighted hair

Use the bond sustainer if you have highlighted hair. This will give your hair a unique shade base and a different look at how fair your hair is.

But if you have darker hair then it won’t come out that much even a little. It will raise on the light blondes.

  • Wash your hair with color-specific conditioners and shampoos

There are so many different hair products out there for damaged hair but if you want to keep your hair healthy then don’t wash it very often and also avoid using heat on your hair this will help your hair keep the color longer.

And if you are washing your hair use dry conditioners or shampoos this can help your hair color last for some more days.  

How Long Does Pink Hair Dye Last: FAQ’s

Does pink hair dye fade fast?

Unfortunately yes, as compared to the other hair dyes this pink hair dye usually started to fade within 1 to 6 weeks.

So if you want to keep your hair a dynamic shade of pink then you will have to re-dye your hair on a particular timetable or when it started to fade.

You will have to maintain and upkeep your pink hair and stop using conditioners and shampoos that have sulfates as they clean out the colors easily.

Although how fast your pink hair color will be started to fade can depend on many aspects.

How do you keep pink hair from fading?

At the same time with many more non-natural hair colors pink color fades a little quicker.

The first time you will dye your hair pink it’ll look delightfully bright but later when you wash your hair with water it will hardly take somedays to fade the color of your dyed pink hair and you’ll have to be left with a dull pastel hue.

So if you want to make your dyed pink hair last longer you need to make sure that you’re hair is in good condition.
The color will stay longer if you have healthy hair. You can use conditioners and shampoos that are for colored hair only.

Avoid hot showers because it allows the cuticles to open up, and cold water closes them also don’t wash your hair frequently if you don’t want to get rid of your color a few weeks after you’ve dyed your hair.

Is permanent pink hair dye actually permanent?

Unfortunately no. pink hair dye is not actually permanent. Almost all non-natural hair colors are temporary means they’ll hardly stay anywhere from 1-6 weeks approximately.

No matter any permanent pink hair dye it will still fade away just like all other non-natural hair colors.

Although there are some pink hair dyes that last a little longer than the other ones because it has that deeper, darker color that contains so many pigments than the ordinary dyes do.

This permanent pink hair dye can stay up to 6-8 weeks maximum depending on the brand application or products and how you are maintaining your hair color.

Can you permanently dye your hair pink?

Unfortunately no, you cannot dye your hair pink permanently because, in the end, it will fade away.

But if you apply your hair dye on bleached hair or porous then it can stay a little longer in your hair.

So if you’ve bleached your hair then keep up in mind that it would stay a little longer than you’ve thought it would do.

 Does dying your hair pink damage the hair?

Obviously, hair dyes can cause damage to your hair no matter if it’s pink or any other color.

Dying your hair pink is not a that bad thing to do with your hair but you will have to lighten it with bleach firstly which can easily cause damage to your hair.


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If you are considering dyeing your hair pink then it is very important to know that pink hair dye is a proper and high maintenance hair color that vanishes impartially rapidly.

We recommend visiting a professional hairstylist for a proper consultation if it’s your first time. Hope you found your answer to your pink hair query in this article.

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