How Long After A Keratin Treatment Can You Color Your Hair
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How Long After A Keratin Treatment Can You Color Your Hair?

Wondering how long after a keratin treatment can you color your hair? You have to wait at least 2 weeks before you can color your hair after a keratin treatment. Here’s why.

Has it ever occurred to you what can be the end results of applying color to your hair after Keratin treatment or Brazilian hair smoothing treatment? This will be the look of your entire hairstyle, a hideous patch of color that looks like a faded bunch of fiber.

We will look into the details of what coloring does to your hair and also provide answers to your dilemmas ladies. No worries we got you!

Any hair coloring process uses ammonia to open up skin and insert color into the layers of the hair. By raising the pH level in the hair to 10, it activates an oxidation process. The results are weak, brittle, and dry hair because its structural integrity is compromised as a result of more alkaline conditions.

How Long After A Keratin Treatment Can You Color Your Hair?

You Have To Wait 2 Weeks After Keratin Treatment To Color Your Hair

Immediately after a keratin treatment, there will be a thin layer of keratin on your hair.

The keratin on your hair after the keratin treatment needs at least 2 weeks to bind and penetrate deeply into your hair. As it penetrates deep into your hair, its fibers are strengthened. This is why it’s important that you don’t do any chemical treatments to your hair for 2 weeks after keratin treatment.

When you take the risk of colouring before the time period of waiting for 2 weeks it can hinder your expected result in the following cases:

  • You can find a lot of frizziness in the patches.
  • Uneven hair color
  • In some cases, keratin may have been prematurely removed.

In the first two weeks after a keratin treatment, you hair must be left alone while the keratin settles.

We recommend you use shampoos that are sulfate-free and salt-free for later keratin treatment:

It’s less abrasive. There will be no damage to keratin or interference with the binding process. And your hair does not get matted or greasy from the growth. Whatever products you use during the first two weeks will have an effect on your hair.

What Happens If You Color your Hair Right After Keratin Treatment?

If you color your hair right after keratin treatment then the keratin treatment wouldn’t have any effect on your hair. And your hair won’t absorb the color evenly either. So it’s a lose-lose situation.

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SIde effects of coloring hair after keratin treatment:

  • Surety of it not working.
  • Won’t provide you with the expected outcome of colour and appearance.
  • You’ll just see the colors above of the hair
  • Expense and total ruining of wealth.

Is Colouring going to affect the Keratin treatment?

Firstly, coloring on natural hair definitely has an effect, and once those who have done it are aware of it.

Depending on the keratin formula your stylist is using, you need to wait between 2 and 3 weeks before your hair is colored. Your hair can be dyed whenever you like if you use the Soft Treatment or Soft Chocolate Treatment.

Hair color changes after keratin treatment

As a result, the chemicals in the dye can’t penetrate the keratin layer, which forms a light layer over the hair.

If you plan to color your hair or get any other treatment after your keratin treatment, you should consult with your stylist and then take a step forward, I am sure they will provide their expertise in the following situation.

Correct time to go for hair color after Keratin treatment

Through research and most answered by hairstylists and professionals is that the accurate time to colour your hair after you have done keratin treatment is at least 2 to 3 weeks. You colour your hair before it but after keratin DO NOT hop into the excitement of colouring anytime soon.

3 weeks is the safe time to wait after keratin treatment and give a little time to your to adjust before coloring your hair.

I know how enduring hair colours are and how they easily give you a completely different identity but you will need to give that time for a while. A comfortable feel of shimmer to your smooth and silken waves can definitely transform the way you appear.

Your hair becomes glistening with unmatched energy and your hairstyles are transformed into something wonderful. It can deliver a definite new appearance you have been willing to own.

List of things one must not do after a Keratin Treatment

  • Avoid Buying Cheap Shampoos.
  • Avoid Using Any Clarifying Shampoo
  • Avoid Washing Your Hair frequently
  • Avoid Touching Your Hair frequently
  • Forget Style Your Hair Up For 2 Weeks
  • Not Wearing Headbands For 2 Weeks
  • Avoid Using Clips for your Hair
  • Avoid Hair Coloring for 2-3 weeks.

How Does Hair Colour Work?

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First, let me explain how color works its way into your hair.

There are 2 key ingredients that facilitate the process:

Hydrogen Peroxide: Softens hair cuticle to dissolve natural hair color

Ammonia: Opens hair cuticle to inject new color

For this process to work correctly, you need to prime your hair with a clarifying wash or a color prep treatment.

Because a clarifying shampoo cleans up the accumulation of excess hair products that prevent color pigments from depositing into the hair cortex. To get the best out of your hair color treatment, your hair needs to absorb the pigments.

This means there shouldn’t be any obstructions that prevent the color molecules from penetrating the hair.

Is It Safe To Bleach Hair After Having A Keratin Treatment?

Absolutely no, whatever or whoever is suggesting you say a direct NO to bleaching your hair after keratin. That too after a keratin treatment is like planting a damage sequence for your hair.

After keratin treatment, do not get going with bleach in the hair. Also not recommendable even after 2-3 weeks. Among all hair color treatments, bleach may be the most damaging.

As a result of bleaching your hair, your cuticles become more at risk of chemical damage, and the proteins in your hair are also damaged.

Do you think we aren’t leaving any solutions?

The Proper Solution

The possible arrangement is to utilize semi-extremely durable hair colors on keratin-treated hair since there is a lack of having Ammonia or Peroxides.

They are just considered in case of toning down the dynamic colours until they mix with the original hair colour after several washes.

The most effective and esay solution is to color the hair before you go for the Keratin treatment; it won’t cause damage and also give you the exact look you were planning on. It will not hinder the fiber in your hair and will not cause problems with the treatment later.

You get the look and also straight smooth hair from the treatment and you will soon understand there are more advantages to shading your hair in advance.

The Ammonia used in hair color treatments opens the hair cuticles, allowing color to penetrate the cortex. This causes the hair pH level to rise to 10 by activating an oxidation process.

Therefore, hair turns out to be more alkaline in this way, corrupting its primary power to make it feeble, weak, and dry.

Result of Colour treatment before Keratin:

This process is a way of following up on the damage control of your hair. It controls the hair pH levels which is definitely a good sign for your healthy hair. It also covers and makes the cuticles kind of soft, which is good. It also has the advantage of eliminating all the shading substance

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Additionally, a keratin treatment covers your hair with a solid defensive layer that keeps shading colors from getting away from when you wash or open it to daylight.

Later the keratin also keeps the colour in your hair safe and reduces the fade away process.

This arrangement makes the keratin boundary work with your hair tone rather than against your hair tone.

Keratin treatment done after colour is beneficial for:

Contain the hair tone as opposed to obstructing your hair color from fading out. You will need to do after is utilize a colour protector and sulfate-free hair cleanser to keep up with your new dyed and keratin-treated hair.

A top-notch hair treatment merits premium and expert aftercare.

The justification for such planning is that keratin fortifies the shading, be it super durable for hair colour or even highlights for the sake.

A keratin treatment changes the shading. It generally turns into a shade lighter than the actual colour. You should simply apply a toner

Steps to not forget:

Firstly, Get your favorite desired hair color done.

After that go for a keratin treatment.

If by chance you didn’t have the correct order followed, it is wise advice to wait for 2-3 weeks rather than making a rash decision of colouring hair right after keratin.

If you are looking for an alternative then go for Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Brazilian Blowout should stand by around 7-10 Days to permit the Keratin Treatment to settle, as the coloring might eliminate a portion of the keratin. For obvious reasons again getting the hair colored before the Brazilian Treatment is also very recommendable.

The Keratin Treatment works better on shading treated hair when the cuticle layer allows the keratin cream to enter into the hair, and the hair color then comes out better.

Similarly, assuming you’ve gone through a compound treatment or involved relaxers in your hair, it’s really smart to consider getting your locks some keratin, which will reestablish hair to its best. The keratin proteins need to have the greatest time conceivable to infiltrate your hair.

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