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Halo Hair Extensions Review and Tutorial

Why We’re Obsessed With Halo Hair Extensions!

Hair extensions are so in! Literally and figuratively.

Luckily, hair extensions are getting better and better. Most recently, we found Halo Hair Extensions and instantly fell in love. Take a look at this must-have hair product.

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo Hair Extensions are high-quality hair extensions that match almost any hair color and type. They are thicker than most other hair extensions and easy to use, and comfortable to wear.

While most hair extensions make you look like you are wearing hair extensions, Halo will make you look like you have great hair – and that’s it. In fact, this article was written after we spotted a lovely woman with amazing hair, approached her to ask her about her hair care routine, and then discovered they were actually wearing Halo Hair Extensions!

Their hair looked so incredible we decided to dig deeper. What we found was a high-quality product that will give you amazing results. Seriously, you need to check these out.

Halo Hair Extensions is not paying or compensating us in any way for this review.

Made From Indian Remy Human Hair

They are made from Indian Remy Human Hair. Why is that good? “Remy” Human Hair is the highest quality hair you can get. The reason being is that the cuticles in the hair are kept intact. In non-Remy hair extensions, the cuticles are stripped away and leave you with a version of fine hair rather than actual hair. When you are wearing Halo Hair Extensions, you are wearing real, honest-to-goodness hair!

Note: Remy is a term used to “grade” high-quality hair. Regardless if you get Halo or another brand of hair extensions, make sure you are getting certified Remy hair!

Should YOU Wear Halo Hair Extensions?

Yes! Well, maybe.

See, ideally, your hair would at least be touching your shoulders before you try any hair extensions. However, if you are on the cusp, Halo Hair Extensions will actually help you decide. You can send them a picture of your hair, and they will tell you straight up if you should be rocking Halo extensions or not. They will also help you pick the perfect style and color for you!

Variety of Colors

When we decided to review Halo Hair Extensions, we were most impressed with the variety of colors and styles! Again, if you aren’t sure which Halo is right for you, you can take a picture of your hair, send it to Halo Hair Extensions, and they will match you with perfect extension!

Halo Hair Extensions Reviews
Source: Halo Hair Extensions Website

What Makes Them Awesome?

If you get one thing out of this Halo Hair Extensions Review, get this – the quality is out of this world, the look is flawless, and you will get compliments on your hair everywhere you go. They are that good. Roughly 90% of the reviews we found were positive. While they are absolutely perfect for everyday use, they are also ideal for special events. Ladies, there is no shame in wearing extensions on your wedding day. If you have a big event coming up, then consider investing in a Halo Hair Extension.

Easy To Maintain

For the most part, you should care for and maintain your hair extensions just like you do with your real hair.

Can you shampoo? Yes. However, avoid clarifying shampoos and focus on shampoos without sulfates.

Can you blow-dry? Yes. In fact, air drying is not recommended. (Looking for an awesome hairdryer? Check out our review on the best hair dryer!)

Can you comb? Yes! Start from the bottom of the extension and work your way up!

Can you use hairspray? Yes! However, Halo suggests you use their conditioning spray instead of traditional hairspray that could leave your extension dry and brittle as the extension isn’t creating any natural oil (obviously). We asked around, and most Halo Hair Extension users said that any light conditioning spray worked just fine.

Overall, treat your hair with care, and you’ll be fine!

You can read more about their caring for your Halo Hair Extensions by clicking here!

Any Draw Backs?

Halo Hair Extensions Review
Source: Halo Hair Extensions Website


Halo Hair Extensions are not cheap. Depending on what type and size of extension you get, you’ll be paying between $119-$299. The one in the first video above showcases the 20” Deluxe Halo for $299. (The Deluxe Halo is thicker and thus more expensive than “The Halo,” priced to the left.)

However, some people have said you can find better deals on Amazon.

Lifespan of Extension

According to their website, the average life of a Halo Hair Extension is between 3-6 months. That means you could be spending up to $1200 a year! Of course, the life of your hair extension will be determined by how much you use it and how you care for it!

However, don’t let life expectancy get you down! Because we truly believe these to be some of the best (if not the best) hair extensions on the market, they are worth the price! If you have an important event such as a wedding, anniversary, or graduation, then these hair extensions are a must-have! They are worth the price.

How To Apply Your Halo Hair Extension

Most women we talked to said they spent about 5 minutes placing and styling their extensions. As long as you store your extension properly, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your hair looking fab in just a few minutes!

Do you currently wear hair extensions? If so, what do you like? Have you tried Halo? Did you like it? Please leave your comments in the section below and let us know!

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