Hair Thinner On One Side of Head
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Hair Thinner On One Side of Head: Possible Causes and Solutions

Hair thinner on one side of head. This article discusses the possible causes and natural solutions to get your hair back to its former glory.

If you’ve recently noticed uneven hair thinning or hair loss, there could be a few reasons this is happening.

You need to pinpoint the underlying problem first, to give you the best chance to regrow your hair.

If the thinning or hair loss is on the top of the head, this points to pattern baldness which is hereditary. Men and women can suffer from pattern baldness although it is more common for males

When your hair is thinning or falling out on one side, you have to investigate possible causes.

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Hair Thinner On One Side of Head: Why Is It Happening?

If your uneven hair thinning is a sudden occurrence, it’s a good idea to get checked out with your doctor first. Although it’s very unlikely, a medical condition could be a cause and you need to rule this out. Other explanations include;

  • Sleeping on one side. Maybe you favour one side to sleep on? This means one side of your hair is constantly rubbing against your pillow. This can weaken the hair in a localised spot, causing one-sided hair thinning
  • Head trauma. Did you cut or bang your head? Inflammation and scarring on that point of your head may lead to hair not growing back properly
  • Tight hair styles to one side. Do you favour a ponytail or braid on one side? This could lead to constant pulling of the hair tighter on one side, causing stress and breakage
  • Hair treatments. Maybe a recent hair treatment irritated one side of your head? This can lead to thinning hair on one side until the hair recovers
  • Frequent hot styling. We all use either a left or right hand to do most things. This could mean you’re putting more heat on one side while styling your hair with hot irons
  • Age induced hair loss. It’s a fact of life – as we age our hair will thin out. And occasionally this might not happen as evenly as we’d hoped
  • Circulatory problems. If one side of your head has developed a problem with circulation, reduced blood supply could stop hair follicles getting what they need to grow
  • Localised skin diseases. Certain skin diseases can effect one part of the scalp causing patchy hair loss and breakage. These include psoriasis and tinea capitis (scalp ring worm)

How to Treat One-Sided Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

hair thinner on one side of head

Once you’ve established the cause of your one-sided hair loss, you can start to treat it. If it’s caused by a circulatory problem, trauma or skin disease, you should talk to a professional about the best solution. Ways to manage other causes include;

Natural Solutions to One-Sided Hair Loss

It’s very likely your one-sided hair loss could be caused by sleeping on one side or the way you style your hair.

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Try sleeping on the other side if possible. We often get into habits which are hard to break. But slowly build up the time you spend on your unfavourable side to make it feel more natural.

Ditch the hot iron styling and tight hairstyles. This may be hard if you love styling your hair, but your thinning side of hair will thank you. Give your hair time to regrow new, stronger hair follicles in the growth cycle.

Here are some more simple ways to stop hair loss in women.

Or try these natural remedies to regrow thinning hair in females.

Best Medications to Treat Uneven Hair Loss

If none of the above treatments reverse your hair loss on one side, you may need to try a medication or treatment.

There are many hair loss prevention products that are proven to work including;

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine). This comes in shampoo, foam and liquid form
  • DHT blocking shampoos
  • Laser therapy cap for hair growth
  • Steroid scalp injections for psoriasis
  • Hair tattoo to cover a thinning or a bald spot

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