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By: Paija J.

Hey, Everyone at Get Good Head!

My name is Paija, and I am a Los Angeles-based professional makeup artist who spends most of my time beautifying models, actors, and everyday people. When I am not painting faces, I use my time to create beauty vlogs and help people get beat and blessed.

As a vlogger, my goal is to teach others to have a healthy relationship with beauty and beautify from the inside out, both physically and spiritually. Today I came to discuss hair with you all! Yes, hair! While I am not a certified cosmetologist, I spent years coming up with a healthy hair care regimen that required me to treat my hair right now to be around still when I am 50.


1. Healthy Hair Starts from Within

Healthy hair starts from within. The food and liquids that we put into our bodies have a lot to do with how our hair grows. Eating leafy greens and taking vitamins daily is a must for truly healthy hair. In addition to eating healthy, people can take Biotin vitamins. Biotin Vitamins contain Biotin, Vitamin H, or B7, which are essential for healthy skin, nails, and hair. They are also excellent for controlling dandruff, brittle nails, or dermatitis.

2. Keep Your Hair Clean and Moisturized

There is speculation about how often one should wash their hair. Some say daily, twice a week, or once every two weeks (yikes).

However, depending on your hair texture, it is safe to say that washing your at least once per week is a safe bet. Start by washing with a great shampoo (my favorite is the J’Shea Essentials Peppermint Shampoo). After washing, don’t forget to do a weekly deep conditioning treatment with a product designed to replace moisture and restore health (I recommend J’Shea Essentials Tea Tree Smoothie Hair Treatment).

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This requires sitting under a hood dryer or steamer for 20-25 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Follow up with a standard conditioner for 3-5 minutes (try L’Oreal Total Repair Conditioner). Afterward, follow up with a hair oil like Moroccanoil or my current favorite, J’shea Growth Oil. Air drying is recommended but if you use a hand dryer, use a heat protectant like Biosilk hair therapy heat protectant.

3. Use Protective Styling

The winter and summer seasons tend to be brutal on hair. During these months, it is important to use protective styles. Put down the flat irons and pick up the flexi rods. Try wet sets instead of using heat to create bouncy curls. Doing styles such as buns, braids, and extensions or wigs allow us to dye and curl our hair without damaging our natural hair.

Another key is to get a trim regularly. Split ends are a girl’s worst enemy. Going to a professional stylist at least once a month to get your ends clipped will help your hair look and stay healthy all year long.

4. Use Products Made With Love

Over the years, it became apparent that companies are not using all the natural ingredients they claim. As a result, people are developing diseases from all of the toxins and chemicals. Additionally, they are not keeping our hair healthy.

About three months ago, I was lucky enough to meet JazzyJuJuBee, owner, and creator of J’shea Essentials, and have since then used all of their all-natural hair and skincare lines. I must say I am beyond amazed! Every single product contains all-natural ingredients, no preservatives or fillers.

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Her products are made with love and started as products only for herself and her children. She currently offers a full line containing shampoo, conditioner, growth oil, and skincare products. You can purchase all of her products at!


healthy hairAbout The Author: Paija J is a kick-ass professional makeup artist, educator, vlogger, and influencer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the visionary of the beauty-based community and a public speaker. Paija has worked on photoshoots, TV, fashion shows, music videos, and countless special events in the makeup industry for over seven years. Paija currently spends her spare time as a beauty personality on Periscope under the username PjLovesPj expanding her Beat and Blessed brand while giving professional tips and tricks to viewers.

You can find more information, book classes, appearances, or of course, makeup applications at pjlovespj.

As always,

Stay Beat and Blessed

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