Top 25 Female Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair
The Hairrys

Top 25 Female Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair 2018 | The HAIRRY-Awards

2018 HAIRRYs for Female Real Estate Agents

Whoa! Before you go any further! Are you curious about the 25 Male Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair?

When you view that list, you will also learn how we found and awarded our HAIRRY recipients. If you want to see all of our HAIRRY-Awards, click here.

What Are The HAIRRYs?

If you aren’t sure what the HAIRRYs are – allow us to explain.

The HAIRRY-Awards celebrate fabulous people with fabulous hair! This trademarked award first gained notoriety when we awarded the newsmen with the best hair across the country.

Criteria For Award Winning Hair

  • hair thickness
  • hair volume
  • hair styling (does it fit their age, their head shape, their face, etc.)
  • We did not consider the color of hair, number of homes sold, volume of homes sold, “celebrity” status of the agent, or overall attractiveness. We only looked at the hair.

Some Fun Statistics

  • Blonde and Brunette were the most popular hair color among our winners.
  • There were no red-headed winners.
  • California had the highest number of female real estate agents with great hair. (Texas, Arizona, and the South also had a high number)

Top 25 Female Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair

Heather Novak | Scottsdale, Arizona

Heather Novak Realtor

Heather Novak starts us off with gorgeous, flowing blonde hair, a striking face, and an infectious smile to boot. This wife, mother, and realtor is killing it in the Arizona real estate scene.

Plus, she also acts as an auctioneer in her (very little) free time. She’s a true renaissance woman!

If the face of Helen of Troy launched 1,000 ships, then the hair of Heather of Scottsdale has stolen our hearts…and launched 1,001 and ships! So, there!




Yvette Allen | San Antonio, Texas

Yvette Allen Real Estate Agent

From light to dark, next on our list is the impeccable Yvette Allen.

Allen’s healthy head of hair has led her to dominate San Antonio real estate. This may be the healthiest looking hair on our list! Pushed back, her hair puts a nice spotlight on her gorgeous face. While we’re sure this hair requires a lot of maintenance, it’s well worth it!

As the broker/owner of Real Estate 210 in Texas, Allen is doing big things with big hair! As they say, everything is bigger (and better) in Texas!




Carrie King | Louisville, Kentucky

Carrie King Realtor

Step aside, peasants! The Queen has arrived. Meet her royal highness, Carrie King…, and yes, Miss King is THE Queen!

A multi-million dollar real estate producer, a national television personality, and host of her own show, “Design Queen with Carrie King,” King is killing the game and rocking fabulous hair the entire time. And it’s no wonder – Carrie King is a former stylist and makeup artist. Take a look!




Dirty blonde with enticing curls at the bottom, King’s hair fits her face and her personality perfectly! This refreshing look brightens up our day, and we’re confident it brightens up yours as well!

We were able to ask the King herself a few questions!

GGH: How long have you been in real estate?

12 Years.

GGH: What are your favorite hair products?

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Kevin Murphy products! A few of my favorites are the Anti-Gravity Volumizer, Young Again, Leave-in Repair, and the Shimmer me Blonde spray!

GGH: Who would you like to thank for this prestigious award?

First and foremost, my Mom, her name is Nancy, but her nickname is Fancy! Nancy never let me leave my house without my hair fixed as a child. As an adult, I never leave my house without my hair fixed! Thank you, Fancy, for instilling that in my head at a very young age – otherwise, I wouldn’t be receiving this award! Also, I’d like to thank my kick-ass stylist, Jessica Cohen of Calvin Mitchell Salon in Louisville. Jessica is a genius with color – especially blondes! I give her all the credit when strangers compliment me on my hair!

Follow this superstar on Facebook!


Melissa Gierhahn | Phoenix, Arizona

Melissa Gierhahn

This Arizona native is living her best fairytale fantasy. Mother, wife, interior designer, and Realtor, Melissa Gierhahn is living a “Pinterest perfect” life.

Her long, luxurious hair is super versatile. As you see in the picture above, we’re getting bohemian, hippie, 70’s, realness, but in an instant, she can throw it up in a hot ponytail and be ready for the gym. Or, straighten it all out and nail her next listing appointment.

Great work, Melissa!

Follow this princess on Instagram. <— Plus, there is a lot of nice real estate shots!


Cindy Ambuehl | Los Angeles, California

Cindy Ambuehl

No question, we are most entertained by Cindy Ambuehl. She. Is. Fantastic! She is the mother of 7 (yes, seven) boys. She’s married to a hunk soap star. Her social media is hilariously on-point, and she dominates the Los Angeles real estate scene.

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When we grow up, we want to be Cindy Ambuehl. (But that may require that we never grow up! haha!)

I mean, look how she started 2018.




The only way I know how! ? #2018

A post shared by Cindy Ambuehl (@cindyambuehl) on

We. Want. To. Be. Her!

She can’t be more fabulous. Follow her Instagram above!


Sally Forster Jones | Beverly Hills, California

Sally Forester Jones Team

It’s Sally Forster Jones, y’all!

In Southern California, platinum blondes are a dime a dozen. However, Jones is a diamond in the rough. This hottie gives us life while truly dominating one of the country’s largest residential real estate markets.

Consistently named one of the top real estate agents in the country, Jones helps the LA elite buy and sell luxury homes.

However, her hair is even more impressive. We bet she’s using an amazing leave-in conditioner to get hair this stunning. This California girl is bringing us back to the good ol’ days of sun and surf with this amazing blonde do’! And thank you, Sally, for all you do!


Ginger Glass | Beverly Hills, California

Ginger Glass Real Estate Agent

She’s a real estate broker! An Attorney! And now, a HAIRRY-Award winner! Look at Ginger go!

Now, is based in Los Angeles, and we see signs for Ginger Glass everywhere! Seriously, everywhere. Driving through West Hollywood? “For Sale: Ginger Glass.” Driving through the hills? “For Sale: Ginger Glass.” She really is everywhere! Or at least her signs are. That must be the reason that she is “The #1 selling agent and the #1 leasing agent for Coldwell Banker, Beverly Hills North – the top producing office in the world.”

More impressive than her real estate success is her hair success.

This gorgeous light brown with light tints throughout, Ginger has hair as smooth as, well, glass! She looks like a Texas girl, but we could not find out where she originally was. Regardless, it’s clear that this head of hair deserves a HAIRRY!


Robin Blass | Atlanta, Georgia

Robin Blass Best Hair

While Glass may run Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Georgia, belong to Blass. Robin Blass is an all-star agent in the A-T-L! In fact, in 2016, she was the #1 company-wide agent for Coldwell Banker! Now that is what we call a bad Blass! (pun!)

Blass carries a sophisticated cut that presents her as someone responsible, trustworthy, and smart! This light brunette with hints of blonde has a wonderfully framed face, and the layers give her some fun touches to let everyone know that she’s not always just about business.




Monica Fabbio | Austin, Texas

Monica Fabbio HAIRRY-Awards

Allow us to introduce you to Monica Fabbio! Or, how we refer to her…Monica Fab-bio!

Fabbio represents buyers and sellers in Austin, Texas, while also being an all-start mother. Fabbio has been selling real estate long before it was cool. She got her license in 2002, and we imagine she’s been rocking fabulous hair even longer than that.

This multi-shade brunette is showing us what Texas hair is all about! The bigger the hair, the closer to God! Fabbio’s hair must mean that God considers Fabbio His closest friend.

Monica Fabbio, you are truly one of a kind!



Rachel Kim | Birmingham, Alabama

Rachel Kim Best Hair

All hail the long hair!

Two first names, one great head of hair. That’s Rachel Kim.

This southern charm is a real estate expert in Birmingham, Alabama. With a background selling cars, Kim naturally found her way to selling real estate. While she is selling her clients the dream life, she is selling us some world-class hair!

This long hair is scrumptious and looks so healthy! Wonderful work, Rachel Kim!


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Holly Parker | New York, New York

Holly Parker

“New York is the city that you know don’t sleep.” – Will Smith

The reason New York isn’t sleeping? Everyone is wide awake thinking about Holly Parker’s hair! This blonde bombshell is giving us some two-tone blonde realness with a little curl and a lotta bounce! She looks like a surfer girl but acts like a boss.

This real estate powerhouse has quite the list of accomplishments: number 1 team nationwide 2017 number one new development agent 2017, number 5 in the country, top 10 agents for over 10 years, the highest volume in sales for Douglas Elliman new development, and setting records for some of Manhattan’s most expensive properties.

And now she can add “HAIRRY-Award Winner” to her growing list.


April Hunter | Atlanta, Georgia

April Hunter Best Hair

As we hunted for the female real estate agents with the best hair, it became clear when we found April, it was us that was being hunted, hunty! April Hunter slayed us to death! This gorgeous, long, styled, and clearly well cared for hair cannot be beaten!

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ThisAtlanta-based Realtor helps people buy, sell, or rent their next home. Moving from a sales position with AT&T to real estate sales, it’s clear that April Hunter was born to do two things – sell and have fabulous hair!




Netta-Ann Twito | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Netta-Ann Twito, if you didn’t win “Best Hair,” you would’ve won “Best Smile!” Wow!

Twito is a real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and helps buyers and sellers through the often complicated real estate process. With hair like that, you know you’re in good hands.

The dark tones of her hair bring out her gorgeous features, while the lighter tones give her a fun and flirty look. She is doing the most, Y’all! If you’re in Florida and need real estate help or hair advice, call Netta-Ann Twito!



Jennifer Gomez | Miami, Florida

jenny Gomez best hair in real estate

We see you, Jennifer Gomez! Sometimes her hair is black, sometimes it’s blonde, but it’s always on point.

Jennifer Gomez is a luxury real estate agent in Miami, Florida. From high-rise condos to luxury estates, Gomez is living the dream life in paradise.

Her hair is versatile and can go from a conference room board meeting to sunset cocktails with ease. To see more images of the incredible Gomez and some of the best real estate in the world, visit her on Instagram.

Way to go, Jennifer Gomez!


Karen Elmir | Miami, Florida

Karen Elmir HAIRRYs

This is pretty obvious. Look at that luscious hair. I mean, of course, Karen Elmir is one of our 25 Female Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair!

This woman is an expert in all things luxury – from Miami real estate to the hair on her head. She brings her A-game every time.

She’s been named the Top 30 Under 30 by the National Association of Realtors. Now she can say she’s in the top 25 among female agents with the best hair in the country. Yes, girl!

Her long brunette hair is absolutely stunning. You can follow her brokerage account on Instagram. It’s stunning as well.

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Tatiana Derovanessian | Los Angeles, California

Tatiana Derovanessian

Although we found it difficult to pronounce Tatiana Derovanessian’s last name, we did not find it difficult to include her on our 2018 list! With layers, textures, and varying tones, Derovanessian’s hair is the definition of a luxury good.

Speaking of luxury, that’s the only type of real estate she sells in sunny Los Angeles, California. I mean, look at this listing!





No questions that she is living the dream life and helping her clients do the same. Wow! Wonderful.


Carol Staab | Manhattan, New York

Carol Staab getgoodhead

Back on the East coast, Carol Staab is fierce, blonde, and a real estate guru.

Carol Staab’s intense blonde hair is a bold statement that we absolutely love. Blondes do have more fun – and they also sell more real estate. She is also in the top 1% of the top luxury brokers.

She’s called New York home for 20 years and has an intimate understanding of the changing neighborhoods around the city.

You can follow her on Instagram and also see some of New York’s finest listings.




Brandi Shoemaker | Leawood, Kansas

Brandi Shoemaker

In fact, Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl, was actually inspired by this Brandi! Well, that’s what we think, anyway.

This Kansas-based real estate agent has hair that looks like you could spin it into gold. Absolutely stunning. Flowing down her head, across her shoulders, this hair is like a beautiful waterfall…but beautiful-er.

However, don’t let the blonde hair fool you! This bombshell is selling Kansas left and right. If you need an agent with great hair and a great head on her shoulder, look up Brandi Shoemaker!




Tiffany Patterson | Woodlands, Texas

Tiffany Patterson Realtor with the best hair

One of our favorite things about Tiffany Patterson’s hair is the length. This medium-longish length isn’t as common as it used to be, so it was a sight for sore eyes as we scoured the internet for real estate agents with incredible hair. The swoop from left to right adds some drama, while the varying tones in her hair highlight her overall complexion and smile. Of course, having great hair is only one of Patterson’s many talents.

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Patterson is an expert real estate agent in Woodlands, Texas. She helps her clients buy, sell, or relocate into their dream homes. With a focus on marketing, she can deliver results repeatedly to her growing list of happy clients.

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Jessica McCollum | Washington/Oregon

Jessica McCollum Realtor with best hair

Long hair, don’t care? Ummm…yes, we do! We super care about long hair!

Jessica McCollum’s elbow-length hair has won her a spot on our list of Top 25 Female Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair! The maintenance on hair this long is insane! She needs a good clarifying shampoo to make sure her hair stays fresh and clean.

What is really cool about McCollum is that she works in Washington and Oregon. (Or at least, that’s what we found online).

Also, as a side note, how good would her hair look blowing in a strong wind? Amazing! Congratulations, Jessica McCollum!




Amy Adorno | Bloomingdale, Illinois

Amy Adorno Best Hair

Amy Adorno has three things we love: (1) great hair (duh), (2) real estate expertise, and (3) name alliteration (YES!)

Adorno got her real estate license in 2007. Anyone who could navigate the market in the years following 2007 surely has what it takes to become a real estate mogul! She has won many awards and continues to help buyers and sellers navigate the real estate game.

Her hair has fabulous curls on the bottom and a straight, sophisticated look up top! Amy Adorno would look good with any hair color, but something is striking about this black fabulousness.

Follow Amy Adorno on Facebook.

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Jessica Olson | Chaska, Minnesota

Jessica Olson HAIRRY Award Winner

Jessica Olson is a real estate agent in the Twin Cities and based out of Chaska, Minnesota. Not only does she help her clients buy and sell single-family homes, but she also assists with condominiums, multi-family units, and vacant land transactions.

Olson’s hair rocks a little brunette, a little blonde, and a whole lot of…YES!!!!

This style of hair works for all seasons. She can rock this look in the middle of winter or on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes during the Summer. Great work, Jessica Olson!




Jorgie Arndt | Naples, Florida

Jorgie Florida Realtor with best hair

Jorgie Arndt has such a beautiful color to her hair. It’s more golden than it is blonde. Plus, the bottom has darker tones which adds a little more complexity to her look. Now, we would like to see Arndt experiment with other hairstyles – something that opens up her gorgeous face and smile. However, this color and the obvious health of her hair wins her a prestigious HAIRRY-Award.

This sun-kissed wonder woman is helping people live their best life in Naples, Florida. This real estate agent rocks good hair, a great smile, and local expertise, which keeps the referrals coming!

Congratulations, Jorgie Arndt!




Leila Fawaz | Troy, Michigan

Leila Fawaz Long Hair

Leila Fawaz has hair that would make anyone jealous. Long, thick, luscious, thick, healthy, and thick – this hair is for sure #hairgoals.

Her hustle has made her one of the most sought-after real estate agents in Troy, Michigan.

Leila Fawaz dominates the hair game, the real estate game, and the Instagram game. Her Instagram has a nice mixture of selfies, real estate, and humor. This post really made us laugh. I mean, who actually thinks their Zillow estimate is accurate?! It’s not!



Make sure you follow her on Instagram for more humor, hair pics, and real estate!


Stacey Franklin | Greater Los Angeles, California

Stacey Franklin Best Hair

Stacey Franklin has Soap Opera ready hair. WOW!

This healthy brunette hair is full and vivacious, making Franklin look like a real estate angel. She would look great with short hair, but this long luxurious hair is something to behold! Speaking of Franklin…she’s also getting those Benjamins in the real estate game.

A Los Angeles-based real estate agent, Franklin gives her clients unparalleled customer service while making them jealous of her gorgeous hair.

Make sure you follow her on Instagram for cool pictures of real estate across the greater Los Angeles area.



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