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Clay Hair Product: Woody’s for men Clay Review

Clay For Hair? Guys, Try Woody’s Clay!

It’s Woody’s Wednesday! That means it’s time to review another product from Woody’s: Quality Grooming for Men!

This Wednesday, we are reviewing Woody’s Matte Finish Clay for Men, or simply, Woody’s Clay.

As a reminder, Woody’s is not paying us for these reviews, and our reviews are 100% honest. We actually use the product we are reviewing and give the product out to get feedback from actual testers. Our goal is to help you find products you love and avoid products that suck! Let’s get to it.

Woody's clay for hair for men


Woody’s Clay Is Perfect For the Man Who Wants a Strong, But Moldable, Product for His Hair.

Why Men Love Woody’s Clay

Woody’s Clay is very thick and allows YOU to be in control of your hair!

Guys like Woody’s Clay because it allows them to get their hair exactly how they want it, and then if it gets messed up, they can quickly fix it on the spot.

With gels and sprays, your hair is like a rock – you can’t mold your hair the way you want – especially once the gel has already set. With this clay, your hair is super strong but still moldable throughout the day.

Check out what YouTube style guru Ryan Magin had to say about the product:


PRO TIP: Before applying Woody’s Clay, thoroughly wash your hair and blow-dry until your hair is parched. This product seemed to work best on recently cleaned hair. If you like, you can use Woody’s Shampoo.

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Using a premium blowdryer, dry toward your forehead (back to front), and use a brush to get your hair separated and prepped to apply the clay hair product.


Works On Variety of Hair Lengths

If you have a ponytail, this isn’t the product for you. However, for pretty much every other hair length – it works great. This clay hair product makes short hair even easier to style and manage. For longer hair, it adds volume, thickness and keeps your hair up if that’s what you are trying to do.

In fact, for guys with longer hair – you are pressed to find a better product. This clay hair product mixed with dry shampoo works wonders!

Even though the clay is heavy, it doesn’t weigh down the hair like you think it would. It’s so moldable it allows you to lift or lay down your hair with ease.


Thickening Agent

Like most clays, when properly used, they can actually improve the thickness of your hair. When using Woody’s clay for hair, try to target the roots to give you more volume. The clay will add some needed lift to the roots, raising your hair and giving you a thicker, fuller look.

Make sure you don’t use too much of the product on your roots. Otherwise, you’ll be left with remnants of blue product in your hair. This stuff is powerful – a dab’ll do ya.

PRO TIP: Spend some time working the clay into your hands before use. Add the clay to your palm and/or fingertips and run your hands together. The heat from your hands will make the clay easier to apply to your hair. Let your fingertips lead. If you start with your palms, you are likely to get blue clay chunks in your hair.

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The Scent

This clay product has a very light but pleasant scent. Guys, let’s be very clear – nobody wants to smell your body wash, your aftershave, your cologne, your laundry detergent, and your clay hair product. Woody’s Clay isn’t overbearing and mostly unnoticeable. Now, as for all your other scents – that’s on you.


Now, Here’s What Sucks

It’s hard to get the clay off your hands. Most users reported having to wipe their hands with a paper towel and/or using soap and water to get it off.

Woody's Clay Hair Product for men

The good news is that the same cannot be said for getting the product out of your hair in the shower. After a good shampoo, your hair will be clean and ready to go. Consider using a clarifying shampoo for ultimate cleaning. Be careful, however, not to overuse clarifying shampoos and strip your follicles of essential oils.


Final Thought

You can get Woody’s Clay for a very fair price. Try it out, and if you hate it, you haven’t lost much. If you do hate it, please let us know in the comment section below. Conversely, if you love it – we want to know that too! Much of choosing a hair product is based on personal style and needs. We hope this one fits what you are looking for!

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1 Comment

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  2. Mobthrob says:

    Here’s a tip you may want to share with your readers on how to easy it is to get the product off of your hands.

    Before you use the product, just use some hand/body lotion on your hands – rub it in – it gets into all the pores which prevent the clay from doing same. You can then use the clay however you want, and when it comes time to wash it off, most of it, if not all, will come off your hands with some hot water. I use Johnson’s baby lotion/cream as it is hypoallergenic and cleans off well.

    Another tip, if you have acne issues, when using the baby lotion/cream, put some on your forehead/face. After you apply the product to your head, you can easily wash off any clay that landed on your forehead and sides as you applied it.

    Hands and face free of the product greatly reduce acne, clammy or sweaty hands, and clay fingerprints on devices.

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