How Long Will It Take To Change Hair Color From Brunette To Blonde
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How Long Will It Take To Change Hair Color From Brunette To Blonde?

Have you ever wanted to know How Long Will It Take To Change Hair Color From Brunette To Blonde? Read this article to find out how long it takes to change your hair color from brunette to blonde, and read the tips and tricks on how to make the process go faster.

If you are a brunette and you are looking for some changes in your hair color, maybe a new hairstyle with some absolute new hair color.

But if you are wanting to change your hair color from a darker shade to a lighter one then it will definitely get people’s attention turning your way.

But the question is is it that easy to go from brunette hair colors to blonde ones? Well, Your hair color can be changed in one salon visit but if you’ve already colored hair or damaged hair texture then the process of coloring your hair can take a longer time to change into a proper blonde.

And if your hair is damaged or brittle as a brunette then you will have to take more visits to the salon to be the light blonde if you want to keep your hair healthy. If you have already healthy hair then your blonde will look the best.

Well, how about you just go in and trust the method thereafter, because that is the perfect way to find out how long will it take to change the hair color from darker shades to blonde ones? Down there we have given all the details about going from brunette to blonde.

How long will it take to change hair color from brunette to blonde

Most probably it is going to take quite a few sessions if you want to get your hair blonde from brunette hair colors. According to us, it will take a median of 4-6 sittings maximum.

But it actually depends on how stubborn your hair is and how dark your hair color is and most importantly how good you look when you’ve got done each session in between.

And as for the time it takes for each session, again it all depends on how long the length of your hair is, the thickness of your hair, and how long it can take your hairdresser to do your hair.

However, we would suggest an ordinary hour per session with some time in the middle to relax your hair cold. We recommend you not go more than half per session at once.

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We would suggest you should start with a small section like your fringes and a little braids or some curls and after you can go back again some days later and finish the leftover part of your head.

How long will it take to change hair color from brunette to blonde

When you will visit a good hairstylist for the first time then they will most probably apply a 30 volume developer since it gives your hair more lift and it will also work nicely with bleached hair you might have to visit the salon after some days for the tone to take off the brassiness.

Here are some following steps if you want to go from brunette to blonde:  

Your hair type and texture

can you go from dark brown to blonde in one sitting

This is a very important feature of attention because the texture of your hair does really matter in the proceeding of how many sessions and how long will you need for the changeover to fall out.

realistic stages of lightening hair

And for the people who have curly hair, thinner hair type, or extra sensitive hair types then it perhaps can be effortless if you compare to those who have a rougher and coarse hair type.

Tell your hair antiquity

Tell your hair colorist about your whole hair type and history. This is very necessary if you want to get the desired shade for your hair you will have to tell your hair colorist about the overall health and texture of your hair, whether your hair is undefiled or not.

And when your hair colorist or your hairstylist will know about your hair texture then they will advise the comparative amount of number and times of sittings you will need to achieve the demanded color of blonde you desire.

Find the perfect shade for your hair

Although you would possibly think that you want to go absolutely blonde but with some light color possible.

how to go blonde without damaging hair

It is very preferable to always do a pairing with the color according to the color of your eyes and your skin tone. If you want to come up with the perfect look for the shade you are going to get.

Follow the procedure

It is very important to keep in mind that the darker your brown hair color is, the more long-lasting the transforming procedure might take. Consequently, you may need more count of sittings with a secure break to complete the procedure of getting blonde.

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For people who have undamaged hair or hairs that have not been touched by any chemical hair treatments before then, it will be easier for them to transform quickly than the chemical treatment touched ones.

Don’t forget to strand test your hair

Doing a strand test with your hair is a very important thing to do while you are dyeing your hair a strand test is to decide whether your hair will get the desired shades at the end of this dyeing procedure you want or not.

how long does it take to go blonde

Your hairstylist will take out a small part of your hair and then will color it, after you will have to wait for some time around 115 to 20 minutes for the final result to expose in contemplation to see how long the shade will grasp to take off the hair.


How long does it take a brunette to go blonde?

If you are lightening your hair overall with toning and highlighting to get that perfect blonde hair color for yourself, then this procedure of lightening your hair will take a maximum of 2 to 3 hours probably.

You will need to do touch-ups for your hair roots every four hours a week and with that, you will also have to highlight your hair at every second meeting with your hairstylist.

For toned and perfect beach blonde hair just makes sure you pick out a trustworthy salon for the first time. You will be in the parlor all afternoon and will need at least four weekly sessions for your hair root touch-ups.

Can you go from brunette to blonde in a session?

Unfortunately, no you can not! Because these are some color pigments that can not be changed or lightened even if there is a very common belief that just by adding another color on top of the prior one on your hair but if you are thinking to go for blonde from dark brown then you’ll have to use bleach to do this.

What is the process of going from dark brown hair to blonde?

If you want good blonde hair then it needs bleaching. Darker shades of hair color require more work if you want to achieve your perfect desired color of blonde hair for yourself.

And if you want to go blonde but you have an extremely dark brunette hair color then don’t think of transforming your hair into that magically beautiful blonde shade after just one session only.

Is it hard to go from brunette to blonde?

If you want to go from brunette to blonde then it is not equal to those cutting off three inches, adding layers to your hair, or even if you want to get bangs, it is a considerable conversion.

This is absolutely possible for everyone out there, but still, you must be provided and ready with all the details and pieces of information you will require before lightening up your hair.

Can you go from brunette to blonde in one sitting?

At the same time, it is true that elders who use to have blonde hair when they were kids might look naturally blonde as they were adults.

But pretty nearly everyone can look good and wear blonde hair, yes, you heard this right, no matter what skin color you have or your hair color is, you can go for blonde whenever you want to.

What is the least attractive hair color?

A Tukey method has been tested to this information presenting that all three hair colors are distinct extremely from one another.

Brunette hair color was distinguished as most appealing with blonde color as the second most appealing, and red color as the least attractive hair color.

What is the most attractive hair color?

According to the information, both women and men observed people with this brunette hair color because it looks the most appealing and attractive as compared to those any other hair color.

It will look the best on both guys and women out there who want some new changes in their hair color.


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So that’s about it. Always remember that it is all about being patient with your hair and using the right set of techniques. And if you are a beginner with dying your hair, or using this shade for the first time, it is best to get It done by an expert to avoid any unnecessary hassle. Happy coloring!

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