Can You Curl Hair After Keratin Treatment
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Can You Curl Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Wondering can you curl hair after keratin treatment? Here’s everything you need to know.

You can curl your hair about one week after the keratin treatment using a curling iron.

Smoothing and straightening hair are common benefits of keratin treatments.

Brazilian keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout are other terms people are well aware of. It involves applying products to the hair, blow-drying it, and sealing it with a flat iron. All of our skin, nails, and hair contain a certain type of protein that is known as Keratin.

Keratin treatment is an easy way out of styling your hair daily and getting extra time. It manages to make the hair look immensely manageable and leaves the hair with all the smoothness you were wishing for in the first place.

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Keratin treatment makes your hair completely straight and smooth. And for a longer period of time it is advised to not do any kind of stunt on the hair. I am sure ladies with their curly or wavy hair had the urge to kind of curl their beautiful straight hair.

So assuming you’re not totally sure that you need the sort of long, straight, and rich hair you will seek with a keratin treatment, a superior arrangement may be to stand by prior to focusing on your new look.

That is the reason you shouldn’t wash newly applied keratin in the initial 3 days to try not to strip it away.

The time when at that point, you can skip between twists, waves, and straights at whatever point you feel like it.

Is it wise to do so? Is it okay to curl your hair after Keratin treatment?

Let us find answers to these frequent thoughts in your head regarding

Can You Curl Hair After Keratin Treatment

Wait about one week after the Keratin treatment to use a curling iron to curl your hair.

Read on to find why

why is my hair still curl after keratin treatment
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Is It Okay To Curl Your Hair After Keratin Treatment?

While it’s okay to curl your hair after kertin treatment, it’s not recommended to do so as it can further damage your hair.

Firstly, your hair goes through a lot during a keratin process.

Secondly, Keratin treatment is quite expensive and a time taking process, I guess you do not want to put all that energy to waste. Usually, it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes and sometimes more than that to complete the whole process.

There must be major reasons if you want to give all the effort and go back to curling your hair.

Thirdly, curling your hair just right a few days later of the keratin treatment would not be recommended. Your hair should remain straight and without any heat applied in weeks after receiving keratin treatment. It can totally damage your hair if you try to curl it.

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The keratin stays malleable in the early weeks after the treatment, also.

The reason it is recommended to not apply anything to your hair after the keratin treatment is to ensure that the treatment lasts longer while using materials like flat iron could slow the result running for a longer period.

Most times it is seen how hair accessories damage or give a curl to the hair if used after keratin treatment.

The temperature of these curlers or irons is extremely high; they can easily damage the fiber present in the hair.

Furthermore, the reason behind not using them is that curling irons, flat irons, and blowers tend to make you wash your hair often and thus removing the effect of keratin sooner.

At the point when you have a Brazilian keratin hair fixing treatment done at your nearby expert salon. And keeping in mind that the outcomes aren’t super durable, they are staying for a long period of time. So you must make up your mind before taking any step.

Effects of Curling Hair After Keratin Treatment

Curls stay in place because of the increased elasticity that they received after the treatment but won’t be completely defined curls like you would want. It isn’t possible to get a completely good pattern of curls you used to get until the whole treatment applied to your hair faded away.

Your hair could still be bouncy and pulled off in a great way. After a while, it wouldn’t make a big deal about a distinction as your hair will not be holding a lot of it at any rate. So you can go ahead and curl your hair if you wish to do so.

keratin treatment for curly hair side effects
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When Is It Okay To Curl Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Heat styling tools, such as blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons, are safe to use on hair after keratin treatment.

The hair can be washed after the product has completely faded from the hair. As long as you have already washed out the product, you can curl your hair the next day.

Honestly, after two months your original hair will appear to come back and nothing will stop it, so by then you can easily go back to curling your hair.

You are already coming back of your hair to its normal form at this point. Basically, if your hair was curly before you did the treatment, you can expect it to curl again after it has been treated.

When curling your hair after a keratin treatment, you should when. It will take extra care after the first week.

Be careful to focus your notice on places that still have the malleable feel when you touch and have not dried completely. The treatment fades away completely

When the treatment has completely faded away then you could possibly style it the way you like. Or even if you are bored of straight hair and want something like wavy or your original curls washing it off could help.

can i tie my hair after keratin treatment
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If your hair is usually washed frequently, it probably doesn’t hold much keratin treatment at this point, since the treatment would have worn out anyway.

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You can use a clarifying shampoo to wash it all out if you aren’t going to keep the treatment and want to switch up to trying different hairdos every day. It will not impede your hair and its styling routine.

How To Curl Your Hair After Keratin Treatment

If you want to curl your hair keratin treatment, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Wait at least 2 weeks after getting a keratin treatment to curl your hair
  • The best way to get curls after keratin is to use heatless rollers or foam
  • If you’re using a heat curling iron then make sure that it has ceramic plates. Even if you’re curling using a flat iron then make sure they have ceramic plates. 
  • If you’re a heat styling tool then make sure that you use a heat protectant or leave in conditioner to protect your hair strands 
  • Remember, your hair has already gone through a lot in the keratin process and is prone to damage 
  • Make sure that the hair is not damp when you’re curling cause wet hair is more likely to get damaged 

How To Get Volume After Keratin Treatment?

Here are some simple tips to get volume in your hair after keratin treatment: 

  • Point your hair dryer upwards when blowdrying

When blow drying your hair, bend a little at the wait and let your hair fall. Then point your hair dryer upwards from below your hair and blow dry it. This will help add that bounce to your hair. Use a blow dryer only after about 2 weeks of getting the keratin treatment 

  • Use a clarifying shampoo 

You can use a clarifying shampoo once in 2 weeks or so to get rid of all the product buildup in your hair scalp that may also contribute towards making your hair limp. Clarifying shampoos help lift the roots and clear out any dirt or grime that may be weighing your hair down. 

Haircare Tips After Keratin Treatment

  • Be sure to use a heat protectant before using heat tools to prevent damage to your hair.
  • If you have an unusual or frizzy hair type, you should always use hair products that are designed for that type of hair.
  • Do not think of coloring your hair, no extra styling to the hair, no hair accessories. Simply give it time, and you will see what happens.
  • Take advantage of a brush or comb to help yourself. If you feel confused and stressed out, then ask someone to guide you through.
  • Freshly applied keratin treatments should never be subjected to high heat. Doing so could cause the coating to melt off, leaving the treated hair in a messy state.
  • Protect the hair from heat with a heat protection spray. Using a heat protection styling spray to shield your keratin-treated hair from heat styling is another way to protect it. The keratin coating will not melt due to the protection offered by a heat protection spray.
  • Putting The Right Heat on Your Curler is really significant. It automatically reduces the level of damage that can be caused.
  • Try Blow Drying
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With regards to the usage of various appliances or product items, the hair will be sans frizz regardless assuming it’s air-dried or blow-dried, so this is up to individual inclination. Blow drying the hair isn’t needed however in the event that you do, the hair will be significantly shinier.

can i brush my hair after keratin treatment
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  • Applying Heat Protector

You must have seen a tik-tok video on how applying a heat protector serum on a loaf of bread doesn’t burn it. Similarly, it does protect your hair from the ultimate damage received from these hair appliances. They should not be avoided, in most cases, it acts as a shield to help your hair

Heat protectors consist of silicones that go about as a hindrance over the fingernail skin of the hair strand, shielding it from heat. So regardless of whether you use heat styling appliances, do not take it for granted to not use them.

It contains the following things that are an advantage to wear before styling your hair with various appliances:

Fatty acids and vitamins to give the hair moisturized

Keeps the hair hydration intact

Comprising of oils and silicones to enhance the hair has less damage

Helps the hair when it is dry and damp.

Also, it usually lets the hair dry easily

The best and most effective way of protecting yourself is by not using hair appliances or going under heat. It damages the natural substances present in our hair leaving it to lose its shine. Feel great in your original hair and accept it and style it. If you’ve had a smoothing treatment to battle away frizz, never ignore this hair care step.

When can I curl my hair after keratin treatment?

You have to wait for two weeks after your keratin treatment, if you want to curl your hair again. In fact you need to wait about 2 weeks till you can use any hair styling product or tool on your hair.

What happens if I curl my hair after a keratin treatment?

During a keratin treatment, the bonds in your hair cuticles are broken and rearranged to change frizzy, wavy or curly hair to smooth and straight hair. Curling your hair right after a keratin treatment will nullify this as keratin treated hair is still malleable. Moreover, it will damage your hair, especially if you don’t wait at least 2 weeks after the keratin treatment to curl your hair.

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