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3 Best Wands for Worry-Free Curls

Best Curling Wands

Unless you actually have naturally curly hair, you’ll need the aid of an almost magical (curl) wand to create your bouncy curls, and finding the best curling wand is critical to your hair success! ????‍♀️

But unless you get your hands on the right machine for your hair, you won’t get the perfectly crafted curls that you deserve!

What will I need for curls that charm?

The stellar curling wand that you must have needs to have a dual function.

Firstly, it should create the voluminous curls of your dreams with minimal effort from your side.

Secondly, it should also give your hair gorgeous waves to balance out those newly created curls.

Besides the wand, your vanity should also be well-stocked with other tools of the trade.

We refer, of course, to use hairbrushes and combs to aid the best curling wand in its job.

best curling wands for perfect curls

But how will I know which one to pick?

There are so many hair products available in the market to make styling your hair simpler and easier.

Similarly, you will also find a plethora of wands and irons that all claim to help you get gorgeous curls.

So, how can you pick the one that will work for you?

First, a curling wand is one of the easiest instruments to handle. All you need are a few minutes with it in the morning and you will walk out with bouncy curls.

Second, there are different factors that can help you judge which curling wand is meant for you.

Don’t know the things that you should be considering to get the best curling wand? We’ll list them for you.

The curl is in the shape of the barrel

Depending on the type of curls your heart is set on, you will want to buy the right barrel shape that produces them.

For instance, the three most commonly found barrel shapes are:

Straight or classically shaped barrels are great for producing similarly shaped curls. Classic curls are unevenly shaped all the way up from the root to the tip.

Tapered curling wands are used when you require tighter curls. Since they are tightly bound at the roots, they look much more natural but are looser at the ends.

Bubble or bobble-shaped barrels may look funny, but they could give you relaxed, bohemian waves. When you want some variation and curls that have a bit of texture to them, this is the shape you pick!

different types of curling wands

The curl is in the size of the barrel

Many curl wands have a generous sprinkling of numbers on them. They indicate the barrel’s size, but don’t let them scare you. The only thing they tell you is how big the barrel is in mm – or inches.

Once you know that, you can decide the size you need, based on the type of curls it creates:

• 6mm- 20mm-sized barrels are usually found on smaller and slimmer curling wands. Because they are petite, these chopstick curlers are the ones you want for tighter curls.

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• 20-32 mm is the size perfect for producing standard, classical-styled curls. You can wear them as they are or brush your hair a bit to soften the curls.

• 32mm and bigger-sized barrels are the ones to get if you want wider, softer curls. They look more sophisticated and give off retro vibes. You’ll get a classic, shiny wave with light brushing after using a curling wand.

Curls of a feather flock together with the right curling wand

By which we refer to choosing a wand based on your hair type.

For instance, the best curling wand for you would be one that comes with low heat settings in case you have thin or fine hair.

It will ensure that the wand doesn’t burn your hair.

Additionally, consider getting one with a clamp to prevent your hair from slipping out during curling. For those with thick hair, on the other hand, opting for a wand that has higher heat options is best.

That way, your locks will get sufficient heat to hold their shape. Of course, having the right shampoo also works wonders.

The length of your hair will also play a part in determining the right wand for it.

For example, innovative curlers don’t come as close to the scalp as traditional ones.

With your hair cropped close to your skull, a traditional wand will serve you better. Moreover, wear a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand when curling shorter hair strands.

Not doing so might result in burns. ????

We’re sure you now have a picture forming in your head about the kind of product that will prove to be the best curling wand for your hair. That means it is time to go shopping!

Below, we list four great products that will work perfectly for various types and lengths of hair:

????For Styling Wet-to-Dry Hair: the Dyson Airwrap Styler

Okay, the price tag may have given you pause. But don’t dismiss the Airwrap just yet. Because its powerful motor is great for styling straight, fine-textured hair. It will take you 10 minutes (or less) to use the machine to dry your shower-wet strands.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Should you buy something you love that will last forever, or something that is okay and you’ll need to replace soon?

After that, you can use one of its many brush attachments to work some hair magic. We’ll mention the curling wands here because they definitely are its standout feature.

Once your hair is close to 80% dry – use the brush attachment to make it happen – it will be ready for the attentions of the curler attachments.

The Airwrap uses hot air and not traditional heat to suck your hair up and then curls it for you. This machine is the best choice for women who shower in the morning and need to dry and curl their hair after it.

????For All Kinds of Curls: Remington Pro ¾” – 1″ Curling Wand with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology

Remember the talk we had about barrels? Well, this Remington product has a barrel that is 0.75-1 inch big. Therefore, it is the best curling wand for women who want classically styled curls that look salon-made, but it is also good for creating versatile curls that are looser and wavier.

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You’ll notice the words ‘Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology’ against the name of this Remington Pro styling wand. It is the science behind the smooth salon-like finish that it bestows on your newly curled locks.

The ceramic coating also ensures that the heat in the wand is distributed evenly to speed up the styling.

Moreover, the wand allows heat settings as high as 410 degrees. This reduces the time you’d take to produce curls of your choice even further. The wand also lets you choose the ideal temperature by using digital controls.

To conclude, this is a good choice if you like versatility in your curls.

????For Those on a Budget: Conair Infiniti Pro


The best curling wand will not just heat up quickly, it will also let the heat energy distribute evenly for uniform curls. This next product offers that along with the option of auto-shutoff.

You won’t have to keep worrying about whether you turned off the wand or not when you leave your house in a hurry! It is reasonably priced and delivers natural-looking curls and waves.

In fact, it is the go-to curling wand for someone who doesn’t want to buy an extravagantly priced product.

It’s a good deal for women who curl their hair very rarely, but also a great one for those who love bouncy curls and great celeb-quality hair.

Top 25 Female Real Estate Agents With The Best Hair 2018 | The HAIRRY-Awards

Now, you may be worried that the product is only cheaply priced because it doesn’t give a great result. One curling session and you will see that Conair didn’t skimp on quality when designing this curling wand!

The barrel of this wand is coated with ceramic and tourmaline. Thus, you are looking at a product that won’t fry your hair to a crisp due to heat damage. The gentle treatment also makes frizziness less likely.

The barrel’s size is similar to that of the Remington curling wand, but it is better at producing natural-looking beachy waves than classically shaped tighter curls.

You’ll be impressed with its temperature range. Beginning just above 300, the settings go all the way to 400 degrees.

This makes the curling wand suitable even for thicker, denser hair.

However, that does mean that those with fine hair won’t find this to be the best curling wand for them. Finally, this is one wand that is fairly easy to operate.

Also consider: GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

The GHD wand will chime loudly once it is heated up and ready to curl. It switches itself off within 30 minutes of inactivity automatically.

But it doesn’t have interchangeable barrels to create versatile types of curls.

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Why then is it featuring on our list, you ask?

Because of its unique design: a barrel that starts round but tapers off to become a flat oval-like shape at the top. The outcome is curls that don’t look too artificial and unnatural.

The only drawback that we see so far when it comes to this GHD curling wand is that it comes with only one heat setting, i.e., 365.

I have a curling wand. Now, how do I curl?

Unless you have the beautiful and already-curled 4B hair, you’ll need the wand to make the curls happen. What’s more, having the best product won’t be of much use if you don’t know how to curl!

We have the best tips to make your use of a curling wand easy. Once you have the basics down, you and your best curling wand can create a ton of versatile looks.

For instance, beachy waves are always in fashion, but not everybody is a fan. When you feel like being a trendsetter, why not go with tighter curls instead?

As we mentioned above, you’ll need a wand with a smaller barrel for that. For naturally, fly-away curls, a wand can make them look just a tad neater.

how to use a curling wand

Once you have bought a high-quality curling wand for yourself, you can use the techniques we mention below to create equally high-quality hairstyles:

• The relentless supply of heat from a wand may damage hair, especially the fine-textured type. To minimize heat damage and prevent breakage, always coat your hair with a heat protectant. You can find a wide array of sprays in the market; do a bit of research and use the one most suited to your hair.

• Thicker hair strands will require temperatures above 400 to be curled into shape, but softer and thinner hair can get damaged from the heat. Try to maintain the wand’s temperature setting at 400 degrees and you won’t burn your hair.

• For a natural look, try to curl your hair so that it frames your face from an outward angle.

• Short-length hair will curl more effectively when you keep the tip of the barrel facing downward. For longer hair that needs to be curled rather quickly, drying it up, and making a high ponytail is helpful. You can split it into sections and then apply the wand to each part separately. You’ll come away with hair that is wavy and looks voluminous too.

• And remember that the larger the barrel or more bubbled-shape it is, the looser your curls will turn out to be. So, for tighter curls, get a wand with a small barrel.

At first contact, a curling wand may look scary and an easy way to burn your hair.

But after you master the learning curve and watch some YouTube tutorials, you’ll do fine.

While shopping for the best curling wand that makes bouncy ringlets, get the heat-resistant glove too. Soon, you will have enough control to get to curling without it.

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