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Wondering which is the best ash brown hair dyes for you? We have curated a list of the best ash brown hair dyes check it out!

A generation that is so experimentative with everything, people today like keeping this quirky, while also embracing changes actively.

Be it their lifestyle, life choices, or their looks, everyone likes going with the trend, no wonder the fashion industry is always in constant change. And same is the case with the skincare and beauty industry.

Be it skincare products with the latest findings and active ingredients or cosmetics that give more flawless coverage, or hair products that give you gorgeous locks, advancements are seen everywhere.

Hair dyes and coloring products are not behind in this race too. So many different colors hues and shades are there in the market, that it gets hard to choose what color to go for and what might suit your needs and wants.

Best Ash Brown Hair Dyes

But among so many different hair dyes and colors prevalent these days, ash brown hair color has really been a hot topic lately.

It looks cool while giving you a really hot look. Be it dark, be it medium, be it light, there’s a shade to suit every skin tone.

But finding the right shade is still a struggle for a lot of people, given the number of choices they get on the shelves.

So making things a bit easier for you, here we’ve compiled a list of popular ash brown hair dyes on the market. Let’s get started.

 Top Ash Brown Hair Dyes

Clairol Nice’ n Easy Crème, Medium Ash Brown

Amazing hair color with excellent permanence and natural-looking hues, you can find a mix of about three tones and a conditioner in this one, and the hair dye is also relatively gentler on your hair and scalp because of the oil-infusion in it.

best ash brown hair dye brand

What we say about the product: This one is medium tone ash brown hair dye which you can try on the hairs that are dyed in light brown.

The dye is quite easy to apply and handle and the conditioner provided with the pack is enough for you to last for at least the next wash.

The result you get might slightly be towards a warmer tone though, a little red after you dye, not a true ash brown shade hence.

The shade that will come out will be more towards a mahogany color of the hair while being a very deep, striking brown color. Best if you wanna go for warmer tones of the dye.

Schwarzkopf Colour Expert Omegaplex Hair Dye, Natural Light Brown

So this is the first love of the professionals out there. The dye has a very strong anti-breakage property, that protects your hair from any potential damage, and strengthens it against any further breakage. The product majorly works by reinforcing inside your hair shaft and cuticle.

best ash brown hair dye for asian

What we say about the product: The cool brown dye product is a little warmer in comparison with ashy silvers.

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People who previously used the product mentioned that it comes darker than usual, so they tried it on hairs with a lighter color, hoping to go a shade darker. And the results were great.

The dye comes out as a deep medium brown that forms a perfect base for blonde highlights or balayage. You can go for this one if lighter colored hair and want to go a shade darker, as it is best for deeper shades of ash brown.

John Frieda Precision Foam Medium Ash Brown

The consistency of this hair dye is quite saturating, more like a mousse, or a foam hair dye, for your better understanding.

The non-dripping foam of the dye works its magic by sinking directly into your strands, giving a deeper color saturation. The product is easy to use and can be even applied to areas that are hard to reach.

best ash brown hair dye brand

And the after-color conditioner that comes with the product helps seal in the color and gives a long-lasting result.

What we say about the product: A product that’s easy to apply, doesn’t create any hassle in the process, and gives a good saturation of colors, this hair dye is a win for us.

The shade of this dye is medium but the result you get might be darker than the given one on the box. But brown hair dyes are known to give a slightly darker color, so if you’re not sure, definitely go a shade lighter.

The best thing about this one is that it helps you get rid of those red, brassy undertones.

Cool hues with a sultry red color, although the shade was darker in the beginning, it gets little after some washes, giving you a lighter brown color. The product is best for rich ash brown hues.

Clairol Nice’ n Easy Crème, Light Ash Brown

The best part about this one is its natural-looking color. The product promises to give you a mix of three salon tones and natural highlights, all in one go.

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The dye gives a hundred percent coverage to the grey hair, and thanks to the oils infused in the product, it is extremely gentle on your scalp, giving you long-lasting hair color.

smokey ash brown hair color

What we say about the product: Yet another easy-to-apply hair dye on our list. Can also be used on dark blonde hair, and it will give you an ashy tone.

A hair dye to give you silky, smooth, beautiful ash brown hair. you will love the coolness that takes the brassiness out of your blonde hair. The product is best for a subtle light ash brown color.


Garnier Olia Light Brown Hair Dye Permanent

Garnier Olia’s light brown hair dye promises a vivid and long-lasting color in your hair. The colorant crème is velvety smooth, and non-dripping in texture and oils in the hair dye leaves no dryness behind.

ash brown hair color without bleach

How we rated this product: The hair dye is cooler in tone and can be used on pre-lightened or even damaged hair.

Olia hair dyes are best for their nourishing oils, that sink into your hair, giving that two in one dying and nourishing treatment.

No hint of yellow, and this gives the most visible shimmering greyish tones, among all the dyes on this list. The product is best for light brown ashy hair.

Best Ash Brown Hair Dye: FAQs

What skin tone is best for ash brown hair?

Ash brown is a shade that is more leaned toward greyish tones, hence, unlike honey brown or dark chocolate tones, this one brings out a more cooling to your hair.

And as we all know, cool tone shades, say it in makeup or hair colors, are known to be best suited for women with cooler or neutral skin tones. So ash brown too, as a shade, best for women with cooler or neutral skin tones.

Does ash brown cancel out red?

Colors like blue-green, green, and ash, have the capacity to cancel out red-orange, or red. But be very careful while going for such treatments, or techniques, especially when you are doing it on your own.

If you are a beginner, it is best to visit a salon or a professional hairstylist to get a clear idea of the pros and cons of using colors like blue-green, green, and ash to cancel out red-orange, or red shades.

What color does ash brown fade to?

Like all the other hair dyes, the ash brown color also changes its shade as it starts fading. This one though takes a very beautiful yellowish blonde color as it starts getting light after some time.

But not all hair colors fade so beautifully. You should consult your hairstylist if you are not very sure about which color your dye will fade into, or if it is a matter of concern for you.

Is ash brown light or dark?

The beautiful hair dye comes in all sorts of colors and shades from lightest to darkest ones.

But if you are not sure about which one to go for, or which shade will best suit your skin tone, the answer is pretty simple – go for a medium one.

This way, even if you are new to the shade or not very happy with the outcome, the color is not very dark or significant. And if you want to further darken it, there’s always a scope. Mid-range is the best to stay with!

Does ash brown cover grey?

A lot of ladies and even men struggle with their white hair and look for options to cover the greys without making it look too artificial or obvious.

Ladies and gents, ash brown hair color got you covered here. In fact, it is one of the best hair colors you can use to cover your grey hair without making it look too made-up or fake.

Others in the option to hide your greys the best way possible are light butterscotch, light auburn, and golden brown. These brunette shades that aren’t too dark in color are some of the most versatile options to cover grey hair.


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So there you have it! A list of the best ash brown hair dyes in the market to give you that flawless, salon-like result at home. Hope it was helpful. Happy coloring!

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