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What Is The Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye? | I Reviewed 5 Ash Blonde Hair Dyes And Here Are The Results…!

Are you looking for the best ash blonde hair dye? We have researched and evaluated the top ash blonde hair dyes on the market today. All of the top ash blonde dyes have been reviewed. Read more here.

We are an experimentative generation! We like keeping things classy while also embracing the change.

From lifestyles to life choices, to fashion sense, we like going with the trend.  And the change of trend is always visible in the fashion industry which has also taken into itself the skincare and beauty industries.

With constant findings and innovations in terms of new and better ingredients that have the potential to make you look at least 10x younger, there is no looking back for beauty and skincare brands.

The same is the scenario with hair dyes and colors. With so many new and amazing colors and shades to choose from, youngsters and even older individuals often tend to get overwhelmed, given the number of options they have to choose from.

A very prevalent color these days that is also seen on many celebrities and artists is ash blonde hair dye.

Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye

The color looks amazing on wheatish and honey skin tones, making it a great suit for men and women with both lighter and dusky skin tones.

We know the pain here! There are too many brands offering promises of those luscious ash-blonde locks and you don’t know which one to go with.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here. Here is the list of best ash blonde hair dyes in the market that people are getting really intrigued towards

Top Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Garnier Olia Ash Blonde Hair Dye

The brand uses an exceptional oil blend of almost sixty percent, a blend of organic seed oils to give you that amazing, vibrant, sheen look and perfect color.

The unique blend of natural flower oils helps in smoothening the roughness of your hair making it visibly smoother and shinier.

Top Ash Blonde Hair Dye

The hair is three times more hydrated, and nourished, and has a beautiful ash-blonde color.

What we say about the product: The smell is the prettiest! The cream comes in an easy-to-apply, non-dripping formula to you’re your hands, face, and sink from staining.

The difference wasn’t really visible on the wet hair, but as soon as the hair got dry, it gave that soft shiny, silvery highlight to the hair not something that can be used for a very dramatic change, but yes definitely gives a lovely color with relatively softer hair.

Hairs with length past the shoulders will need two boxes though. The product is best for subtle hues.

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Hair Dye, Extra Light Natural Blonde

A product with thick, rich foam, that penetrates deep into your strands for perfect color saturation, giving you salon-like results with locks that are rich in color and fade-resistant.

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The product is specifically made for people who want to achieve flawless, natural-looking results, without having to visit a salon or a professional setting, because it gives you the same service at home.

medium ash blonde toner

What we say about the product: We loved this little one, John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Hair Dye! The precision foam texture which is an innovation itself is the best part of this product.

The product was easily applicable, and the not-so-liquidy consistency of the dye kept it from moving all over the place.

A great option for folks with thicker hair as the thick foam really seeps into your locks for best results. The product is best for lasting color.

Clairol Nice’n Easy, Medium Ash Blonde

According to the brand, it’s the easiest and most hassle-free way to give your hair a new look and feel right from your home.

The product claims to have a built-in conditioner in every step of the dying process, for extra added moisture throughout the coloring process.

medium ash blonde dye

The dye gives a hundred percent grey hair coverage while also being very easy on your strands.

What we say about the product: For cooler-toned hair dyes, this one has a bit warmer undertones to it.

Might make your platinum locks slightly darker in color. But the resulting shade was the most natural, with no orange or yellowish tones to it.

Overall, the outcome was a lesser bright and more of a darker ash-blonde dye. The product is best for darker ash with warm hints.

Revlon Colorsilk, Light Ash Blonde

The lightest ash in the market is here! The brand promises to deliver long-lasting color and shine, with the enrichment of proteins from natural silk, to put your locks in the best condition ever.

clairol 8a medium ash blonde review

The product is a smart combination of nice pigments and nourishing conditioners that gives you smooth, moisturizing, and long-lasting results.

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The dye is ammonia-free, with a permanent, a hundred percent coverage of the grey hair.

What we say about the product: The dye on the box of the product shows a very vibrant blonde color of the hair, but when you apply it for real, it might come out somewhat purple.

The results were quite similar to platinum, but not so far from it. Gives your hair a light creamy tone, and is best for more of brighter blondes.

L’Oreal Preference Infinia, Viking Light Ash Blonde Hair Dye

The product has translucent gel formula, giving you luminous color that reflects just the right shade.

The new addition, that is precious seed oils, further enhances and intensifies your naturally hued hair.  The product also promises a hundred coverage of grey hair.

loreal medium ash blonde

What we say about the product: This one is one of the best of the box dyes on this given list. A lot of people tried it to cool down their warm tones and the results were well worth it.

Hair with colors like blonde balayage, that starts to show brassiness, the dye gives an even, cool, lighter hair color, with zero hints of brass. Definitely a dye for best at-home results. The product is best for light ash colors.

Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye: FAQs

Does ash-blonde cancel out orange?

Colors like blue-green, green, and ash, have the capacity to cancel out red-orange, orange, or red.

But be very careful while going for such treatments, or techniques, especially when you are doing it on your own.

If you are a beginner, it is best to visit a salon or a professional hairstylist to get a clear idea of the pros and cons of using colors like blue-green, green, and ash to cancel out red-orange, or red shades.

The whole secret lies in looking for shades that are ashy, as their cooler undertones are the key to canceling out unflattening warm or orange tones that are giving your hair a bad face.

What ash-blonde will cover orange hair?

The best ash-blonde shade to cover your orange hair is the dark ash-blonde shade. What this shade does to your hair is muffle it, turning it into a murky orange.

Also, blondes tend to have a yellow undertone, so your ash-blonde might need a purple color to balance out the yellow one.

Make sure to consult your hairstylist if you have any doubts about the shades or undertones of the color you wanna go for, especially when it is your first time with it.

Does ash-blonde have red tones?

A lot of people who are very new to hair dying and hair coloring end up believing in myths around hair coloring, without really finding the real source of the info, which is understandable, they are beginners after all.

One such being ‘ash-blondes have red undertones’. This one is a straight myth as ashy tones tend to have a cooler, calmer undertone to it, the tone of the color grey you know, as the name says for itself.

They also come in the undertones of green blue and violet, anything but red. Ash hair colors fall on the cooler sides of the color spectrum, which is far away from warmer or red tones.

Is it okay to put ash-blonde dye over bleached hair?

Yes. In fact, in most cases, you will need to bleach your hair beforehand up to a level eight, or even lighter, if you want to reap the best results with your ash blonde hair dye.

Level eight is considered a medium-range blonde and gives a very yellowish look after bleaching. Some of the ash-blonde toners even need you to lighten your hair up to a level nine before use!

Is ash-blonde flattering?

This one is for all the cool-toned ladies out there. If you are someone with a cooler undertone of the skin color or complexion, put on a cool-toned blonde, as it will complement your complexion like nothing else, and will look most natural on you.

Pearl, platinum, and ash-blondes are some colors that are most flattering on a cool undertone girls.


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So there you have it! A list of the best ash-blonde hair dyes in the market to give you that flawless, salon-like result at home. Hope it was helpful. Happy coloring!

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