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Avoid Bad Haircuts: 9 Tips To Achieve Your Desired Hairstyle

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At times, having a hairstyle that you truly desire may not be a walk in the park. If you can’t thoroughly detail out the style you want, you’d definitely have a bad haircut. Which is frustrating.

Instead of having the look you have always wanted, you end up experiencing one of the most terrible makeovers in your lifetime. You never want the same thing to happen to you ever again.

But of course, a bad haircut doesn’t mean your life is totally over. Hair always grows back, and that means another chance to achieve the haircut you’ve always longed to have. And to make sure that your crowning glory is styled well and to avoid another haircut mishap, here are random, helpful tips to achieve your desired hairstyle.

These will also make the costs of getting a haircut more worth it.

tips to avoid a bad haircut

1. Talk to your hairstylist and discuss how you want your haircut.

It is always a good idea to talk to your hairstylist first before getting a haircut. You are allowed to inquire about the latest hairstyles and ask them for suggestions, but you always have the last say on what you want.

Just make sure that you describe the style accurately: be descriptive rather than providing general details. You can also show a picture of the haircut you want. You can ask him or her to follow the style as shown in the photo then go home with a happy smile.

2. Know the kind of haircut that will work for you.

This mostly depends on the shape of your face. You should know this beforehand, making it easier for you to select the appropriate haircut. Ask your hairdresser to help you arrive at a sound choice. Changing from your routine hairstyle to a new one may be a great challenge, so you better prepare yourself for the changes.

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3. Choose a hairdresser you can trust.

All hairstyles are really nice, but this can only be true when they are done by hairdressers who know what and how a certain haircut is done. You should be able to find a trusted hairstylist who will cut your hair the way you like. You can find the needed person through recommendations or feedback from clients or friends, especially if it’s your first time.

4. Specify the hair length you want to be cut CLEARLY.

This happens most of the time. When you say “cut my hair short,” you’re making the stylist decide on how short the short is. And this results in clients freaking out when they see that too much hair length has been cut. To avoid this kind of misunderstanding, tell the hairdresser how long should be cut off from your hair. That’s how easy it is.

5. Pay attention when your hair is being cut.

It is typical for clients to read magazines or browse their phones while having a haircut. There is nothing wrong with that, but that shouldn’t be the case all the time. Once in a while, pay attention to how your stylist is doing the cut. Apart from that, try to remind him/her about the look you want to achieve. When you see that some areas are not cut properly, be politely upfront and tell the stylist to fix those portions of your hair.

talking to stylist for successful haircut
Want a perfect cut? Make sure you look up in the mirror every now and then!

6. Ask your hairstylist if you need to use a certain hair product in maintaining your hair.

Let’s admit it: when you leave the salon after getting the haircut, your hair really looks nice, but after a few days, it no longer looks the same way. It’s helpful to ask your stylist what hair products you should use to maintain the glorious look of your hair. Hairstylists are pros, so ask them for aftercare advice while they’re cutting your hair.

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7. Don’t ever try to have a haircut when you’re down.

We know breakups are heartwrenching, but don’t make that last-minute appointment just yet! If you decide to cut your hair during an emotional period, you may regret it afterward. Take time to think things through and decide when you’re emotionally stable and prepared for a drastic change.

avoid post breakup bangs
                               Wait a couple of days after a breakup to go for some blunt bangs.

8. Consider your lifestyle.

If your hair is a big part of your lifestyle and you know the amount of time spent fixing your hair, then let the stylist know those details. That information will help them create the most suitable hairstyle for you and your lifestyle, so don’t go for a high-maintenance look if you can’t spare some time to maintain it. Choose something that works for you every day.

9. Do some research when you’re trying a new salon.

If you want to try a new salon, then be keen enough to do some research. Get to know the place by looking through their website and social media accounts. You’d also know how well the services are by reading testimonials and feedback from previous clients. You can call this stalking, but it’s all for a good reason.

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  1. Sam Solo says:

    I really like how you talked about having a hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. I have been thinking about getting new bangs. I don’t really trust myself with new hairstyles so I’ll have to make sure that I hire someone.

  2. Amanda Drew says:

    You make a good point that you should make sure to specify how short you want your hair cut so that there won’t be a misunderstanding about what you want. It’d probably also be a good idea to bring in a picture or two of the style you want if you’re getting something completely new or if you’re going to a new stylist. You’d just want to find the right place to get your hair cut.

  3. Skylar Williams says:

    Thank you for your tip to not get a haircut after a breakup. I recently divorced my wife and I was looking to make a change. However, after reading this article I decided to wait a while before getting a cut. I will make sure to wait until the right time to make a change.

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