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Amazon Series Hair Product Review

Amazon Series: JoJoBa Shampoo and Hair Masque

Amazon Series is a US based company with a variety of amazing hair products. Although their products are marketed toward women, they seem to work great for both men and women. In this article, we will be reviewing the JoJoBa Moisturizing Keratin Shampoo, the JoJoBa Daily Moisturizing Keratin Masque, and a special bonus at the end!

These products will leave you hair shiny and moisturized!

Amazon Series Product Reviews
JoJoBa Moisturizing Keratin Shampoo and JoJoBa Daily Moisturizing Keratin Masque

JoJoBa Moisturizing Keratin Shampoo

This moisturizing shampoo is available in an 8.5 FL OZ bottle with a push-top for easy access. A little of this shampoo goes a long way and will cleanse your hair and scalp while adding important vitamins to your follicles. JoJoBa Moisturizing Keratin Shampoo also includes a variety of beneficial ingredients.

Some Ingredients Include:

  • JoJoBa Oil
  • Wheat Germ Oil
  • Sacha Inchi Oil
  • Collagen
  • Keratin


This shampoo does not contain sodium laureth sulfateSulfate-free shampoos don’t give you that sudsy experience a lot of people like from their shampoo. However, don’t think that no suds or less suds means the shampoo is a dud. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Shampoos without sulfates are actually better for your hair.

Let’s Talk About Keratin

We’ve been seeing more and more of Keratin in the hair world – especially over the last five to ten years. Keratin is a protein that can help strengthen your hair and give you a fuller, better look. It is all the rage in the hair world, and for good reason. People swear by the power of shampoo with Keratin. However, plenty of people warn against heavy Keratin treatments.

JoJoBa Shampoo Scent

This moisturizing shampoo has a nice and subtle scent. It smells like fresh berries or grapefruit, but the scent is not overwhelming. This isn’t a super strong scented shampoo. Its purpose is not to make your hair smell like berries, its purpose is to cleanse and moisturize your hair while giving you a soft shine.

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Because this shampoo is meant to be followed by the JoJoBa Hair Masque, the scent almost becomes irrelevant. However, for those who do love a nice scent to their shampoo – you will not be disappointed.

The Best Parts of JoJoBa Moisturizing Shampoo

We used the shampoo by Amazon Series and our favorite part was that hair is left feeling clean, but not stripped of all oils. Often times, shampoo that is designed to completely cleanse your hair makes your hair feels stripped of beneficial oils and then your hair ends up lying flat on your head. The JoJoBa Shampoo makes your hair feel clean and filled with good oils and minerals- exactly what you want from a daily shampoo. Plus, our hair was not flat afterward.

There was an IMMEDIATE difference in how our hair looked and felt. Hair did not loose volume. In fact, some reported that their hair had more volume, despite this shampoo not being marketed as a volumizer. There was a nice shine and our hair looked incredibly healthy.

For Men or Women?

Both men and women can use this product. This product is clearly marketed to women, but we had some guys try the product and they said they were happy with the results. Amazon Series also says that this product can be used for either sex.

We loved our hair after using the JoJoBa Moisturizing Keratin Shampoo. We fell in love with our hair after using their masque!


JoJoBa Daily Moisturizing Keratin Masque

You can call this next product a conditioner or a masque, it really doesn’t matter – the outcome is the same… better, softer, shinier hair. The Keratin Masque by Amazon Series is directed for daily use. We think that is probably too much for most people. Instead, think of the masque as a once/twice a week treatment for luxurious hair. If you find that your hair does become too stripped of minerals and vitamins after the shampoo, then by all means up your use of the masque. However, we found that the JoJoBa Shampoo does such a good job of moisturizing your hair, the daily use of the masque is unnecessary.

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Some Ingredients Include:

  • JoJoBa Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Wheat Germ Oil
  • Sacha Inchi Oil
  • Keratin
  • Collagen

The masque contains no parabens and comes in an 8.5 oz jar. Everyone seems to love this masque, and for good reason!


Masque Scent

The JoJoBa Masque has the same scent as the JoJoBa Shampoo but the scent is much stronger. This scent lingers in your hair, but only slightly. Again, these products are not meant to make your hair smell good – they are meant to make your hair look good.

PRO HAIR TIP: If you want less of a scent in your hair after use, spend a longer time rinsing the masque from your hair.

Applying the JoJoBa Masque

After, and only after using the JoJoBa Shampoo (or another clarifying shampoo), apply a liberal amount of the masque to wet hair. Apply the conditioning masque to any part of your hair you wish to moisturize. We suggest applying the masque to every inch of your hair while giving your roots and scalp special attention. 

It is likely that you will need to use more of the masque product compared to the shampoo in order to get full coverage.

Let the masque sit for 3-5 minutes. Some people suggest going longer, but there is little to no benefit for letting it sit longer. Save your time and start rinsing at the three or five-minute mark.

Rinse thoroughly and then dry. If you are drying with a towel don’t go too crazy. You can strip away beneficial minerals and vitamins by over drying with a towel. Instead, lightly pat dry and finish with a blow dryer.

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BONUS: KerAçaí Restorative Leave-in Treatment

Wait, before you go. You might want to check out one of their new products, KerAçaí Restorative Leave-in Treatment! If you want even extra moisture and even more shine, then consider ending your hair care routine with their new leave-in conditioner.

You may also be interested in these top leave-in conditioners.

As a reminder, we are not compensated for these hair care reviews and have received no compensation from Amazon Series. This is our honest review of these awesome products. If you think we’ve missed something, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us directly or leave your comments in the comment section below!

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