5 Tips On Getting a Great Hair Consultation!

The Client’s Guide to a Hair Consultation

By: Christina Cox, Hair Stylist/Expert

Christina-Cox-Hair-Consultation5 Tips to Fabulous Hair:

It’s amazing what a quick 5 minute chat with your stylist can do to really get what you want from a new color or cut. Sometimes talking to your stylist about your hair issues may seem a little intimidating. I hear time and time again how it is hard for a client to describe what they want; they sometimes don’t quite have the lingo down. Believe me, I know first hand how scary change can be. So, in the hair biz we call this discussion between stylist and client,”The Consultation,” and it is by far the most important part in the service. It gives the stylist an insight into who you are, what you’re looking for, your personal style and how you want your hair to represent YOU! Here are some tips on making things a little easier and how to get what you really want out of your hair.

1. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

A picture is the easiest way to communicate your goal for your hair. It doesn’t matter if its two different pictures, one for color, one for cut. Hairdressers, much like artists, are very visual so this method works wonders! Look for pictures of celebs whose fashion you admire or relate. Pinterest has a plethora of amazing hair pics as well. (You can check out hair styles on Get Good Head’s Instagram, by clicking here!)

2. To love or not to love…If-You-Always-Do-What-You-Always-Did

Decide what your loving/hating about your hair or picture. This way, your stylist can give you some ideas to switch it up to suit your needs. Picking out specific things about a look also let’s us, as hairstylists, get creative and customize it to you.

3. Get real

Be realistic with what your expectations are. I know we all want that Kim K. hair, but realistically, it’s not in the budget for a glam squad daily. We can come close though, but with work! Take into account how much time you’re willing to spend on your hair. If the look you’re going for requires using a new product or tool, have your stylist show you how to make that happen. Also, most stylists will now offer blow dry lessons, its a great forum for you to really learn the inside tips.

4. Products = Happiness

Most of the time, the look you want in that picture, needs product to get there. Good quality product allows you to manipulate your hair to perform well. (I’m not saying a good quality haircut can’t get you there either.) Professional products are a little more expensive for a reason, quality ingredients! Store bought products tend to make shiny hair dull and create build-up on the scalp. Supporting professional product lines also help support the hair community by providing continuing education to your stylists, meaning more for you!

5. Life & Style

Occasionally I see a stylist doing an in-depth consultation, but the cape is already on the client. How can anyone possibly know if the look you’re going for suits your personal style? Make sure when you’re explaining your hair regime and styling expectations you are sans cape; realizing your maintenance level is another key element in a new style!

Whether you’re craving a change or just having issues with your current style, talking to your stylist is always your best bet! Here’s to more good hair days…


[Cristina Cox Cristina has been the owner of Tina at Moments Salon since 2012 and has been in the industry since 2007. She studied at Kohler Academy, now Penrose Academy in Scottsdale, AZ. She is a wife to Jason and mother to Lola. Her passion truly lies in continuing education and feels inspired from past and present fashion, makeup and architecture.]


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