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4 Tips When Using Dry Shampoo

If it is your first time using a dry shampoo, you may need some help to get the most out of it! If you have been using it, then make sure you are doing all four of these tips! We all know dry shampoo is great – but it is even better if you know what you are doing!

If you aren’t familiar with this awesome product, then check out What is Dry Shampoo?


1. Add Scents (it makes sense)

When using dry shampoo, users often complain that they miss the scent of fresh and clean hair they get from a traditional shampoo. Luckily, you can still get a nice fresh scent while using your favorite dry shampoo.

After you have finished using your dry shampoo, wet your fingertips with your favorite essential oil and run them gently through your hair. You can also apply your choice of oil onto a brush and comb your hair as normal.

While you are obviously free to choose any oil you like (did someone say bubblegum?), a citrus flavor such as orange or grapefruit or organic scents like eucalyptus or lavender is usually a smart choice when scenting your hair.

Check out this essential oil set (lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, peppermint)!

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2. Blow Dry on Cool

While you can get most of the benefits from dry shampoo by simply combing after use, you will experience better volume if you use a blow dryer set on cool. Hot air can add moisture which makes the dry shampoo less effective. Additionally, extreme use of hot air can damage your hair.

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You don’t have to blow dry much. In fact, too much force can make your hair difficult to style. Hold the blow dryer a foot or so away from your scalp and wield it in one swift motion along your hair. Take a moment to test your hair to see if it is ready to style. If necessary, repeat blow drying your hair until you’ve reached your desire volume and style.

If you are unable to use a blow dryer, that is okay! One of the perks of using dry shampoo is that you can use it anywhere. Make sure that you at least you a comb after you have shampooed.


3. Focus On The Roots

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To get the most out of your dry shampoo, you will want to make sure you apply the powder directly to your roots. This will remove unnecessary oils from your scalp and the base of your hair. By removing that oil, your hair will have more volume and be easier to style. The instructions on most dry shampoo bottles will tell you exactly how to use the product. If you are using a spray, make sure you hold the can far enough away from your hair, so it creates a mist over the target area. You don’t want to “drench” your hair – that’s not the point of dry shampoo!

This is a great article on how to use dry shampoo. Click here to find the best dry shampoo.

Once you have applied your dry shampoo, spend some time massaging the product into your scalp. This will help the powder or spray absorb as much oil as possible from your scalp.

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4. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

The point of using dry shampoo is you don’t have to do full washes as often! When you wash your hair in the shower using traditional shampoo, it strips away many essential oils. This leaves your hair flat. Using dry shampoo keeps your hair clean while maintaining oils that make your hair looking all sorts of FABULOUS!

We have found that most people go 2-3 days between regular washes when using dry shampoo daily. However, some people go up to 5 or more, while others switch between dry and traditional shampoo every other day. You will have to play around with what makes sense for you. Just remember, you don’t need to wash your hair with regular shampoo as often when using a dry shampoo.


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