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4 Steps to Smooth, Tasseled, Red Carpet Hair!

Getting That Hollywood Hair!

By: Justin Tyme, Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist

It’s Emmy Time!

julia-roberts-2014-emmys-tossled-hairAfter watching The 2014 Emmys, it became clear that smooth, carefree tasseled hair was the current “it” hairstyle for the beat of this generation.

Julia Roberts, Mindy Kaling, and Sofia Vergara donned loose, straight blowouts, while Heidi Klum, Kristen Wigg, and Julie Bowen rocked volume and curl. The common factor between all the looks was the smooth, elegant texture of the style. Even the messy buns and up do’s were tamed as the starlets paraded the red carpet for a night of fun, fame, and Hollywood glam.

In this article, I’ll discuss the 4 steps to help you achieve Hollywood hair!

1: Prep!

The first step is always to prep the hair! On clean & towel dry hair, lightly spray hair with PHYTOVOLUME Actif. And work from root to tip with your fingers. Phytovolume is an award-winning hair product designed for fine hair and is also paraben-free.

Follow by doing a “rough dry” using your fingers with your blow dryer on medium heat and follow through with a brush. The Phytovolume is activated by heat, so this part is a must. I like to use the GHD Helios Hairdryer because it provides great heat and power, but it also very light weight. At this point, decide what hairstyle you’re going for and plan accordingly.

2: Blow out!

Now that the hair has been prepped and the desired volume has been reached, it’s time to begin shaping by using a blow dryer and round brush. I like to use GHD hair tools because they have fantastic cutting-edge technology designed to make styling hair easy and with no damage.

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Using a medium to large round brush, begin to blow hair out and shape into the style you’d like. Pulling the brush down gives you a straightened look, and moving right or left will determine the direction the hair goes for the rest of the style. It’s important to know what you want to accomplish and where your part looks best.

3. Style!kristen-wig-hollywood-hair

If you’re doing a straightened look, use a GHD flatiron set to a medium temperature. Smooth out hair starting 2 inches from the root, iron to the end of your hair, and round the flat iron inward towards your face. This ensures that your style maintains a frame, won’t roll upwards, and doesn’t start flipping around.

If waves or curls are your things, I really like to use the T3 Whirl. It heats up really fast, is gentle on the hair, and doesn’t have a clip like a traditional tong. It really allows you to maneuver the hair for perfect curls and is cone-shaped to allow for different curl sizes. Separate your hair into the desired sized strands and use the T3 Whirl curling iron to curl hair either outward if the hair is going up or broaden the look. Or inward if the hair is to hang and frame the face. Once finished, brush out and finish in however style you prefer. This was just a guide to keeping it smooth, now follow to step 4.

4. Set!

Once hair is styled, it’s important to smooth out and set the hair. To set, I like to use a lightweight texturizing pomade or cream. A great example is Shu Uemura Shape Paste.

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Using a dime-sized amount, warm up between hands and gently work over any flyaways or areas that need to be smoothed. Follow with a lightweight hairspray that has great hold and lasting power. Lightly mist the areas that need extra help to stay smooth or to hold the style. I love to use R+CO hairspray, the hold is great, and it does the job without ever being visible. Do not soak your hair, or it will dry to be a helmet.


justin-tymeJustin Tyme is a celebrity make-up and hairstylist to the stars of Los Angeles, California. In addition to working with stars, such as Courtney Cox, Embeth Davidtz, Sharon Needles, Amanda Palmer, and Bo Derek, Tyme is also an accomplished special effect artist working on various movies and television shows.

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